The lathe can be adapted to suit available materials and, whilst complete in itself for use with a graver, the design does not include a cross slide. It shoudl be within the abilities of most makers to add such a facility if they wish.

A simple lathe to build

As usual, the full size plan is contained in these two lowres jpeg files and full detail accompanying pdf versions, lower down the page are individual pages that can be printed on A4 sheets and taped together.

Lathe plan side A

Simple lathe sheet 1 as a pdf

Simple lathe plan side B

Simple lathe sheet 2 as a pdf

Or download the plans as A4 pages to be taped together:

Simple Lathe Page 1

Simple Lathe Page 2

Simple Lathe Page 3

Simple Lathe Page 4

Simple Lathe Page 5

Simple Lathe Page 6

Simple Lathe Page 7

Simple Lathe Page 8

Thanks as ever to Nick Farr for scanning these plans.