The Model Engineer Centennial Editions were first published in 1997. Each issue is themed to a cover a specific subject, and Issue 8 deals with Workshop Techniques.
Metal Preparation
Foundrywork (Terry Aspin)
Lost Wax Casting (W.Savage)
Pattern Making Terry Aspin
Sheet Metal Development (M.G.A.Ford / Andrew Smith)
Tube Bending (Duplex)
Marking out (W.T.Barker)

Fixing Techniques

Rivetting (Inchometer / J.Dunn)
Taper Pins (Duplex)
Soft Soldering (J.W.Tomlinson)
Hard Soldering (Exactus)
MIG welding (Gordon Read)
Adhesives (Stan Bray)

Finishing Techniques

Lapping (M.Hall / Duplex)
Subscriber Only Contents

Metal Preparation

Polishing (A.R.Turpin / G.H.Shackleford)

Scraping (Duplex / AEU)
Non-Imbedding Abrasives (G.A.Watt)
Hot Lacquering (Micro)
Anodising (L.Camidge)
Blueing (J.Wood)
Photo-Etching (J.Ewins)

Miscellaneous Hand Techniques

Files & Filing (Les Oldridge)
Cutting Tool Angles (Ian Bradley)
Cutting Oils (Derwent Mercer)
Tapping (Duplex)
Reaming (Duplex)
Hardening & Tempering (R.F.Willetts / J.Whitton
Annealing & Normalising (Tubal Cain)

Miscellaneous Machining Techniques

Screwcutting (George Thomas)
Toolmakers' Buttons (R.Hutcheson)
Boring Tools (Novices Workshop / George Thomas)
Speeds and Feeds (J.A.Logue / Stan Bray)
Trepanning (Tubal Cain)
Spinning (Turner)
Graduating (Martin Cleeve)
Dividing in the Lathe (L.C.Mason)
Hand Turning Tools (Tubal Cain)