The World Of Model Engineering was first published in 1988.


WHAT IS MODEL ENGINEERING? An overview of the hobby

MODEL TRACTION ENGINES FOR THE NEWCOMER Introduction to traction engine modelling
THE WORKSHOP Facilities and tools
CHOOSING A LATHE What you need and how to look for it
USEFUL ADDITIONS FOR THE LATHE A saddle stop and a locking handle to make
INTRODUCTION TO TRAMWAY MODELLING The fascinating world of trams and tramways
THE SCOTT VACUUM ENGINE A delightful "flame-gulper" engine to make
BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS How and where to look for information on the hobby
H.M.S. WARRIOR The story of building a scale model warship of 1860
STUART TURNER'S MODELS A short history of the famous range of model engines

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MODELS IN COLOUR A photographic gallery of models

CROSSKILL'S OSCILLATING ENGINE A pretty little oscillator for the beginner to make
SMALL STATIONARY BOILER A small water tube boiler for the beginner
CONFESSIONS OF AN ARMCHAIR MODELLER Reminiscences from 22 years as a model engineer
PHOTOGRAPH YOUR MODELS How to take better pictures of your models
MINIATURE STEAM ENGINES Making tiny engines with minute cylinders
A CHUCK BACK STOP Make a useful datum point for the lathe chuck
BOILERMAKING EQUIPMENT What you need when making boilers
GETTING STARTED IN MODEL BOATS Introduction to the model boating world
MODEL LOCOMOTIVES An insight into this most popular branch of the hobby
CLUBS AND CLASSES The club scene and evening classes in model engineering
SUPPLIERS LISTING Over four pages of useful names and numbers for the model engineer