Each plan had an accompanying article in the magazine, these can be found in the digital archive. Although a bit of thought may be needed, it should be possible to construct each project from the plan alone.

Please be aware that these plans have not been corrected in any way - builders are advised to check back issues or just proceed carefully before cutting metal.

There are always beginners starting out and those for whom making their own tooling is an enjoyable part of their hobby – both will find these plans useful. Even for those of us with well-equipped workshops, each of these plans is of interest as they offer distinctive approaches to tackling a different problems.

Plans will be put up on the website one at a time. Each new plan will appear as a separate article, and will comprise a large jpeg files of each side of the plan, together with a set of pdfs that allow the plan to be printed out as overlapping A4 sheets.

I’d like to thank all the past contributors who designed the various tools and accessories in these plans; I hope a new generation finds them as interesting as our more senior readers did in the 1990s.

I’d also like to thank Nicholas Farr, who has undertook the herculean task of scanning all the plans. By enabling this little treasure trove of designs and ideas to continue to be available to model engineers, he has done us all a great service.

The copyright for all these plans remains with MyTimeMedia and the original authors.

Neil Wyatt


Free Plan #1: Rotary Table by T. Daish Originally published MEW 1, Summer 1990.

Free Plan #2: Swing Clear Rear Toolpost by Stan Bray. Originally published MEW 2, Autumn 1990.

Free Plan #3: Festive (or 'Victorian') Port Pourer Originally published in MEW 3, Winter 1990.

Free Plan #4: Light Duty Filing Machine by Stan Bray. Originally published in MEW 4, April/May 1991.

Free Plan #5: A Clutch for the ML7 Lathe by Alan Buttulph. Originally published in MEW 5, June/July 1991.

Free Plan #6. A Simple to Use Dividing Device by Al Longworth. Originally published in MEW 6. August/September 1991.

Free Plan #7: A Simple Lathe by J. T. Bergin. Originally published in MEW 7, October/November 1991.

Free Plan #8: A Toolmakers' Hammer by Derek Winks. Originally appeared in issue 8 of Model Engineers' Workshop, December 1991/January 1992

Free Plan #9&10: A Lathe Mounted Bandsaw by Mr. G. Gray. First appeared in Issues 9 and 10 of Model Engineers' Workshop (February/March 1992 and April/May 1992).

Free Plan #11: A Four Jaw Chuck an excellent design by Bob Loader. First published in issue 11 of Model Engineers' Workshop, June/July 1992.

Free Plan #12: A Fretsaw and Filing Machine by Mr G. Gray. orioginally appeared in issue 12 of Model Engineers' Workshop, August/September 1992.

Free Plan #13: A Jeclanide Hand Wheel by W. B. Taylor. First published in MEW 13 October/November 2013.

Free Plan #14: A Sharpening Jig for End Mills and Slot Drills by A. Loingworth. First appeared in MEW issue 14.

Free Plan #15: Cross Vice to Vertical Slide by E. G.Hartwell. This free plan was first given away with issue 15 of Model Engineers' Workshop, February/March 1993.

Free Plan #16: A Topslide fo the Unimat 3 by D. Scroggins. This first appeared in MEW issue 16, April/May 1993.

Free Plan #17: A Drill Sharpening Jig by Mr C M McEke, which was featured in a free plan given away with MEW 17, June/July 1993.