The Model Engineer Centennial Editions were first published in 1997. Each issue is themed to a cover a specific subject, and Issue 7 deals with Stationary Engines.
How to make a Vertical Boiler
A New Model Triple Expansion Marine Engine
A Model Stream Hammer, and how to make it
Model Compound Undertype Engine and Boiler
Designs for Model Steam Turbines
Designs for Model Rotary Steam Engines
A Model Willans Engine
Model Steam Rotary Aircraft Engine
How a Weir Feed Pump Works
Four Throw magnetic Engine
Making Model Pressure Gauges 
Subscribers Only
Side lever Marine Engines
3 Cylinder Launch engine
Making Small Steam Cocks and Valves
Beam Engine Practice
Improving Flash Steam Plants
Correct Details in Engineering Models
Models of a Beam Engine and Steam Turbine
Swashplate Engines
An Original Model Marine Plant