The World Of Model Engineering was first published in 1988. 

WELCOME... To the World of Model engineering
MAKE AN I.C. ENGINE Drawings and details to make this delightful diesel
THE WORLD OF CLOCKS Basic clockmaking principles explained
WORKING DRAWINGS How to produce your own
THE WORLD OF LOCOMOTIVES Outstanding models from around the globe
MAKE AN ARMSTRONG GUN Drawings and details to build a decorative replica

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A FOUNDRY IN THE FENS How model engineering castings are produced

A CRAMPTON LOCOMOTIVE A top-class working model described
MAKE AN ATMOSPHERIC ENGINE Drawings and details to build an unusual power unit

UNUSUAL STEAM And now for something completely different!
THE TRACTION ENGINE 'MINNIE' A fine example of this popular design
BENDING AND ROLLING METAL The tools and techniques
RANDOM HINTS AND TIPS Tricks and short-cuts from a modelling lifetime
WORKSHOPS VISITED Top modellers' tips and techniques
SUPPLIERS' LISTINGS Over four pages of invaluable addresses and numbers
SMALL TOOLS How they are made, what they do