The World Of Model Engineering was first published in 1988. 


Plans, Plans, Plans!
Workshop Equipment What
Cutting Remarks - Tools and fluids
Castings What's available
The Magic of Steam
Basically Boilers - Construction
Hot Air Engines How they work
Down to the Sea - In model ships
Tools of the Trade Making

Subscribers Only

Model Locomotive Gauges
Model Locomotive Construction
Model Locomotive Design
Steam Road Vehicles Modelling
Traction Engines ... and steam
Drive and Ride Passenger Trollies
Fairground Models Something
Model Armaments - Field guns
Internal Combustion 54
Clocks - Time for a challenge!
Abrasives For sharpening and your own polishing
Plastics - Man-made modelling
Electric Motors Choosing and using
Metrication ... and the model
"0" Rings Their uses in modelling
Around the Workshops

World Of Model Engineering Issue 1 Part 1