The World Of Model Engineering was first published in 1988. 

Welcome to the world of model engineering

WHAT IS A MODEL? Modelling versus model engineering

THE LATHE Most useful machine in the workshop

DRILLING Ways of achieving success

MILLING Techniques and practical advice

SCREW THREADS Everything you need to know

CASTINGS The convenience of cast parts

PAINTING AND LINING Applying the finishing touches

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL Exquisite workmanship in small scale
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BOILERMAKING Step-by-step instructions on making your own

WORKSHOP SHOWCASE A look in at the experts

HOT AIR ENGINE Workshop project complete with drawings

THE FARMERS ENGINE A superb model in close-up

LOCOMOTIVE KALEIDOSCOPE Magnificient models from around the world

CROSS-DRILLING The ways and means discussed

CENTRE FINDER Workshop project with plans and advice

MAKE AN INDICATOR Workshop project complete with drawings

CENTRE HEIGHT GAUGE Workshop project to make this useful tool

SUPPLIERS' LISTINGS Four pages of invaluable addresses and phone numbers