The Model Engineers' Workshop Index was originally produced by Colin Usher and is now maintained by Neil Wyatt. This index is in the form of an excel spreadsheet, which can be used on it own or with various database programs.

The latest version of Neil Wyatt's index is posted HERE, together with a PDF verison.

Colin Usher still hosts a copy of the index HERE.

Advanced users should use the above spreadsheet with Dias Costa's database utility which allows very advanced querying - ideal for searching when you only have a vague idea of an article or author name.

Dias Costa's dtabase utility is HERE.

CAHW (Computer And Home Workshop) was specifically set up to provide a computerised index for the readers of the Model Engineers' Workshop* magazine. The Index is supplied on a CD along with a printed manual, and is particularly useful when searching for an article when the issue, title or auithor details are known. CAHW is used to compile the paper idexes published in each volume of MEW.

Full details of CAHW and how to r==order the CD are HERE.

Harold Hall's online index is useful for those wishing to browse articles by author or topic.

Harold maintains his index HERE.


There are other online search engines that query the original Colin Usher data, but these cannot currently be reilied upon to be using the most recent versions of the data.

Those seeking an index to Model Engineer can download a spreadsheet from Colin Usher's site or use Bill Phillips' online ME Index HERE.


Please note that none of these indexes are 'official', so we cannot viouch for their accuracy.