This page will be the 'hub' for links to example files, tutorials and more so make sure you drop in regularly to keep up to date!

What is Alibre Atom3D?  

Alibre Atom3D is the ideal 3D modelling program for hobby and model engineers and makers. Easily craft, edit, and refine your idea and then send it to your 3D printer, CNC machine, laser cutter, or printer. Everything fits, it looks great, and you waste less.
Alibre Atom3D is designed to make concept and production modeling for your hobby projects easy, precise, and fast. It’s built with the same technology used in professional design, but the toolset is tailored and simplified to make it easy.

How Can I get Alibre Atom3D?

Get a free 6 month license of Alibre Atom3D. Enjoy it and use it for whatever you want - even designing commercial parts. Details of how to access your licence are given in Issue 274 of Model Engineers' Workshop, November 2018.


Starting with issue 274 of Model Engineers' Workshop we will be running a detailed four-part tutorial series designed to get you familiar with Alibre Atom3D and designing your own parts and assemblies. However, if you are desperate to get started and you just can't wait for your issue of MEW you can access an exercise in making a working assembly in Alibre Atom3D that will get you off to a good start.

There are also a range of tutorials online at Please be aware that these are written for the professional version of Alibre so some of them may refer to advanced features not in Atom3d. Even so the introductory tutorials cover all the basics.

Example Files

Tutorial Support

You can download the example files to accompany the MEW tutorials here:

Tutorial 1: Mini-gauge-base

Tutorial 2: Article 2 files

Tutorial 3: Article 3 files

Tutorial 4: Clamp pin and thumbscrew

Tutorial 5: Article 5 files, scriber and scribe collar

The MEW Boring Head

In Issue 239 of Model Engineers' Workshop we featured a free plan for a neat Boring Head. It's been fully modelled in Alibre Atom3D:

Boring Head in Atom3D

Visit to download the article, free plan and sample Alibre Atom3D files.

More sample parts created in Alibre Atom3D are avialable at

Useful links


Mintronics, the UK distributor:

If your free six-month licence has expired you should receive an offer from Mintronics for the hobby version at a special reduced price for MEW readers. If you haven't had details please contact

If you don't want to purchase Alibre Atom3D but still want to be able to view Alibre files your installation will work as a viewer, but it may need to be activated as one. Please see this link for details: