This nice small rotary table by J Rhea was on the PEEMS stand, It looks like one from the College Engineering castings?

P Bramley exhibited a number of sets of tooling on the same club stand. Aside from PEEMS, workshop tooling was sadly under represented. Let's see some at Sandown this year!

Mark Noel's hi-tech mug will feature in MEW soon (hopefully he will wash it out first).

This wotsit was on the SMEE stand. Answers ona postcard, please?

A Wotsit

J. Eva's remarkable scrapyard attracted a great deal of attention. Personally I think he's facing a huge task to get all those models into show condition.

It was good to meet up with the Ray MacMahon, who despite his claim to be a Luddite, had a pair of MP3 players generating authentic dockside sounds in full stereo! His wharf is now twice the size ias when featured in ME.

I also met the forum's Windy - Paul Windross. Not every day you get to photograph a world record holder? His biking exploits would fill an article as well...

I'd better include something for the live steam afficionados. This one is something Canine. A Pug or a Bulldog, perhaps? Seriously, a very beautiful loco indeed, Wolf of Badenoch.

As mentioned in Ed's Bench, I made a beeline for the SMEE Digital Workshop. Peter Edwards introduced me to this fascinating project which I hope to cover in more detail in MEW soon.

This Economy hit and miss engine was very smart. I'm afraid I have rather neglected stationary steam engines, which are probably my main interest!

What was my favourite in the exhibition? I was delighted to see a real Sno Cat in the Science Museum a few years ago (mercifully having escaped being replaced by a 'virtual experience'). This model was wonderful, including a full sled train and great docuimentation. Sadly, though I missed the builder's name.

Finally, here's one for my Dad - a total; deveotee of all things Vincent. A smashing model of a Vincent HRD V-twin

And that, quite honestly, barely scratches the surface.