Penny Farthing Tools was started in Salisbury in the early 90s. It was taken over by one of the current partners, Malcolm Pickering in late 2001. Tony Yates, the other partner joined in 2002. Both Malcolm and Tony are time served engineers so they know what they are talking about, in fact they are quite happy to discuss engineering matters in the shop if they have the time. (This does not extend to the phone although if you are looking for a particular tool I am sure they will talk to you.)

All types of tools are bought and sold and the partners will travel around the country to purchase good quality tools although they wont be travelling very far from Salisbury to pick up say a Unimat lathe or similar. Complete workshops or single items can be purchased. If travelling far please ring first to make sure they require what you are selling. Malcolm tends to specialise in watch and clock making tools, lathes and accessories and visits a lot of watch and clock fairs around the country. Also Pennyfarthing has been known to purchase watch and clock making tools through the Royal Mail.


There are wide selections of tools on offer, mostly second hand with the occasional new ones as well. You can find the usual model engineers tools. There is usually a Myford lathe or two on offer, sometimes the occasional pillar drill or a power hacksaw. They stock a selection of new Proxxon quality power tools as well. You can also purchase good quality woodworking tools of which there is a wide range. Watchmakers lathes and tools are nearly always available as is a wide range of precision measuring equipment. There is a large selection of imperial taps and dies available which are very popular at the Beaulieu Motor Museum Auto Jumble which they attend every year.

The best thing about Pennyfarthing is that it is close to Salisbury town centre. There are plenty of shops to keep your wife busy while you have a browse. Parking is good although I would tend not to visit on a busy summer Saturday due to visitors to Salisbury Cathedral.
Malcolm Pickering
Tony Yates

Pennyfarthing tools Ltd.
26 Pennyfarthing Street
Phone 01722 410090