We're a friendly community and we welcome new members and
have a laugh at the same time as having lively debates.

The forum is a resource for all members and to keep it a useful and friendly place
forum users have suggested some guidelines below...


Can be offensive and also means that some members can't use the site from work.
If you really must use swear words please use asterisks.

Being abusive or making personal attacks
If you wouldn't say something to someone's face then it doesn't belong on the forum.

Impersonating other members

Hijacking and wilfully destroying threads
The forum's a big place and thread titles and descriptions are there to help you filter
what you're interested in, so please let more serious threads run broadly on topic.

Posting links to unregulated sellers or ‘review videos’
While we understand that forum members want to discuss all aspects of the hobby,
we reserve the right to remove links or posts linking to sellers who may be
supplying goods not properly covered by UK safety or consumer legislation.
This includes ‘review videos’ that generate income from such links.


If you repeatedly disregard these guidelines
then after a warning, you may well be barred.

If we receive several complaints about a particular member
then that member may also be barred.