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DateProductContact NamePrice
19/07/2019Myford MultistopGordon Smith 1£50.00
19/07/20191" MinnieChapman£2,250.00
19/07/2019Elliot Victoria TV2 Milling machineMichaela Attwell£1,000.00
19/07/2019Colchester Lathe Co Triumph 7 1/2Michaela Attwell£2,000.00
18/07/2019Harrison VS330TRKeith Matheson£1,200.00
17/07/20195 Slitting Saws - 1” BoreDavid Corner£20.00
16/07/20195 Slit Saws/ Horizontal Milling CuttersDavid Corner£20.00
15/07/2019Thick-Wall Aluminium Tubing 4" OD x 21/2" ID x 840 mm longRoger£80.00
15/07/2019Tom Senior M1 Milling MachineDavid Corner£3,500.00
15/07/2019Warcodavid richardson 1£2,500.00
15/07/2019myforddavid richardson 1£2,250.00
14/07/2019Set of 11 Metric/Imperial End Mills - 3/8” to 1”David Corner£25.00
14/07/2019Straight EdgeBrian£115.00
14/07/2019Scripta AL34 Universal Tool and Cutter GrinderAdrian H.£300.00
13/07/2019MT1 to Drummond/Myford M Spindle Thread ArbourJohn£15.00
13/07/2019Myford/Drummond M Brass Changewheel PlateJohn£25.00
13/07/2019Beugler Pin Stripe MachineJohn£80.00
13/07/2019Jacobs No 32B chuckJohn£20.00
13/07/2019Archer No1 TapperJohn£35.00
13/07/2019GKN Micrometer and Moore and Wright Vernier CaliperJohn£15.00
13/07/2019Two Dial Gauges Mitutoyo, John BullJohn£25.00
13/07/2019Myford Vertical Swivel TableJohn£80.00
13/07/2019Drummond M Headstock guardsJohn£15.00
13/07/2019Drummond M Headstock and spindleJohn£200.00
13/07/2019Drummond/Myford M Traveling SteadyJohn£50.00
13/07/2019Drummond/Myford M Fixed SteadyJohn£55.00
12/07/2019Slitting Saws and ArborDavid Corner£45.00
12/07/2019Myford M type Long Bed, Stand & ExtrasAdam£500.00
12/07/20191/2" Coventry Die Head Chasers - 1/4 ANPTSteve£5.00
11/07/2019Machine ReamersDavid Corner£25.00
11/07/2019Cuttersjohn brown 17£50.00
11/07/2019CJ18A 7 x 14 Mini latheRon£400.00
10/07/2019Engineers 8in Spirit LevelColin G£35.00
10/07/2019Presto 0 to 8 BA Tap and die setColin G£60.00
10/07/2019Pair of Parallels - 160mm longDavid Corner£25.00
10/07/2019Parallels - Set of 8 pairs - 1/2” thick.David Corner£75.00
09/07/20195” gauge k5 CoalvilleLuis Michael£8,700.00
08/07/2019Durham &North Yorkshire Traction EnginePaul Wade 1£1,700.00
08/07/2019Set of 8 Carbide Boring Bars - 10mm Shank.David Corner£15.00
08/07/2019Pair of Parallels - 9” longDavid Corner£18.00
06/07/2019emco super 11 cd with millCarl£2,500.00
06/07/2019Record vice no22Trevor Howley£40.00
05/07/2019SimplexPaul Wade 1£1,600.00
04/07/2019Watch and Clockmakers Handbookduncan webster£10.00
03/07/2019variousPhilip Burley£10.00
03/07/2019Various Horizontal Milling Edge CuttersDavid Corner£5.00
03/07/2019Various Horizontal Milling Face and Edge CuttersDavid Corner£10.00
03/07/2019modelo EngineerPhilip Burley£0.00
02/07/2019Cowells / Perris Lathe and accessoriesMick Whiley£475.00
02/07/2019Minnie traction engine castings and bookcolin calver£195.00
01/07/2019DuclosPaul Wade 1£450.00
30/06/2019The reliance drill grinding jigJason Lugton£999.00
29/06/2019For sale Plumbgo crucible, blacksmiths tongs and foundry sandJohn Lloyd 1£25.00
27/06/20193/8" Diameter Turning/Grinding MandrelSteve£3.50
27/06/2019Schrader/Parker Air Valve LB 53014 SA 1292David Corner£0.00
27/06/2019Faircut latheSteve King 5£123.00
27/06/2019Axminster 6" Manual ShearConrad Thompson£40.00
25/06/2019Hydraulic 10 ton jackWindy£30.00
24/06/2019Sandvik PSNR 1616H 09 TOOLSteve£3.50
24/06/20194 Small Plug GaugesSteve£3.50
23/06/2019Glow Motor StandRobert Butler£0.00
23/06/2019Irvine 53 Glow motorRobert Butler£0.00
23/06/2019Murco 61 Model Aircraft EnginesRobert Butler£0.00
23/06/2019Open Ended SpannersRobert Butler£0.00
23/06/2019Genuine Myford Lever Feed TailstockRobert Butler£0.00
23/06/2019Brass Tube - 1 3/4” and 1 3/8” O/DDavid Corner£20.00
21/06/2019Silicone Bronze Brazing Rods 3.2mm dia x 750mm longDavid Corner£10.00
20/06/2019Coventry Die Box ChasersSteve£12,345.00
15/06/2019Broaching keyway cuttersAndrew£150.00
14/06/2019kitchen worktopalan lloyd 3£1.00
14/06/2019Black Insulation Boardjohn fletcher 1£25.00
13/06/20195" Guage 4-4-2 ATLANTIC ;LOCORoss Mark£6,750.00
11/06/2019Raglan fixed steadyPlasma£95.00
10/06/2019W.A. Coombers Rotary Steam Enginenorman valentine£50.00
09/06/2019FREE Fly Pressfizzy aka Nigel£1.00
07/06/2019The Book of the Motor - three volumes Rankin Kennedy, C. E Published by Caxton Publishing Company, LondonJohn Lloyd 1£30.00
07/06/2019I am clearing my workshop. Machine tools for sale at various pricesJohn Lloyd 1£1.00
07/06/2019GWR KING CLASS LOCO 5" GAUGEDereck Langridge£8,750.00
06/06/2019SWEET WILLIAMgeoff£5.50
05/06/20192-speed electric motorJohnF£0.00
04/06/2019Lathe Faceplate (14 inch diameter)John Lloyd 1£25.00
02/06/2019Sievert torch assemblyWindy£30.00
31/05/2019Sifalumin No 15 Aluminium Welding RodsDavid Corner£20.00
30/05/2019Coventry die jig 1/2"Ian£99.00
29/05/2019Myford Super 7William Wood 1£1,950.00
29/05/2019EMCO COMPACT 5William Wood 1£0.00
29/05/20194 Flexello wheelsWindy£8.00
29/05/2019CopyPaul Wade 1£850.00
29/05/2019SimplexPaul Wade 1£700.00
24/05/20192 clampsWindy£15.00
22/05/2019Clayton steam wagonBernard Jackson£775.00
20/05/2019Eagle hand operated surface grinderkeith russell 4£350.00
19/05/2019Myford ML7 ‘Highswing’Andy Bibby£0.00
17/05/2019Rotary Table 12 inch and 4 jaw chucksDavid Ward 7£250.00
12/05/2019Schaublin Lathe Type 70Pete£690.00
11/05/2019Myford ML10 Lathe partsMick Whiley£95.00
08/05/2019Doll (or Marklin) Cylinder from pre war steam engineHarry Webster£25.00
07/05/2019Myford saw table attachmentColin£165.00
07/05/20193 MT Boring HeadWindy£20.00
07/05/2019Cowells ME LatheAndrew Evans£675.00
06/05/2019battery electric 5 inch gauge class 40 locokeith wallis£2,600.00
04/05/2019Live Steam Loco to Silver Crest GWR 0-4-2T 5"g Gauge c/w all necessary equipmentChris Lewis£3,950.00
04/05/2019HSS lathe bitsWindy£10.00
04/05/2019Brazed tip carbide lathe tool assortmentWindy£20.00
04/05/2019Myford lathe toolsWindy£30.00
01/05/201971/4:" gauge King castingsHoward Snowden£20.00
01/05/201971/4' gauge GWR King castingsHoward Snowden£25.00
01/05/20195" gauge GWR King class castingsHoward Snowden£20.00
29/04/2019Fobco DrillKevin Nicholls£225.00
28/04/2019Smart and Brown 4 / 18 latheGuy ( phone ) Keith ( email)£495.00
27/04/2019Metric HSS Drills - Parallel Shank - Mostly Dormer.David Corner£3.00
26/04/2019Flott drill pressPeter F£170.00
25/04/20193" Burrell (Plastow design))Alan£8,250.00
24/04/2019Harrison M300 Lathe with Centroid Acorn - 220V SupplyCharl Tintinger£3,000.00
23/04/2019Tripan Tool Post & 3 Tool holdersPete£340.00
21/04/2019Klopfer Lathe ChuckPete£90.00
21/04/2019Lathe ChuckPete£100.00
21/04/2019Bench centersPete£150.00
20/04/2019Loop mate 1 7006Ian McVickers£120.00
20/04/2019DC millivolt sourceIan McVickers£250.00
20/04/2019various booksIan McVickers£0.00
18/04/2019mikron f75 millross harverson£450.00
18/04/201910 m/m Screwed Shank Bull Nose Slot Drillsteve winchester£6.00
15/04/2019ADAMS RADIAL 7 1/4:Dennis Stafford£500.00
14/04/2019Villiersjohn fletcher 1£200.00
14/04/2019Sievertjohn fletcher 1£24.00
14/04/2019The Technical pressjohn fletcher 1£30.00
14/04/20197-1/4" Gauge News 20-55michael rietveld£0.00
14/04/2019Warco WM 250 variable speed latheLiam Carr£1,500.00
12/04/2019Engineers tri squares varius makesPhilip Hinch£48.00
12/04/2019Not knownPhilip Hinch£95.00
12/04/2019K Drieon 12 inch 30 CM stainless steel vernier calliper & Chesterman 12 inch Depth GaugePhilip Hinch£35.00
12/04/2019CONGREVE CLOCKBrian Moss£1,595.00
11/04/2019Spring Steel Strip S.70 10mm x .036 (20g)Colin Rhodes£0.90
10/04/20192'' CLAYTON STEAM LORRYPhilip Tann£2,000.00
06/04/201916 gauge copper sheetdavid murray£40.00
06/04/20197.25 gauge braked bogie coachSteve Purves£300.00
05/04/2019MyfordAlbert Round£60.00
03/04/2019Workshop ClearenceColin Scudamore 1£1,600.00
03/04/2019Model steam shipal Shepherd£475.00
03/04/2019Bassett lowke model shipal Shepherd£895.00
03/04/2019Britannia model shipal Shepherd£1,175.00
02/04/2019Drummond Round BedRRMBK£50.00
01/04/2019Sealion 30cc OHC engineIan Oneill£1,250.00
29/03/2019Sifalumin No 15 Aluminium Welding RodsDavid Corner£10.00
26/03/201910 Ton-Hydraulic Power Vehicle Body Repair KitBrytech£80.00
25/03/2019Drawings for 3.1/2"ga. LBSC's "Netta"Tony Finn£28.00
24/03/2019Lydham Manor Loco (part built)Chris Cruse£500.00
19/03/2019240v electric motorJC54£30.00
19/03/2019240v electric motorJC54£40.00
19/03/20193 phase 1 hp electric motor for inverter. NewJC54£60.00
19/03/2019Delco resilient 1/6hp motorAJW£0.00
16/03/2019Harbegger neotor 102TOM£3,500.00
16/03/2019BROOM & WADE CompressorBrytech£30.00
16/03/2019Gromatic toolroom Lathe Type 140Richard Heard£2,250.00
15/03/2019THIS LOCO NOW SOLDPeter Dawson£3,000.00
15/03/2019THIS LOCO NOW SOLD !!Peter Dawson£3,000.00
15/03/2019Marlow No2 Milling Machine + Mitutoyo DRONick Claydon£3,000.00
12/03/2019Brass sectionsAnthony Holdsworth£55.00
12/03/2019BACKPLATE 5"HughE£10.00
12/03/2019Set of three M16 x 2 HSS TapsDavid Corner£25.00
11/03/2019Startrite Mercury Mark 2 Floor Standing Pillar DrillPeter Whitmore£150.00
06/03/2019Part Built 5" B1James Knowles£3,895.00
06/03/2019BSF, UNF boltsAJW£0.00
06/03/2019rear toolpost castinggeoff walker 1£12.00
06/03/2019Brook Crompton MotorAJW£40.00
06/03/2019Model engineer magazinesmike smith 5£110.00
05/03/2019Oliver Blacksmith foot operated hammerIan Butler 1£175.00
01/03/2019iGaging Digital MicrometerMark Slatter£75.00
27/02/201911/4”x11/4”x1/8” Brass Tee SectionDavid Corner£40.00
26/02/201971/4 gauge Black FiveBrian Baker 1£19,000.00
25/02/2019Imperial reamersJohn Flack£15.00
25/02/2019Milling and slot cuttersJohn Flack£40.00
25/02/2019Taps and diesJohn Flack£45.00
25/02/2019Turning equipmentTony Bradley 1£5,000.00
12/02/2019Bridgeport Mill Quill Handlesteve winchester£6.00
09/02/2019Myford (Rodney) milling machineChris Cruse£750.00
09/02/2019Torque Master (German Manufacture)Alan Dale£575.00
02/02/2019Myford ML 1David Spike£1,000.00
31/01/2019Stereo scope and Travelling scopeRichard£50.00
29/01/2019Clock Wheel and Pinion + Other CuttersColin G£10.00
26/01/2019MyfordDave Eddie£75.00
26/01/2019MAXITRAK Class 66 part finished kit5inchman£2,000.00
25/01/20193ph bandsaw. Homemadejohn gray 6£100.00
24/01/2019Pools Special 4” lathePhil Boyland£325.00
23/01/2019Stand for Clarke CL430 or CL500M latheKeith Bartlett£80.00
23/01/2019Emco F1 CNC Milling machineRod Ashton£0.00
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