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DateProductContact NamePrice
07/08/2022Atlas 12 x 24 240V benchtop with standold mart£1,200.00
06/08/2022Alba 1A 10” ShaperAndrew Firman£400.00
06/08/2022Colchester Chipmasteralan Jones 19£250.00
05/08/2022Brook Crompton motorRoy Vaughn£65.00
05/08/2022British-made (Gauges Ltd., Huddersfield) Vernier Caliper.Michelle W£25.00
05/08/2022ClarkePeter Gabriele£15.00
05/08/2022micrometerPeter Gabriele£15.00
05/08/2022MeasurementPeter Gabriele£20.00
03/08/2022Unfinished project Fabricated Gingery ShaperSquint£0.00
02/08/2022Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer Set - Starrett No 224-M (50 mm-150 mm)Michelle W£75.00
02/08/2022Sieg SX1LKeith Burton£300.00
01/08/2022Warco WMT 300Paul Joslyn£750.00
31/07/2022DIVIDING HEAD TAIL STOCK. 6" centre height, adjustable from 5" to 7". Complete with centre - No. 2 morse taper. As new.Michelle Walker£50.00
31/07/2022Sturgess and Towlson rev.marine "vee" steam engine.Paul Cockayne£1,850.00
30/07/2022Loads of old volumesKerry Walker£123.00
30/07/2022MeasuringPeter Gabriele£30.00
29/07/20225x 250-001 toolholdersDutchDan£45.04
29/07/20223 Jaw and 4 Jaw chucksPaul£200.00
29/07/2022HBM 4 Jaw ChuckPaul£50.00
29/07/2022Burnerd Precision Multi-size ColletsPaul£300.00
28/07/2022Barker LathePaul Cheeseman 1£350.00
28/07/2022Senior E milling machineDavid Earnshaw£2,500.00
28/07/2022PLAIN DIVIDING HEAD AND TOS 3-JAW SELF-CENTERING (125/3 2-M1, 5 “dia.) AND ACCESSORIESMichelle W£200.00
26/07/2022Lathe, Milling Machine, Pillar Drills, Fly Press, Metals, Bits, ChucksMr Jon Gustar£100.00
24/07/2022LathesColin Brian Lawton£750.00
22/07/2022BMD25 millBob lang£0.00
20/07/2022Talco toolchest and matching ToolboxBob Lang£0.00
20/07/2022workbenchesBob Lang£0.00
20/07/2022Mini compressorBob lang£0.00
20/07/2022Bench Drill PressBob Lang£0.00
20/07/2022Myford ML7R long bedBob Lang£0.00
20/07/2022Myford ML7Bob Lang£0.00
19/07/2022Harrison M250David Earnshaw£5,500.00
19/07/2022Vintage Starrett 7 drawer tool chest Excellent condition. £150 or near offerJohn Lloyd 1£150.00
19/07/2022Precision circular rotary table (190 mm dia.) -ex tool room. Very good condition.John Lloyd 1£150.00
19/07/2022Myford super7 latheSteve Ambler 1£2,300.00
16/07/2022Bridgeport Series 1 'J' Head Milling MachineTony Bradley£1,800.00
15/07/2022Peco Streamline SM 32 TrackColin Harwood£200.00
14/07/2022HSEAMALL Buffing Wheels for rotary tools.Robin Graham£7.00
13/07/2022Harrison L5Andy Stopford£1,000.00
13/07/2022Boxford LathePaul Wade 1£3,800.00
12/07/2022G/Level 5anthony neville£2,500.00
12/07/2022Emco Unimat Mk1David Taylor£700.00
11/07/2022Mix of model locomotive parts?Chris Lawrence£25.00
11/07/2022Assortment of Stone wheels/Grinding wheels?Chris Lawrence£20.00
11/07/2022Loose bearingsChris Lawrence£5.00
11/07/2022DRUMMOND 3-1/2 INCH PRE-B TYPE: *FOR SALE*Chris Lawrence£400.00
06/07/2022Harrison M300 Steady SetMalcB£450.00
06/07/2022Myford ML10 LatheDesmond Squire 1£595.00
03/07/2022Full casting suite Norman Spinks king George VColin smith 20£900.00
03/07/2022Myford dividing attachmentdaveb£240.00
03/07/2022Align power feeddaveb£160.00
03/07/20229 HSS End Milling CuttersJohn Crocker£12.00
02/07/2022Surface PlateDavid Walker 16£75.00
29/06/2022LBSC's 0-4-0 TichMichael Ellis£350.00
29/06/2022Kerry type AGSteve Ambler 1£3,250.00
28/06/2022Stuart Turner D10 engineChris Gunn£750.00
27/06/2022Myford ML10James Lambert£850.00
25/06/2022Redwing hit and miss engineDavid Hunn£550.00
20/06/2022Smart and brown model a latheSteve King£350.00
19/06/2022100 mm Milling Vice on Swivel BaseJohn Crocker£40.00
18/06/2022Class 45 Peak locomotive Part builtjohn feeney£650.00
16/06/2022Warco Mini LathePeter Russell 4£200.00
15/06/20222 8 0 Cariboumacmarch£300.00
15/06/2022Tom Senior Engine CastingsRICHARD GREEN 2£275.00
15/06/2022Southworth boiler feed pump castingsRICHARD GREEN 2£250.00
14/06/2022Engineers tool chestAlexander` Smith£125.00
13/06/2022Winchester engineering dividing head attachmentPhilip Norris£0.00
13/06/2022Tool and cutter grinding attachmentPhilip Norris£0.00
13/06/2022Machine vicePhilip Norris£0.00
13/06/2022H.K. Machine vicePhilip Norris£0.00
13/06/2022Emco boring headPhilip Norris£0.00
13/06/2022Criterion rotary tablePhilip Norris£0.00
13/06/2022Rotary tablePhilip Norris£0.00
13/06/2022Dore-WestburyPhilip Norris£0.00
11/06/2022ALLCHIN M.E. 1 1/2Sue£25.00
11/06/2022Firefly 3 1/2" gauge GWR DrawingsFrances Walsh£25.00
07/06/2022Bamford Tulip Top IC engine castingsRICHARD GREEN 2£275.00
02/06/2022Jones & Shipman boring head 40intPete.£100.00
02/06/2022Colchester Traveling steady?Pete£80.00
30/05/2022Aluminium blockFred Hodson£100.00
30/05/2022Gauge One Dee partsFred Hodson£100.00
30/05/2022Jones and ShipmanFred Hodson£200.00
30/05/2022Copper TubeFred Hodson£270.00
30/05/2022Brand new Myford Ml10 -Lathe from time warpDavid-Clark 1£2,000.00
29/05/20223/12 gauge BritanniaALAN STEVENS£800.00
27/05/2022Myford ML7 stand tray and riser blocksmike kleist£250.00
25/05/2022Wabeco CC-D6000E CNC/Manual LatheAlan Waddington 2£2,975.00
24/05/20225 inch Gauge GWR Saint kit of partsEdward Speed£500.00
22/05/202215XX (Speedy)Michael Ibbeson£8,500.00
22/05/2022Newman Electric 2 Speed 3 phase Motor 1HpBrian Morehen£40.00
18/05/2022Part built 3" Scale Burrell Agricultural EngineWilliam Handley-Garland£700.00
18/05/2022Modellers Boiler: 3.5"g GWR Lickham HallMike Plumb£1,150.00
17/05/2022Evening starTerry Kelleher 1£10,000.00
17/05/2022Portescap DC motors New OSCornish Jack£15.00
17/05/2022Warco surface grinder - REDUCED PRICEJohn Hinkley£1,500.00
16/05/2022Pratt Burnerd K.C.15. DI-6 EC Collet ChuckPaul£320.00
16/05/2022Denford OracAndrew Evans£1,900.00
15/05/2022Progress bench pillar drill 5 speed single phaseAJAX£120.00
13/05/2022Myford Super 7 Powerfeed LatheMichael Fothergill£1,600.00
12/05/2022Book on Engineering/Technical DrawingJohnF£0.00
12/05/20225 inch Gresley V2 Green Arrow live steam fully certificatedjeff wilde£7,950.00
10/05/2022Brass Sheetbernard towers£100.00
09/05/2022New UNUSED 3 phase 1.5kW Motor by TECMartin King 2£100.00
06/05/2022back issues 200+ approxbrian cowan£1.00
03/05/20225" gauge ground level garden trackTony Finn£1,000.00
02/05/2022ABEND Vernier Height GaugeDavid Murray£25.00
01/05/2022KEMPS Engineering Handbook 1976Paul Windross£20.00
01/05/2022boiler pumpAndrew Spearey£50.00
30/04/2022Sir Arthur Heywood & the 15" gauge railway , Mark SmithersHacksaw£20.00
30/04/2022brass 1/2 roundbernard towers£12,345.00
29/04/20225" Prairee (Reeves)Steve Bright 2£100.00
18/04/2022Tina Mill EngineMichael Robinson£150.00
15/04/2022Capstan tooling 1"Phill Spowart£10.00
14/04/2022Aeroplane MonthlyMartin Dilly 2£0.00
14/04/2022ClarkePeter Gabriele£70.00
13/04/2022BRIGHTON TERRIERDavid Murray£4,259.00
08/04/2022N D Electricity Converter Single to 3 phase plus 3 ph MotorHarry Webster£165.00
05/04/2022Rob RoyGary Wilson£500.00
05/04/2022Myford ML7rGary Wilson£1,000.00
03/04/2022Beugler Pinstriper.magpie£150.00
02/04/2022M L 7malcolm sizmur£1,350.00
30/03/2022Nylon 66Martin Cargill£13.00
30/03/20227 1/4 black 5 (highlander)mike smith 5£22,000.00
29/03/2022Mechanical SawStuart Martyn sladdin£100.00
28/03/2022Drummond M type bookletsMr John E Fletcher£52.00
28/03/2022wheelsJACK SIDEBOTHAM£60.00
25/03/2022Record No1 Vicejames holgate£35.00
25/03/2022BA Diesjames holgate£50.00
24/03/2022Imperial Reamersiain hale£50.00
21/03/2022Drummond lathe, milling machine, grinder, drill etcMartin Shutkever£2,000.00
21/03/2022Myford ml7Peter Gabriele£650.00
21/03/2022Barrett royal scot kit partsJames Mitton£2,200.00
20/03/2022Traction engine, plant, pump, books, tools, job lotRich Head£5,000.00
20/03/2022Stuart 10VJohn Rudd£18.00
19/03/2022Mitutoyo large dia micrometer thimblebernard towers£25.00
19/03/20223/4" Reeves 0 to 100psi press gaugebernard towers£22.00
17/03/2022Belco 8” 4 Jaw ChuckRitchie Day£180.00
15/03/2022M8 X1.25 OSG TAP.Franco Centracchio£6.00
13/03/2022Rob Royvernon stuttard£230.00
13/03/2022Round steel billets x 2Russ Bulley£125.00
10/03/2022Clarke CL300MBarry Tattersall.£425.00
10/03/2022Myford MystroBarry Tattersall£350.00
09/03/2022Smart and Brown Sabel LatheBrian Wood£30.00
09/03/2022Smart and Brown Sabel LatheBrian Wood£100.00
08/03/2022sweet william castingsJim Fyfe£500.00
02/03/2022South Bend 13 inch Q C Gear latheTim Reynolds£400.00
02/03/2022MEW magazinesRoger Quaintance£150.00
02/03/2022Bench top surface grinderJulian taylor£850.00
01/03/2022Unbranded lathevic newey£350.00
28/02/2022Quorn mk3Adrian Porter£1,200.00
27/02/2022CHESTER FV-35V MILLING MACHINEkenneth walton£2,200.00
26/02/2022Sine tableIain Gordon£75.00
24/02/2022Record No3 ViceJim Fyfe£35.00
24/02/2022rotary tableJim Fyfe£250.00
20/02/2022Photos of British locosMichael Rietveld£3.50
20/02/2022X3 Mill motor and cardGaute Jørpeland£50.00
19/02/20225 inch SimplexDavid Mitchell£3,700.00
16/02/2022Traction engine 26” long believed to be vintage Stuartal Shepherd£2,995.00
14/02/2022Myford ML7 & Rodney Milling Atachmentjason ward 1£2,000.00
12/02/2022Myford Super 7BMartin Gray£3,950.00
12/02/2022Dormer Imperial Boxed Set 1/16 to 1/2 H.S.S .29 DrillsBrian Morehen£40.00
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