The Model Engineer Centennial Editions were first published in 1997. Each issue is themed to cover a specific subject, and Issue 2 deals with Workshop Devices.
D-Bits (Ian Bradley)
Counterbores or Spot Face Cutters (Duplex/Denis Wall)
Mandrel Handle (R Reynolds)
Chip Breaker (D.H. Robinson/A. Mackintosh)
Tailstock Dieholder (A.J. Wise)
Knurling Tool (Martin Cleeve)
Bandsaw Modifications (J.M. Service)
Direct Dividing Attachment (C.W. Rose)
Drilling/Milling Spindle (Jimbo/D. Beck)
Filing Rest (H.E. White)
Tailstock Micrometer (Derek Oxley)
Slotting Attachment (R.J. Cochrane)
Back Parting Toolpost (George H Thomas)
Tailstock Turret (Exactus)
Lever Feed Tailstock (Duplex)
Subscriber Only Contents
Boring/Facing Head (J.A. Radford)
Chuck Back Stop (Martin Cleeve)
Ball Turning Tool (J.A. Radford)
Sharpening Small Drills (D.A.G. Brown)
Bending Rolls (George H. Thomas)
Coolant System (George Mark)
Sine Bar (E.H. Ives/ Dave Lammas)
Lathe Saddle Stop (Fettler)
Grinding Spindle (D.H. Downie)
The Eureka Tool (D.H. Chaddock/ Ivan Law)