The EXCEL tables are a useful tool to investigate drill grinding devices and jigs for conically or cylindrically shaped flanks. The application of the worksheet is very simple and no special knowledge of mathematics or computer programming is required. However it is necessary to know the jigs geometrical features which in any case can be described by four figures. Additionally two figures must be known from the drill to be ground, the diameter and the half tip angle. These and some other input data are set in the {Input Output} table in the boxes with green frames and a bluish green background. The cell to be altered is selected by a mouse click and then can be overwritten with the new data. An [Enter]-stroke or clicking another cell completes the input. EXCEL immediately actualises the worksheets and diagrams.

Drill Geometry Spreadsheet

PDF Instructions

Our sincere thanks to Jörg Hugel for permission to make these documents available here.