Many visitors will wonder about the benefits of joining our Model Engineer community.
Well, the main benefit is the ability to interact with other members.

Classified adverts

You can instantly place classified adverts of items for sale with a photo or items wanted.
You can remove the advert when the item is sold or you have purchased the item you are looking for.


You can put up photos into a Gallery for other members to view.


The forum allows you to ask questions and discuss your latest projects.

 You can access the events pages to find out what is happening in your local club.

You will be able to visit various model engineer exhibitions online.

These are just a few of the benefits of joining our community.

Totally free

The Model Engineer web site is totally free to join, and we promise not to pass on your details to other companies if you don't want us to. We will send you our regular weekly newsletter to let you know what is in the content of the next Model Engineer or Model Engineers' Workshop.

Go ahead, join today. You won't regret it.


The archive is now running on a new platform, with new issues being added all the time.

How do I access the archive?

Model Engineer archive.

Model Engineers' Workshop archive.