Upside down shot after scraping off the perf bed.

Shot with the raft snapped off, just pulled this off with my fingers, smaller parts often want a knife to peel them or a finger nail. You can see one ball support has come off with the support raft, just needs the others picking off.

Finished bearing. Quality is not bad but I sped the process up by selecting 0.3mm hight of layer and hollow fill. this printed in just under the hour.
If I had gone to 0.15 hight and solid then it would probably
have taken 3 to 4 hours.
I printed to spare parts in solid as they need mechanical strength, this is just arty farty although it does spin.
Quality is about as good as Bridgeport spindle bearings.

Last one is a spiral bevel gear from Art Fenerty's Gearotic program.

Bit disappointed with this picture as in the plastic it's a lot better than it looks, again hollow fill to speed the process up but finish is good. 1 hour 35 minutes to do this.

Programming is automatic, load the STL file and it places it in the best position although you do have a choice.
Press print and if you want you can disconnect the laptop and do something else whilst it carries on.

Overall quite impressed.