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paul rayner07/01/2013 21:37:32
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Hi all, Is it me or does everybody suffer an abundance of spiders and there pesky webs in there workshops? reason I ask this as I've just painted the walls and floor in my workshop over the xmas period and I seemed to spend more time sweeping and vacuming the walls than actually painting. Apart from conkers (which don't work in the house) can anyone come up with some idea which would discouage them

Stub Mandrel07/01/2013 22:03:28
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If you find a cure, tell me...


Paul Lousick07/01/2013 22:40:05
2074 forum posts
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Poison works. Use a surface spray. Lasts for months.

roy entwistle08/01/2013 09:41:45
1551 forum posts

Leave them alone they're doing no harm, unless they are the poisonous ones


Buster08/01/2013 10:51:15
20 forum posts

I remember Kim and Aggie (tv) said that spiders hate citronella?, havent tried it but worth a go,

Ady108/01/2013 10:53:26
5164 forum posts
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It's so wet at the moment a lot are being driven indoors

Most will eventually starve to death

Martin Kyte08/01/2013 11:43:58
2786 forum posts
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Cedar panelling


Springbok08/01/2013 11:55:50
879 forum posts
34 photos


Got to many animalsgoing in and out the workshop to try though anyway they keep the flies down


JES08/01/2013 12:12:00
79 forum posts
71 photos

Got a big spider called Marice I am trying to train to search the Black Hole


Bazyle08/01/2013 12:55:53
6381 forum posts
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Mice keep them down a bit.
The very spindly ones that seem to have become plentiful over the last few years also seem to keep the others away.
However idealy the workshop should be hermetically sealed to keep the damp out and also the bugs - least that's what I hope in my new one.

Bob Lamb08/01/2013 13:00:55
133 forum posts
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I would far rather have spiders than flies or even (especially) Kim and Aggie- I always think they are doing a good job and do my best to help them whenever possible EVEN WHEN the pesky things build their webs across the garden path. Call me soft if you want but I gently encourage them to safety before breakig my way through. That leads to a question which someone may be able to answer - If the web is broken with a spider in it can the spider escape OK or does he / she get caught in their own sticky web?


Russell Eberhardt08/01/2013 13:05:38
2751 forum posts
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Here the gekkos and lizards keep the numbers down but I can't stop them nesting in my rain guage and gumming things up.


Andyf08/01/2013 13:26:57
392 forum posts

I can live with spiders, and not many seem to creep into my workshop, which is effectively an insulated shed built inside the garage.

But what's happened to all the daddy long legs (crane flies) in recent years? They were once a nuisance, though the previous cat used to enjoy them as a change from tinned food.


Clive Hartland08/01/2013 14:24:53
2837 forum posts
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I have spiders behind my wing mirrors on the car, they have really travelled whilst on my journeys.They are still there the next morning! Blow some dust on the web which they do not like at all. They recover the web by eating it I believe and re-process it.

This year they seem to have colonised the space under my beehive lids, big ones jump out when I lift them off.


Edited By Clive Hartland on 08/01/2013 14:26:51

Allen Paddock08/01/2013 16:03:50
24 forum posts

Hate the things,When i go into my garage /workshop i have a 4 foot lengh of round wood with a old 2" paint brush on the end,I also have a spray can of Brake cleaner.I open the door switch the lights on and befor i do anything i look at roof walls equip then if i see a spider spray with brake cleaner they dont like it and they tend to stay put,I can then smash there heads in with my spider stick/painbrush.

V8Eng08/01/2013 16:12:19
1728 forum posts
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Spiders seem to fit firmly in the "love them or hate them" category.

They keep the flying insects down so are welcome in my workshop, if the webs start to become troublesome a vacuum cleaner soon sorts that out.

I have seen humane catchers in sold in shops so you can capture them to release outdoors.

Edited By V8Eng on 08/01/2013 16:29:51

Stub Mandrel08/01/2013 21:56:44
4315 forum posts
291 photos
1 articles

I am genuinely arachnophobic - I am quite happy picking up beetles, crabs, worms, leeches, snakes etc. although I'm not keen on centipedes.. I don't like killing spiders, but I have to catch and eject any I find.

I was once less kindly to them. I used to share a house with a chap who is now a recognised seed expert and succesful novelist. We found a HUGE spider that was so big we attacked it with various nasty sprays we found under the sink. This experience was so stressful we had to go to the pub for a pint or six. When we returned, rather than fading away Shelob (for it was she, spawn of Ungoliant) was more active than ever. Fortunately our dutch courage allowed us to capture the beast and release it on the far side of a canal.

Strangely I am less affected since being bitten by a tiny spider several years ago. I was closing som curtains and felt a sharp prick in my palm. I looked for a hidden needle and discovered a tiny spider. I was so impressed that it managed to wreak its vengeance on someone about a million times bigger, I ejected it gently from the window. Since then most small or round spiders seem to be easier for me to cope with - shock therapy? The wolf spiders still scare the crap out of me.

I notice last year the 'daddy longlegs spiders' were unusually abundant, but as observed craneflies (the classic daddy longlegs) seem to have suffered from the damp ground (they spend alot of their lives as grubs in the soil- leatherjackets which are eaten by rooks - which is why many farmers tolerate rookeries.

The year before orb spiders were abundant and lasted very late in the year.

Interstingly we have some nasty spiders in the UK. there is a tiny woodland spider in the south west that is on record of causing temporary limb paralysis. One UK species of wolf spider, which we rarely worry about, is known as the inrtroduced 'hobo spider' in the USA where many people consider it to be a deadly biter. This may be because of allergic reactions rather than outright poison effects.

The 'false black widow' which has a nasty bite appears to be spreading into the southern UK as a consequence of climate change.

As for the workshop, habits that minimise insects, minimise spiders.

I'm thinking of moving to Svalbard...


Robert Dodds08/01/2013 23:21:20
322 forum posts
63 photos


Is it fact or an OWT that spiders will cluster around mains voltage cables?
There are always several in my outside meter box when I go to get my meter reading!

I've got one of those catchers. Its great as a guillotine for cutting spiders toe nails off when you rotate the thing round to capture the blighters.

Bob D

Siddley09/01/2013 00:07:16
150 forum posts
1 photos

I have to say that spiders don't exactly thrill me too much. We don't have any deadly ones here ( Spain ) but there are some small ones with a nasty bite and some large ones which can scare you to death.

The centipedes are horrible. Megarian Banded Centipede - check it out via the search engine of your choice and prepare to shudder...

We have Geckos and other lizards living around the property. We regard them as being friendly pest control experts and try to make their lives as easy as possible. There are snakes too, but under the new EU ( Control Of Dangerous Snake Weapons Act ) they aren't allowed to bite you anymore - just pull funny faces and hiss.

In our Olive grove there are sometimes wild boar rooting around , but they don't sneak into the workshop ( makes a change from the junkies in the UK ). I'll probably shoot one at some point ( a boar not a UK junkie ) because they make good eating. Or maybe I'll train it to use a file and a hacksaw instead ?

We have Iberian Lynx in our area, but haven't seen one yet. They are going to be the subject of my next hunting trip ( done with a camera, not a rifle )

PS - My workshop in the UK was full of wolf spiders at one time. A good friend of mine came to help me clear it out prior to installing some new machines and as soon as we got underway the spiders were crawling out from everywhere. Now bear in mind that I'm a biker with a lot of tattoos and more than a few scars, I'm like an extra from that silly TV show 'Sons Of Anarchy' - my mate helping me is a really tough kickboxer and one of the hardest people I know. But he hates spiders too
Imagine this pair of " bad-asses " scared out of their wits, almost hugging each other and begging my wife to come to down the path and sort the spiders out for us


Edited By Siddley on 09/01/2013 00:24:02

I.M. OUTAHERE09/01/2013 02:15:15
1468 forum posts
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I was once told by a pest controller to leave them be as they keep the other insects under control so i do as much as possible although the daddy longlegs poo on everything and seem to be imune to the bomb type pest sprays as it killed everything except them angry 2 .  I have an older fibro garage which has open eves that allows all sorts of wierd bugs in and out and my biggest enemy is the wasp as they chase you when diturbed and sting the hell out of you and we need to be mindfull of redback spiders as they up under benches etc . 

Edited By SLOTDRILLER on 09/01/2013 02:26:27

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