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Chinese Lathe Accessories.

Supplier selling items not fit for purpose.

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John Stevenson08/12/2012 18:54:28
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You state Myford and not Myford compatable in your post so I'm wondering where the Chinese bit comes in ?

Myford is Myford and made in the UK or was and RDG who took Myford over, have stated that replacemnt will be made in the UK.

Most of the compatable crap seems to be made in India.

Lambton09/12/2012 18:38:57
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RDG now own the Myford name and logo etc. are quite entitled to claim anything they now supply as being genuine Myford regardless of where it is made. I was a bit disappointed by the "Myford" stand at the Midlands ME Exhibition as quite a lot of the items appear to be normal RDG ones badged as Myford. They may be perfectly OK but it is difficult to know exactly what you are buying "real" Myford or new Myford.

One dealer in secondhand Myford parts now describes his genuine Myford items as being of Nottingham origin. Obviously he is also worried about what now constitutes a reliable Myford part.

I suggest that all purchasers of sub standard machine parts of accessories from any supplier should not attempt to put them right but should return them for replacement or a refund. This is the only way to encourage suppliers to improve the quality of the items they supply usually of far eastern origin.

Lambton13/12/2012 09:49:19
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Further to my earlier post I have been pondering the subject of obtaining good quality Myford spares in the future. RDG must have some original items left from the purchase of the entire Myford business, Home & Workshop Machinery keep alerting us that their stock is running out fast. Once these sources of new parts are exhausted I assume the only sources of genuine spares will be secondhand items and perhaps a little "new old stock" from dealers and private individuals.

RDG have indicated in the past that they will supply Myford spares in the future without giving any detailed information about quality standards how such items will be sourced.

Unfortunately, for some years, they and other suppliers have provided pattern items form the Far East that are not up to the standard of Genuine Myford parts often just inferior look a-likes probably not made to a proper drawing with suitable tolerances and specifications identified. I am sure the quality control on the supplied parts is minimal judging by my own experiences. To be fair the prices asked were a lot lower than those for genuine Myford items catering for the lower end of the market - but you only get what you pay for. In the past I have bought some of these pattern parts from several suppliers and always found them of poor quality after which I resolved to only buy genuine Myford parts which were always a perfect fit and of excellent general quality. This previous low cost - lower quality policy makes me worry about what standards will be applied to future RDG/Myford spares.

My question is how are Myford owners going to get satisfactory spare parts once the present stocks of "Nottingham" Myford parts are exhausted?

Terryd13/12/2012 11:29:34
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Hi Alan,

Under the Distance Selling Regulations you have the right to return items ordered by mail order or online within 7 days . You do not have to gvie a reason nor do the items have to be faulty. The items can be opened for inspection (despite some suppliers stating otherwise) and you can claim back any postage charges that were made to send the item to you (if they say otherwise refer them to the document below), but you have to pay the return charges.

If a supplier plays up refer him politely to the 'Guide for businesses on distance selling' published by the OFT.

Best regards


Edited By Terryd on 13/12/2012 11:31:03

HomeUse13/12/2012 11:46:43
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Am I getting confused !! - I buy my Myford spares from "Myford" link **LINK**

At the top of the page they state "Please note only Genuine Myford Products will be sold on this site, No copies or reproductions". I have had no problems with any of the parts that they have supplied and both the product and the packaging indicated "Myford England"

Lambton13/12/2012 12:25:26
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"Am I getting confused !! - I buy my Myford spares from "Myford" link **LINK**"

I am not surprised that HomeUse is confused he is probably not the only one.

When Myford (Nottingham) went out of business RDG bought the whole lot lock stock and barrel. This included all stock of parts, the Myford name and logo etc. The Myford site in the link is NOT the original Myford Company but is RDG operating a new company called Myford. As the owners of the name etc they are of course quite entitled to do this and I have purchased several genuine Myford parts from this new company with every satisfaction. This blissful situation will no doubt continue as long as the stock of genuine Myford parts last.

My point is what will happen when this stock of genuine parts is exhausted?

Ady113/12/2012 12:28:11
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My point is what will happen when this stock of genuine parts is exhausted?


The parts will be made by Chingford?

HomeUse13/12/2012 19:18:18
168 forum posts
12 photos

Ady1 - Have you insider information that "Myford" parts will be made by Chingford Uk or Chingford ""Where""

Grizzly bear13/12/2012 20:27:02
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Hi Alan S 6, Well said.

Regards, Bear..

John Stevenson13/12/2012 20:49:52
5068 forum posts
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[quote] Once the existing stock of new Myford parts has run out, then pattern parts will appear on the scene. [/quote ]

You know this for a fact ??

In which case Alan don't buy Chinese or Indian parts.

INSIST on only buying Elglish machines and genuine parts.

BEFORE basing everything on "Fit for purpose" make sure you are not shopping using the "Fit for purse " adage first.

Dodweld13/12/2012 21:19:15
72 forum posts
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I'm from Yorkshire and I take exception to your comment "hard nosed yorkshire types"

I hope you don't take that view if you ever meet me !

I don't have any connection to RDG other than a happy customer

113/12/2012 21:20:42
65 forum posts
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I don't have a Myford, for one thing I enjoy my hobby on a limited budget and at the time I bought my chinese lathe couldn't see that a Myford would be 10 times better to justify the price being 10 times as much as what I paid.

I cannot comment on the standard of the Myford spares that RDG sells but I do know that in this world you generally get what you pay for and the prices that RDG and other similar retailers charge for their offerings allow me to continue to enjoy model engineering. It's true I have had faulty goods from RDG but I have found that their response to my complaints has been first class . Let us not condemn a business for seeking to make a profit, they are not in it for fun after all. It's a sad day when any company has to shut it's doors but what do we think would have been the outcome if RDG had not bought Myford? It is unlikely that a kind hearted philanthropist would have bought it and proceeded to carry on as before making a loss but keeping Myford owners happy. If you don't like dealing with RDG then go elsewhere, as you say ultimately the only power we have is the power to walk away.

Of course, you could always set up a business making "Compatible" spares in the UK to the standard you would like.

Andrew Johnston13/12/2012 23:18:23
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Posted by John Stevenson on 13/12/2012 20:49:52:

........ make sure you are not shopping using the "Fit for purse " adage first.

Excellent phrase, made me smile anyway. smiley

I've never bought anything from the 'new' Myford as I don't have a Myford lathe, but I have occasionally bought from RDG. I have always been satisfied with the items.



John Stevenson13/12/2012 23:54:02
5068 forum posts
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I regret the demise of the Reliant Robin, at least when this vehicle was current you could spot the tight arsed bastards at 500 paces.


Moleskin trousers, check shirt and the inevitable purse. The type that has the lip round the top flap so they can slide the money out into the flap and count it very carefully, 4 times, squint at the label that clearly says 50p for 10.


Then counts money again and asks " How much for one ? "


But the most amazing thing is they used to rattle round the country side in one of these Tamworth Sillies and then have the gall to quote "Fit for Purpose "


I was heart broken when the proposed act failed in Parliament to make shooting these perfectly legal  in the closed season.


"Pull " Good shot Sir, another Plastic Pig.

Edited By John Stevenson on 13/12/2012 23:57:03

John Stevenson14/12/2012 09:01:35
5068 forum posts
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Posted by alan smith 6 on 14/12/2012 01:19:51:

John, I notice that you have no photos of a plastic pig, in fact a lot of postings and no photos at all, could it be that you are a thread butterfly with an anarchistic bent?






Why the fixation with photo's ? is it to proove something ?


We run our own servers where both public and restricted files are held. Currently I have 1,131 files on public access.


Most are shots of jobs being done or setups.


John S.

Edited By John Stevenson on 14/12/2012 09:02:35

Lambton14/12/2012 09:13:17
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"Frankly, my opinion of the Myford lathe is that it is overpriced and overated!"

Agreed. I have a Myford super 7 which has some quirky features and limitations (e.g.spindle bore) but it is a quality product that, until they went bust ,was supported by the makers who offered a wide range of spares and high qualty accessories. Being brought up at work with Colchester lathes I recognise the shortcomings of the Myford which after all is only a development of a 1947 machine aimed mainly at the amateur and educational market.

RDG has supplied a wide range of tools and accessories for the model engineering market for some years catering for the entry level or bottom end of the market. They are only responding to the demand from model engineers for affordable products that may not be of top quality. Similarly Lada cars were not of very good quality but had a loyal following of customers who could not afford anything better.

Now that they own the rights to the Myford name etc. it can be argued that RDG have a moral obligation to supply goods, sold under the Myford name, to be the same quality as "Nottingham Myford". At the Midland Model Engineer Exhibition some of the good on offer at the Myford stand were obviously genuine products but others were apparently Myford badged RDG products - most probably of Far Eastern origin with packing labelled Myford England. As I have said previously now RDG own the Myford name they are not doing anything illegal by calling any of their products Myford. We just need to be clear as to what we are buying.

There is nothing wrong with Chinese made engineering products per se when the importer exercises proper control over the specification, quality and manufacture of the items. This works if your are Sony, Panasonic, Toyota etc. but fails if you are a small UK importer with customers wanting the lowest price possible. To their great credit Arc Eurotrade recognise this by openly offering "as received " machines or at a higher price ones that they have cleaned, inspected and adjusted in the UK to their satisfaction. All other suppliers appear to send everything out "as received" and deal with any quality issues only when the purchaser complains.

The main reason that British manufactured model engineering products have vanished is our collective desire to only pay low prices with the demise of Myford being a good example.

There is an old saying "the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten"

KWIL14/12/2012 09:16:44
3309 forum posts
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Give them a chance, the owners of RDG did not have to buy old Myford, they have invested good money with the aim of restoring the supply of a British Icon. The sons continue to run RDG and the father runs Myford Ltd. From my conversations with new Myford they have every intention of making us proud of their venture, using UK sources of manufacture.

You will have every chance and no doubt the usual suspects will rise to the cause, if these aims are not met, in the meantime stick to your model engineering instead of mouthing off about things some of you know little about.

I for one appreciate John S' down to earth approach, long may it conntinue.

HomeUse14/12/2012 09:38:08
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David Clark 114/12/2012 09:39:01
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Hi Lambton

The Myford lathe is not overpriced or over rated for the simple reason it is not available for sale.

Yes, RDG/Myford do not sell new Myfords.

You are entitled to your opinion but be please get the facts right.

When RDG reintroduce the Myford lathe I am sure we will soon learn if the quality is up to scratch.

I personally think the Myford lathe is great, it does what it is meant to which is to be a versatile multi-purpose lathe. It is very accurate, depending on the operator, easy to use, and is made to a high quality. I did buy it to write articles for Model Engineer little knowing I would be editing it.

If I was using a lathe in industry, I would get an industrial lathe (with a milling machine to complement it) but in a hobby environment the Myford will do everything I need.

Even genuine Myford lathes have their problems, I tightened up the tumbler gear stud the other day, just a light nip, and a while later the end just dropped off. It appears that the screw thread, possibly about 3/16 inch Whitworth or BSF, which had an oil hole through the centre was to weak for the job.

regards David

Edited By David Clark 1 on 14/12/2012 09:40:40

Terryd14/12/2012 09:47:41
1935 forum posts
179 photos
Posted by John Stevenson on 14/12/2012 09:01:35:

Most are shots of jobs being done or setups.


John S.

Edited By John Stevenson on 14/12/2012 09:02:35

Hi John,

Are those NEMA 23 steppers on the Rotabs in your pictures? I have one of those tables and am considering converting it to stepper drive.

Best regards


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