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Harrow & Wembley Society of Model Engineers.

A well established club with a multi gauge track in a public park.

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Brian Everett 107/01/2011 20:04:42
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Nicholas Farr07/01/2011 20:12:45
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Hi Brian,
Regards Nick.
Brian Everett 107/01/2011 23:24:35
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This new year, Harrow and Wembley Society of Model Engineers are in jubilant mood, this year we celebrate our 75th anniversary and intend to begin our special year at Alexandria Palace's Model Engineering Exhibition where we are expanding our stand to include a greater selection and variety of our members work.
Last year we were honoured by the other stall holders by their selecting us as the best stand in the show, we do not expect to achieve those dizzy heights again this year but our stand should be of interest due to its wide range of exhibits, I do hope the visitors agree with my description. we will be happy to meet any readers of this article and willing to answer any queries they have.
We are best known locally in Eastcote for our regular sunday afternoon train rides on our ground level multi-gauge track, this is laid in a public park setting and is a good place to take children of all ages (9 monthes to 90 years), many a party or barbeque are held in our upper field where the track encircles the area. The ride covers some 1/2 mile and negotiates two tunnels through trees and bushes and is considered good value at 50p a time.
We have open days twice a year normally, but this year, in addition, The Southern Federation are using our track and clubhouse for some of their functions, so our program is especially full,  you are welcome to visit these functions. If you need information about the club and our program take a peek at our web site at  :-
  -: where most details can about us can be found.We have a car park of a size to acommodate the public on a sunday run, additionally, we also use our grounds for visitors parking , so if you visit us, please ask us for guidance and we will be happy to help.
David Clark 108/01/2011 09:26:56
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Hi Brian
I don't remember Harrow and Wembly being at the Model Engineer Exhibition in December?
Can you come this year?
It is at Sandown Park on December 9, 10 and 11.
Other clubs welcome.
We pay the usual £50 towards expenses.
regards David

Edited By David Clark 1 on 08/01/2011 09:30:04

Brian Everett 112/01/2011 00:34:00
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Hello David.
Thank you for the invitation to the December exhibition, I have informed our committee of it and I am told that a reply has been Emailed to you directly. As a by product of our communication, your site is now in our members minds and I am sure the Forum will see some entries from our members from time to time.
Now we are concentrating on revising our stand for the Ally Pally show to support more exhibits on the expanded display, personally I feel sure the standard will be acceptable to all observers there and I personally invite your readers to at least give us a cursory glance.
Our members will also be involved in the steam train rides on the portable raised track usually located at the organ end of the hall, we also operate the demonstration stand where there is usually something being assembled, made or turned, yes, we do get around a bit !
 Regards to you and your readers. Brian.
Brian Everett 128/01/2011 13:34:27
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Well another year and another exhibition over.
The club stand at the London Model Engineering Exhibition contained many fine and varied examples of the members work causing Ooohs and Aaaahs and many flashes of cameras. There were locomotives ancient and relatively modern, stationary engines of varied types, one was operated by the public by winding a demonstration handle, very popular with the young, even a powered Willies model Jeep !
There was also an example of the model makers lateral thinking too. I have in mind a members system for turning 'TT' gauge rolling stock wheels without a lathe ?
It involved a wheel brace clamped in a vice with an aluminium rod in its chuck to rotate it, specially designed tools were made to do the turning work, fitted with a guide surface the tools are gradually pressed into the rotating material to form the profile and face contour, then followed by a parting off tool, the cutting tools are fashioned from scraps of broken hacksaw blades etcetera.
He has used the principle of following the material as the guiding surface so the turnings remain concentric with it however it wobbles in the chuck, a bit like a steady on the lathe.
My own exhibit attracted people more for its shining copper pipe than its unique design, but the pipe is the main frame of my weird CNC machine, again a matter of desperate means to achieve the ends desired. It is actually a milling machine/plotter I used to prove circuits I was playing with to operate stepper motors used on the machine.
The whole thing was constructed with nothing more complex than a battery drill, and the work done literally on the kitchen table - how desperate can you get - especially for one who was used to having a full workshop to work in (another story).
Apart from a persistent cold, I thoroughly enjoyed it, so did the other members there too, and I judge that the public had their work cut out to see all that was shown in the hall, they were very complimentary towards our exhibits and I thank them all for coming and making it a worth while experience.
Laurence B29/01/2011 11:21:30
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The Harrow and Wembley Society's stand at this year's Ally Pally show was impressive.I particularly liked the model of the L&NWR loco "Cornwall" and the old horizontal drop valve mill engine.Well done to all concerned.
Brian Everett 119/02/2011 08:32:28
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Thank you Laurence, your comments on the show are appreciated by our club committee and members alike, we are glad to have an unbiased opinion, especially one that agrees with our own.
However our efforts now turn back to club itself. Continuing with the track work we started before Christmas which was rather major in nature involving the re-laying of some areas of decomposed concrete track base, we are now continuing with the work of levelling the track undulations out and super-elevating it where appropriate.
The nature of the ground our track is laid on is constantly moving to a minor degree and therefore we have to compensate for this from time to time,
Our efforts on the track are needed on a regular basis in the battle with mother nature, but we also want it in good order to allow our many expected visitors. in this our 75th anniversary year. to have the best track we can achieve to run their locomotives on.
Talking of visitors, if you have a loco in 7.25" - 5" or 3.5" gauge and wish to have a different track to run on, why not give us a try ? - I would advise you look up our web site to check the wheel standards and contact us first to check we are not fully booked with some event or other. We boast the usual steaming bays, with water and 12 volts available, the loading ramp suits most vehicles and trailers and we have many experienced helpful hands ready to give assistance if needed.
Our web site (now newly re-vamped) gives details of our weekly activities and the open days, but also, this year, the Southern Federation event which we have been honoured to hold here at our club.
I am personally involved in modifying the '00' gauge railway layout lift mechanism (see our web site for details) to carry the unexpected amount of weight it has now grown to, it has been extended and broadened and carries the scenic details and rolling stock permanently.
During the past, since its erection, it has suffered some traumas involving the lifting equipment, those were dealt with immediately and I am now working on a permanent solution in the light of the lessons learned.
I intend the layout work to be completed before the start of the running season, I can perhaps relax a little then - LOL

Edited By Brian Everett 1 on 19/02/2011 09:06:01

Brian Everett 104/03/2011 20:43:51
15 forum posts
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Lifting Progress

As some of the members of HWSME already know, I have been occupied in out of club hours work, preparing the parts needed to re-construct the layout lift pulleys, and now, to my relief I can report that the machining of the pulleys, spacers and spindles are now complete.

The method of realigning the axle holes is also determined, as I have proven with the first three examples.

Due to the manufacturing methods adopted by the makers of the original pulleys, the sheaves (or frames of the pulleys) are adequately strong in construction but the axle holes do not align accurately enough to allow our revised design of pulley to locate between the sheave cheeks correctly. to overcome this fault I have adopted a method of drilling and milling to correct this.

It involves three stages of operation, with the sheave firmly gripped in the machine vice of the bench drill, a first stage 6mm drill is used to drill the upper cheek of the sheave, this drill is then replaced with a 6mm end mill and the lower cheek is carefully milled in alignment with the upper cheek, finally, the milling cutter is again replaced, but this time with an 8mm sharp drill and this drills both cheeks to complete the process.

The sheave is then de-burred and the ball bearing pulley and its spacers are assembled in the sheave and the prepared axle passed through the assembly, the 1/2mm projecting axle is then peened over to finally anchor it in place.

Thus renewed, will then be painted in the ever popular shade of Magnolia prior to being refitted to the lift mechanism to match the existing metal building frame, I intend this colouring match to spread to the exposed underparts of the layout to make the layout to blend in with the existing colour scheme and hopefully make the hanging layout less intimidating to both members and visitors alike.

During the revision work of the layout, the existing pulleys will have to have their pulley wheels removed, the sheave drilling operation performed and re-assembly with the new parts completed, then finally painted before re-use, so my preparative work should save time during the major operation of adding new lift positions (there will be eight, at present there are six) to equalise the support during lifting, this has become necessary due to the increased weight encountered by extensions to the extended surface area of the present layout.

This weight increase has nothing to do with eating habits, but is more to do with carrying unexpected luggage, all the rolling stock is now left on the layout and the extra support timbers to fix the extensions,, together with the scenic features permanently attached, has increased the overall weight threefold from the original, at the last weigh in it was 600 lbs.

I shall be weighing it again during the refurbishment work and I hope it is still within the designed lifting capability of the hard pressed hoist mechanism in its present configuration, if it is close, further provisions to carry the extra weight will have to be introduced, (another loop of lifting cable to reduce the pull to a quarter of the total weight, at present it is one third)

My fears are for the hoist motor, gears and brake, the pulleys and cabling are well within their capability but stepping over the designated capacity of the hoist is asking for trouble, and none of us want that, least of all, me !

Edited By Brian Everett 1 on 04/03/2011 20:53:19

Brian Everett 106/03/2011 02:08:36
15 forum posts
13 photos

A group of finished parts ready for assembly into the adapted pulley sheaves,
These images were meant to be included in my post 'LIFTING PROGRESS', I had intended to include them after writing the piece, however, this can not be done due to editing being disallowed after signing off - so I missed the boat there LOL sorry, it was well intentioned and has taught me a lesson !
The second image shows the new steel parts next to the originals -

- note the difference in size of the axles, the originals are approximately 4.6mm diameter, whereas the new ones are 8mm to suit the ball bearings used.
If you look closely you will see that the lower plastic pulley has a flange missing, more easily seen in image 3 -
- where the pulley is shown on edge to demonstrate the damage better, you can also view the changed profile of the pulley groove, originally about an 8mm half round but worn to a distinct 'V' shape and a lot deeper.
The fourth image shows a pair of fully modified pulleys, Black being the as bought colour and the other the repainted Magnolia to match the metal beams of our club roof.

Finally, the last pic' shows some of the original pulleys actually doing duty, each one is carrying about 75 / 150 lbs of the layout's weight, the actual loading of each pulley I

have not bothered to determine and, with the newly designed pulleys, it will serve little purpose except as another bit of information to add to an ever increasing list.
I hope this all makes sense to you, having designed and built the mechanism, I am only too familiar with its foibles so I have an unfair advantage - If you are in doubt about anything, post your query here as a comment and I will do my best to answer !

Edited By Brian Everett 1 on 06/03/2011 02:14:39

Edited By Brian Everett 1 on 06/03/2011 02:17:51

Brian Everett 111/03/2011 02:07:23
15 forum posts
13 photos
Last Wednesday the HWSME had our annual Photographic Competition, it has two categories, those being Engineering and General, the Engineering section was won by a previous winner, Colin Alexander (a bit of fiddling going on here I think???), Colin's picture shows another member posed at the controls of an excellent showman's engine in evening light but with the engine's own lights giving ample illumination to give a well focused and and accurately exposed image of a happy face in it's ideally suited surroundings, Well done Colin !

The General category was won by our venerable Chairman, Ian Mortimer who's picture of his sons efforts at gardening was an admirable effort (mmm, cheating and nepotism, will it ever end).

During the evening my mind wandered back to an earlier post here with reference to the clubs efforts at re-aligning the track, as on the previous Sunday our member Martin Holland brought his 7 1/4" gauge Atlantis class here for a re-test on its repaired boiler and after that decided to get it in steam and do a test run.

After a cautious start (always wise after repairs) he gained confidence and increased his pace, eventually the fun came to an end, nothing wrong, just an important meeting to attend.

So, Wednesday evening I pointedly asked him how things went and how the track felt where the work had been completed ---

Martin is not a demonstrative man, not given to throwing his hands in the air in glee od doing a war dance when things go right for him, so imagine my surprise when he enthused about the silky smoothness of the track and what a good ride the super elevation gave !

This work is progressing apace and gets faster as the work progresses, unfortunately I can claim little of the accolade for myself as I am concentrating on the '00; layout lift refurbishment (no browny points for me this time).

Although this year will be a busy time for us, we are always open to new and previous visitors to come here and experience our park land located ground level multi gauge track (3 1/2", 5" and & 7 1/4" gauges), where we give public rides on a Sunday afternoon during the season, I would recommend visiting the HWSME site to check the wheel profile and contacting us to check on availability.

So, come on down and try our 1/2 mile silky smooth track in all its glory, we have two embryo tunnels, two level crossings, the usual steaming bays with water and 12 volts laid on and a loading ramp fit for most vehicles and trailers - PLUS, many experienced hands should they be needed.

Personally, I am sure you will appreciate the welcoming atmosphere here, try us sometime, I will welcome your comments in these columns later, good or bad !
Brian Everett 114/03/2011 20:39:01
15 forum posts
13 photos

The Brains of our Organisation ?
Having worked on the '00' layout lift modifications alone for part of Saturday, and, having left the layout supported on tables with upturned tables upon them to have the heavy layout rested at about 5ft height which allows me to operate on the supporting ironwork, yet still lets me walk beneath the layout with reasonable ease.
I left in in that position hoping that the proposed 'other works' scheduled to be performed by the members could be done outside our clubhouse.But, it rained on my idea.
As I was first there, for a while I made some progress, but it was soon apparent that with members arriving in droves to do the work, and nowhere dry in which to do it, the layout had to be raised to allow space for the re-upholstering of our well used carriages to continue inside.

Work progresses beneath the suspended layout
Most of the members there were involved with the jobs, and at times it was like negotiating an obstacle course to move anywhere in the clubhouse, I busied myself with clearing my tools and equipment from the area and took the opportunity to capture some detail photos of the layout progress.
Although the club and it's activities is an interesting and involving diversion, I am afraid my mind was distracted by the tragic events in Japan, I wish my efforts could be redirected to helping those poor folks facing death, destruction and probably disease to follow.
Surely, this must be the worst non-wartime scene of devastation to hit any country in the worlds recorded history.
Brian Everett 106/09/2014 22:25:00
15 forum posts
13 photos

Hello all, greetings from Harrow & Wembley SME.

First I must apologise for my lack of information re. further progress with the '00' lifting layout as promised. I can only appeal for forgiveness due to a host of extra works that have become more urgent which seem to increase in disproportionate number as time passes.

Our extension has aided us to move a high proportion of equipment from the clubhouse, but has also exposed further items for storage. Plus, a member has presented us with some machine tools, a seemingly unending supply of small tools, loads of materials and a stack of fixings, all of which also need housing.

The area that we previously used for carriage storage was part of our clubhouse and their removal to the new storage area has left us with gear to shift, welded frame work to cut out and a large area of floor to re-surface. Some of this work has been started, out of sheer necessity, we are creating a new machine room over part of the reclaimed floor area which has been levelled and partition walls are being created to form the new enclosure.

Machine's installed in the room will either be of large capacity or have appealing machining capabilities that members need to process their projects to completion, smaller machines for general use will occupy space in the workshop which is part of our extension, here, most general maintenance work will be accomplished.

All these changes will mean altering services to supply power to the new positions, as will the lighting too, I could bore you silly with descriptions of the mayhem and confusion being wrought on our defenceless members and the disturbances to normal services - and so it goes on.

With what I describe here you hopefully understand my reason for the delay with works on the layout, it has to have structural works performed on it to enable it to be changed the way it needs to be to accommodate the extra tracks proposed, these works will entail the layout being down for days which is impossible at present as it stops all traffic through the clubhouse due to the temporarily stored gear, cabinets, library and machines all causing a total immovable jam.

Thus my efforts have been redirected towards reparation and reconstruction leaving the layout in it's original state while plans are created and await conversion to reality. At some stage I will be able to re-start '00' operations and have a true '00' progress report to give you news at things develop.

Thank you for reading this, I appreciate your patience, hopefully it will be more rewarding next time !

Neil Wyatt07/09/2014 15:58:01
15962 forum posts
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73 articles

Hello Brian,

In suspect you are (or in the past) cut and pasted your post from another application?

Can I suggest you use either the 'paste plain text' or 'paste from word' buttons?



Brian Everett 113/09/2014 20:19:09
15 forum posts
13 photos

Thank you for your comments Niel, they are appreciated.

I am in the habit of creating my entries in Wordpad, or something similar, then copy and pasting the result here, however, this comment in created directly here.

Can I ask what prompted your comment, or what had to be altered to publish it ?

Thank you.


Neil Wyatt13/09/2014 20:39:58
15962 forum posts
674 photos
73 articles

Hi Brian,

the fact that all but one of your posts are in columns only about 3cm wide.


Brian Everett 113/09/2014 22:04:29
15 forum posts
13 photos

Ah - so that's the reason. But, why was my last post still in the same format when it was created in this forum, or am I condemned to 3cm width for life now ? LOL.

Thanks Neil.

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