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deleting old thread

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Maurice23/03/2010 19:08:25
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Does the moderator delete threads that are no longer getting responses after a suitable period, or can the person who posted the thread do it?
Steve Garnett23/03/2010 19:54:25
837 forum posts
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I don't know what will happen here, but in general forum threads wouldn't be deleted, simply because they often contain useful information that can be searched for using the box above. On relatively new forums like this one it's not often particularly fruitful, but as the volume of Q & A increases, so does the fruitfulness of searches. And I'm pretty sure that only Admin can delete a whole thread - that would be a forum norm, because otherwise the thread starter would be deleting other people's comments too, and why should they be able to do that?
David Clark 119/08/2011 15:34:13
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Hi There
Threads would only be deletted if they recieve many complaints.
regards David
The Merry Miller19/08/2011 17:49:14
484 forum posts
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Now you know what to do and how to do it DC1.

blister19/08/2011 20:40:29
28 forum posts
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Hi David Southwell,
Recently on the digital TV thread I made a rather pointed statement. I apologise if this statement has caused you or any other 'posters' any consternation. In my opinion David Clark responded in an appalling way which i have explained in a private message to him.
I hope there isn't any fallout over this for you. That was not my intention either
blister19/08/2011 22:48:15
28 forum posts
3 photos
Hi David,
I appreciate you understanding and I am in full agreeance with what you say.
Many thanks.
Chris Trice20/08/2011 01:02:40
1371 forum posts
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I frequent a number of forums and asked (but declined) to moderate a couple. The biggest mistake that people often make is that it's not neccesarily the content of a post that gets it deleted so much as the manner in which the message is delivered. It's quite possible to disagree with someone providing you offer a reason because that's what separates a discussion from simply barbed bickering.
wotsit20/08/2011 15:04:53
188 forum posts
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For the Moderator,
I noticed when reading this thread that the last message (from David Southwell), disappeared when I logged in (so the last was from Chris Trice) - I had to log out to see the post from David Southwell - I suspect it may have something to do with the page length, with the last message being replaced by the message box after I logged in. Its no big deal, but I thought I would remark on it.
I would also note that some of the comments in this thread exactly sum up how I feel about posting in this forum - I read it most days, and in the early days made several contributions, only to be surprised by aggressive and occasionally unpleasant replies, and by some of the replies made to other people. As a consequence, I now will never post an opinion, and only provide input to those posts I consider are 'genuine', and then only on a subject of which I have experience. I have no wish to engage in some of the disagreeable arguments which seem to occur on this forum - I have no problems with discussion or with being contradicted. There are many other forums which do not seem to suffer from these problems, so I would rather go there.
(OK - this is an opinion, despite my statement above, but thats the way I feel about it)
Gordon W20/08/2011 18:30:43
2011 forum posts
As a total newbie to this posting business, can I ask what do the different fonts signify? Thick heavy letters, italics, and what I think of as normal, Please explain ?
Chris Trice20/08/2011 22:17:52
1371 forum posts
10 photos
Additionally, all CAPITALS represents shouting and considered by most to be very poor forum etiquette. Mentioned purely for information purposes.
MAC21/08/2011 00:38:55
68 forum posts
The occasional post in all caps to me represents someone at home struggling, yet trying hard (which is all that ever counts in my book), to get to grips with modern technology.
Some people find learning new skills easier than others - nothing wrong with that.
Imagine some old guy who's worked hard all his life - perhaps in a manual environment away from IT, interested in joining in the online aspect of a hobby he loves. Buys a computer, somehow gets it setup, no idea what the keys are for in front of him - gradually learns (not an easy task for someone unfamiliar with computers!), Manages to create an account, struggles to type a post that he recognises on screen as his (and it IS a struggle, my Dad literally spent hours sending short emails to my Mum when she worked abroad - it sounds crazy, but he didn't even know how to get a space between words, but he'd never had a reason to use a computer or typewriter).........and then gets remonstrated for "shouting" (and it is remonstration, people can't wait to accuse him of breaking a rule that doesn't exist -seen it many times). I bet he feels great! A bit of understanding and compassion is called for.
Doesn't bother me one bit, in fact I find it quite sweet. I've got better things to worry about.
NJH21/08/2011 08:52:07
2314 forum posts
139 photos
Well said Mac and surely no one would shout intentionally on this forum would they?

Edited By NJH on 21/08/2011 08:52:29

Chris Trice21/08/2011 10:43:58
1371 forum posts
10 photos
Gordon W posed the question about what the different fonts represented in David's posts. Since Gordon wasn't aware, I added the additional information about CAPITALS as nothing more than passing on an additional bit of information.
Because written text can't convey the nuances of the spoken word (you can't hear the intonations in words when they're written), there are certain accepted conventions on the internet. One of them is that CAPITALS represent shouting. No one was even remotely singled out and I invite you to show me exactly where someone was remonstrated (your words) to warrant such an aggressive response.
It's convention to eat with a knife and fork but If no one told you when you didn't know, you'd still be eating with your fingers. Try to impart a simple little piece of info to increase people's ability to communicate on the internet and you get shot down in flames. No good deed goes unpunished.


Edited By Chris Trice on 21/08/2011 10:53:53

John Stevenson21/08/2011 11:04:19
5068 forum posts
3 photos
If someone is using capitals that amounts to shouting it's often easy to spot if they are new to all this y their post count and there are far more than two ways to tell the person that they are doing wrong.
I must admit I use the odd capital word as a form of emphasis because all forums are not the same as regards selecting bold etc and it's just time wasted.
I feel too much emphasis is place on net etiquette as regards getting information over, I use a spell checker as my typing is not great but the odd mistake does get in but does it matter ?
I 'own' / moderated on a few forums of different type as and tend to be very easy as it usually levels out. On one forum we have a guy who's very, very dyslectic [ who thought that word up ? I'm not dyslectic and have trouble spelling it ! ].
I go thru and edit this guys posts every time, it's not a pain because he's very knowledgeable and come up with very good input. If I didn't some of the posters would make this guys life hell and he'd probably leave, as it is no one knows how bad his posts are.
Personally if I wanted to read about punctuation and spelling I'd join a writing forum - life's just too short.
John S.
blowlamp21/08/2011 12:07:28
1530 forum posts
98 photos
I don't think MAC's point about someone being remonstrated, was aimed at you for pointing out the issue of all capital letters being seen as shouting when posting.
I read his post as highlighting the intolerance of others, who take it upon themselves to 'police' peoples contributions that happen to have the Caps Lock on, without cutting them some slack.
For me, reading posts that have the Caps Lock stuck on just makes it more difficult to read, although I also think that a sentence in all caps tends to emphasize the shouting effect it has, when contrasted against the normal LOWER CASE TEXT
DerryUK21/08/2011 16:31:41
125 forum posts
The thing about shouting and capitals has come about for no good reason in my book. You cannot shout when writing. You can be more or less dramatic perhaps.Mixed case is more readable perhaps.
If you look around the real world we are surrounded by upper case but no one suggests that they are being shouted at all the time (though the choice of font has an impact here.)
When I started with computers (mainframes) everything was in capitals, the system didn't understand otherwise. We didn't all end up gibbering idiots because of it (apart from one.)
But then again computers are built for rules and conventions, just try using one.
Chris Trice21/08/2011 22:20:59
1371 forum posts
10 photos
It's an internet thing. It just is and I was trying to inform those who didn't know. That's all. It wasn't aimed at anyone. It's just one of the things that's evolved with the growth of the internet and it's specific to communicating via text. I assume everyone here wants to communicate and be understood clearly? If anyone wants to shoot the messenger, be my guest but capitals are still considered the way to convey shouting in all corners of the internet.
Nicholas Farr21/08/2011 23:56:05
3150 forum posts
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Posted by David Southwell ARPS on 21/08/2011 09:35:35:
Posted by Gordon W on 20/08/2011 18:30:43:
As a total newbie to this posting business, can I ask what do the different fonts signify? Thick heavy letters, italics, and what I think of as normal, Please explain ?

DAVID: Maybe my explanation was a bit brief. Here is how I tend to use different fonts - that does not mean do it the way I do - just a note about how I approach it. My objective is to make it easier for a reader.

When there is text from more than one contributor in a single posting I try to alternate the face between Italics and plain. That makes it easier to differentiate between different voices. When there are quotes from a number of people I find it easier to keep track . I usually capitalise the names of people so that a name can be put to the voice.
I never capitalise phrases or sentences because otherwise as:
CHRIS: says "all Capitals represent shouting".
DAVID: I use bold for key sentences/phrases. I do this so people can pick up the gist of what is being said by reading the just the bold text. By reserving plain face for further reasoning & explanations it helps people to know what to concentrate on if they are in a hurry. This can save them time or know what to ignore if they are not all that interested in the discussion.

My two pennorth

Edited By David Southwell ARPS on 21/08/2011 09:37:12

Edited By David Southwell ARPS on 21/08/2011 09:52:53

Edited By David Southwell ARPS on 21/08/2011 10:03:20

Hi David S., no disrespects to yourself (or anyone else for that matter) but I, myself find your posts with all your bold writing and bold names, one of the most difficult posts to follow, this may be a problem which is unique to myself as reading is not a particular pastime of mine, but more of an information gathering tool.
As a for instance, are you using the name DAVID to represent yourself, (which seems a little odd to me) or are you speaking/quoting to someone else. English language was not of particular interest to me at school, but metalwork, technical drawing and science were.
Regards Nick.
P.S. I use the spell checker just about every time.
clivel22/08/2011 09:07:26
330 forum posts
15 photos
Posted by Nicholas Farr on 21/08/2011 23:56:05:
Hi David S., no disrespects to yourself (or anyone else for that matter) but I, myself find your posts with all your bold writing and bold names, one of the most difficult posts to follow, this may be a problem which is unique to myself as reading is not a particular pastime of mine, but more of an information gathering tool.
I am in complete agreement here, I have more or less stopped reading David S's posts because I find them just too confusing to follow without a considerable amount of effort.
The de facto internet standard indication of quotation is a vertical line on the left. This is both simple and elegant allowing one to tell at a glance what is being quoted and what is being posted without the poster having to constantly refer to them self by name.
In general I feel that quoting multiple posters in a single post should be avoided as this only adds to the confusion, but on the rare occasion that this becomes necessary it can be achieved by the judicious use of copy and paste without deviating from the standard eg.

Posted by David Southwell ARPS on 21/08/2011 09:35:35:
DAVID: Maybe my explanation was a bit brief. Here is how I tend to use different fonts - that does not mean do it the way I do - just a note about how I approach it. My objective is to make it easier for a reader.
David, This is not intended as a personal attack, however as noted above both Nicholas and myself find your posts extremely difficult to follow. I expect that we are not alone, so any valuable information that you may wish to share is lost on those of us who have difficulty following you.


Edited By clivel on 22/08/2011 09:07:47

Andrew Johnston22/08/2011 11:10:48
6407 forum posts
682 photos
Posted by David Southwell ARPS on 22/08/2011 10:09:18:
Well each to their own!
David: Quite so, although I'm afraid that I fall into the group that finds your posts difficult to read.

I would agree every positive is accompanied by its complementary negative.
Not quite true; if there had been equal numbers of particles and the corresponding anti-particles generated in the 'Big Bang' then we wouldn't be here having this discussion.

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