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Thread: MEW, ME, RCM&E and Model Boats under new ownership.
10/04/2022 14:49:04
Posted by David George 1 on 10/04/2022 12:37:21:

Hi Neil i have just noticed that my subscription has been payed and it seems to have been to the old account is that a problem or will it be transferred to the new owners.

David George

I paid my subscriptions over the phone to the Rite Time subscription office on Friday without any problems.


Thread: UK plans eight new nuclear reactors to boost production
07/04/2022 20:00:51
Posted by J Hancock on 07/04/2022 19:07:07:

Where did the 'off-the-shelf ' small modular reactors go ?

No where. This is what RR is considering, essentially a factory built reactor. They have been trying to sell the idea for years.


Don't worry, nuclear fusion will solve all our problems, the day after tomorrow.

Edited By JA on 07/04/2022 20:03:01

Thread: Dulling the shine on a stainless steel ball
07/04/2022 17:24:18
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 07/04/2022 15:24:47:
Posted by JA on 07/04/2022 12:59:47:

I put a spare stainless steel ball in Harpic Original Limescale Remover for 18 hours and the result is a nice light gray satin finish.

Many thanks for all the suggestions.


Good to know.

Harpic are naughty - their Original Limescale Remover was Sodium Bisulphate (half-neutralised Sulphuric Acid). The new 'Original' contains Hydrochloric Acid, so everyone who suggested Chlorine, Chlorides, or Hydrochloric Acid earlier deserve a Gold Star.

Other sources of Hydrochloric Acid, which are cheaper than Harpic if needed in bulk include Brick Acid, Patio Cleaner and the stuff used to clean swimming pools. Harpic has bathroom advantages, where SWMBO won't tolerate her Model Engineer leaving embarrassingly stained porcelain behind.


It was new Original Harpic Limescale Remover and contained about 7% HCl.


07/04/2022 12:59:47

I put a spare stainless steel ball in Harpic Original Limescale Remover for 18 hours and the result is a nice light gray satin finish.

Many thanks for all the suggestions.


Thread: Is it really a joke
07/04/2022 12:50:48


Is most of your posting a copy of an article? If so, it would be nice to have a reference.

The comments, which make a lot of sense, are more than interesting, in fact a bit disturbing.

My immediate thought, since I am not going to buy an EV, is smart meters. If variable tariff charges come in electricity could be cheap during the day.


Posted before seeing Graham's comment.


Edited By JA on 07/04/2022 12:52:33

Thread: Outdoor Silver Soldering
06/04/2022 08:54:32

Like Andrew, Bill and Thor I silver solder outside because the garage and ajoining workshop contain too many inflamables. I save the jobs up for a dry windless day and study the seven day weather forecast closely (it is pretty accurate).

I think propane cylinders should be stored outside.


Thread: Dulling the shine on a stainless steel ball
04/04/2022 12:28:10

I am about to finish a model that has a governor using two 5/16" diameter stainless steel balls as bob weights. These are highly polished and far brighter than the rest of the steel work. I want to reduce their shine without using paint or damaging them (each has a tapped 10BA hole for the governor arms).

At the moment I am seeing if citric acid (the strongest acid I have and am prepared to use) will etch the surface (using a spare ball). However this does not seem promising.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Thread: Where to sell my Austin 7?
01/04/2022 09:18:04


I sold one of my bikes at auction nine years ago through Richard Edmonds Auctions at Chippenham, Wiltshire, and went away happy. I got the price I expected and the fees were low.

I know others who have used them with equal satisfaction.

Harris Matchless


Edited By JA on 01/04/2022 09:19:28

Thread: What is this wonderful locomotive
26/03/2022 14:13:24


Because I want to hear what it is.


Thread: Using kerosene to clean ground surfaces
24/03/2022 17:10:49

Just to comment on Dave's very good summary of Alkanes. Petrol and paraffin are not really pure Alkanes. Petrol now contains quite a bit of Alcohol. Paraffin and at one time petrol, contains Aromatics (ring shaped hydro-carbons such as benzene). Aromatics are very different to Alkanes, they have a lot more chemistry, burn with a smokey flame and are generally carcinogenic. I think domestic paraffin contains very little but ordinary jet fuel can be up to 25%. In fuel Aromatics have one useful property, they swell elastomers such as O rings so help sealing.

As Dave says, clean white spirit should not leave a residue. However I would suggest that manufactures and suppliers could not care less about very small amounts of heavier Alkanes since it will only be used for "cleaning paint brushes".


Edited By JA on 24/03/2022 17:12:41

Thread: Tapping straight
24/03/2022 09:24:04



Thread: Using kerosene to clean ground surfaces
24/03/2022 09:18:25

Kerosene (paraffin) can absorb water and should not be used for cleaning anything that rusts. The Myford instruction booklet for their lathes contained that warning. There is a better alternative, white spirit. It is cleaner, very similar to paraffin and sold specificly for cleaning. It is also easier to buy than paraffin.

The absorbtion of water by kerosene has given very serious problems in aviation. The best known was at Heathrow when an airliner landed 50 yards short of the runway after both engines stopping due to ice blocking the engines' fuel system.

I am in the UK where paraffin and kerosene are the same. I am aware that they are not the same in some other countries.


Thread: Advice on Cluttered Dimensions in Drawings
21/03/2022 13:05:48
Posted by Circlip on 21/03/2022 08:49:29:

Just read the garbage about NOT chaining dimensions. RUBBISH. Even our lowly toys refute that. Try using a common datum when trying to locate a cylinder with eight mounting holes and forget all your fancy measuring systems. One hole is datum and the rest are chained from it. Straight line dimensions would work but what about an angled cylinder?

Try the one datum rule on tooling to produce more than a thousand holes in a printed circuit board with metric AND imperial pitched components.

Regards Ian.

Edited By Circlip on 21/03/2022 08:52:32


I will take notice of you when you publish your personnal profile.


21/03/2022 08:48:48
Posted by Nigel Bennett on 21/03/2022 08:36:26:
Posted by JA on 20/03/2022 20:17:15:

Dimensions SHOULD NOT BE CHAINED, an almost universal fault on model engineering drawings. They should be taken from a single datum.


I disagree; you cannot make a bald statement that you "should not chain dimensions". If you have an important centre-to-centre dimension that must be held to within a tolerance, then using a common datum would double the permissible variation between your important centres.

What is wanted is a copy of the good old BS308, (now sadly obsolete). That tells you all about dimensioning!


I stand by what I wrote. In your case one of the centres becomes a datum.

For those who think this is outside the topic chained dimensions take up less room on the paper so, seemingly, produce a less cluttered drawing. Which comes back to use a larger sheet or more sheets of paper.


Edited By JA on 21/03/2022 08:49:26

20/03/2022 20:17:15

You should be able to measure the dimensions shown on a drawing. If you can measure the diameter it should be shown as a diameter. If not, it is a radius. If you cannot measure it, it should not be dimensioned.

Dimensions SHOULD NOT BE CHAINED, an almost universal fault on model engineering drawings. They should be taken from a single datum.


Thread: Pressurised vs loft tank CH systems?
20/03/2022 17:11:01

Having had a water tank leak I will not have any water in my loft.

Just a condensing boiler, and sealed pressurised central heating, in the kitchen. I also have central heating insurance which was used, yearly, on the old French made boiler (replaced 6 years ago).


Thread: Advice on Cluttered Dimensions in Drawings
20/03/2022 16:57:38

Agreed. I hate cluttered drawings. Where I worked you never had more than one part on a detail (working) drawing. Easy, use a larger sheet of paper. However most of us have only got A4 printers. One can always crop a large drawing into bits that can then be printed or have an old computer in the workshop.


Thread: Engineering tuition recommendations
20/03/2022 12:47:15
Posted by choochoo_baloo on 17/03/2022 19:49:06:

Surprisingly I'm struglging to find any sort of night school courses at local colleges, even within a 2hr radius. Granted I live in the West Country...

Edited By choochoo_baloo on 17/03/2022 19:49:42

The West Country is a large area. It would help if you could let us know your local large town, at least.


Edited By JA on 20/03/2022 12:48:06

18/03/2022 08:59:03
Posted by Old School on 18/03/2022 06:53:57:

The other option is to find a mentor who is prepared to share his skills. I have been lucky I have friend who lives 15 minutes away a very skilled engineer who spent his life as an engineer and designer.

You will also find people who are prepared to help in specialist areas of your hobby and share their skills and knowledge.

I have always thought of this is a near ideal option. I now wonder if it can be combined with Zoom as a one to one meeting.


Thread: Getting Old
15/03/2022 14:47:09
Posted by Speedy Builder5 on 15/03/2022 14:14:41:

getting old is when someone offers you their seat.

Happened to me about twelve years ago and not since. I went to a pub about 8 miles away for lunch with a mate (died in 2016) and caught the school bus home, slightly drunk. A very kind six former gave me his seat.

There is hope for the future.

JA (age 75)

A young drunk is an object of fun. An old drunk is just sad.

Edited By JA on 15/03/2022 14:48:23

Edited By JA on 15/03/2022 14:49:15

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