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Thread: Conundrum for the collective!
20/03/2019 14:06:47

What is the gearbox for? A lot of standard are industry specific. For example DIN(also BS) EN ISO 9409 is from the Robotics/Automation industry - but it doesn't match your dimensions.

Much easier to search for standards if you have some idea of the title, or at least a few words.

Thread: Learning CAD with Alibre Atom3D
20/03/2019 08:27:50


Mechanism for joining any parts together is assembly constraints - bolts are just additional parts in the assembly.

If you want quick way to get hold of bolts/screws for your design, take a look here and choose Mechanical Hardware as the category.  It isn't comprehensive, but it can be quite handy.

Edited By David Jupp on 20/03/2019 08:34:23

19/03/2019 16:36:46

Neil - that would normally give a 'self intersection' error - basically the part of the profile on the inside of the curve reverses direction of movement as it moves along the path, due to the too sharp curvature of the path.

19/03/2019 07:37:21


Jason started his sweep path that the origin by the look of it, and drew his profile (circle) on one of the principal planes that intersects the origin.

The sweep path must at least reach, or can pass through, the plane on which the profile is sketched.

As Jason said - the path sketch can be open (the warning about this is a standard thing, most sketches do have to be closed, but there are a few exceptions).

Is any error or status message displayed for the attempted sweep?

18/03/2019 19:58:00

Or produce the solid, then apply a Shell command to hollow it out (removing both end faces).

15/03/2019 11:21:40

Ah yes - Jason has it, I keep forgetting that the simplified interface for Atom3D does a few things differently from Alibre Design.

Edited By David Jupp on 15/03/2019 11:22:10

Edited By Neil Wyatt on 01/05/2019 13:54:46

15/03/2019 11:10:33

Circle disappearing - you may have 'sketch visibility' toggled off. There's a button for that on the Viewing & Analysis tab of the Ribbon, or try key combination Ctrl+Shift+K to toggle it. Sketch visibility is not required to be on, it's a preference choice.

Enter box greyed out for Extrude dialogue - some key information is missing - is the 'Sketch' field populated? If not clik in it, then click on the sketch to be used (in Design Explorer).

Edited By Neil Wyatt on 01/05/2019 13:54:57

Thread: combined BOB with drivers or seperate?
14/03/2019 09:53:49

Integrated board will be smaller and cheaper than using separate driver modules, but if you manage to blow a driver you can't just swap it out as easily as with separate units. Less wiring to do with an integrated board. Less choice of driver current ratings etc. with an integrated board, you get what the board maker gives you.

I've used integrated parallel breakout boards in the past without problems, but I wasn't pushing the drivers hard.

Thread: Learning CAD with Alibre Atom3D
14/03/2019 09:34:12

I'd say that there is significant benefit of using something like Atom3D even if you only want 2D drawings - it's often faster than a pure 2D approach once you get the hang of things, especially if you need cross section views, enlarged detail views, isometrics etc. Also when the design evolves/changes, the 2D drawings update automatically.

The vast majority of commercial users of Alibre produce 2D drawings for manufacture of their designs.

13/03/2019 15:29:05

Nigel - it MIGHT be practicable to use work done in TC as a basis for Atom3D files. From you comments I believe that all your previous work is in 2D - this could probably be exported as DXF or DWG (I've never used TC), then imported into Atom3D and used to generate sketch profiles for 3D work. This video covers the basic method - the video shows Alibre Design rather than Atom3D, but the process would work in the same way. It can sometimes be quicker and simpler to just start over though - all depends on the individual case.

I did write a short article on the basics of 3D CAD for MEW some while back (not sure which issue) - this thread would get a bit long if I repeated that here. At the very basic level, 3D CAD moves 2D profiles through 3D space to define 3D features. A feature can either add material to or subtract material from the model. The movement of a profile might be along a straight line, in a circle, or some more complex path.

Building simple features one upon another allows complex parts to be modelled - in some ways it's similar to fabricating a real world part - joining 'lumps' together and cutting / drilling / filing material away. Forget the 'drawings' until later in the process - though having ran courses, I know that some people struggle to change their workflow.

As for the mathematical accuracy of joining trimming - yes profiles have to be 'closed' for most operations, but at least the software analyses this and can point out where the problems are. Lots of problems start because users create one complex sketch (like a finished 2D drawing), where a number simpler ones spread over several features would be much easier to create, and to edit if changes are needed afterwards.

13/03/2019 07:23:39

The workshop drawings drop out with very little effort once you have done the 3D model - with even section views generated in seconds, all based on the 3D model. The really good bit is that if you change the model, the drawings update to reflect the changes.

Each to his own. Not everyone will get on with the software, hopefully many will - even if only to get a better idea of whether 3D CAD is something they wish to take forward.

It was precisely the 'slow learning curve' problem that led to the 6 month extended trial for MEW readers. Many in the past has felt that 15-30 days trial just wasn't long enough to properly evaluate the software.

12/03/2019 19:14:35

Nigel Graham 2

Jason is correct - the MEW Atom3D trial is the full Atom3D. Yes there are additional tools available in Alibre Design Pro and Alibre Design Expert - quite a few of these just shortcut tasks that would be laborious (but possible) in Atom3D, some genuinely offer capabilities beyond Atom3D. Tools not available in Atom3D have generally been completely hidden from the user interface, so you'll never see them, rather than greyed out - this is deliberate to try to reduce confusion by seeing tools you can't use. It's possible a small number slipped through.

If you have difficulty with a specific task, just ask - we'll try to help. All 3D CAD is fairly complex software, so does take a degree of 'getting to grips with'. Some will pick things up quicker than others, there will be some that prefer to stick to 2D CAD or even drawing board - both of which are fine. Many ways to 'skin a cat' - go with whatever works for you.

Use of constraints, dimensions, or even 'Direct co-ordinate entry' are available in Atom3D to allow placement of anything you might create. None of these are restricted, so I don't understand the reference to this as a limitation. Fully accept that a pointer may be required to find some of these, or how best to use them.

Marketing e-mails; well why do you think anyone offers free trials? It's for several reasons, one of which is to get people's details and hopefully persuade some of them to buy. Also just raising awareness of the brand. Alibre is fully aware of GDPR, so just opt out if you don't want to receive the marketing e-mails - it won't affect your extended trial licence.

Thread: Inverter
12/03/2019 15:44:15

If you feel you might need help getting things going, either stick with a main-line European brand (they tend to have real people that you speak to in the UK who will help if you get stuck - adjust wording for your part of the world), an alternative is to buy inverter and control pendant as a package from one of the specialists who'll potentially do the configuration before shipping the inverter to you.

12/03/2019 14:08:54

Can be less of an issue with inverter drives as they generally implement a 'soft start'. On the other hand if you run the motor at low speed without additional cooling, it may be more prone to overheating - some inverters have a 'low speed protection' setting where the 'I squared t' trip threshold gets automatically reduced at lower speeds.

So an inverter may well make overheating less likely, but you should bear the issue in mind and perhaps review the config settings.

Thread: Learning CAD with Alibre Atom3D
08/03/2019 11:01:08


The OK button being greyed typically means that a required piece of information is missing. Check carefully that you have your thread profile sketch specified in the 'Sketch to Revolve' field, make sure that there is something in the 'Axis:' field - this can be an Axis, a straight Edge of the part, a reference line from your profile sketch, or a Cylindrical Face - cylindrical face of the hole is used in the tutorial.

Check also that the plane you have sketch profile on and the axis chosen make physical sense in relation to each other.

If those 2 fields are populated, and OK is still not accessible, it is possible that your user profile is damaged - to fix that go to the Utilities Tab of the Home Window and click the link to 'Reset User Profile' - re-start Atom3D after doing so.

Thread: Hydraulic test set up
04/03/2019 07:57:34

If practicable, best practice would have the gauge on a different connection to vessel than the one the fluid is pumped in via.

Alternatively, letting the pressure down after test by a valve from separate connection from pump at least confirms that the vessel has seen pressure.

Pumping some fluid through the vessel to overflow before fitting final blank also gives some comfort that there are no blockages preventing pressure reaching vessel.

Thread: Learning CAD with Alibre Atom3D
04/03/2019 07:45:02

No, Boolean tools are not available in AA3D.

With a bit of thought you might be able to shell the individual parts, removing any touching faces as part of the shell command. You might have to get a bit more creative with extrude cuts (after shell) if only part of a face should be removed. Depends a lot on the specific detail of your design.

Thread: Plastic Balls in Bearings?
24/02/2019 13:05:47

Plastic races with ceramic balls are used where water ingress is expected.

Metal races with ceramic balls are used in some high end bearings - amongst other advantages there is significant weight reduction.

Thread: Learning CAD with Alibre Atom3D
24/02/2019 11:50:27


Note that 'Publish to PDF' from 3D workspace produces a 3D PDF - Microsoft Reader doesn't support 3D PDF, so the page will appear blank. It must be viewed in Adobe Acrobat (Reader). The 3D PDF publishing is coded into Alibre Design / Alibre Atom, it doesn't use any functionality from virtual PDF printers you may have installed.

If you just need a 2D image of 3D part in a PDF, you can Print from the 3D workspace (basically a screenshot) and select any PDF virtual printer. This method does use your installed PDF virtual printer.

24/02/2019 08:36:18

You can create your own colour scheme if desired, you aren't limited to the provided ones.

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