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Here is a list of all the postings Nigel Graham 2 has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Sea level rise
10/11/2021 22:09:59

Ady - I agree, though it's not our only woe. The trouble is that it is the most sensitive woe of the lot, and would I think prove the hardest to solve.

Simon - I'm concerned less by the hypocracy though as you say it's certaily there, than by the level of technical ignorance and knee-jerkery when it comes to trying to find realistic solutions by thinking beyond the immediately obvious. As for China... there has been plenty of mention of China but the world as a whole probably has little more influence over that country than you and I do.

Richard - I don't know the point you are trying to make, especially on a forum so dedicated to a discipline based on science and mathematics accumulating from well before electronic computers. Besides, you can have the most sophisticated computer in the world, even able to run Microsoft 13, but it will not perform complex mathematics if its programmer does not understand those mathematics even before turning them into " computerese " .

Roy - I reckon your mother's uncle had a point even if his knowledge was actually far thinner than he imagined. What we are seeing though is the result of humanity believing for some 200 years that it could "tame Nature" - a common phrase even as recently as the 1960s, as I recall.

Thread: Book Your Covid Booster! Errr, How? Where?
10/11/2021 19:35:39

Those replies suggest to me very patchy arrangements around the country.

My own health-centre is not involved! It simply relayed the NHS message.

Obviously many people will happen to live close to one of the centres, but I live in a populous area that the vaccination-allocators seem to have ignored, thinking all and sundry can easily travel to unfamiliar, large towns 30, 40, even 80 miles from home for services that could and should be provided much more locally.

(I was briefly offered Exeter, 80 miles away.)

If I had to use the centre for my first vaccination, as did Mr. & Mrs. Wilkes, I would need to go to Bruton, luckily an easy enough drive but still 42 miles away.

The web-site is not difficult to use but is very annoying because it does not identify the very few vaccination centres even vaguely in your region until you have completed several pages with one question per page; then lets you choose one before telling you it is fully-booked.

It's as if the allocation-planners think we all live in big towns, as if the web-site writers worry only that the routines work; and neither group cares much about we users.

Thread: Sea level rise
10/11/2021 19:12:56

Richard - Of course there were no thermometers 40Ma - nor humans either. They calculate the temperatures from the lingering physical and chemical effects preserved in sediments, ocean-floor cores, cave deposits, fossils (as Mr.C. says) etc. And with due allowance for measurement and arithmetical tolerances.


Mr. C. - A good point, about land areas sinking, though generally the rate of subsidence is a lot lower than the rate of water rise.

As SE England sinks, NW Scotland rises - more specifically it is probably from the NW European continental plate we occupy, still very slightly rebounding from having depressed by ice-sheet load in the last glaciation.

Southern England was not glaciated, but shivered in Arctic Tundra conditions; and effectively the NW corner of the plate was loaded as a cantilever, bending it down into the soft Mantle. The ice-sheet's thaw and consequent unloading on Scandinavia produced earthquakes even in historical times, but this "isostatic rebound" is now considered ended in that region.

Load? Just 1 square km of ice-cover a modest 1km thick weighs about 9 X 10^8 t.

Malthus' calculations were probably not wrong as such, for his time, but he had to rely on the evidence and statistics available then. The overall world-wide population is still rising, irrespective of regional variations. Not only that but many millions of people lead very deprived lives and naturally want the necessities we too easily take for granted, so the overall drain of resources is increasing.


Bazyle - How did you, or whowever did, forecast those famines? Quoting almost-definite years is not a very safe way to predict anything, but we won't make ourselves extinct. By the natural way of things our species has about another 2-3m years to go (by the mean life-span of a mammalian species), but of course we have it in "our" power to reduce that considerably.

However, I don't think we will drive ourselves into extinction as you seem to imply, even with massive death-rates through famine, drought and disease - and wars. Plenty will survive, and ironically it might be the least-"developed" societies in the most remote regions who have the best chances of survival.

Thread: Book Your Covid Booster! Errr, How? Where?
10/11/2021 18:23:05

Anyone else elsewhere in the UK finding as I am, how to plan a system to be as inconvenient and inaccessible for as many people as possibel?


I live in an area the more high-faultin' Metrocentrics regard as "down in deepest" bucolic rurality fit only for their second-homes: the County of Dorset.

So I was not too impressed by the NHS booking system. Not so much the web-site, though that's hardly brilliant; but by the distribution.

The ex-Hampshire urban sprawl that is Bournemouth (30+ miles from me), has hogged all the county's resources save for one single pharmacy in Dorchester, the county town half-way across Dorset by longitude.

Dorchester is only about 10 miles from me, and by very convenient First bus services. Only, the web-site's next "five" days for that chemists' are really only two and fully booked, though it does not tell you so straight away.

Going round the loop several times offered absolutely nowhere else in the county - not even Weymouth. Sorry Lyme Regis (about 60 miles from Bournemouth), you don't exist either. Try Exeter. Taunton if you are lucky.

It did one place in Yeovil (30 miles), hard to find on the linked, low-quality Google map. It is in a minor street in the large, very tangled and very busy town centre a local warns me is a nightmare to drive around. Like Bournemouth then (and Doncaster with its city-centre race-course!).

First by its GWR pretence, runs trains between Weymouth and Yeovil but only sparsely; and topography had forced the real 19C Great Western Railway to build Yeovil Pen Mill station a long way from any 21C Covid-jab centre.

Looks as if it will have to be Haynes Motor Museum at Sparkford - further afield still, some 40 miles, accessible appropriately only by by car. It's all right though, Miss Greater Thunderbox, mine uses E10 adulterated petrol.

I don't know if I can book anywhere by 'phone - if so no doubt through an interminable queue and call-centre rigmarole.

How the Hell do they design these allocations? Pin a map of the British Isles to a London office wall and throw darts at it from a Covid-safe distance? ("Triple Bournemouth - one-hundred-and-eighty and out!"

Tough on any of us living a long way from conurbations like Yeovil, Bournemouth and Exeter; and if you cannot book on-line I don't know if you can book anyway.

Thread: Sea level rise
10/11/2021 17:14:45

The Arctic Polar Ice-cap melting would not affect sea-levels as it is only sea-ice; and not very thick. The seals and polar bears won't be very happy though.

It's terrestrial ice such as that covering Greeland and the Antarctic continent, and on high mountains, that makes the difference.

The last interglacial saw sea-levels around 10m above present (maybe more?) - though no-one's predicting that.

Thread: Telephone / Internet Scams
10/11/2021 12:09:57

I thought that daft too - then thought again.

Recordings that give a lengthy pre-amble about Microsoft, credit-cards etc. are more likely to be spotted as false.

That one is so short and to the point about a "free message" of unstated subject, that I think it was designed that way to trip people up.

It might not be daft at all, and far more dangerous than it seems - the gangs are not stupid but cold and very calculating; and they know catching only a fraction of those called is worth their while.

This might be a new tactic intended immediately to cast their net wider by a ruse likely to take more victims off-guard .

Thread: Alexander master Toolmaker Mill
09/11/2021 15:31:11


Thread: Boring bar set up
08/11/2021 21:53:50

As parallelism ir more critical than concentricity for that type of holder, it may be easier to use the bench-drill or mill to form the hole from a carefully marked-out centre-spot.

Clamp the bar vertically in a V-block or Keets Angle-plate and clamp that to the machine table, ensuring the hole will go though into a slot or central hole of the table.

Or the old dodge - hold the square bar in a temporary split-collet made from round bar, gripped in the 3-jaw chuck with the split half-way between two jaws.

Thread: Telephone / Internet Scams
08/11/2021 21:40:29

I had a second e-post slightly similar to that above, though with different names, sipposedly about some quote or other. I tried to report that too but the system spotted its inherent virus and blocked the forwarding. So I just deleted it.

The virus might have been in the attached "quote" but I could not see how to remove that safely so I could forward the post itself, with its address information.

Thread: Clamp Sets - Thread Type?
08/11/2021 21:34:49

Well, they are free-running nuts on their studs, so these might work "vice versa"!

I've ordered a batch of UNC nuts and bolts to add to the collection, for the applications where the standard clamps are a right bloomin' nuisance. (E.g. holding a vice whose slots run under other parts of the appliance).

I've also a collection of UNC/F taps and dies so making extra studs now and then won't be a problem, though UNC studding is probably reasonably easy to obtain.

08/11/2021 10:10:03

Thank you chaps!

Peak4 - A/F and Whit. spanners don't fit them! They take 17mm spanners even though not M10 threads.

NDIT - I thought of that but unfortunately found only I have no sample UNC nuts. Nor could I examine the thread forms fully enough. Howeve the 1/2" - 13 you quote is UNC, differing from BSW (12tpi) and BSF (16tpi). I keep a Tracy Tools poster-size chart by my computer for good reasons!

Martin - I did try thread gauges but could not obtain a convincing match with any of them.

So, overall, it does look as if UNC is the more likely, and the easier to obtain.

Very often, using a set-screw or bolt is better than the stud, especially where the height is restricted.


Spanner sizes, I am afraid, are no guide to sizing flanged nuts, both on these clamp sets and those bought as general fasteners. The nuts on my clamp sets take a 17mm A/F spanner, standard for ISO-M10 Coarse, but the nuts are certainly not M10. (An M10 bolt will not even enter the thread.)

My club's portable track fishplates have M10 or M12 flanged nuts readily available from builders' stockists; but the forged, heavily-tapered hexagons are not those established for their standard M-n Coarse thread, Fortunately the spanner they accept is readily available, just not the normal one. I found this too with some of the building-trade fastening holding the overhead-hoist columns to my workshops' concrete walls, and I think their nearest spanner was a Whitworth despite the fasteners being otherwise metric!

Thread: Telephone / Internet Scams
08/11/2021 09:35:06

This morning's offering (it bore today's date):

Dear Sir,

Kindly see our purchase order
And do the needful

Anna Scott

Sales Rep

Address: Suur-niikaa 216 10122
lace>Tallinn, Estonialace>.


"Purchase_order" was the link, deleted and re-typed here to break.

There is a genuine, Hong Kong -registered company called "Sinotec", a partner in a consortium apparently operating a commercial port in Estonia. So it's hard to know who is trying to defraud whom; but anyway:

- Block Sender,

- Block Domain,

- Foward to "report [at]".

- Delete!

Thread: Clamp Sets - Thread Type?
07/11/2021 21:56:29

I have two of the common commercial machine-tool clamp-sets, bought a long time ago, separately from different stockists - I forget whom and when.

The threads seem the same on both sets, and are definitely 3/8-inch X 16 tpi... but UNC or BSW?

Same pitch, different flank angle; slightly loose fits and I cannot gauge them accurately enough. A Whitworth screw fits the nuts, but whether correctly is another matter.

(A mismatch would give a line rather than surface contact, risking undue strains, distortion and wear.)

Since I wish occasionally to make additional jigs, T-nuts for other tables, etc., compatible with the purchased fittings, I would like to use the proper threads.

So does anyone know for certain, please?

Thread: Ratrods & photography
07/11/2021 21:34:31

Nice one!

Neat touch - the bluing on the exhausts.

Thread: Elliott 10M restoration.
04/11/2021 20:50:39

Have you tried the regular second-hand tool dealers among "our" traders? Sometimes they do have spare instruction- plates for various machines, so with luck you might find an original.

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2021
04/11/2021 20:45:54

Collected a hacksawing-machine from the workshop of a late club-member, and delivered it to its buyer.

It is gratifying to have completed a sale for a fair price on behalf of the widow, and within the same society.

Thread: Anyone updated to Windows11 yet ?
04/11/2021 20:36:21

Lookingg at this thread as a non-laptop owning, non-"smart"-'phone owing user of a standard PC with WIN 7 Pro and hoping to stay that way for as long as possible....

I can't help thinking from your discussions that the more our lives become entangled with computers, the more deeply we will need understand operating-systems and their configuring, before we can actually do on them what we did relatively easily whilst blissfully ignorant of such background things, only a few "Windozes" ago.

It's almost becoming analogous to a car-dealer expecting all his customers not only to be competent motorists but also have a thermodynamics (or electrical theory!) degree before even driving off the forecourt.


As for Windoze Ten.... I did try it. Oh dear! Not only scrappy, gimmicky and unintuitive:

It took me only two or three minutes to use MS' offer to revert the computer to 7, but two or three hours to repair the damage 10 had wrought.

MS now keeps begging me to install 'Edge' (W10's e-post system?) but I cannot trust it. It also tries to persuade me to install Win-Zip, but I am not renting costly software of no clear use to me.

Thread: Music on TV Programmes.
04/11/2021 19:46:22

I have no TV but I can sympathise due to the ever-increasing use by BBC R4 to add tinkly-squeak "music" or supposedly-relevant sound-effects to speech programmes.

Usually the background aural clutter is quieter than the oral text, but still neeeless, intrusive and distracting. I have though heard instances where it made the speech hard to follow, especially if in a strong British or foreign accent.

This complaint has been aired quite often on Feedback but anyone deigning to be " available for comment " or even just "sending a statement", is usually some media-studies type who cannot understand why we don't want it, and just fobs us off with pseudo-intellectual excuses.


(Tee-hee... just had a wonderful thought of one of said media studies types being a regular on here... and hiding his or her guilty blushes by being " unavailable for comment" .)


Regarding British accents, I think to be fair the BBC Drama Department has largely moved on from its days of stereotyping by vaguely-regional accent to tell you if the character was the seaman or farmer (Ooh arrgh), military-officer (splendid chaps, wot), army other-ranks or copper (Lunnon, guv), or the factory worker (By 'eck lad), etc.

Thread: Scribe block repair
04/11/2021 19:24:06

Yes - I think that would pass M&W's QA department.

Thread: Model Paint Cancer warning on tin.
04/11/2021 19:22:28

Use it.

The tin is labelled to suit as wide a market as it can, hence that peculiar warning.

I've an idea I have seen somewhat similar elsewhere; but I forget what for. That assertion appears written by lawyers for lawyers rather than technical people, and one is tempted to ask if it means the paint is safe in Utah or Nevada.

The reference might show what is really meant, what concentrations, situations, etc.; what part of the body it may harm, and what precautions to observe. It's probably based on frequent, heavy industrial use of the offending ingredient; not occasional hobby use of the complete paint.

Most paints, lubricants and solvents are or contain substances that can cause skin damage and even cancer with sufficient prolonged or frequent exposure, so obviously need the usual workshop hygiene precautions; but for proper information I suspect the paint's real MSDS would be more useful than something written to suit legal blokes in one single US State!

So use it, but simply take common-sense care in doing so.

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