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Thread: Is COMPAC' DIAL GAUGE METRIC TYPE 532 60mm Dia worth 45?
23/12/2019 17:59:51

I own dial gauges and dti’s from a few different manufacturers , Tesa ,compac , Starrett , Mitutoyo , Measuremax and a pile of no name cheapies .

On My Mill i like my last word by Starrett as it is very small and i don't have to move the head too much to get it in where i want it .

On my Lathe i generally use a no name dial indicator unit ( plunger type )as I’m only using it as a comparitor to true up the workpiece but if i want to get something dead nuts on i go over to a dti once i get it close with a dial gauge - why use a dial gauge first ? It has more travel as all mine are 1 inch travel minimum .

The measuremax dti has a long stylus which is handy for indicating bores or journals where a short stylus may not reach. .

One benefit of a dial gauge over a dti is the size of the face which can make them a little easier to read and another is that they can be used to measure table or saddle travel when machining ( a poor mans dro ) because they have more travel than a dti .

As for having the plunger perfectly perpendicular to the workpiece when setting a part up in a 4 jaw near enough by eye is good enough as you are using it as a comparitor so any error is self canceling . If you were using it as a measuring device on a surface plate then yes it is important and a dti is easier to set up in that instance but you also need to be aware some manufacturers will state a specific angle that the stylus needs to be from the surface being measured if you are to use it as a true measuring device and not a comparitor .

I would use my cheap dial gauge units probably 95% of the time on the lathe and if it gets damaged who cares it cost $15 bucks and i have a few in the cupboard in case i need one ! I would steer away from really cheap dti’s though as you want at least a reasonable quality mechanism for reliability. , My measuremax is asian made but not too bad - but not even close to a brown and sharpe !

Be careful buying online as you may have issues with warranty if something does go wrong , If you must buy a Mitutoyo then i would suggest you get onto the Mitutoyo website and look for a certified seller in your country and please be aware there are clones of the Mitutoyo Equipment out there everywhere

It really depends on what you want it for ? If it is just for setting a part up in a 4 jaw then i would look at the dial gauge from ARC as SOD has mentioned and keep your cash for something else - maybe a decent mag stand ? IF you want to tram a mill vice in or indicate a bore on the mill or lathe then a dti is what you want but by buying reasonable quality you could get both for the price of the Mitutoyo .
Remember it is a hobby not a carreer!

Thread: Silver steel - bizarre Zoro pricing.
14/12/2019 03:45:24

I would say it is a typo so 1000mm will cost you 13.89 £

Thread: Build a watchmakers lathe
14/12/2019 03:40:35

If L.C Mason can make a lathe out of angle iron I’m sure you can make a watch makers lathe !
I doubt a pg and hardened bed is necessary but if you want to go down that road you may want to search around for things like differential pinion gear shafts from cars or trucks or gearbox selector shafts etc - depending on the diameter and length you need.

Thread: Stuart S50 (Want to cry)
12/12/2019 17:53:57

And the lid on pandoras box just flung open 😂

A lot of the stuff i use is NOS off ebay - usually Sutton or P&N which are probably not available in the UK .

Ideally i look for HSS with 5% cobalt or M35 .
I can’t recall ever reading a bad word about the cutters from ARC and although I haven’t used one i would be more than happy to buy them based on Jasons recommendations.

If you want industrial grade tooling I’m sure Andrew can point you in the right direction but be prepared to dig deep into your pockets for that grade of tooling !

Thread: Possible causing my work being snatched out whilst cutting
12/12/2019 17:37:31

The way i set up my 4 jaw is to use the concentric rings machine into the front face of the chuck , if you get a rule and measure the diameter of these rings and note them down you will find it doesn’t take much thought to get the jaws close to the diameter of the piece you want to hold by lining up the jaws with these rings .

Another method is to measure the diameter of the chuck body and measure in from the outside diameter - chuck diameter minus workpiece diameter divided by 2 is your measurement from the outside diameter of the chuck to the inside if the jaw ( or outside if you are gripping internally ) .

I do have a design for a simple tool for this floating around in the back of my cranium - just got to find where i hid it !

Edited By XD 351 on 12/12/2019 17:39:01

Thread: Stuart S50 (Want to cry)
12/12/2019 17:17:59

Hi Michael,
Welcome to the club !

Although most won’t admit it many a model engineer has been caught out by hard spots in cast iron myself included !

I wouldn’t be too harsh on the cutters you have purchased as they may be perfectly ok for anything except cast iron and I don’t even think twice about using carbide on cast iron - HSS stays in drawer for this material !

I was luck when i built the Stuart score engine a few years back as the only hard spots were on one steam chest cover and only on one corner , a quick rub with an old blunt file picked that straight up and it was marked with a sharpie so i knew what to expect when i started machining it . I think it is good practice to give a chunk of unknown steel a rub with an old file just to ensure it is not hardened before you commit a good cutting tool to it !

Thread: Unidentified engine castings
04/12/2019 04:40:36

Hi everyone or more correctly anyone who reads this

I picked these up for what i consider a reasonable outlay for some future engine projects .

The small block has a B cast on one side and 21 on the other ( seller states it is for a DB21 Diesel  I cannot find any reference to it anywhere and it stands about 2-1/2 inches (63mm)or so high .

The bigger block has no markings and stands at a guess around 3 inches or 75mm tall and has a much lower deck height in relationship to the exhaust port compared with the other block so i would say it is a glow engine block.

If anyone recognises them please let me know !

I have had a good look around on the internet and the old model engine news website but can’t find anything that looks remotely like them .

p.s sorry about the upside down images damned ipad seems to orientate them as it wishes !

Thanks .41a167fc-40fa-4f8a-b7c9-25e8d4dbc9ed.jpeg






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Thread: Cracking a bolt
02/12/2019 04:41:50

Microscopic galling on the thread surfaces and between the bolt head and parent metal ?

Thread: Reamer size questions
28/11/2019 02:18:59

I bought a set of over and under reamers 1/8 to 1/2 and they are supposed to cut .001 inch under and .001 over - more like on on size and .002 over ! This will probably get better with use or at least i hope so !

Is it possible for you to make and use a toolmakers reamer ?

When everything else fails Loctite prevails ! I”m sure there is an advertising slogan in there somewhere 😀

Thread: MEW 288 Readers Tips
28/11/2019 01:55:42

+1 on that comment !
With the addition of a couple of angle plates or some stout angle bar you could use them as vertical clamps on the mill , bench or welding table

Bit of a bugger if you lose one half though 😁

Thread: Rake angle on Cutting Tools.....memory tips???
22/11/2019 01:50:05
This video will explain a lot even though he doesn’t talk about brass it does somewhat explain what the various angles do.
The reason you don’t really need any rake angle on a lathe bit for brass is because the chip fractures easily not because of the tool pulling itself into the workpiece like a drill bit does and a lathe holds the tool more rigidly than a drill press .The rake angles really help to pull the chip away and make them curl -if you try machining something like aluminium with no side rake or even a negative rake you will see there is a build up of material in front of the cutting edge - the tool is essentially forming a bulldozer blade and pushing material ahead of itself .
I would also take a look at the Clickspring channel on youtube especially if you are into making clocks as there are are some really good tips there !

Edited By XD 351 on 22/11/2019 01:50:33

21/11/2019 00:32:13

Simples !

10-15 deg on everything except with a tool for brass or bronze as I don’t touch the top of the cutting tool so no side or back rake .

Easy way is to set up your grinder so the tool rest is at the centre height of the armature shaft then grind the end of a piece of square mild steel that is the same size as your tool bit , adjust the height to get the angle on the end something in the range i listed above and lock it down . You can grind 95% of the tool bits you will ever need at that setting and you will only need to fine tune the settings for something that is or can be problematic like stainless or copper .

Side cutting edge angle - I don’t bother as i just rotate the tool post around a little if i feel i need one but one thing to remember is that the angle between the front cutting edge and side cutting edge must be less than 90 deg so the trailing edge of the front cutting edge doesn’t rub -I usually just use the same clearance as the other edges as it is set up already on the grinder .

If you are into making clocks you will probably be machining brass most of the time and the most important thing with a tool for brass is that it has been honed to give a good smooth finish on the cutting edges and is razor sharp .

Sharpening tool bits or drill bits by hand isn’t difficult it is just a matter of understanding the technique and practicing it !

Thread: Rod Stewart's Model Railway
15/11/2019 01:48:48

Hot legs ?


looking at this lathe I’m now wondering if it was made for Jake the peg !

That railway is a masterpiece !

Edited By XD 351 on 15/11/2019 01:50:28

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Thread: MEW renewal problems
15/11/2019 00:43:04

That is as far as i got ! Click the pay now thingy and it spits back a message that we don’t deliver there or supply there .

I think i will go the auto renew so next time I don’t need to think about it ! It would be nice though if i could log into my account and check a box for auto renewal or uncheck it if i wanted to go back to manual renewal but it appears this can only be done when i fill out the subscription form and want to renew my subs .

With my internet security  account i can log in anytime i want and change this and they simply notify me  a few weeks before that my subscription will be automatically renewed on this date and this is how much that will be debited from my debit card  - super easy to manage and they even send me a message if my card is about to expire so i can update my details .

I think the biggest problem with cheque’s is that by the time they get to their destination the exchange rate has changed so what you send isn’t worth the same a week later !
What about Paypal or the like ? Surely that would have to be easier for us overseas subscribers ?


Edited By XD 351 on 15/11/2019 01:31:06

Thread: Metric micrometer what t buy?
14/11/2019 20:00:52

I think the tri scale callipers only give an approximation of the nearest fraction .

Yes a digital calliper or mic will convert inch to metric and visa versa but i have yet to see one that can give the sum of a series of fractions and then convert that to a decimal number !

I am currently working on an engine that all of the dimensions on the drawing are given in fractions so i have to first convert these to decimal then add them together to find the length of a part etc - Major PIA !

The app - Fractions calculator does this with ease and gives the decimal equivalent automatically .

14/11/2019 18:29:58

The solution is simple - a calculator !

I use a fractions calculator on my ipad to add up dimensions on drawings that are given in fractions then convert it to decimal which alleviates headaches !

Thread: Inverters and stop switches
11/11/2019 19:41:07
Posted by old mart on 11/11/2019 17:42:09:

I looked up the instructions that XD351 posted, and they look right. Unfortunately all my attempts to save them to favourites has failed. They are the usual poor quality expected from VFD manufacturers who expect only electrical engineers to read them. The only external device I could make out on the circuit diagram is a potentiometer.

My advice to anyone thinking of getting a VFD is to look at the Inverter Drive Supermarket site, and select one which has their own quick start guide and avoid all this trouble.

You may have to do a screen shot and save the image .

I think the reason they don’t show any external components except the pot is the pins X1-6 are configurable for many different inputs so they simply show them as switchable and as the switches shown are open this tells me a normally open Momentary contact switch that pulls the pin to ground to activate it . The pins for the pot are dedicated so they show that component with its value .

Noisy fans are a common issue with these inverters and i have seen one youtube video where they changed the fan - simple job one might think but he ended up having to disassemble the entire unit to get the fan out !

You could possibly disconnect the noisy unit and rig up some big pc case fans that come on with the mains power .

10/11/2019 22:41:03

I think this manual is the same as Brians .

The parameters you need to change are pretty straightforward:

P10 and P11 set the control input source - if you want to mount a controller box on the machine you set these to external.

P50-P55 set what the X1-X6 terminals do .

You shouldn’t have to change any other settings .

Thread: 2-4-6 block woes
10/11/2019 06:37:55

i have a set that are all over the place dimensionally making them useless as parallels , may as well use them as anvils !

Thread: Yet another 'which mill shall I buy'
10/11/2019 06:27:27

So how many of you Bridgie owners use all the features ?

A Bridgeport is a toolmakers mill and not a heavy mill , yes it has some very useful abilities but they are things you will rarely use - like nodding the head etc.

You can get a Bridgeport clone for close to the same money that you will pay for a decent second hand Bridgeport but seriously do you really need all the features of a Bridgie ?

I prefer to set the workpiece up for angle milling or drilling as it is easier and doesn't require tramming the head afterwards .

I run a HM46 Hafco which i think there is a Chester equivalent and i have never felt the need for anything bigger .

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