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Thread: Home made cast Aluminium
30/08/2020 11:05:18

Hi Jann ,

You have a PM in your inbox .

29/08/2020 04:21:24

I had a rummage around on the interwebby thing and one thing that was fairly constant was the mention of how casting will lower the tensile strength of these alloys and 2024 is regarded as being moderately machinable so I don’t know what casting will do to that with either alloy .

You could make a test piece up by melting a small amount and cast a small billet - the suck it see approach !

Thread: Change to the Code of Conduct
27/08/2020 08:03:49

Posted by JasonB on 27/08/2020

Hopper yes I have been deleting mention of creators over the last month as well as doing the same thing to other links as per ChrisB'S post and have not noticed any drop off in forum activity. Infact as Neil says we are getting more and more new members.

Edited By JasonB on 27/08/2020 07:29:00

This is what i really wanted to get clarification on !

If you put up a link OR mention a creator who has done any reviews it will get taken down .

I just wanted to know exactly what i can do and what I can’t do - saves me time as I’m not posting things that will be removed and saves the moderators time , effort and hassle having to constantly hunt these things down .

Jason ,
You would have needed that can of drink after shaping those spokes !

27/08/2020 07:28:17

Don’t you still have to upload a photo to your album first ?

Thread: Home made cast Aluminium
27/08/2020 07:21:17

I think the unit Rob made had a steel liner which eventually burnt away and yes the pearlite cement mix is degrading but he only uses it every so often - probably when he runs out of aluminium bar so he fires it up to build up his stock . If i were going to do a lot of casting i would use the proper stuff but i’m really only likely to use this system once or twice a year at most and i do like the idea that i can make a simple furnace out of junk and cheap materials that i can get from my local hardware store !

Thread: How to stop scam phone calls for good?
27/08/2020 07:00:07

I was watching a YouTube video a while back and the guy got a scam call about his credit card while he was recording , he said can you hang on a minute i have to go out to the car and get my card and put them on hold - 5 minutes later he decided to check if they were still there and they were - now that’s tenacity for you ! He said sorry i forgot I don’t have a credit card and you could hear the phone on the other end get slammed down as they hung up !

I only have a mobile so if I don’t recognise the number I won’t answer it , i did have a problem with my telco calling me trying to sell something to me or asking if i can do a survey — after a tirade of abusive language i made it perfectly clear that if they ever call me again i will be changing telcos and I haven’t heard from them in about 3 years !

Thread: Making a spill proof cutting oil pot
27/08/2020 06:41:05

Can’t see why it would .

Nice work by the way !

Subs to your channel added , i will watch your other videos over the next few days .

I though for a moment the video was going to be another silent video - thankfully it wasn’t , i always feel i can connect with the video a bit more when i can hear the creators voice !

Thread: Chamfer Block
26/08/2020 13:35:04
Posted by Mike Poole on 25/08/2020 19:58:42:

Stefan Gotteswinter also felt the need and created this. **LINK**


The original idea came from Robin renzetti i believe i and he recently uploaded a video showing his latest design .

I personally like the way eccentric engineering did it on his acute sharpener video series( yes a plug for a long term advertiser on this forum) - a diamond lap or file . Gives very consistent results for small chamfers. Nice kit to build also !
None of these do reviews as far as i know so should be ok here .

Thread: Home made cast Aluminium
26/08/2020 13:05:26

After a few conversations with Rob i found out the pearlite is just the stuff you put in pot plants and is mixed into a sand cement mix to line the furnace . I reckon if you scavenged around for an old lpg bottle you could make a furnace for $20-30 bucks at most. You would get a decent amount of aluminium from just one car rim and if you can scavenge one for free well you're in the box seat then !

Thread: The most practical steel for my application
26/08/2020 12:49:49

Just out of curiosity how do you go with distortion during the hardening process?

Thread: Bows and arrows
26/08/2020 12:45:29

Who invented the bow and arrow ? Probably someone who got sick of chucking rocks at the enemy 😂

Howi they had boomerangs that came back and ones that didn’t!

The Woomera was the original multi tool !

I think the English long bow was the weapon that many feared the most until firearms were introduced .

Thread: Change to the Code of Conduct
26/08/2020 12:21:34

Most if not all the videos i watch have some sort of link to a supplier or some sort - even if the channel is not sponsored or affiliated to that supplier . This i find is especially true for channels that are mostly concerned with arduino or electronics projects as they will be using a certain module or component from this or that supplier etc .

As far as i can see it is now not really worth the effort to mention any youtube channels or links to suppliers that don’t advertise on here - having to go back through all the videos to ensure they didn’t do any reviews or check if it is ok to mention that supplier will be a chore that i’m just not interested in doing- a mine field best circumnavigated if you will!

26/08/2020 10:28:00

I swear one day you’re going to be typing in a comment and a moderator will be chasing you and deleting what you have typed as you type it 🤪

Seriously - I don’t envy the job moderators have - its sort of damned if you do and damned if you don’t and you will never keep everyone happy !
The main thing i wanted to know is if mentioning a channel name rather than a link was still ok - regardless of the creator doing reviews or not , it would be a shame if this is not possible as some creators make some pretty amazing videos and to have these good videos censored because they did a review of a product is a shame .Unfortunately many creators are being lured into these reviews with the promise of more free equipment , others are going the whole hog and moving everything to patreon - i unsubscribe from most of these as soon as they mention that word !

Another thing i was wondering is what if the creator of a video is a company that doesn’t advertise on this site ? Let me think now - I will pick one, lets say a U.S based machine tool company who made some excellent youtube videos ( i deleted the name so the moderators don’t have to - jk !) there is always going to be some advertising of their products in their videos which essentially is the same as a review . What about channels that are sponsored ? What if this video is bought to you by such and such which is a direct competitor to one of the advertisers here ? Will they kick up a stink ?
I can understand removing links to reviews on YouTube but cutting out or banning an entire channel because they did a review in a previous video is a bit much .

Hey Hopper and Danny if you have any links to Aussie forums please send me a pm !

25/08/2020 21:49:52

After a youtube link was removed from another thread about Aluminium casting i thought i better look up this thread to try and work out what i can and cannot do . While i fully understand why the links are being removed I don’t know if i can still mention a youtube channel -ie i was watching Neil Wyatt on his channel yesterday and he was doing this or that . There is no link just a channel mention and it would be up to the other forum members to look up that channel if interested - is this ok ? The difficult thing with allowing or removing links to channels is today they may post a video and they have never done any reviews of any products whatsoever but tomorrow they might .

If I cannot mention a youtube channel because of the problems caused by reviews ( personally i hate them ) for the legitimate advertisers on this website wouldn’t it be the same for sites like ebay , banggood ,amazon etc? I have seen plenty of links to ebay items when a forum member has asked where can they get this or that .

Thread: Home made cast Aluminium
25/08/2020 12:20:29

The guy in the video ( Rob) doesn’t bother with flux , he keeps the temperature down to the bare minimum to melt the aluminium then scrapes the dross off and pours . He has been doing this for many years and has found a sweet spot that gives good results without de gassing . If you had a couple molds set up you could knock out quite a few castings in a couple of hours and the only cost is a few dollars for lpg and some time .

Getting short lengths of aluminium bar here in Australia is not difficult but can be expensive , here where i live in western sydney i have an hour round trip to my nearest supplier then i have to wait for them to cut it - if they are packing other orders you go into the queue its either that or Ebay and then you have postage and usually a few days wait until it arrives .

Thread: Mild Steel Problems
25/08/2020 11:59:48

Sounds like the metal is work hardening like stainless does .

Slow the drill down , use cutting fluid and once the drill starts cutting don’t back off the pressure .

Thread: Home made cast Aluminium
25/08/2020 11:51:45

That video tweaked my interest also !

A simple furnace made out of a paint tin lined with pearlite / cement mix , a crucible made from an old oil filter housing and the mold is just seem less steel pipe . From one mag wheel you get a fair bit of aluminium .

Thread: Do you clean the workshop up every day?
21/08/2020 22:59:04

I usually split up a project into 1-2 day operations and have a cleanup and reset after each operation, one thing i hate is walking on swarf or welding slag so once it gets to my acceptable limit i will stop and vacuum it up.

I watch a YouTube channel where this guy will be setting something up on his mill , he will go to the tool drawers and get a tool then go to the machine and use it then go and put it back in the tool drawers then go back to the machine and and look at what he is doing and say ok now i need x size end mill so it’s off to the tool drawers again !He spends most of his time walking around the workshop but his workshop is immaculate 🤣

Thread: Australian diesel loco in 5 gauge.
28/07/2020 10:47:32

That looks fantastic !
How long did it take to build ?

I am curious as to the carby design - is it butterfly or slide control ?
Am i correct in thinking that have seen a picture of this loco in AME - colour looks familiar !

Thread: Is a drip feed coolant advisable
22/07/2020 01:00:02

I bought one of the cheap mist coolers off eBay and couldn’t get it to work consistently - i ended up modifying it by running a plastic tube from the nozzle down through the flexible neck through an aluminium block and out to a pump type spray bottle and the the alloy block has a couple of magnets in it to stick it to the lathe or mill.

It uses the original needle valve to control flow and the pressure in the pump sprayer supplies some pressure to get the fluid up to the nozzle which is set to drip every few seconds. Less mess and no atomisation and very economical as the drops are fed in right where the cutting tool is doing its job .
on the lathe i only use it for parting or on alloy if i want a better finish as i mostly use insert tooling for turning but on the mill i use it for just about everything as i mostly run HSS tooling .

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