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Thread: Windows 7 support ends
16/01/2020 10:21:49
Maybe this video by Chris Barnatt will shed some light on the subject .
Thread: Australian Bush Fires
11/01/2020 10:59:25



Edited By XD 351 on 11/01/2020 11:02:11

Thread: The Taig/Peatol Lathe - 2nd edition
08/01/2020 07:57:02

I bought a Taig/ Peatol after buying and reading your book , I don’t use it as much as i should as i have two bigger machines but that may change in the near future as i do love using it !

Good luck with the new edition Tony

Thread: Australian Bush Fires
08/01/2020 07:36:55

My apologies to the forum members , i was unwise to mention a political party or parties and I didn’t think it would cause such a storm ! Please feel free to edit the names out or delete the post entirely, i was just saying it as i see it and i get a little angry when anyone tries to generalise or dump our problems into one basket .

We currently have: ( without going into detail or boring you with the many smaller issues )

Bushfire crisis

Drought crisis

Water crisis

Energy crisis

Now if anyone on the planet can come up with some way of solving these issues right now i’m sure all Australians would be appreciative!

None of these are easy to fix and all are intertwined with each other along with climate change or global warming if you like the old saying .


One thing that disgusted me is the looters - there surely must be a special place in Hell for that lot It is just un Australian !

I must say i am astonished by the generosity of people around the world who have donated to the bushfire crisis and have also sent firefighters in to to help .

I thank them Sincerely for their help !

06/01/2020 23:11:21

Now we have a Cyclone forming off the Western Australian coast ! I tell you we just can’t win!

I am watching the news as i type this and some of the figures they are stating are truly horrific

even with the human losses aside the loss of wildlife and livestock are into the many millions and continue to grow .

One real problem that we will face after this is over is the wildlife that has survived will have no food and those in the care of the various animal shelters will have to be relocated .

The livestock that survived also face a similar problem as the stations that were barely able to survive because of the drought lost what little feed they had , some have had to sell all their livestock so they don’t starve or die of thirst.

Sadly some of the fires have been deliberately lit , some by dry lightening and some may have been from some twit flicking a lit cigarette out of a car window .

Interesting doco Michael!

Can’t say i have ever seen an echidna swim ! That is one of the best things about camping here in Australia the local wildlife is free to come and go as they please , just got to watch out for snakes ,dingoes , goannas , spiders , giant centipedes and wombats !




Edited By XD 351 on 06/01/2020 23:42:00

06/01/2020 11:35:54

Douglas ,

Climate change has little to do with the fires as they are part of the natural cycle of things here in Australia .

The indigenous people here have been lighting fires for 50-60,000 years to control the bush and many of the plants and trees need fire to germinate- even they have told the Government that they need to do the backburning !

The real issue is that the Greens , national parks and the climate change activists have locked the bush fire brigade out of most areas and pretty much stopped them from doing the vital work of backburning and maintaining fire breaks to protect the towns .

It is not over yet and if we get some rain all that ash will find its way into the local rivers killing the already drought stressed fish .

Don’t get me wrong i’m all for a cleaner and greener planet but i just find these people who carry on with this climate change stuff seem to do more whining than supplying realistic solutions.

A question i want answered is how can we put man on the Moon , probes out into space and rovers on Mars but we can’t fix simple pollution like plastic bags ?

Thread: Ebay being clogged up by certain sellers
05/01/2020 21:40:27

If your lucky the location filter will put the local stuff at the top but what complicates things is when you have a seller stating the item is located in your country but when you click on the sellers name it shows they are located overseas , i have had items i have purchased turn up in two days from sellers like this and it did come from the area they said it was located so some are telling the truth and many are not !

There is a seller on Ebay in Australia that drives me nuts - they sell drill bits and list every size individually , thankfully they only list them occasionally !

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2020
04/01/2020 08:43:46

Good to hear you are going to somewhere safe Danny !

Still worried about Jim though .

It hit 49 deg here at Penrith which is close to where i live .

Fantastic to hear you are helping out in any way you can , best i can do is to donate some cash to the various bodies that are there to help .

dunno about what you reckon but it seems to me tha Gladys has a bigger set than scomo !

03/01/2020 23:43:47
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 03/01/2020 16:03:41:
Posted by XD 351 on 03/01/2020 13:52:34:


Containing or stopping the fires is not humanly possible they are simply just too big ,there has been too many years of political parties pampering the greens for their votes which has allowed them to ban burn offs or creating containment lines which is now killing people - only problem is they are now using the climate changes agenda to excuse themselves from any blame .



Phew, thank goodness these problems are only caused by political parties pampering the Greens. We can soon fix them! It's a good job XD351 really understands what's going on - for an awful moment I thought climate change might be a serious problem. Delighted to hear it's nothing to do with the 35 billion tons of Carbon Dioxide mankind added to the atmosphere last year...

dont know



We can eliminate the 35 billion tons of carbon dioxide very easily Dave - all we have to do is stop breathing !
Carbon monoxide is a different matter !

When a greenie or climate change activist comes forth and gives us some real solutions to the problem i will be first in line to thank them !

All i can say is I wouldn’t want to be a person that went to one of the towns that have been reduced to a pile of ashes and try to tell anyone that if we can address climate change this wouldn’t have happened , I don’t think one would get out alive !

The PM found that out a few days ago !

Danny , I’m praying for rain for you mate !

I doubt i will make it out to the workshop today for any length of time as it is going to be a hot one -  33c at 10.45am and predicted to hit 45c! I might set up a data logging thermometer to see how hot it gets in my workshop and if we don’t have any wind I wouldn’t be surprised if it got well into the 50s if we get into the 40s outside .


Edited By XD 351 on 03/01/2020 23:53:31

03/01/2020 13:52:34

There was a guy called Jim from blue heelers youtube channel that used to post on here , haven’t heard from him in a while but he was from lake conjola in nsw which recently copped it really bad with the fires and i do hope he is ok .

Containing or stopping the fires is not humanly possible they are simply just too big ,there has been too many years of political parties pampering the greens for their votes which has allowed them to ban burn offs or creating containment lines which is now killing people - only problem is they are now using the climate changes agenda to excuse themselves from any blame .

Anyhow i have been doing a clean out and have had a serious think about my model engineering exploits . I have closed a few doors now i have turned 50 and have been seriously thinking about what i want to do with the next stage of my life in regards to my workshop . I am hoping a more streamlined approach will make my workshop activities flow a bit more and i will spend less time rebuilding machinery.
Another thing that i have been thinking about is do i need the big and heavy machines I currently have - i only rent so i am at the mercy of the rental market and availability of properties with a garage which in Australia are getting harder to find as the Granny flat empire is ever expanding.

I have been considering downsizing my machines and building a self contained workshop trailer that can be placed on any property with a driveway - the jury is still out on this one !

I have in the pipeline a few engines :

ME beam engine that i have a casting kit for ,

Building a Mastiff engine .

Always wanted to build a twin counter rotating crank V8 two stroke engine based on the V 4 Honda NSR500 GP bike engine but twice as many cylinders.

A few days ago i dug out some 0.5mm brass sheet / shim I picked up a while back and cropped it up to approximately 20 x 300mm sq pieces, more than I will ever need so if you are in Australia and could use some let me know - cost is postage - free if you live near western suburbs of Sydney and can pick it up.

There is a change coming in 2020 - i just don’t know how big a change yet !

Thread: Making metal flowers
03/01/2020 12:36:03

Keep at it !

03/01/2020 02:35:42

Nice work !

What did you use to put the pattern on the petals ?

Thread: Creality 3D For Christmas - Impressions so Far
28/12/2019 04:00:44

Hi Dave ,

Looks like you got that printer sorted out pretty quickly !

My Geeetech took a lot longer than that but i think the biggest problem was me ! I knew nothing about printers , slicers or cad so i had 3 fairly sharp learning curves to deal with !

May i suggest a simple test that should be done on all printers when new and that is test the thermal runaway settings , it is a simple matter of disconnecting one of the thermistor wires on the hot end and bed and try to heat them up -you should get a fault warning on the display and the heating should be terminated . This is required so if a thermistor dies or a wire breaks the heating is stopped and your printer won’t burn your house down !

It should be enabled already but it is always worth checking !

Thread: On The Wire -ARC Cutter Review
26/12/2019 20:05:34
Posted by Bazyle on 26/12/2019 18:12:55:

Why does someone invent tooling that goes in steps giving 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm diameters? Would it have been so bad to go for 65mm?

Possibly a close approximation to the old 2 1/2 inch ?

Thread: Is COMPAC' DIAL GAUGE METRIC TYPE 532 60mm Dia worth 45?
24/12/2019 21:18:51

There is little point mounting the greatest ever indicator on a cheap junk stand ! Kinda like mounting a diamond on the end of a t*rd!

I would like a Noga but $$$$$ here in OZ .

I remember watching a Youtube video where Stefan Gotteswinter made a stand using a Noga base he purchased - ended up being a rock solid stand !

Thread: You tube videos of entertainment if not informative
24/12/2019 01:14:56

Found this channel today , has a few old videos i thought were amusing .

Edited By XD 351 on 24/12/2019 01:15:46

Thread: Is COMPAC' DIAL GAUGE METRIC TYPE 532 60mm Dia worth 45?
23/12/2019 17:59:51

I own dial gauges and dti’s from a few different manufacturers , Tesa ,compac , Starrett , Mitutoyo , Measuremax and a pile of no name cheapies .

On My Mill i like my last word by Starrett as it is very small and i don't have to move the head too much to get it in where i want it .

On my Lathe i generally use a no name dial indicator unit ( plunger type )as I’m only using it as a comparitor to true up the workpiece but if i want to get something dead nuts on i go over to a dti once i get it close with a dial gauge - why use a dial gauge first ? It has more travel as all mine are 1 inch travel minimum .

The measuremax dti has a long stylus which is handy for indicating bores or journals where a short stylus may not reach. .

One benefit of a dial gauge over a dti is the size of the face which can make them a little easier to read and another is that they can be used to measure table or saddle travel when machining ( a poor mans dro ) because they have more travel than a dti .

As for having the plunger perfectly perpendicular to the workpiece when setting a part up in a 4 jaw near enough by eye is good enough as you are using it as a comparitor so any error is self canceling . If you were using it as a measuring device on a surface plate then yes it is important and a dti is easier to set up in that instance but you also need to be aware some manufacturers will state a specific angle that the stylus needs to be from the surface being measured if you are to use it as a true measuring device and not a comparitor .

I would use my cheap dial gauge units probably 95% of the time on the lathe and if it gets damaged who cares it cost $15 bucks and i have a few in the cupboard in case i need one ! I would steer away from really cheap dti’s though as you want at least a reasonable quality mechanism for reliability. , My measuremax is asian made but not too bad - but not even close to a brown and sharpe !

Be careful buying online as you may have issues with warranty if something does go wrong , If you must buy a Mitutoyo then i would suggest you get onto the Mitutoyo website and look for a certified seller in your country and please be aware there are clones of the Mitutoyo Equipment out there everywhere

It really depends on what you want it for ? If it is just for setting a part up in a 4 jaw then i would look at the dial gauge from ARC as SOD has mentioned and keep your cash for something else - maybe a decent mag stand ? IF you want to tram a mill vice in or indicate a bore on the mill or lathe then a dti is what you want but by buying reasonable quality you could get both for the price of the Mitutoyo .
Remember it is a hobby not a carreer!

Thread: Silver steel - bizarre Zoro pricing.
14/12/2019 03:45:24

I would say it is a typo so 1000mm will cost you 13.89 £

Thread: Build a watchmakers lathe
14/12/2019 03:40:35

If L.C Mason can make a lathe out of angle iron I’m sure you can make a watch makers lathe !
I doubt a pg and hardened bed is necessary but if you want to go down that road you may want to search around for things like differential pinion gear shafts from cars or trucks or gearbox selector shafts etc - depending on the diameter and length you need.

Thread: Stuart S50 (Want to cry)
12/12/2019 17:53:57

And the lid on pandoras box just flung open 😂

A lot of the stuff i use is NOS off ebay - usually Sutton or P&N which are probably not available in the UK .

Ideally i look for HSS with 5% cobalt or M35 .
I can’t recall ever reading a bad word about the cutters from ARC and although I haven’t used one i would be more than happy to buy them based on Jasons recommendations.

If you want industrial grade tooling I’m sure Andrew can point you in the right direction but be prepared to dig deep into your pockets for that grade of tooling !

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