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Thread: Sort of like a guitar...
18/04/2019 10:54:00

Maybe Stub mandrel will let you post a video on his youtube channel so we can hear what it sounds like 🎶.

Thread: Keyway steel
18/04/2019 10:39:56
Posted by Andrew Johnston on 18/04/2019 10:08:48:
Posted by JasonB on 18/04/2019 09:49:12:

It's about the same as EN3 so nothing special.

Depends where you get it from. Keysteel from industrial suppliers is normally EN8, an unalloyed medium (~0.4%) carbon steel.


Keysteel is also supplied slightly over nominal size so it can be filed to be a snug fit in the keyway. I use keysteel on my machine tools and traction engines for simple keys. For gib head keys I use gauge plate, like Jason.


And here i was thinking there was something wrong with my keyway broaches 😁

Thread: How much can a chuck effect finish?
18/04/2019 10:34:44

Doesn’t sound like a bearing problem to me because when you change over to a collet chuck the problem goes away , if it were the bearings it would remain the same .

You could have a crook chuck - i would strip it down and have a look at it .

one thing you can check before pulling it apart is the contact pattern of the jaws , take the shank of drill bit (one with no damage on the shank  or a piece of silver steel ( drill rod ) and colour the shank in with a texta or sharpie for a length a little longer than the gripping surface of the chuck jaws then hold this shank very lightly in the chuck so you can grab the shank with pliers and and turn it so it slips in the jaws this will show if the jaw faces are parallel or bell mouthed . If they are you can re grind them but on a cheap chuck it is not worth the hassle .

Other things to check are how well the jaws fit in the chuck body slots - they should be smooth with no play or wobble - if there is some serious play try switching jaws around and see if you can improve it . The scroll should be a nice fit in the body and have no radial play and minimal end float ) if you put the scroll in the body and it floats around all over the place especially on the spigot it rotates on look at getting another chuck .

Check the register surfaces on the spindle and the rear surface of the chuck to ensure there are no burrs or high spots that could be stopping the chuck from seating properly - a very light rub with an oil stone will show up any high spots , don’t go mad with the stone you only want to show up high spots not remove any metal .

Thread: Keyway steel
18/04/2019 09:43:40

I get mine from my local bearing supplier .

Edited By XD 351 on 18/04/2019 09:44:19

Thread: Silver Soldering :Good and Bad :Flux sometimes a black mess
17/04/2019 07:44:44

I think Keith appleton did a few videos on silver soldering on his youtube channel as did myfordboy - might be worth your while to have a look . I find it easier ( most of the time ) to show how to do something rather than explain it in writing . There tip sheet from Cup alloys somewhere on this forum that i found useful .

Thread: Poor finish using indexable lathe tools on steel
16/04/2019 12:31:34

Ok thanks Jason , I’m not familiar with that brand .

To me looking at the finish and zooming in on the photos the finish looks to be tearing and the tip looks like the radius is gone - when things go awry i look at this first ,Its a simple thing to change and check .


Thread: Removing a grub screw
16/04/2019 12:08:00

Hope like hell it isn’t an unbrako - that usually means using carbide tooling !

Thread: Poor finish using indexable lathe tools on steel
16/04/2019 11:50:29

Has anyone zoomed in on the insert tip ? Looks chipped to me and if it is no amount of feed rate change will make it work . I typed in greenwood type 1 insert into google and couldn’t see anything of use , in have had issues recently with cheap inserts that won’t cut anything and i put it down to dodgy inserts .

If you need to do things on a tight budget stick with HSS otherwise be prepared to fork out for known quality carbide inserts - the cheap junk isn’t worth it , been there done that got burnt !

Thread: Notre Dame
16/04/2019 11:36:44

As tragic as it is losing one of the worlds icons / treasures and many of the pieces of art and artifacts within thankfully no one died !

We had our ( fortunately) now ex Leader here in OZ come out and ask for a fund to be set up to rebuild it even though we could use that money for Hospitals , Education and probably a million other things we desperately need here - the guy is a di@# head and thank god he is gone !

Thread: Removing a grub screw
15/04/2019 21:38:13

Before drilling or doing anything drastic you could try inserting a suitable pin punch into the hex hole and give it wrap with a hammer - don’t belt it to death just a sharp wrap , this can relieve the pressure on the grub screw.. I have also drilled most of the way through and used a piece of steel rod that has been turned down to fit into the hole and held it in place with high strength retaining fluid ( loctite) , let it dry for a day and give the rod a twist with a pair of vise grips .

Thread: Poor finish using indexable lathe tools on steel
15/04/2019 21:17:59

Try the other end of the insert or a new insert and see if it improves , make sure the tool is on centre .

Thread: You tube videos of entertainment if not informative
13/04/2019 00:11:57

Here is one that can help you to identify different types of steel , this is a re dub of an older video Marc made as the audio on the original was not good . I like the bouncing glass ball idea !


Thread: Enter your work for the 2019 Stevenson Trophy
13/04/2019 00:06:23


Thread: Problem with penetrating oil can
12/04/2019 23:59:59

I have in the past had the fold out nozzle leak and thats why i keep the good ones as it is easy to change them over , the old style nozzle uses a thicker valve spigot so i drill out the hole for this on the fold out type nozzle to fit . The most economical way to buy the stuff is the 5 lt bottle then use one of those little trigger pump bottles to apply it , you can also fit the tube off the can into the end of the trigger bottle nozzle if you drill the hole out in the nozzle .

One interesting thing with WD40 and RP7 i discovered recently while testing various fluids as cutting fluid for parting off steel , WD40 works well if you keep the fluid dripping in there fairly constantly and half way through one parting operation using WD40 on steel i switched to RP7 and the blade seized instantly - why I don’t know and probably never will .

Thread: Knurling Tool for Mini Lathe
12/04/2019 23:37:08

I would be a little suspicious of a tool that is half the price of the others , best thing you can do is go to the shop and have a look at it . Check for things like side play in the arms also if the knurling wheels run true and the teeth are nicely formed . Be wary of pictures of the tool as they can be made to make the tool look better than what the tool really is . The side play can cause problems when you want to do a long knurl as it allows the wheels to cock sideways and this can effect the finish . I have a knurling tool that came with my qctp and the wheels have so much run out they are more like little cam lobes than wheels !

You could also make your own tool and buy the wheels .

Thread: Kant Twist clamps
10/04/2019 14:17:45

I bought a few off Amazon at what i think was a reasonable price , turned up a day late and they refunded the shipping !

Here in Sydney Australia i think Gameco still sell them .

Thread: Just desserts
09/04/2019 02:26:00

I might be missing something but from what i have heard on the news and read about it it seems the only things they found of the man was his trousers and skull , how do they determine that he was stomped on by an Elephant then eaten by lions with such little evidence ? There is the possibility that he was killed by another poacher and even the rangers have to be alert and careful that the poachers they are tracking don’t shoot them .

Do i feel sorry for this guy -no he was killing a nearly extinct animal for profit and the animals killed him to protect themselves - at least they eat what they kill !

Thread: Simple WorkshopTips
08/04/2019 07:54:32

In this video about the acute sharpening system from Eccentric Engineering Gary shows a simple trick to set up thin disks in a three jaw chuck , how many times i have stuffed around with parallels and the like and all i needed was a bigger disk 🤬. Look around the fifteen minute mark in the video .


Thread: Using magnets
06/04/2019 00:05:47

I have a 50sq x 40 mm thick neodymium magnet and i treat that one with respect i can tell you ! I was using it to hold something in place for welding and was returning it to shelf where it lives , as i walked past my steel workbench ) not paying attention as usual ) the hand carrying it got close enough for the magnet to pull my hand into the bench and clamp it there ! It was like i had belted my hand with a lump hammer !

Thread: Simple WorkshopTips
05/04/2019 23:53:36
Posted by AdrianR on 05/04/2019 08:06:46:

I only ever wear my safety thongs for welding !

That is an image I really dont want seared into my imagination.

In the UK thongs (flip flops) are not foot ware, imagine backless buggie smugglers face 7

Borat does welding !

I wonder which version (footware or clothing ) came first ?

On a more serious note i was once stick welding a broken car seat frame for a friend and i was starting to chip the slag off and the next thing i hear a crash followed by screaming - he had turned up in bare feet and was standing a few meters away , a piece of slag had landed between his toes and proceeded to burn its way into his foot !

With welding the ray burn ( same as sunburn only it burns deeper ) is only one concern as it also causes skin cancer so proper welding gloves , welding jacket ( leather type ) or heavy cotton overalls ( coveralls ) , trousers ( old pair of jeans are good ) and leather boots ( I wear steel cap boots ) never wear runners ( joggers ) as hot metal or slag will burn straight through them .

one tip with the jeans , coveralls or other trousers is if they are too long and you need to roll the legs up roll them up so excess is on the inside of the trouser leg so it doesn’t create a catch point for sparks and slag to fall into .

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