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Thread: Outrageous?
21/08/2019 22:26:35

One trend i noticed recently especially when buying things for Arduino is certain sellers will advertise an item usually with multiple quantities available and a price range from a few dollar to $30 or $40 which one would usually expect the low end to be for one unit and the other end for multiple units , if you look carefully at the pictures there will also be another item in there like a cable or something cheap and useless. So you think this is a good deal and click the drop down menu to grab 10 units and it will be listed as out of stock and the only thing you can buy is the useless part ! They also tend to have multiple listings for the same thing with slightly different prices just to fool you into buying something from them , Another really irritating thing is when a seller lists their entire range of brand X products ( drill bits for example ) and list them in 0.1 mm increments so to get past their advert you nearly wear out your scroll wheel on your mouse getting past them !

Thread: strange power socket
15/08/2019 06:22:18

Looks like a Wylex plug which it clearly says on the front of the socket at the bottom .


Edited By XD 351 on 15/08/2019 06:25:20

Thread: My digital calipersseems to give varying readings
15/08/2019 05:34:34

The consensus from my clock experts and many here is that the way to go for precise work is the micrometer and this probably means a good brand

True but even a cheap set of digital callipers have many uses in the workshop , You can speed up your job by using the callipers to check your work until you get close to the finished dimension then switch over to a micrometer for final sizing -don’t forget to let the part cool down if the dimension is really critical ! This also means your good tools stay safely tucked away from harm until you really need them which will increase their longevity .

If you are going to buy precision measuring tools then buy known brands and i would recommend you buy from a certified retailer as Chinese knock offs are prolific on places like Ebay and are usually marketed as new old stock , you also need to be careful buying used items off those sites as well .

Thread: Home built trailer
14/08/2019 19:07:34

I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in Australia you can (or could last time i checked ) go on to the website for the RMS ( Australian version of DMV or motoring regulatory authority) and download the Australian design regulations for the construction of trailers which sets out all the design rules right down to the placement of the required reflectors and lights etc. It might be worth checking with your local Authorities to see if they do a similar thing as it makes designing and building a trailer so much simpler !

Thread: Where do I buy these, I've looked every where.
14/08/2019 18:56:36

We call them cup oilers but I’m sure there are other names for them , i shipped some from ARC to here in Australia a few years back as it was cheaper than buying them here !

Thread: My digital calipersseems to give varying readings
14/08/2019 18:52:56

The inaccuracy of the callipers may just be an adjustment issue , on the side next to the little locking knob there are two tiny screws that adjust the jaw tension so maybe giving these a tweak will sort the problem out . I adjusted mine so they just start to cause some drag but still operate smoothly . After that clean the inside surfaces of the jaws by lightly clamping some clean paper ( i use printer paper) between the jaws and pull it through then close the jaws and hold it up to a light source and look at where the jaws meet there should be no light shining through - if there is repeat the cleaning process and if it doesn’t improve they are stuffed so only good as a scriber or checking approximate sizes only .

Thread: Small Volume PCB printers?
14/08/2019 18:35:48

A picture of the board would help!

From what i can gather from the OP it is the tracks from some sort of rotary switch that are damaged so a conductive pen won’t fix it .

If the board is fairly simple in layout the press and peel / etch system will be ok but if it is very complex, double sided or multi layer forget about it . If it is a fairly simple board you could re draw it using one of the free pcb design programmes like easy eda and send it as a file to jlcpcb in china as they can make it for you ( there are others also ) , you could also try contacting them via email and see what they say .

I’m not sure if you can import a scanned image into easy eda and convert it to the required file that a pcb manufacturer needs, there is also i believe some sort of pcb function in fusion 360 but i have never opened it to see what it is or does so maybe having a look around on some different forums for fusion and easy eda( if there is one ?) may help .

Thread: Which metal for which job?
10/08/2019 00:04:31

Have a look at the Clickspring channel on youtube, Chris shows in one of his videos how to make a square broach .

The real problem is getting the taper exactly the same on all four facets and the hardening/ tempering process on such a small broach will need some consideration as well .

Thread: What are these off
09/08/2019 05:10:00

If they don’t fit any of the machines your Dad had is it possible he may have been using them for indexing purposes ?

Thread: Things to Come
03/08/2019 01:24:58

I think there should be a global law that all devices that can look at us , hear us or track your browsing history or location should have these abilities disabled at the manufacturing stage and they can only be enabled by the user with a password access should they wish to use that feature . I detest having to go through the settings of my various to turn all this stuff off ! Google is the biggest offender and i recently found out that my ipad was keeping tabs on my recent locations so Google could send me ads for shops in those locations - that got turned off and the history cleared immediately after finding out about that !

I noticed that the ads from Ebay and Banggood also seem to be focused on my browsing history or recently viewed items so they now get cleared after a browsing session .

Thread: Magnetic base problems
03/08/2019 01:07:55

After watching this video **LINK**

it would appear to me you may be missing the distance piece he describes in the video

If i were to assemble it i would feed the locking shaft into the lower flexi arm from the left side , lining up the notch with the end of the locking rod then fit the distance piece from the right side followed by the large friction washer followed by the upper flexi arm then feed the short locking piece from the right side of the upper arm aligning the notch with the upper arm lock rod followed by the thrust washer and lock nut .

I tried to disassemble my one but couldn’t work out how it came apart but after watching the video and now knowing about the circlip i might give it another go !

Thread: Dehumidifier project
02/08/2019 09:48:01

Just a quick update :

I have changed the power supply out for one with no fan and the power usage went from 20 w down to a current draw of 0.09 amps when idle @ 12 v or 1.08 w . It appears that it used approximately 0.2 KWh over a 48hr period or around 1.5 cents a day .

Enough of the power thing for now - it is time to move on to efficiency and maximising that so now i need to seal it off properly .

Thread: The Current War (Film)
31/07/2019 06:40:10
Posted by ronan walsh on 30/07/2019 23:24:24:
Posted by XD 351 on 30/07/2019 20:40:00:

I think he killed a few Elephants as well - in real life that is !

I think his intelligence was only like a speck of dust compared to Tesla .

Edited By XD 351 on 30/07/2019 20:43:14

Yes, Tesla was an actual engineer, but a bit of a recluse, its only at this distance in time we can see how good he really was.

Another was Faraday , without him Tesla and Edison couldn’t exist IMHO!

31/07/2019 06:34:18
Posted by Ian Johnson 1 on 30/07/2019 21:22:47:

How the heck do you kill an elephant with electrickery? It must take some serious current to get through that thick skin!!! And you'd need a step ladder to put the head harness on, where do you attach the electrodes? and how do you keep it still? Too many questions and I'm thinking about it too much!

Yes Tesla was a genius way before his time

I saw this i a documentary about Edison , Tesla and Westinghouse many years ago - iirc it was something like the men who powered America or something along those lines .

Warning the following youtube video may distress some viewers !


30/07/2019 20:40:00

I think he killed a few Elephants as well - in real life that is ! 

I think his intelligence was only like  a speck of dust compared to Tesla .

Edited By XD 351 on 30/07/2019 20:43:14

Thread: Good YouTube videos
30/07/2019 20:36:08

This old Tony , marc lecuyer ( that lazy machinist ), clickspring and i could go on and on and on !

one tip is to look on the channel you are viewing and check to see who they are subscribed to if they are allowing you to check - thats how i found most of the channels i watch.. One guy i have been waiting for to come back to making videos is mr crispin .

Don’t forget our very own youtube mega stars Stubb mandrel , Mrjasonsb and home metalworking workshop (Harold Hall).

Thread: 3 phase - radio puzzle
30/07/2019 20:03:54

I find it odd that the issue is still present on different bands and only on one radio , are any of the radios the same brand and model ? Does the offending radio do the same if you change bands and frequencies? Does the interference change pitch in tune with the vfd setting?

I’m asking this because i am curious as to where the signal is getting into the receiver , if you can tune it out it is via the antenna / tuning circuit and if not maybe via the IF or audio sections that may not be screened properly .

Either way you are producing some EMI which needs to be addressed .

I had a problem recently with a couple of dab radios , every time i would turn on my switchmode power supply they would go insane if they were any closer than a few metres away from it .

Thread: Dehumidifier project
30/07/2019 19:23:03

It is hard to compare yours V mine as the circumstances are vastly different .

The cost of energy. In Australia is horrific and I don’t know what it is like where you are .

At todays conversion rate 4p = approx 7cents AU.

I’m using 0.4 KWh a day so 0.0167 KWh an hour or 2.8KWh a week = 27 cents a week or 15p in your money .Yours is 0.375KWh an hour and at 4 hrs a day = 1.5KWh a day or 10.5KWh a week =28p in your money .

The volume of the area under the covers ( at a guess ) would be no more than 0.07cubic metres .

I’m averaging 1- 1-1/2tablespoons a night from this area so 20 - 30 ml a night so if i divide 20 ml by 24 hrs i get 0.8333 ml an hour from 0.07 cubic metres .

If i work out your work space at 10 sq metres x 2 metres hight we get 50 cubic and divide that by 3 to allow for the contents we get 16.6 cubic and 250ml an hour from this . If we we divide 16.6 by 0.07 = 237. Now 250 ml divided by 237 = 1.054 ml an hour from your unit in an area equivalent to mine so not a lot of difference .

I don’t know how long my unit is actually running per night and i suspect that most of the electricity usage is from the power supply fan .

It is almost impossible to do a comparison as there are so many variables like climate , cost of energy , workshop size and construction and the fact my unit only runs when it is needed so i can set it and forget it .

One really bizarre thing is the lighter constructed machines like my drill press don’t suffer condensation issues , i have been out to the workshop to discover my lathe and mill dripping wet but the drill press which is no more than 10 feet away is bone dry ! That is another factor that makes comparing yours V mine difficult as the rate at which my workshop heats up after sunrise is more than likely vastly different to yours and this is probably the main contributing factor in causing condensation to form only on the heavier machines .


I will try the box idea that you mentioned but i will run the unit on manual to see how long it takes it to drop from a very high level of humidity , i should be able to set something up in my 100lt esky ( cooler ) by feeding the power cables in through the drain hole and seal them off with blutac or plasticine..


30/07/2019 06:21:02

Here are a few graphs from the two data loggers:

humidity  inside.jpeg Humidity under the cover above and outside below , the vertical dotted lines are 48 hrs apart .

humidity outside.jpeg

These are the ambient temperatures and as above the top one is from under the cover and the bottom one is outside .

temp inside.jpeg

temp outside.jpeg

Probably not the dramatic effect i was expecting but the wave form under the cover is a little more stable , i believe the sudden drop in humidity on the peaks of the top chart (almost like a saw tooth ) are from the dehumidifier running and this coincides with the highest humidity and lowest temperatures of each day . There is only a few degrees difference in temperature between the two charts but under the cover doesn't get as cold or as hot and the rate of rise is a little less . The humidity also stays lower at the peak (except the last day and as i have been checking the units every few days it may have been a sealing issue ). The dehumidifiers are designed to keep the environment under the cover at a level where condensation will not form - not to dry the air out completely and as the cover is only a plastic sheet draped over the machine i expected there to be some leakage.

The power usage looks to be around 0.4 KWh a day and at 13.2 cents a KWh it is costing 7 cents a day But i feel a large chunk of this cost is from the power supply fan as it is always running all be it only slowly so i will hook up another supply that has no fan and see what it yields, the power meter says it is using 21w of power at idle and considering the dehumidifier unit only draws 70 ma at idle or 8.4 w if i can get the idle time usage down to below 10w it should lessen the cost i bit .

Another modification i have made to the condenser housing is to add a duct on the exhaust end to carry the cold air coming out of the exhaust onto the heat transfer plate to aid in cooling .


Thread: ARC NCIH Part Off Blade
24/07/2019 08:01:23

.Ok thanks Ketan!

I will give them a go .

I have avoided buying thee from that auction site for the exact reason you stated and i have seen a few reviews of blades from another well know seller that seems to be giving products out for review on youtube and the reviews were not good to say the least! .

I have purchased a bit from Ausee and have been very happy with the quality and price .

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