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Thread: Pensions
21/02/2019 18:49:29

You have to consider all your options for retirement.

I have done reasonably well out of my pension funds. I originally retired from the Northern Rhodesia Government in 1964 on a 10 pounds per month pension which I cashed in for a lump sum ( I did not trust them to continue paying monthly, and I was right ) That lump sum paid for my block of land and a new car when I came to Australia in 1966

The latest pension ripoff in Oz is "superannuation" where you supposedly get a lump sum on retirement. My employer changed to a "super" scheme about 1991 but existing pension fund members did not have to change. I stayed in the pension fund as I would have been much worse off to change.

I took early retirement in 1995, built a new house, doing all internal work myself and also living on part of my savings as my private pension was not quite enough to live comfortably until 2003 when I was eligible for a part Centrelink age pension. My private pension is cost of living adjusted every July and Centrelink reduces my age pension by 70% of that increase. I also receive a magnificent 22 pence per week from the time I worked in England - about $20 paid in December.

If you can afford to take early retirement I recommend you do so. I was asked to go back to work for 4 months and was pleased to refuse as I was going to the Eastern States in my caravan for 3 months.


Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
08/02/2019 09:19:19

Hmm ,yeah, better plan, get a bigger workshop.

My son & I have a bigger workshop, with a mezzanine floor on about one third for storage. 20 x 10 ----------- metres, and still not big enough. VBG


Thread: London Model Engineering Exhibition - Alexandra Palace
15/01/2019 11:26:39

All this whingeing about 100 quid

, I would love to go but it is definitely beyond my budget, even cattle class. Cheapest fare is about 1500 quid to London plus one day on plane each way, 500? for hotels. #2 son paid for business class fares last July for us to go to Goodwood FoS, also visited ARC, Axminster, Tracey etc and spent about 6 months pension on tools & travel. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip but found England so expensive and crowded. Will have to try to save up for another trip.


Thread: Department of Work and Pensions
20/04/2018 20:22:03

I wonder how much I would get. I worked in England for a couple of years and Centrelink forced me to apply for a UK pension when I turned 65 otherwise I would not have received my PART Australian pension. I am 80 in September and have just recovered the expenses incurred in getting the UK pension.

You are probably wondering how much it is - a magnificent 22 pence per week, paid annually in December or about $23 or 11 loaves of bread.

My youngest son is treating me to a trip to England in June or July to visit relatives. He wants to visit Duxford and a couple of race car manufacturer/tuners as he builds drift racers - last one was 920 hp from a standard Holden V8 with twin turbos + intercooler..

We plan to visit Tracey Tools in Torquay and see my grandfather's old house in Torre.

Any suggestions for places to visit would be appreciated.



Thread: The true cost of Diesel?
06/11/2017 14:24:55

but the reality is that the technology doesn't yet exist to permit long durations without recharge,

Too true! Say I want to visit my cousin in Melbourne, more than half way across Oz. From Perth to Norseman, no problem ( if there were recharging stations ) as there is a maximum of 100 km between them. From Norseman eastwards along the Eyre Highway, they are usually about 300 km apart, with nothing between them.until well into South OZ. It takes almost 2 days driving just to get out of Western Oz.

Even with the best electric car, assuming I could recharge at every fuel stop it would take at least a week to get to Melbourne instead of 3+ days due to charging times.

I have recently downsized cars and there is no way I would drive the Suzuki Celerio across Oz. I do love the fuel economy, 18 km/litre compared to the 6 of the Nissan Patrol on LPG or the 7 of the Holden Rodeo. The air con is much better than the older vehicles as well.

In Europe/UK, electric is the way to go, here we have too much distance. I live 5 km from the closest shops.


Thread: Chinese Electric Cars
27/08/2017 17:13:53

We Have a 5kW system installed on the shed roof (20 x 250W panels) unfortunately facing East so output drops after 5 pm. O Ever the last 3+ years since installation have averaged 19.13 kW daily. Synergy bill us every 2 months and we get a VERY GENEROUS 8.3 cents per kW fed into the grid against being charged about 28 cents for the supply.

Spring is coming and today we generated 19.18 kW, the other day when lovely rain was bucketing down we only got 2.3 kW

In summer we use the air conditioners mostly during the day to use solar power when we generate 30+ kWh daily but only feed about 12 into the grid saving about 18 x 28c + $1 credit

It is a worthwhile investment. ROI varies between 12 and 26% for each 2 month billing period, tax free, and the capital cost should be repaid in about 2 years.

Location 32d 11' 27.63" S : 116d 00' 53.12" E lucky neighbour's system faces North and he gets a bit more power than us.


Thread: Speedometer Error
17/08/2015 08:34:44

A few years ago I was going east across the Nullarbor. I saw a couple of trucks approaching in my RV mirror, I was doing about 107 in a 110 zone, contacted them on the radio and told them the road ahead was clear for about 5 km. They passed me, the second truck was about 1 metre behind the first, slipstreaming. I speeded up and tucked in behind, about 15 metres back and when I checked the speedo, it was showing 155 ! I followed them for about 50km until the road started to get a few curves. Incidentally, the world's second longest stretch of straight road, 146.6 km / 90 miles. The only variation is about +/- 10 metres in height. Driving at night you have to dip headlights about 20 km before you pass as the truck drivers, being so much higher are dazzled by your high beams even though you cannot see theirs. I may go east again in February to see my cousin in Melbourne.

Thread: Any Aussie subscribers here?
20/03/2015 09:12:00

My copy of 226 arrived in Darling Downs, WA either Thurs, 13th or next day, Friday. Newsagent copies are about 6 weeks (1 or 2 issues) later.


Thread: What should I budget for getting a workshop wired up?
11/10/2014 15:46:30

In the mid 90's I built a new house and with consultation with my Sparky, whose wife worked with me. We determined that my peak amperage would be 130 amps so I had to have 3 phase. Australian wiring standards are different to UK, no ring mains, and each power & lighting circuit is wired to the meter board. Electric heaters were wired direct to the meter board via circuit breakers and 3 lighting went to 1 RCD, 3 power for TV etc. to another and workshop power was 2 x 15A plug circuits to RCD's for power tools and 2 more direct to CB's on meter board for lathes, mill & welders. I later had a 25A circuit added for a split system air conditioner which did not overload the supply but the Sparky said not to add any more circuits as there was no more room on the meter board.


Thread: Where'd MEW-213 go?
17/05/2014 16:03:00

I received my copy of 215 about 10 days ago in Darling Downs, WA.


Thread: Renewals and how to contact MEW
27/02/2013 13:32:43

I do not seem to have received the February MEW, so my subscription has probably expired. I have not received a renewal notice unless there was one in the plastic bag which went in the bin.

I have searched the site but cannot find any "contact" reference - probably because my vision is not too wonderful, I have plastic lenses in my eyes.

Can someone please tell me how to contact MEW, phone is too expensive, my mobile is $1.40 per minute for Oz calls,although it is free to 2 designated numbers ( my sons). No landline.



Thread: Which lathe from these four?
26/02/2012 15:34:20

As others have said, buy the largest lathe you can afford and have space for.

. I bought a Hafco AL330 several years ago after my youngest son "borrowed" my previous smaller 200 x 600 lathe. The AL330 weighs about 400 kg so he cannot bring 3 friends and lift it by the carrying handles. Carrying handles on a lathe? Who would have thought of it but the Chinese !

. I use it for making tractor parts, OO train parts 5 - 6 mm diameter and other things and could really use something bigger, still, no problem. My son has since bought a much larger lathe for his business which I can use. It is similar to the Hafco TM-1960G - 480 x 1500 - he and his partners modify cars, build intercoolers and fit turbochargers for "boy racers" with more money than sense!

The drift car he built is a Nissan Laurel with a Holden V8, twin turbos & intercooler and puts out more than 620 kW at the wheels. Go to to see it in action at the classic challenge. 2 videos of about 45 seconds each.

By way of a contrast, my Fordson Super Major does 26 km/hr flat out and would take 5 minutes to complete the course!

Thread: End mill types
14/02/2012 03:36:44
Thanks everyone for the advice
I only have one broken mill -- so far! It was 3 mm and I pushed too hard! So I will cut off the thread as suggested with a 1 mil blade in the angle grinder and try it when I damage or wear out ones with the same shank size.
My mill has #3 MT with drawbar, what alternative chuck type would you suggest to use with plain shank mills? I have seen some mills with a flat on the shank about 20 mm in, I guess for a grub screw or some other means to keep the shank from spinning although the ones I was given do not have a flat.
13/02/2012 10:15:42
My mill was supplied with what I believe is an Osborne chuck, end mills and slot drills screw into it and the collet locks down on them.
To date I have been using threaded P&N mills & drills, however I have been given some mills without a screw thread (plain shank). Are these suitable for use in my chuck without causing any damage? Will they slip in the chuck?
I am a complete learner ( king size L plates ) for milling but am having fun.
Thread: Digital Readouts
09/02/2012 15:25:50
At last I can contribute something.
I am fitting what looks to be the identical unit to my mill & lathe. The only difference is mine have no brand name. Cost was $40 ~26.80 pounds for a 600 mm and $60 ~40.20 pounds for a metre one, including delivery from Adelaide to Perth ( about Cairo to Glasgow ) no other sizes available, just cut down to size to fit.
I have a relatively cheapo mill, Hafco HM35, the only thing I regret is that I did not buy the rack version, instead of the pillar one. It does everything I want, mainly making tractor & mower spares. So far I have fitted the X & X axis DRO's X = metre & Z = 600 cut down to 500, Y is more difficult as I have to drill & tap for mounting brackets. The first use was to mill the slot in the tailstock ram of my small lathe ( Sieg C1 ) about 15 mm longer. It was so nice to be able to mill to a zero mark instead of having to measure each cut as I do not trust the accuracy of the handle gauges due to a bit of slop ( 0.2 mm ? ) It worked perfectly.
Next is the larger lathe ( Hafco AL330A 300 x 900 ) I test fitted the metre one on the front of the lathe, between the power feed rods but the protective cover I fitted scraped on the feed half nuts, so it has to go on the back, maybe tomorrow evening, it is too stinking hot in the shed during the day, 45C+, sitting here indoors with air con on it is a comfortable 25C. I will fit a cut down 600 mm for the cross feed. the hardest part is working out where to put a protective cover to keep coolant off. I am using 40 x 40 aluminium C channel for the covers.
Alan in a rather warm Darling Downs
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