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Thread: Milling cutters with screwed shanks
30/01/2022 13:41:51
Posted by babiels on 30/01/2022 07:44:09:

Hi I have an old mill with a spindle that has an integrated (non-removable) Clarkson C Type chuck.


For your info, Tony's site has a little about a variation your mill, albeit under a different name.
If you have any useful photos, he may well appreciate them.


Thread: Identity please
27/01/2022 01:25:31

br, it might be worth having a read of this thread.

Something has clearly gone awry, as you seem to be showing one photo, but no album containing it.

Your link in the first post on this thread seems to point to an album which doesn't exist.

Have you accidentally deleted the album, after adding a photo to it, and linking to that photo?


Thread: JB cutting tools .com
26/01/2022 14:41:04
Posted by Graham Titman on 26/01/2022 14:34:48:

Old thread i know but has anybody got a link for JB TOOLS i cannot find them anywhere ?Thanks Graham

It as as per a Google search for JB Cutting Tools, which returns a simple note saying they are temp closed until the spring

"Temporarily closed

We will be reopening in Spring 2022.

Kind regards,

Jenny. "

Thread: Need to cut long thin strips of steel (& plastic) - e.g. with an angle grinder?
26/01/2022 11:39:53

That last rail system is neat.
On a smaller scale, you can fabricate something similar using draw runners.
I did so when I had some 8" planer blades to re-grind, and my Clarkson doesn't have enough table travel.
Use the heavier industrial runners rather than the very light ones in kitchen cabinet drawers.


Thread: Newton Tesla lathe package
25/01/2022 12:44:54
Posted by John Haine on 24/01/2022 17:35:00:

Thanks for the information everyone. I've now got a pdf of the manual and it confirms that the estop removes all power from the inverter so the motor coasts to a stop. So an external estop should do the job, switching the supply off and also generating an estop signal for the controller.

John, any chance of a copy of the pdf please, mine came fitted to my second hand Warco720 (Super 7 clone)
The NT package was brand new, but without any paperwork.
I did have a look, but there didn't seem to be a download option on NT's site.
Many Thanks

Thread: Is it possible to by "100% non-stick" spatulas for spreading glue? (ideally made from teflon/FEP)
24/01/2022 22:43:13

I've never seen them in the UK, at a justifiable price, though ebay shows US laboratory suppliers with them, so that might be somewhere to start.
You can buy sheet PTFE and make your own, it cuts an planes OK with woodworking tools, but it's not a cheap material.

I save up my ice lolly and Magnum sticks from the summer


Edited By peak4 on 24/01/2022 22:45:29

Thread: DIY tool holder for inserts
24/01/2022 18:16:31
Posted by IanH on 23/01/2022 21:30:41:

Thanks for these answers, very reassuring to hear. The mounting screw is M3 so it looks like 3 thou offset toward the shoulders should do it.

Thanks again,


Just a passing idea which I've not quite thought through; this would only apply if you are using single sided inserts with a taper from the front front cutting edge to the plain back.
Rather than just gluing the insert into the nascent toolholder and spot drilling, how about adding a layer or two of paper under the insert.
This would have the affect of raising the insert up the taper a small amount, and thus also moving the hole a bit closer to the locating edges in the toolholder.
When the insert is then unglued and cleaned, the threaded hole will be offset very slightly in the correct direction, so the insert is pulled up snugly.

For parallel double sided inserts, grind a little off the side(s) of an old insert to have the same effect


Thread: Newton Tesla lathe package
24/01/2022 17:48:05
Posted by John Haine on 24/01/2022 17:35:00:

Thanks for the information everyone. I've now got a pdf of the manual and it confirms that the estop removes all power from the inverter so the motor coasts to a stop. So an external estop should do the job, switching the supply off and also generating an estop signal for the controller.

John, I can't speak for the NT unit. but at least one inverter I have suggests limiting how often you stop it by killing the mains power feed. Without searching for the manual I can't remember now, but it's something like keeping it to less than once per minute.
I've no idea why.


Thread: Standard paint codes on steel bars?
24/01/2022 17:42:21

To chuck another combination into the pot, my local stockholder uses Light Green for EN8
Red=EN-1A, Pink=EN-1a(Pb), Blue=EN-3b, Green/Yellow=EN-16

Where I buy stainless, it comes in Redd or Blue, depending on 303 or 316, but I can't remember which way around, though some comes as yellow



Edited By peak4 on 24/01/2022 17:43:53

Thread: Find a members album
22/01/2022 13:22:41

br, I think I've now got a handle on why you're struggling.

I've tried the same in the past with the same lack of success that you've had.

There is more than one search box on this site; I'm guessing that you're using the one on the top right hand side of the forum site at the right hand end of the green bar above the banner.
This, as you've found, will only search in the content of posting, rather than the membership list.
John Hinkley came up as his name was mentioned in a header/thread title, rather than because he is a member.

Rather than search from the right hand end of the green banner, in the header, head for the "home" selection at the left hand end of the black bar just below the banner.

banner 1.jpg

This will take you away from the forum to the home page of the site.
Half way down that, there is a Google search box in which you can enter the member's name.
Don't forget to tick the box just below, to search this site only.

search 1.jpg

This will then take you to a conventional Google search results page, where the member's profile normally comes up as the top listing.

google peak4.jpg

From there one can find the member's album(s).


Personally I often just leave the site, go to google and enter "Model engineers forum member name" That way you might get two chances depending on what you enter; in my case my members name is"peak4" But my actual name is "Bill Williams"

Hence a search for my actual name also yields a useful result

bill search.jpg


Thread: Need to cut long thin strips of steel (& plastic) - e.g. with an angle grinder?
20/01/2022 10:18:49

There are also machines such as the Formit, from Warco amongst others
Sometimes described as a 3 in 1 sheet metal machine; Clarke and others sell them.

The guillotine blade seems to be set at an angle to the static blade though, so I would expect that the the removed material would curl away from the main sheet

They are designed for removing waste material up to the working edge of the project, but the problem here, is that the project is a lot narrower than the parent source material at 1 to 5mm, so effectively becomes the waste

That also looks to be the case with the Durston shear mentioned above.


Thread: Slip gauge question.
17/01/2022 13:22:24

Here's quite a useful little video on gauge blocks by Dan Bailey

One way of cleaning de-burring Jo blocks is to use a stone supplied by one of the block manufacturers, but that will likely cost as much as a set of second hand blocks off ebay.
This video is also worth a watch, on precision ground stones for the home workshop.

I've been meaning to make a set myself, having now fettles a little Herbert grinder; I've got some stones in stock to try, but currently suffering from inertia on that one, as I still need to make an arbor for my diamond wheel, and then a wheel dresser etc. etc.

Mr Gotteswinter's stones are not available for shipping to the UK post Brexit, so you'll have to make your own.

If you don't fully watch either of the latter two videos, note that these stones are not designed to cut on a flat surface, in the same was as a sharpening stone would, and they should also be used dry.


Thread: Mill or drill for the same money
16/01/2022 00:13:14

If you're not expecting to drill large holes on a regular basis, something like a long column Dore Westbury might be a suitable compromise.
I guess it depends very much on the user's requirements.
I'm fortunate, in that from more or less the same standing position, just by turning around on the same foam floor tile, I can access, The Centec 2b, 12 speed Sealey 5/8" bench drill, Meddings, 5 speed pillar drill and long column DW mill/drill.
Depending on which vice is attached to what, may determine which machine I use.

As an aside;
A couple of years ago I picked up a cheap seized 12" diameter magnetic chuck. When I eventually got it to operate, I found that it wasn't as magnetic as it should be, so I'm reticent to use it on the lathe.
Until I submit it to Record's service department, it lives on the round table of the Sealey bench drill; there is sufficient magnetism remaining that it will hold any of my drill vices reasonably well, so it makes clamping the work down comparatively painless.


Thread: Replace Speaker Surrounds
11/01/2022 19:07:45

Yes, the catalogue was still a single volume then, and about 1½cm thick, changing colour as a new one came out every 4 months.
I've just a couple left from 1984 & 5; I used to get them as they were discarded by our GPO/BT planners.

By 2004, my copy shows it had expanded to 7 volumes.

At some point, it was available as both paper and CD, but the only CD I have left is from Sept 2000; unfortunately, it wasn't just a plain CD, but needed its own browser/program installing on the host PC, so I can't get it to run under W10.
My old XP netbook still works with it, and shows that by 2000 that particular speaker had been discontinued, but with no further history in the database search.

I'd forgotten about the soundtrack to that video, as I had it on mute when I posted it earlier.


11/01/2022 10:58:57

Neil, here you go, they were still selling them in 1985, this is from the July-Oct catalogue.

rs loudspeaker (1).jpg

And one of the whole page.
I can email you higher resolution scans if the forum has compressed these too much to be legible.
rs loudspeaker (3).jpg

I've repaired a couple of speakers myself with new foam surrounds, it's a bit fiddly but easy enough is anyone is interested themselves. I found lots of clothes-pegs to come in handy.
I used This Outfit in The Netherlands, but it was pre-Brexit, so I'm not sure how long shipping will take these days

They even supply a useful video to give some idea of the process.
Mine were JPW, and only needed the outer suspension foam renewing.

There is debate about whether foam or rubber is the best material to use, but it seems to depend on how close you live to the sea.


Thread: Boxford chuck
11/01/2022 01:59:32

I believe Boxfords were often fitted with a 4 ½" Taylor chuck, in which case, the jaws are easy to identify.

If so, well worth keeping and re-grinding the jaws if necessary, assuming the scroll is still in good nick.


Thread: An unpleasant nocturnal experience.
11/01/2022 01:54:23

Many years ago, just before I went to university, a girl I was getting to know had a similar mystery, in that food kept on vanishing there too.
Lesley obviously know it wasn't here, as did her parents, so all suspicion fell on the younger brother, who vigorously protested his innocence.
It was only after this had been going on for about 3 weeks that her Dad found an abscondee from the local open prison had been hiding in their attic the whole time.

Sadly I lost contact with her when we both went off to Uni, but it was quite pleasant to keep her company whilst the folks were out; just you provide reassurance you understand.


Thread: How are they made ? : Starrett 167 series Radius Gauges
05/01/2022 23:22:17
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 05/01/2022 23:18:36:


This video [starting about 8 minutes in] has some reasonable images of the Starrett items.

… it looks like they are more traditionally manufactured than I thought.


I think your link's dropped off.

Next time I'm in Sheffield, I see if my friend is in, and query him on the method of manufacture used by M&W etc.
I'm sure he will know.


05/01/2022 22:35:39
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 05/01/2022 18:24:56:

The plot thickens …

I have just been comparing two of the 2D Starrett drawings:

167-010+.pdf and 167-1_8+.pdf

There are substantial differences in the level of information contained.

I suppose I better download the set, to see in any contain manufacturing instructions !


I've just looked at one of the 2D diagrams, I think it was the 1/64"
I've no idea how they are currently made, but the diagram is dated 11/5/54, which rather suggests that they weren't originally laser cut.


Thread: Controlled release of a Clarke Bottle Jack fitted to an engine building stand
05/01/2022 22:15:25

How does the threaded part operate the valve at its base?
If it's a tapered fit, a bit like a brake bleed nipple, then maybe a new part with a more pointed taper, such that the hole is exposed slower as the bolt is unscrewed, similar to a carburettor main jet..


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