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Thread: Thread Size Help
15/09/2019 22:45:13

Would This Table assist you at all?


Thread: Scissors
13/09/2019 14:44:21

HERE YOU GO, but i think they were also supplied by Post Office Telephones for engineers to use when working on cotton covered cables. That's where mine came from anyway, when I inherited a predecessor's tool kit.


Thread: CRT Free!
13/09/2019 00:00:33

Andrew, Here you go.

I am registered, though have rarely posted, mainly about mending my old oscilloscope.
A friendly and helpful bunch so long as you don't mention ebay.

Either you can register yourself, or let me know the exact details of the CRT and an email address/phone number and rough location and I'll post it on the forum for you, so long as you're cool with me supplying one of their members with your contact details.


Thread: wire bender
07/09/2019 16:41:02

Duncan, can't help with the bender, but as regards the stainless/aluminium interface, make sure you coat it liberally with wax or something similar to keep out any moisture.
As a Landrover owner, having vehicles with aluminium alloy panels, I can assure you stainless and ali are not happy bedfellows. The alloy eventually turns to white dust wherever it's had a stainless nut and bolt through.


Thread: Anyone know where I can get hold of 'Gauge Rods'
05/09/2019 12:56:10

Maybe use your favourite search engine on the term "drill blank set", essentially drills but before the flutes or cutting edges are machined. Often more expensive than a set of drill, but drill sets are often made with undersized shanks

For Example, though there are other suppliers of course


Edited By peak4 on 05/09/2019 13:00:02

Thread: 4 jaw Self centering chuck recommendations please
04/09/2019 22:33:04
Posted by old mart on 04/09/2019 20:58:49:

For a four jaw independent, you might look at Arceurotrade, click on their advert at the top. They sell Chinese and Indian chucks. You would also find that getting a lever type of indicator would be easier than the plunger dti for use with this type of chuck.

I find the quickest way, is to use a plunger DTI, held horizontally in the toolpost; mainly because they tend to be available with a longer throw than lever type ones. (also when I only had the one clock, it had to be pressed into multiple duties)

A good quick project is to make a second chuck key, which in conjunction with a DTI in the horizontal plane, makes setting up a doddle, as you have access to both of a pair of opposing jaws at the same time.


Thread: Dumb question from a none driver
04/09/2019 22:19:16
Posted by mark smith 20 on 04/09/2019 20:00:08:

Just an update i yesterday received a receipt in my name as owner so with the facebook conversation and screen shots off the phone showing the seller in the conversation i feel i have enough proof of purchase.

The V5c change of keeper has been done online.

Initial insurance my son took out on the van was wrong due to mix up between comparison site and insurance company not having me as owner of vehicle down on policy and not being covered for commuting to and from work.When contacted they said my son would have to either become the owner or cancel policy .So cancel policy it was.

Cancelled insurance today (within 14 day cool off period) £72 refund given on initial deposit.

Took out new policy today which has me as owner stated on the policy and my son as the keeper, and covers for commuting to and from work.

So everything seem alright i think.smiley

thanks everyone for all the advice


Mark, not wishing to concern you, but I'm not clear when ownership was changed, and tax paid; not that it's any of my business of course.
May I suggest you, or your son, checks the tax status on-line, both now, and in a couple or three weeks time, just to be on the safe side. That link will also provide somewhere for you to check the insurance is registered on MID, who aim to get it updated within 48 hours, but claim it can take up to a week.

May I also suggest that your son carries a printout of the new insurance certificate with him in the meantime, just in case an ANPR check flags something up, due to the previous insurance being cancelled.

I'm glad all worked out OK, and hope your son gets everything back on track.


Edited By peak4 on 04/09/2019 22:23:16

Thread: 4 jaw Self centering chuck recommendations please
03/09/2019 17:49:24
Posted by JasonB on 03/09/2019 13:36:03:
Posted by peak4 on 03/09/2019 10:55:29:
Posted by pgk pgk on 03/09/2019 10:24:27:

It might be worth considering the extra few quid for a sanou 6-jaw chuck for flexibility and still circa £100

Has anyone seen a vendor offering these with a set of outside jaws included (or even available?)



They only show stepped or tapered on their website.

Thanks Jason, yes I've seen that, but several ebay vendors, both UK and Chinese, show a table/spreadsheet which shows the dimensions for the external jaws, but no-one I've spotted actually seems to be able to supply them. I've seen photos of them, but only for the K13-250, which is a bit on the big side.

Maybe Sanou used to make them, and once displayed this table of sizes on their website, but now discontinued.


03/09/2019 10:55:29
Posted by pgk pgk on 03/09/2019 10:24:27:

It might be worth considering the extra few quid for a sanou 6-jaw chuck for flexibility and still circa £100

Has anyone seen a vendor offering these with a set of outside jaws included (or even available?)



Thread: Hello
02/09/2019 23:02:36

If I understand you correctly, the lathe runs OK in back gear, i.e. the lowest speeds, but there's no drive to the spindle in a high speed setup.

I've just found a copy of the manual, there should  be an Allen bolt or similar to key the two headstock gears together. It's described in the manual as "a sliding key, locked in position by means of a cap head screw."

The bullwheel is the largest gear in the headstock. It needs engaging for direct drive. I don't have an ML7  but I just thought I'd reply so you weren't feeling left out.

Welcome to a friendly and helpful corner of the internet.



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Thread: Help choosing a Chinese lathe please
02/09/2019 20:04:54

Whilst you may be daunted at the prospect of cutting threads on a lathe at the moment, you may well feel the need as you get more proficient and experienced.
This might be particularly important when restoring old items.
Are the airguns you work on imperial or metric threads, or indeed some kind of specials occasionally?

Some mini lathes may only supply the relevant gears for either one or the other, some may come with what's needed for cutting both.

I can't advise what to buy as I've never used any of the Chinese Mini-Lathes, My stable has a Myford, a Warco Myford lookalike/cone, and a Warco gearhead; all are imperial, but I do cut metric threads as well, due to having British, Japanese and Italian motorbikes..

Maybe add Warco and Seig to your list.

Also, please don't get confused between metric and imperial lathes, and metric/imperial screwcutting.

It's perfectly possible to cut metric threads on an imperial lathe, and vice versa, depending on what gears are supplied/available. I guess the choice between metric and imperial lathes themselves, depends on what measuring system you prefer, though I'm sure others will chip in with their own views on that one.


Edited By peak4 on 02/09/2019 20:07:43

Thread: Dumb question from a none driver
31/08/2019 20:30:36
Posted by jimmy b on 31/08/2019 19:51:42:

When I tax my vehicles online, insurance and MOT are checked by the DVLA.



Jim, That always used to be the case, but with the advent of Continuous Insurance Enforcement in 2012 (2013??) That insurance check at the point of taxation was removed, both at PO and on-line.

Yes you are legally required to have insurance when you use/tax the vehicle under CIE rules, but the check is done differently.
The insurance certificate is still required, and checked, checked at Post Offices in Northern Ireland. and MOTs are still electronically checked on-line and paper ones required at Post Offices.

It's all explained HERE 

As far as I can remember, this proposal was implemented, but I seem to have lost the bookmarked page as to when and under which bit of legislation. Please double check for yourself, before relying on what I've typed.

I think enforcement is now carried out by a regular data scrape, comparing MID with non-SORNed vehicles.

Unfortunately one of the consequences of this Government/DVLA cost saving measure (reducing a duplicated insurance check), is that the reminder to renew ones insurance whilst paying Vehicle Excise Duty, VED, is no longer present.

Obviously many folks renewed insurance at the same date as VED, as it was often related to when you bought the car. Trying to tax it before the end of the relevant month, but having it rejected, as the insurance was about to run out, has saved many people inadvertently driving uninsured.

Now you only find out when the fine comes through the post, or worse, you get stopped whilst actually driving, and awarded 6 points and a fine. Many people have found this out to their cost, when an insurance renewal has been forgotten or failed for some reason.

With the greatest respect to all on this forum , if anyone here is effectively going to offer, what amounts to legal advice, we must be able to show it is correct and ideally link to the original source.


p.s. Despite the title of the thread, the length and depth of it, clearly shows it wasn't a "Dumb Question" at all Mark.  wink

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Edited By peak4 on 31/08/2019 20:46:50

31/08/2019 19:37:20
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 31/08/2019 16:29:40:
Posted by peak4 on 31/08/2019 15:29:47:

Mark, there's a wide variety of, sometimes conflicting, advice on this thread; I'd really make sure you understand all of the implications of your next action before you commit yourself.

I think you would get good advice from a forum such as Pepipoo, in their Flame Pit sub-forum, (they are motoring specialists, we are for the most part engineers with other interests and opinions).

Make sure you are able to provide concise and unambiguous answers to the following questions in your first missive should you chose to post there.



I'd keep Bill's advice on the back burner for use later if necessary. The problem with asking all those good questions on the Internet is there will be a lot of conflicting answers, more questions and more confusion.

Not worth the trouble. I don't think there's a problem with the Vehicle Registration because Mark's son was able to Tax and Insure it both of which involve DVLA checks.


Keep it simple and don't lose sleep fretting about complications. If it ain't bust don't fix it.


Edited By SillyOldDuffer on 31/08/2019 16:31:36

Dave, with the greatest respect please read what I actually wrote.

I wasn't suggesting asking those questions at random somewhere, rather I suggested a particular forum, and answering those questions himself in his posting not asking them of someone else.

The contributors on Pepipoo are experienced, but busy and sometimes rather abrupt; it saves time and misunderstanding if they have all the facts presented to them unambiguously right from the off. Many of the regulars there are lawyers, serving and retired police officers, magistrates etc. Wrong or misleading advice is normally very quickly peer reviewed and corrected.

I didn't suggest that the above problems existed, merely that it was helpful to be able to exclude them from the start, to save questions going back and forth.

From Mark's posts on here, there would appear to be two log books involved, one complete, and one new keeper's slip (Section10 V5c2)

I haven't seen them, so can't comment on their relevance; perhaps the Section 10 was from when the previous keeper bought the car, perhaps the previous keeper filled out the V5c with new keepers details, posted it as required, and just handed over the slip. The full log book may or not be a red herring.

There is also the complication of when all log books were replaced by the DVLA due to fraud concerns. I appreciate that one shouldn't but I have retained both copies of mine.

The folks on here don't know how the vehicle has been taxed by Mark and his son. If it was done before change of keeper's details were registered with the DVLA, then that may present issues.

I don't think there's a problem with the Vehicle Registration because Mark's son was able to Tax and Insure it both of which involve DVLA checks.

To answer this bit, one would need to know how it was taxed, Post Office, on-line, pre or post, change of keeper's details. I would assume that if they took the log book to the local PO, updated the keeper's details, and taxed it at the same time, all will be well, but we don't know if that's what happened.

Also Insurance is no longer checked when taxing a vehicle, unless you do it in Northern Ireland, though a current MOT is still required if applicable. From my experience insurers don't do any DVLA checks at all, just relying on you filling out the proposal form correctly.

As a non driver, Mark understandably won't be familiar with these procedures, hence trying to make sure he and his son get everything watertight and resolved successfully.

As regards contacting the DVLA with a query, yes it seems reasonable, but I didn't suggest doing it initially as the advice they give over the phone isn't always that reliable, particularly for slightly out of the ordinary requests. I speak from personal experience on that one.

N.B. Mark. I don't think it's been mentioned yet, but don't forget to keep an eye out for the new logbook/V5c. It should arrive within 4 weeks, though it's normally sooner. If it doesn't arrive, the instructions are in Section 10, though I'd phone them first before filling in the V62 form as there is a charge associated with that.

I'm sure it will all work out fine in time.

Cheers Bill

Thread: Cooled Astro Cam Conversion
31/08/2019 15:32:42

Considering an interference fit with the copper item; is it a heater to combat dew forming in a telescope?


Thread: Dumb question from a none driver
31/08/2019 15:29:47

Mark, there's a wide variety of, sometimes conflicting, advice on this thread; I'd really make sure you understand all of the implications of your next action before you commit yourself.

I think you would get good advice from a forum such as Pepipoo, in their Flame Pit sub-forum, (they are motoring specialists, we are for the most part engineers with other interests and opinions).

Make sure you are able to provide concise and unambiguous answers to the following questions in your first missive should you chose to post there.

How long ago was the vehicle bought by you?

Who currently holds the V5c and what is the DOCREF date on it? (the latest V5c is red; this replaced the previous blue one if you have two copies in your possession)

Who's name and address is on it? Is it the person who sold you the car?

Did the previous keeper actually own the car to sell? (i.e. is there HP on it, found by doing an HPI check?)

Who last taxed the car, how and when? (if taxed, by your son, prior to change of keeper, then the remaining tax will be cancelled, and returned to the previous registered keeper - not your son, when the vehicle is transferred to your son. He would then need to tax it again, or be in breach of legislation)

Your son will be the new registered keeper, there isn't a DVLA concept of registered owner.

N.B. all the insurance questions must be answered truthfully for obvious reasons.

As far as I'm aware, your son only has to provide an address where he can be reliably contacted. i.e. he could be the registered keeper, but at your address, though I'd check up on that in case the law has changes recently. N.B. this can also lead to further unintended complications, like council parking permits etc, as well as any NIPs for road traffic matters would be sent to your address, not his if he's flown the coop.

When I bought my van a few years ago, the seller and I changed me to registered keeper on-line at his premises; we then both kept printouts of the confirmation. I was then able to tax it on-line in my name.


Thread: Super 7B manual, book?
29/08/2019 15:13:33

Roger, have a look at your inbox, on the top green banner of the page, as you have an as yet unread email.


29/08/2019 14:37:43

The manual is readily available on line as a pdf download, though I hesitate to provide a link one here for copyright reasons.

One of the better books is; Myford Series 7 Manual, by Ian Bradley.

ISBN: 9780852427750


Thread: Help milling an angle
28/08/2019 20:27:24
Posted by Plasma on 28/08/2019 20:16:34:

I dont understand the question. Are you making a flat plate identical to the drawing with a 60 degree angle?

Or are you making a flat plate with angled long edges? Your post is not clear hence the confusion.

If it's the former, rough it out with a saw and finish with files or a belt grinder. There is no need to waste time on a milling machine when it could be done much more quickly as I suggest.

Regards plasma

After reading your comment, I just cheated and went to Grotto's album, called "Brake", so I guess a 6" long plate with a 60º included angle along one edge to form the blade for a sheet metal bending tool.
I was actually thinking about making one yesterday, hence I'd already pondered on a workholding method, then subsequently read the thread about 13 useful items for the workshop.


Edited By peak4 on 28/08/2019 20:28:32

28/08/2019 11:54:41

N.B. I haven't got a pencil out to draw this to check my initial thoughts;

How about obtaining a length of large hexagon bar, clamp to either an angle plate, or a length of square bar, such that the pointy bit of the hex is to the top. This can be along the length of the milling table.

Then clamp workpiece to one angle of the hex. Mill a flat on the edge, half way through, and turn over to mill the other side of the 1/4" plate. The included angle should be 60º

Have I had enough coffee to think this through correctly?


Thread: Any one recommend a supplier of 1/4 inch lathe blanks
23/08/2019 23:53:08

I can't speak for all suppliers, but if you definitely need 1/4", make sure you don't end up with 6mm.
I appreciate that ArcEurotrade do list both, but I've been supplied with the wrong ones in the past, but not I should add by Ketan at Arc


Edited By peak4 on 23/08/2019 23:56:08

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