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Thread: Hobbymat MD65 - Leadscrew issue
06/03/2022 23:59:12

When you have a taper pin through both a collar and shaft obviously the thick end of both has to be on the same side and a smooth taper all the way through. I think your previous owner in messing about got the shaft hole 180 out of line so the pin didn't go in. You should try to get a new pin. taper pins all should have the same rate of taper, just different thickness so you should be able to get one. I think the Eastern Block countries did follow international convention on this while far eastern can be a bit more hit and miss.
If the bodging has messed up the hole you might be better off drilling a new hole at 90 degrees just be careful as you break through the existing hole. Plug that hole with a bit of mild steel before drilling so there isn't a hole if possible. You don't have to use a taper pin as that would need a taper reamer too. Instead use a roll pin - yes I know shock horror but it is the most sensible solution for an amateur.

Thread: Shed insulation
06/03/2022 23:42:50

Unless you use the premade sandwich panels sealed with metal on the inside too, ie 100% waterproof you will get condensation on the inside of the metal. You then have to follow 'cold roof' techniques. That is try and stop the moisture from the inside migrating out using a vapour barrier but then have a well ventilated gap on the inside of the outer metal shell so that it doesn't sit there and make the insulation wet.

Thread: Financial surnames
06/03/2022 20:13:55

I never give any thought to the meaning/derivation of my own surname when giving it nor to other peoples' when I meet them. With so many non-anglo-saxons in my acquaintance now I wonder how many have equivalent connotations of occupation/lineage etc as the ones I can understand.
Many of the oddities in UK names and spellings were introduced in the 18th century when barely literate clergy started to make written records of births and marriages and had to interpret local accents to put on paper for the very first time a family's name. It then became their legal identity to be copied when a later generation finally learned to write more than just an X. Records sometimes show changes is a name as a succeeding cleric struggled to read/write and created a new version.

Thread: Hobbymat MD65 - Leadscrew issue
06/03/2022 19:39:39

The pin is a 'shear pin' and the groove is to weaken it but if it was taken apart and put back clumsily it can then bend there.
Does it have the same stiff segment ( I assume you mean part of a single rotation of the leadscrew) when rotating in the opposite direction so that the force is not on the bearing at the left hand end.?
If the collar is not true and all the surfaces of the bearing and its seat (still talking left hand end) not clean with no embedded swarf the bearing will not be exactly true and the two together form a swash plate which gives these problems. Trying to remove all end float in the leadscrew which I assume is the idea behind your extra bearing will make the problem more obvious.

Thread: Elliott dividing head worm...
05/03/2022 14:51:39

As it has lost the plate holder etc as well probably the best thing to do would be to make it into a stepper motor controlled divider.

Unless you already have another dividing head to make a new worm wheel, with suitable precision as that is what the whole device revolves around, then it is much easier to make just the replacement worm. If you make the first one out of brass it will be adequate for hobby use and if it is not the best match won't damage the wheel.

05/03/2022 14:44:36

The worm is a tad over 0.975in or a tad under 2.6cm diameter, minor diameter 0.632in, 1.61cm. However this depends on depth of engagement so crest of thread is 0.085in 2.18mm. Base of thread is about the same but my calipers don't go in that far. Pitch: 3 turns are 0.76in 1.915cm. so seems to be 4tpi. It was probably designed as 4tpi being simpler to set up than a circular pitch and the wheel designed to match as the only variable would be the diameter.

Thread: Too lazy or too stupid?
04/03/2022 00:49:51

Sort of prompted by the thread on books - people who don't bother to read nowadays.
On another forum someone today asked what type of thread the tap they had was for that was X tpi and Y in diameter. More than half the people on here would have known instantly but even allowing for someone being a complete novice all he had to do was put it into Google.
But there seem to be people who won't read a book or even Google something, - just go on Facebook and ask a dumb question (and YES there are dumb questions and they get asked by lazy people). Other days they are asking about changewheel ratios or other basics covered in many books and websites if they would just put in five minutes effort.

On cooking forums do people come on and ask how to boil and egg?

Thread: Buy a book or download free
04/03/2022 00:35:29

So many books (non fiction) are hardly even skimmed by their owners. Especially in the areas of model railway hobbyists. I have an archive of decades of ME with more coming in with MEW and other subs if I read / reread one a day I wonder if I will live long enough to get through them. Then books, say one a week, that's going to be years even before I start on the shelves of fiction my parents bought. I mustn't buy any more but people do keep bringing things along to the club because they want to ease the burden of books they won't read again.

Thread: Cast iron properties
03/03/2022 19:08:28

GR17 is your basic cast iron with flakes of graphite that make it softish, easy but messy to machine, break if you hit it hard but cheap. All those flakes or graphite are stress raisers which make it more breakable under bending or stretching but don't matter when squashed.
SG is Spheroidal Graphite. It is treated so the graphite clumps together as globules which reduces the stress raising function of the flakes so it is much stronger. It is what is used for brake discs and exhausts to be cheap and strong -ish.
In both types the base material or matrix that isn't carbon in one form or another is like mild steel. Have you considered using mild steel? They only used cast iron 'cos it was cheap in the quantity they were making and got close to shape reducing machining. Nowadays it would be CNCed from billet.

Thread: Greenwashing
02/03/2022 17:42:33

At least the cardboard is recyclable easily. I think Dyson do a fixed price repair service but nobody bothers because the designs are so full of flaws they are happy to get rid of them. I have been given several cleaners simply 'cos people can't be bothered to unblock them. Found one in a skip but no hose (probably lower down) next week I found the exact hose in another skip after the had liberated the metal bits.

Edited By Neil Wyatt on 03/03/2022 13:42:09

Thread: Oops
28/02/2022 17:18:37

I think part of the reason Bakers Fluid works is that the ammonium part decomposes to release hydrochloric acid which has a nasty habit of wafting around the workshop to find your most precious micrometer or other tool to promote rust on.

Thread: Resin blocks drain
27/02/2022 18:28:46

See if they have any adverts on local trader sites and put in a review. Also local facebook of whatsapp groups.

Thread: I need to screw cut a 19 TPI thread.?
27/02/2022 18:22:59

If you look at the changewheels provided for any non QCGB imperial lathe you always see a 38 tooth gear. ie 2x19 This is the only reason that gear is in there. Clearly the person who invented plumbing fittings didn't understand the way having a high prime in the standard would be the bane of machinists echoing down the decades.

Thread: stuff that came with my lathe ...
25/02/2022 13:34:32

It looks like you have a quick change gearbox so most of the extra gears are not essential but you need to check the metric conversion set and appropriate documentation to determine what is needed wo cover ALL metric and imperial threads, and BA. Then the excess gears can be sold.
it looks like the item attached to the vertical slide may be a gear cutter relieving tool so you are unlikely to use it and can sell it.
While I would like to suggest that if you don't need a capable lathe you sell it as a nice package and just get one of the many unequipped lathes on ebay it would probably just be bought by a garage trader to asset strip.

Thread: Astor kit, SBB E3/3 instruction book?
23/02/2022 13:39:29

You need to join the gauge1railways forum. You don't need to be a member of G1MRA to join that forum but obviously you will want to join them to have somewhere to run it.
Welcome to smaller scale model engineering.

Thread: Songs about Engineering
23/02/2022 13:32:20

'Shipbuilding' by Elvis Costello where the BBC were criticised for playing it to a background film of....building ships. Moral : if you are trying to be clever with your political statements use a proper title for your song.

Thread: I need help to identify shaper
22/02/2022 13:04:47

Well your name seems Polish so assuming you are thereabouts it is likely an eastern block copy or adaptation of a better documented make. Perhaps reaching out to German and Polish forums will be more forthcoming.

Thread: Blocked Drain
21/02/2022 19:22:47

Next time you are at a county show, community fair or whatever look for the local water company stand. They are giving out special fat container you keep in the kitchen to pour fat in. It is flexible plastic that allows you to then tip the gob of goo into the bin.

Thread: Smart meter
20/02/2022 22:55:54

I wonder if the smart meter has enough battery power to send a 'lost supply' message. Or if they report half hourly as has been mentioned it gives the power company a quick and accurate report of outages.

18/02/2022 22:34:33

Eleven hour power outage thanks to Eunice. Well done the engineers from Wester Power who must have been working on it until 9pm.
It saved me about 3KWh on today's usage - must be the fridge and dehumidifiers. Boy did I miss electric light - how did anyone ever read by candle light? Made me think though when this house was built it was candles and oil lamps only.
I think it is the first time for >55years I have been without power in the evening in the UK (excluding camping etc self inflicted). I specifically remember the time as a teenager I had to go for a walk 'cos no TV.

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