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Thread: Setting up a model engineering club
10/08/2022 20:18:09

Pete R has a good point plus people will expect you to make things available week in week out. Insurance problem, Even if it is just your mates when one of them loses a finger his wife will get a solicitor to claim half your house (only half as your wife's solicitor will argue half is hers during the divorce)

Think about setting up a Men's Shed, on other property, with insurance and a team of people to act as helpers.

Thread: My height adjustable table/worktop on castors (pics)
10/08/2022 19:59:00

With me the jack space would get filled with stuff making lowering impossible. Will it move up and down smoothly if unevenly loaded?

Thread: Another Mystery Tool
09/08/2022 21:31:13

Melted wax was also used as a seal. Used for suffocating butterflies or introducing something to kill them in the more elaborate ones.

Thread: Choices..Need guidance
09/08/2022 18:47:15

A Myford size is ok for a Boxford 4 1/2 in lathe (9in swing) if you pack up the block 3/16" but for a 10" lathe I would suggest a Boxford sized one despite all the holders then being more expensive, And as suggested above the wedge type rather than piston or Dickson is the current best option.

+1 for nothing wrong with a good old 4 way, you can even have interchangeable 4way blocks.

Edited By Bazyle on 09/08/2022 18:49:56

Thread: How Much is this Costing Me?
08/08/2022 11:45:36

Although the advertising for smart meters has at times been reprehensible (exploiting grandparents concern over grandchildren) they don't bite so not a major problem. Mine does get a bit confused over summer time and the cost display is a bit off after resetting itself at midnight for a while. As to accuracy when I was away for a week so stable loads (fridge, alarm, radio on standby) the daily readings were within a penny which could be the variation in the fridge and ambient temperature. I think if I add the modem and a security light my base load including standing charge is about £1 / day now.
Having had to get a new fridge last year it is now obvious how much less it uses, and I can see the jump in watts each time it turns on. Just unplugged my microwave and see it uses 6W, that would light up the whole kitchen if it were a LED bulb, Modem is a bit of a pain at 11W. Mains radio uses 5W to keep its channel memory and about 20 running which is probably rather more than a modern one would. When outside I use a solar powered radio.

Oh, the remote smart meter display uses 1W.

As to workshop machine power consumption this might be a reason to get a SuperAdept for the small jobs and forgo the boasting of having a Colchester Triumph. I took my smart display into the workshop and did a five minute turning job, The display didn't even move !W no matter how hard I treadled

Thread: Refurbishing my bench
08/08/2022 11:03:07

I recently discovered a commercial flooring shop that has a skip continuously on the go getting filled with their carpet and flooring scrap. This often includes a couple of floorboards about 6"x3'.. The boards come in packs of several so they end a job with 2 or 3 spare. Most are mdf with a veneer layer, a few are sort of ply in which the top layer is a 3mm layer of quality hardwood, plus there are strips of vinyl for gluing down. Maybe if you can find such a place they might put bits by for you for a few beers.

Thread: My latest print, 90% OK.
07/08/2022 21:30:52

A resin print can be very accurate since the resolution in x&y is set by the pixels in the screen that provides the exposure so is a few thou. This should also make things very repeatable even if you have used some calibration factors. The z axis is dependent on the lift mechanism but should be calibrate-able to just a few thou.
However you can get 'growth' by over exposure as light from exposing layer No2 also can expose some more resin around layer No1. There are some settings to allow for this. You can also get some under-exposed resin redissolving and most common is inadequate washing before final post print curing putting extra material into crevices and corners that are hard to wash.

Thread: Engraver Problem - ML7 Oddities - Tracy To The Rescue!
06/08/2022 10:56:36

I think the original TH and D Dowling spindles are taper so that you can replace a blunt cutter with a new one and be at exactly the same height to continue - important for a professional engraver not to waste time resetting the height. Newer ones and larger machines like Alexander die sinkers have collets to take a long cutter. Newing-hall who took over TH used to supply the taper cutters but don't seem to list them any more, Probably no demand as all commercial engravers will use newer CNC machines.

Thread: What went wrong with my advert?
05/08/2022 20:55:33

Old Mart - you are allowed to have more than one album, each with a relevant title and even name the pictures !

Thread: First print with new resin printer
04/08/2022 18:02:59

3Dcircle advice: If you can find a cheap source of new FEPs (about 5 for £12) replace it and be sure to tighten the screws like a cylinder head diagonals etc, not from one end.

Thread: Engraver Problem - ML7 Oddities - Tracy To The Rescue!
04/08/2022 13:58:04

Useful information for an engraver owner. When coming up with gems of info like this please consider making the thread title very relevant and easy for search engines to find so the data is not lost.

There used to be a chap with a website that listed every T&H that came up for sale with photos and other information. Not sure if it is still around but I would expect the owner to have the information you need and needed.

Thread: First print with new resin printer
04/08/2022 09:46:40

There a very helpful forum called GaugeOne3DCircle that may be able to advise, even if you are not printing for G1. We have a weekly zoom call on Thursdays for advice too. It alternates between 4pm and 7pm to allow for different time zones and working times. Today 4th Aug is at 4pm.

Note that your missing bits may be at the bottom of the vat and will stop the plate reaching the bottom so you must decant and filter your resin whenever you suspect you did not get 100% of your print. Suitable fine mesh filters are on ebay. (we are not talking coffee filter paper, more like an old tea strainer.).

I don't do resin yet so can't give more advice but I am impressed by teh sharpness of your filament print.

Thread: Ajax AJ8 Milling Arbour removal
02/08/2022 17:40:10

Picture 3 looks like a long hex nut pinned to the round drawbar end like on my Warco Mill-drill. however can you explain picture 4. It looks like a view down the pulley as if something more than just the nut was removed. ???
If the inside of the pulley is threaded and the bit removed with the nut is threaded on the outside perhaps it is meant to be screwed in to push the back of the drawbar to force it out.
Or maybe the drawbar is too short and had a screwed on extension that has come off.

The front of the spindle looks to be a stepped flange to provide the drive so is just backed by eg a Morse 2 or 3 for alignment and that as usual is jammed.

Thread: Engineered fuel prices
02/08/2022 15:53:21

Don't forget the oil to make the petrol you use today was bought 3 months ago when it seemed to be on a rapid upward trend. There are also funny effects from the futures market so don't bank on it dropping or rising unless yu are an expert in the field.
Although the profits being announced by various companies not just oil giants often seem huge they are really meaningless unless the size of the business is taken into account factoring in employee count and capital invested, and debt.

Thread: You think you've seen it all
02/08/2022 12:59:38

When saying 'its the law' please mention which country you are in. Even if you said it a few posts ago don't expect anyone to remember......

Thread: Play Day at the Club
01/08/2022 13:36:13

From Wikipedia: Bankstown is a suburb south west of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is 16 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district.

The Fowler looks to be about 3" scale. Is that scaled up from one of the well known 2in JH designs?

Thread: Will the lights stay on this winter?
28/07/2022 11:06:10

I believe you are in the south of England. Do you have figures for max, min, and average power generated per day per installed nominal KWh of solar panel for winter months like Jan and Feb?
In summer I figure it would be easy to solar charge an electric hybrid for all my normal driving, and cut back to say 20 miles per week in winter.

Thread: Coincidences
28/07/2022 00:13:46

How does it happen that we all have those odd meetings or things happen that seem so unlikely.

Yesterday after various delays and time changes I helped move a table out of the church hall and so just happened to be walking past the churchyard and noticed someone dawdling there. Maybe just a 15 second window of opportunity that might have been different by an hour or even day but for various little changes in timing.
He turned out to be someone I had worked with for a decade or so but not seen for some 25 years after we both left the company. He was filling in time while his wife was at the dentist which they still use despite moving a few miles away years ago. So he does come to the village a couple of times a year but I have only just retired to be occasionally out and about during the working day, though not normally at that place.
So in theory yes we can expect to meet but what are the chances?

A few years ago at the Ally Pally show I found myself looking at an exhibit and standing next to a contemporary from school whom I had not seen for 30 years. It was his first and only visit to the show though I have been to all of them,

Throw in another oddity - both the above men have daughters who had been in their college rowing eights at Cambridge at about the same time.

Thread: Is there a club in the southwest that’s not a Labour camp
27/07/2022 23:42:40
Posted by Rex Hanman on 27/07/2022 22:46:05:

I believe you get out what you put in, not every one feels that way.

Very true. And there are lots of side benefits in the friendships you make and contacts you have for help and advice.

27/07/2022 16:15:36

Insurance £900 - £1500, rent £500 - £2000, speakers for club meetings £300, website £100. Running a club is expensive even before you do anything. Unless you have a huge membership that can't be covered by a reasonable level of subscription.
Many clubs only run for the public one day a month leaving 27 per month for private running.

St Albans has no regular public running so has to run an exhibition for two days. Is setting aside the last weekend in September when the holiday season is over too much effort?
Exeter does public running only on the first Sunday of the month plus events with the portable track but lots of days are available as our lease allows only private use on most other weekends.

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