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Thread: Wonderful to be here.
28/07/2021 23:05:07

You have got to be kidding. This perpetual motion machine steam engine generationg its own steam is as old as the hills, well 1850's anyway.

Thread: ME back numbers for disposal
28/07/2021 16:54:34

As soon as you put a gap in the run by parting with one volume you halve the usefulness of the remainder. I avoided saying value there as that is debateable, except to a garage trader who would claim the effort of picking them up is more than the tenner he would offer you. The best thing is usually to offer them to local Model Engineering clubs, followed by Men's Sheds, Model Railway clubs, Scouts.

Thread: Boxford BUD Tool Post
27/07/2021 17:43:55

I have a Myford size QCTP on my Boxford and it is really too small as in 1/4 in low so sits on a plate. The advantage is that the holders are cheaper than proper Boxford sized one.
An additional problem we keep seeing with new lathe owners rushing out to get a QCTP is that they then think they have to use the largest tool bits they can squeeze into the gap. In fact a Boxford never needs to use larger than 1/4 in though you can sometimes fit 3/8in. Think small - it's cheaper.

Thread: AA batteries
27/07/2021 00:42:18

Scrunched up heavy tinfoil eg from pie case.

Thread: A motor or a weight for Wildings Small Tower Clock
26/07/2021 18:35:02

So many options around the remontoire concept a stalled motor seems like a blatant eco-hostile fire risk system. I thought the electric steering systems were just using an electric hydraulic pump with the rest as per normal.

Thread: What on Earth would this be used for?
26/07/2021 18:30:35

I think if you read Curly's ramblings from pre '60s he often mentions the 'five pint blowlamp' The alternative would have been a coke fire.

Thread: Keeping the workshop cool
22/07/2021 23:03:13

Nowhere in the UK is above 20C all day so there is cool time at night. As with your house you need insulation and thermal mass which you cool down at night and seal it up in the day to keep the heat out. You can also paint the roof white, spray it with a mist of water, shade the walls and windows with a lightweight frame projecting from the roofline a couple of feet covered by cardboard or sheeting that can be removed in winter to let the meagre sun provide warmth.

Thread: Vehicle reversing sensors
18/07/2021 18:22:00

If asked to design a cheap as possible detector it would just produce a continuous output and measure the amplitude of the reflected signal. When it goes above a certain level assume it is from something close. So another one of the same make or equally cheap design would also set it off when back to back. lPlenty of ways to make it more sophisticated but all will be rejected by the accountants.

MGBGT reversing switch is notorious for failing and in a fairly awkward place to get to if I remember correctly.

Thread: Hi Everyone
13/07/2021 23:24:05

Hi JP. The St.Albans & DISTRICT Model Engineering Society covers the Watford area and has people wanting to dispose of machinery every now and then. A Myford available at the moment I think, Unable to hold physical meetings until August 11 but tomorrow 14July is club Zoom night so I will pop the details in a PM to you (see the envelope icon "inbox" at the top off the page.) We have two other Zooms a month at the moment and a BBQ at the track on the 1st August.

Thread: Driving style predicts Alzeimer’s …
13/07/2021 23:06:06

They are very quick to take your licence off you once there is a hint of dementia, even if you appear perfectly fine to non medical people. Not the end of the world for people with a spouse who is ok or someone living in town with busses but disaster for single people in the countryside.
My neighbour at 99&11 months is as bright as a button and only gave up driving two years ago (pushed into it by daughter who funnily enough now has the car). Our ex chairman at 102 is also fully with it though gave up driving a decade ago due to failing eyesight (which hasn't stopped his modelling) At the other end of the scale I know people who have gone into care in their mid sixties.

Thread: Shock at low pay for high skill
10/07/2021 20:36:45

All this linking engineers to high pay must be from er? not engineers. It is the ones who move on from engineering into management of engineers that may get better pay.
As for "applying higher mathematics" I've never needed even algebra at work, yes needed it for getting the degree but not for real work but other jobs may need a bit more.
"and deep knowledge" well not really these days as things change so quickly anything learned more than 3 years ogo is probably no longer true.
Degrees seem to be regarded as essential but actually only used to mention at the interview. Will they check? Might be an interesting test for a reasearch journalist to blag their way into some jobs to check that out. Nowadays without business cards used much there is nowhere to show off the letters after your name so only if people check out Linkedin (which can be hoccum) will they be impressed.

Thread: Harrison M300 siting
10/07/2021 19:58:37

Come on, long stock in headstock a problem? Everyone knows you just drill a hole in the workshop wall.

Thread: More security for the shed
10/07/2021 19:45:29

Some more advice to be found on the St Albans DMES website.

Thread: Universal thread cutting
05/07/2021 20:20:33
Posted by JasonB on 05/07/2021 19:13:50:

5" equalling 128 is a nicer one to work with or the 25.6mm inch

Edited By JasonB on 05/07/2021 19:16:32

We can't have that - it would make Britain smaller. With Brexit we should go for 5" = 100. laugh

Thread: PG Optical dividing head
05/07/2021 20:12:04

Some very rough calculations.
6in dia disc, 18in circumference, so 1 degree is 50 thou.
So 1 minute of arc is 1 thou. ( I said rough)
So 6 seconds is a tenth.

If your photo reduction is 10:1 the master is 60 inches dia. And you have to mark up that master to 1 thou accuracy.

If I've got this right I can understand why they are expensive.

Thread: Shock at low pay for high skill
05/07/2021 19:47:01

Area of the country makes a huge difference unless your union has forced a flat rate whereby those in London get screwed by costs and those in junksville ride high.
Age/experience should still count for something, even on the exact same job an older person will add more value.
It is only a few train drivers that get the big bucks also route dependent.

Is CNC programming really that difficult? Compare to teacher which is a good middle of the road skillset with requirement for degree. Remember > 50% of kids now get degrees even though it may be in Media Studies.
Programming is not that difficult. Loads of kids do it quite well in their teens but it is very time consuming. That is why kids are able to do it as a hobby when adults don't (unless they have no social life). There is also a marked difference in the programming world between a 'coder' and a programmer (aka system architect).

Thread: PG Optical dividing head
04/07/2021 16:03:04

I'm not sure how these things work. Is the optical scale on a glass plate attached to the main spindle, I know should be obvious but just to make sure? If so the accuracy is in that scale, not the worm. Therefore normal dividing unless done on another similar quality device would not be 'up to spec'.
I assume the essence of these things is that the scale is produced as a photographic plate. Back 40 years we produced etched microwave circuits by photo reduction from a master made with black tape on a drawing table. In the extreme we could tape it up 6ft square and reduce to 1 in square. I think the same would be done for this. The surface of the glass would not be etched, rather it would be optically very good and flat, able to take a photo sensitive coating. Not in itself all that difficult but needing the right 'know how'.

Thread: ‘Right to Repair’
03/07/2021 16:53:44

In the last month I have picked up two vacuum cleaners, one from skip and one on the way to dump, both probably dumped because of poor suction because the extra (non-bag) filters had never been cleaned. One was without hose but within two weeks another skip yielded the hose after the pikies had had the body for scrap metal.

Thread: Change Wheel Programme from MEW
03/07/2021 10:34:13

I remember my first changewheel program on the BBC computer running at 2MHz finished at 3am.
Although the originator won't admit it Python is a kludge between Basic and Perl hence the similarity in the program and difference from eg C which was popular with professional programmers at the time. Unfortunately not carrying in the simplicity of syntax of Basic and handling of multidimensional arrays
The reason Basic then Python is popular for beginners and amateurs is entirely because it is interpreted and instantly available which is what we mostly need. Basic used to be bundled with Windows until it was incorporated into Excel where it is now used universally without people realising its origins.

Thread: WHAT IS IT ?
27/06/2021 13:53:20

I like your observation that the large numbers refer to 16th. But I'm lost from your line "This suggests...."
Against 10 we have "...2/3+2 5/8" so your explanation shows there is a sepearation aftetr the 2.
In a way all the plain fractions could be read as "x/16 +0" sort of implying the "+ something" is significant.
Although there are 19 spaces the 19th is not marked so perhaps insignificant. However there are 20 lines so I think that is more significant. Each line has little holes in it as if one could pin prick through to mark on a map or drawing as si sometimes done with protractors. The 20 divisions mean 18 degrees for the lines. Is this linked to the numbers only going to 18.
The big holes match the lines at 20, but the inner ring has 30 holes. Could this have something to do with minutes of arc?

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