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Thread: Ally Pally Exhibition
17/01/2020 11:11:55

I will be on the St Albans stand on Saturday much of the time but of course sod's law means I won't be there just at the time you find us. Hope you enjoy our exhibits anyway.

Thread: Creality 3D For Christmas - Impressions so Far
15/01/2020 11:24:15

The grey one is a Mod1 20 degree 30 tooth changewheel printed in PLA on a Ultimaker Pro 3 (as an obviously necessary test piece for the printer at work) which is about £1600. 25% density took 50 minutes. The other gear is the original injection moulded Hobbymat gear in perhaps nylon.

The hole is 20mm and with a slight sandpapering to smooth the layers inside fits snugly on the mandrel. You can see that each tooth is two layers fitting tight together then a third not quite going up into the whole of the tooth leaving a small void. The fit with the originals is 'perfect'.

The design was done in Freecad and the outer across teeth diameter measurement is just 7 thou greater than the original.
I haven't done a strength test yet.

In use they fit on a steel bush with a key to join two together with a 8mm hole to go on the banjo stud. I might try a printed bush or even a fully printed pair of gears to reduce the effort of setting gear trains. The possible drawback of running plastic on the steel stud is dirt and swarf pickup making a grinding lap. Perhaps a thin brass tube would help that.
The 20 tooth gear in the set is too small to have a 20mm hole so it has a special bush. This is the first target for printing as a whole. I have limited access to the printer but watch this space.

Thread: Hobbymat MD65 - help figuring out accessories (photos)
15/01/2020 10:29:55

The lathe tool is damaged probably when a parting off cut jammed. scrap.
The toolpost is a commercial item but only for the hobbymat. I don't know if anyone still sells it. They should if it is any good as there are still loads of these lathes, though I just use the original round post.
The chucks do not use a backplate as the spindle has a large diameter flange on it whish the chucks bolt to. When you take off the current 3 jaw you will find that flange has a second set of holes that fit your 4 jaw. Chronos sold this 4 jaw for this lathe as they were one of the first importers back in about 1982. You are lucky to get the studs, they normally don't come with them. Have fun learning how to get the nuts on them in the small space behind the flange.
For the 3 jaw make a key by filing from a bit of ordinary steel. If the 4 jaw is different make the key double ended instead of T shaped.

The 'curved cutouts' are to weaken the screws because they are only going into a thin bit of cast iron - be careful even so and even more so with the normal screws on your other toolpost.

I see you have a 3D printer. Later I will post on another thread a picture of a printed MD65 3 tooth changewheel.

Thread: Making leaf springs
14/01/2020 13:25:42

I recall something, but it might have been in EIM 25 years ago when Doug Hewson? was doing 5in waggon articles. The main interest was how to decide how many tufnol leaves to put in to weaken it for scale performance.

Thread: Bottled Gas Suppliers
12/01/2020 20:50:07

The SGS site doesn't give prices "contact agent" minefield, so some prices from users would be interesting. There is an agent within 3 miles of me though. They sell propylene - is that hotter than propane? might help Dave above.

Hobbyweld website won't work with my browser or something. However they are all over ebay and I notice they mention 137bar while SGS mention 200bar so worth checking that aspect wrt actual volume of gas.

Thread: magic 127 TOOTH ?
12/01/2020 19:54:31

It might be easier to understand Neil's explanation above if you realise that when using 127 it is a Driven gear, and when using 63 it is a Driver which is why it is not trying to replace the 127, just the lucky bit of maths he mentioned.

As 63 is not prime you might be able to get the 7x9 factors in with other gears. If you can fit another stud on the banjo you might be able to use a 6 gear combination instead of finding a 63 tooth gear.
eg 63, 60, 30, 100 to get 1mm with an 8tpi leadscrew can become
35, 60, 45, 50, 30, 50 with the same accuracy.

However sometimes the maths can work with 63 driven - so 25, 63, 25 ,35 ,50, 45 is half the error of the above.

Given that lathes already existed when metric was invented it is really remiss of them not to have thought of all this and tweaked the figures to make the ratio 256. Napoleon would never have realised.

Thread: Australian Bush Fires
11/01/2020 00:16:03

My relative an hour north of Melbourne has had some rain on his farm. The roos were so elated they got pissed last night and nicked a traffic cone.
roos in paddock.jpg

Thread: The cultural status of engineers in the UK
10/01/2020 16:38:23

" the girl who came to wire in my cable TV installation is described as an engineer. I might add that I was delighted to see a female technician "
You were correct the second time. We call them 'Techs'. Only Techs are allowed to do certain things so I have a Tech ID although I am an Engineer. However I prefer to call myself a Scientist outside work as I have a science degree and that gets a tad more respect because people think of the white coats and test tubes they see in films.

When I started work that employer had a Professional Engineer grading system for graduates and a separate E scale for HNC, HND and trades, and an M scale for managers. Dress was casual so if anyone came in in a suit it was assumed they were going to a promotion board, or an external job interview in the lunch break. When we recruited a chap with 3 years experience in the old GPO he came in wearing a suit and told us that their Professional grades were all required to be suited whether up a tower or down a manhole to maintain their status.
When I moved company we all wore suits in the deskbound jobs. Then we amalgamated with another company who did 'dress down Friday' and eventually one Friday shock horror I took off my tie and haven't worn it since. Now we are so casual some people wear shorts in the office in summer but to me that is a step too far.

"Please don't lets get started on this hoary old chestnut yet again" Your TV has an off switch. If you don't like the program you are not force to watch it.

Thread: New legislation that could affect us all.
09/01/2020 17:32:15

Most people under fifty have probably never encountered a high level cistern but still use the term 'pulling the chain' on occasions. The old bell mechanism was so reliable, and the pump type not too bad but modern all plastic air operated things are horrendously unreliable. At least we don't have too many of the leaky American flap valves - yet.

Can you still get Jeyes paper packs? Loads of the square dispensers on ebay! solves the problem of which way round to fit it.

Edited By Bazyle on 09/01/2020 17:36:31

Thread: Swisstec machines from Pro Machine Tools
08/01/2020 13:07:27

Just another importer who has ordered a couple of containers full with a different paint scheme. Made a few tweaks to the spec to differentiate them. Could be PMT themselves establishing a house brand or wanting to distance themselves a bit if there are complaints.

Thread: Ebay being clogged up by certain sellers
05/01/2020 23:16:24

Just been on with my usual search and someone is listing 1 inch nails individually at £5 + postage.

05/01/2020 21:46:49

You don't need the advanced section, just one of the filters on the left is for UK.
Then you check it is showing the category , near the top of the page, that you want. Sometimes it plays with that.
When you get the combination you like copy and save the address line which will have those options embedded in it. Make sure you are saving the general list not a specific item. It will have PrefLoc=1 in it which is UK, Loc 2 is world, Loc 3 is Europe, a page number of the list "pgn=" is embedded in it too, also nkw=lingerie or whatever you were searching for.

Thread: Choice between cheap mini milling machines.
05/01/2020 11:51:43

Dore Westbury mills are becoming more common on ebay, I've seen half a dozen last year, as the generation that built them are dying off.

04/01/2020 12:19:48

If you have a limited size workshop you just have to accept that you cannot make spare parts for the Titanic. If you need to drill big holes a lot build a bigger shed, then get a big radial arm drill. Otherwise do what countless modellers have done and drill a circle of small holes, saw out the waste and clean up with a file.
What you need is a second hand Warco (or equivalent Minor mill-drill. They have a round column and people are now queuing up to whine about that because you lose position if you move the head up and down. If you need more vertical movement get a bigger shed and a bigger mill. They are only used by hobbyists so most have little wear but a few get neglected or abused. They are the best value for under £500.

Thread: Cast Iron Watch Case
02/01/2020 23:29:44

Why think of CI and not plain steel plated?

Thread: Creality 3D For Christmas - Impressions so Far
02/01/2020 23:15:24

By the way for non round figure DPs and people wanting to tweak the size of the final gear (mentioned by someone early on), in FreeCAD gear function in the 'modules' entry box you can put a formula in there with diameters and DPs and it will evaluate it on the fly.

Thread: BUDE area - any members please
02/01/2020 13:41:10

If no local response it might be worth trying the Holsworthy Men's Shed as even if they do not have metalworking equipment they may well know some people who are model engineers.

Thread: Hobbymat lathe - couple of questions
01/01/2020 22:38:22

I would slow down a bit before ordering steel plate to make the t-slotted plate to decide if it is useful. It looks like the plate is intended to bolt to the angle plate - see the 4 holes in the plate that are used for holding the vice. However you might as well just drill a pattern of holes in that side of the angle plate. T-slots can be a bit of a pain as they are never where you want them and the t-nuts slip out of place, Nice M6 threaded holes are much better behaved.

Have another look at the minilathe gears as the centres may not need modifying. Since mostly the gear fits on a boss you can just make a suitable smaller one, Look at the dog clutch on the leadscrew where one gear fits - probably can make one to fit the minilathe gears. That only leaves the one to be fitted to the back end of the mandrel that needs a 20mm hole so only a few need to be of that size and perhaps can be printed. (see the other thread on 3D printing.

Thread: Compression springs for the new year
01/01/2020 12:24:47

Happy new year Jaques. I do enjoy your new year pictures.

Thread: 3mm drill hole too tight for 3mm bar
31/12/2019 18:18:48

Just to complete the picture. As Jason mentioned drills are most notorious for drilling oversize especially when they are not sharpened symmetrically which always happens when done manually by those 'I don't need no stoopid drill sharpening jig' experts.
However also an old drill will get worn on the cutting tip but also on the sides at the end leaving it a bit undersize for the first few mm which might have an effect on short holes, and also might lead to jamming/breakage.

Wood of course is another matter. There is a post on here somewhere from the late John Stephenson talking about how when he worked for a piano manufacturer he had to spend hours selecting drills to give the precise end result required, not even getting the same result from two drills of the 'same' size.

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