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19/09/2020 22:07:05


Was explained earlier in the thread. Put a threaded bar though the tube with a suitable stepped mandrel in firebox end of tube. Get a length of pipe longer than the tube over the stud in the smokebox that the OD of the tube will pass through. This puts the force onto the front tube plate right beside the tube. Thread a hollow Jack over bar against pipe, fit nut and pump. The ram expanding is the same as tightening a nut. Pulls the tube out from the front.


Thread: How to Delete your account and Delete Profile
19/09/2020 00:48:22


I too found the responses to your previous question / post very disappointing! There has been similar on other threads recently, one excuse I have seen is its "covid fever" (people being cooped up and getting short tempered and frustrated I understand) personally I don't think that's an excuse! It would be better if people considered things a little more before posting and if they have nothing constructive or positive to say on the subject then say nothing at all.

There have been a few people stating they are leaving the forum recently and from the varied responses I can see why.


Thread: interest renewed
19/09/2020 00:32:44


Many years ago the only machines we (well dad!) had were the myford 7 and a fobco bench drill followed soon after by a bench grinder. I made many bits for my first loco with only the vertical slide and cutters held in the 3 jaw chuck. Now I take the point that this is not ideal but when you are in the position of that's all you have, anything is better than nothing!

No idea about the Chester products but Myfords are not exactly rigid so I doubt there will be much difference. If you can't afford a mill but you can afford the vertical slide then why not? You can get some milling functionality now and in the future upgrade, or you can wait with nothing while you save up the cash!

As for cutter holding, if you are careful you will be fine. When I first got the micro mill it came only with a Jacobs chuck and I couldn't afford anything else so that was used for end mills, slot drills and drills! I never had any disasters and the nay sayers will proclaim that was pure luck! I would say I was a time served fitter turner, knew the risks and sized my expectations accordingly. In fact the only cutter I remember pulling out was a 13mm end mill from an ER 25 chuck in cast iron on a much bigger machine in the last couple of years - because I didn't tighten it properly!

My advice, get the best you can afford and do the best you can with it until you can get what you ideally need, at least in the interim you will be able to do something!


Thread: Brass to mild steel, expansion issues?
15/09/2020 20:43:12

Making the assumption (dangerous maybe lol) that this is a railway loco of conventional construction and thus the frames never reach anything like boiler temperature and the fact small gauge loco's have been using gunmetal horn castings riveted to the frames since Noah was a boy, then absolutely no issue at all.


Thread: Milling Machine Identification
14/09/2020 13:32:55

Seller is dreaming if he thinks that is worth £1400!


Thread: New Covid Rules
14/09/2020 13:28:13

Our RA's are done on a pro forma matrix style form listing identified hazard, control measures and a simple scoring system. All kept in a folder accessbile to all and with appropriate review dates stipulated. For common tasks review is usually 12m but for things like portable track events where external circumstances can differ widely it is reviewed per use and any additional measures implemented. Very simple to do and hence most often done! We also maintain a COSHH file and are working on a safety management system / manual that will incorporate our running rules and various policies such as disabled access, equipment maintenance records, etc. which at the moment are stand alone documents.

What I find in commercial life is its all too easy to say something cannot be done because it's dangerous, rather than seek out ways to do it safely!


13/09/2020 20:59:03
Posted by Graham Swales on 13/09/2020 19:51:28:

OK. I give up.

Bye folks!

Suggest a look see at the H&S Executive website would be a good idea.

But then it is "Elfin Safety" so who cares.......

I heard you! But to a degree risk assessments are subjective according to the view of the person doing them. Your risk assesment won't stand up in court if you have said, it's open air, as long as everyone keeps 2m apart we can have as many as you like (according to the governing guidance) but if the law says you can't have more than 6 people on site, your risk assesment isn't worth toffee as any kind of defence! As it happens reading the actual text on the government site that would do nicely as you have multiple "groups" of one and they do not come closer to each other than 2m according to the other guidance you can't get better than that. There is a world of difference in identifying hazards and putting control measures in place and complying with the law! You are completely free to put greater restrictions in place than are reasonably required under the law but that's where Elfin safety loses credibility! It's easier to say there is a one in a million chance of this occurring so we will ban it all together than look at the risk and control it reasonably because the risk assessor doesn't want to take any responsibility for a judgement.

To me, if anything the OP was asking what effect or implications has the new law on their operations which when determined any risk assesment can be made or assessed against it.


13/09/2020 14:40:35

Well I am glad Bazyle thinks it's simple. However having read the blurb on the govt web site SOD is quite correct that there is no intent to interfere with activities supporting the economy (not that this has real relevance to an MES I would say) but the key to it is the word "socially" and the emphasis of a maximum of six in a group not mixing outside that group.

Dictionary definition of socially (from as that is the first that came up is; "adverb. in the friendly company of others; in a genial or gregarious manner: We met through mutual friends who gather socially several times a month. in a manner that relates to human society and its configuration as a community: Her art strives to be both beautifully evocative and socially responsible".

So to the OP I would say you can have as many people as you like on site in any number of groups between 1 and 6 that do not mix outside of that group and the group does not get within 2m of any other group or person. With the qualifications that running a steam locomotive is deemed a social activity and none of the attendee's act in an outwardly genial or gregarious nature!

Oitside that you only need to consider the attitude and zeal of any official that may happen along such as the police officer in London wishing to charge a bakery owner with criminal damage for chalking 2m lines on the pavement to assist queueing customers (heated interaction with the officer and shop owner / members of the public, later apologised for by superiors) or a jobsworth Council Official with similar attitudes.



13/09/2020 00:52:44

Well pgk essentially I don't disagree with you but the rules regarding pubs etc as I understand are guidance, the latest is law and it's incredibly weakly specified as evidenced by the different opinions on here! I have not seen any qualification to the basic sentence that says many groups of 6, 2m or more apart are excepted. In fact if you have a big enough venue I would think a clever barrister could argue you can have a wedding of 100 or more if there are no more than 6 in a group and they are at least 2m distant!


12/09/2020 18:40:10

Well it all seems pretty unclear to me! My interpretation is no more than 6 people can gather for any purpose outside work, school, weddings and funerals either inside or outside? That seems to be the impression given in the various media reports? I listened to an interview with a top London police officer who said it was impossible to enforce as how do you deal with multiple groups of 6 stood 2m or more apart? I listened to another regional police chief this morning who stated they do not have the resources to enforce it and would continue to prioritise violent assault, RTA's, burglary etc and they have no resource to do anything else!

There are lots of situations where it is as clear as mud; museums - no more than 6 inside? Pubs and Cafes as I understand can still trade - no more than 6 inside and 6 outside or 6 in total? Including the staff? Heritage railways, will they have to close again with no more than 6 on site? What about shops? If no more than 6 are allowed inside would a queue of more than 6 outside constitute a breach?

Going down the track either with or without "paperwork" is the least of your worries!


Thread: Mystery boiler
12/09/2020 11:36:05

You could always produce an "as built" drawing and some supporting calculations. Given the size I can't see you will be looking for a working pressure of 150psi so it really comes down to whether the inspector chosen is a pragmatic practical fellow or a rules is rules type of guy.


Thread: Left Hand Milling Cutter
09/09/2020 18:44:40

Gang mill with two horizontal cutters appropriately spaced. Added bonus you can do the job in half the time


Thread: Jobs we had as kids
08/09/2020 21:23:09

Some wonderful stories here that strike a chord. The one common theme though is how these experiences have shaped lives and developed characters. Many of those experiences are not available to the youth of today and you have to wonder is that a positive or negative change.


Thread: Boring chatter (on the lathe)
06/09/2020 00:51:34

At a guess I would say the overhang from the chuck isn't helping much. I think I would try an HSS boring tool and drop the speed right down.


Thread: How to move a Colchester Student ?
04/09/2020 18:51:26

Moved my Harrison L6 on a single axle unbraked plant trailer which in hindsight was probably highly illegal! Harrison info for weights suggested it was OK but possibly not! To get it to the trailer it had to be extracted from the shed it was in, with no room for any lifting kit inside and soft ground outside. Then had to move it about 50' uphill on grass, over a lump of concrete round a drain before getting onto concrete and out onto the road. Took 5 of us about 4 hrs.

What did I learn? Don't use scaffold poles as rollers, use 3/4 solid round bar or water barrel - much more stable. I bought a couple of 8x4 sheets of 3/4 ply and had them ripped lengthways in half, made a good surface on which to move it over the grass (would be the same for gravel). We only removed the tailstock and chuck and set the carriage all the way to the right, lifted with engine crane on the road and then backed trailer in underneath. As suggested, plenty of ratchet straps and blocks to stop it sliding around. It rode quite well, no bouncing!! At the other end backed the trailer up to the building and used the adjustable suspension on the Land Rover to raise the front of the trailer. Built a ramp from end of trailer from the plywood and blocks and using a pull lift to lower down the gradient rolled it straight into position.

In truth it was more of a worry thinking about it than actually doing it. I wouldn't say it was easy but in truth and being sensible it wasn't difficult either. The most risky part was lifting it with the crane. Just make sure you have a steady crew that are not inclined to get too excited and rush ahead, that's when it goes wrong!


Thread: New member saying hello
02/09/2020 14:39:53

Welcome to the madhouse Jason. Sounds like you have some good old machines there. Quite a few motorcycle orientated people on here that I am sure will be interested in engaging with you.


Thread: Faceplate workholding.
01/09/2020 00:27:30

Well I have been known to push the envelope with work holding but I don't think I would contemplate that on a single m8 stud. A thou or so or not I wouldn't recomend that. At a guess I think m16 would be as small as I would go. I would probably do some calculations on load before committing.


Thread: Silver soldering a Minnie traction engine boiler
31/08/2020 21:12:28

Very nice. I was thinking the same as fizzy but he was braver! I couldn't come up with the right words to post a suggestion! That looks to have flowed very well, your inspector should be very happy with that.


26/08/2020 23:35:15


Sounds like you are well on track, previous pictures look really good.

Probably worth emphasising that as you have followed the proper route and involved your inspector from the outset you should be assured of an excellent result and others would be well advised to follow your example. The boiler inspector should be your friend not your foe.

Look forward to more pictures as you progress.


Thread: Change to the Code of Conduct
26/08/2020 23:21:42

I think it is clearly established previously in this thread of being a case of "he who pays the piper calls the tune"!

Neil made the economic case in response to my questions on the costs that this forum is only viable due to the advertising revenue generated. Therefore if one or many of those advertisers decide to withdraw MTM will not support it as a "charity / good will venture" so therefore the "sponsors" have to be placated.

I do not personally agree with this stand but unless it results in the withdrawal of a large number of the forum contributors (in which case as Hopper pointed out) the forum becomes a far less attractive place to ply their wares then nothing will change this policy.

Personally I also think the latest comments extend the policy beyond reasonable limits where a content maker on YouTube may well produce a very informative or useful video with no specific reference to any of the banned suppliers but by nature of them having an association elsewhere it means anything they produce is now innapropriate for this forum.

To my mind this significantly changes what I perceived to be the objectives of maintaining this forum which I assumed was to provide a place for the free exchange of information and to promote the various aspects of the hobby to limiting what may be discussed or communicated as directed by its financiers. Understandable, common but not particularly palatable.


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