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Thread: Steel boilers
06/04/2022 07:37:05


There is a world of difference between refusing to test a boiler and declining to test a boiler.

A test ought to be declined if the if the inspector does not have the experience knowledge or competence to make a judgement.

A test may be refused if the opinion of the inspector from a preliminary visual examination has an opinion the boiler has faults that would fail a hydraulic test, if the boiler has no provenance such as original material certificates, evidence of welder competence or previous history.

As stated by others steel boilers are subject to corrosion issues more seriously than copper and require a slightly different approach and different equipment to properly examine.

However, back to the first line! A refusal to test is different to politely declining and without knowing the circumstances it is impossible to pass opinion on the decision.

Best regards,


Thread: Identification help please
21/02/2022 20:40:55

Thanks gents for the info so far, I shall check the tubes but suspect the boiler is either a 500 or 501 as I am sure it is not over 3” diameter. I shall research Bing and Stevens to see what I can find. Any other suggestions welcome! Stationery engines like these are well outside my knowledge base.


21/02/2022 00:03:38


Looking for some help in identifying the following if anyone has any ideas or info?

First is a Stuart beam engine - not sure if the design has a name or number?


Second looks to be a commercial item but I have never heard of "Signalling Equipment Ltd"



Third I suspect to be a freelance horizontal mill type engine.



Next is another horizontal engine.


Then what looks to be a boiler occilator combined engine perhaps? From the pressed brick effect base I suspect this is a commercial product?



Finally a Stuart Boiler a clue as to model number would be appreciated, its about 10" long.


Thanks in advance for any info or ideas.



Edited By Paul Kemp on 21/02/2022 00:06:34

Thread: Mill Lighting
13/02/2022 01:22:12

All the LED lights I have used seem to cast a very harsh light with many shadows, they seem to give plenty of light but not light that helps you see! Incandescent lamps seem to be much more effective, is it just me?


06/02/2022 20:46:18

Wrong pistons? I had to do a rebuild on an engine in Malta many moons ago the engine was available as naturally aspirated and turbocharged variations, major difference between the two was the pistons.


Thread: Engineering drawings
06/02/2022 20:43:15

For my half size TE I had the original drawings professionally scanned to a disc in pdf and then loaded on a tablet, plus a full set printed and laminated for the shed. Originals safely stored.


Thread: Steam Engine Number One
06/02/2022 18:44:46

Well done, that doesn’t look too bad at all, considering you designed it yourself and it was a first attempt I think you should be very pleased.


Thread: The demise of UK fossil fuel Power Stations
25/01/2022 00:22:01

Manufacturers of HVO (a form of bio diesel) claim it’s use provides a reduction in CO2 of around 90%. The claim is based on the CO2 absorbed by the feedstock during its growing phase provides the fuel with negative carbon offset when delivered to the tank for use. All very well but the emissions when burnt are little reduced on normal diesel when burnt in a standard engine providing no little benefit for the local environment.

Now coal we are told is formed from plant life, compressed and heated underground to form coal. What CO2 did the plants that formed the coal absorb during their life? How come coal does not attract the same credit? Bit of a differential in time to process but does HVO lose its credit the older it gets?


Thread: Standard paint codes on steel bars?
24/01/2022 23:53:55

Certificated en3b I bought recently (with the mill cert) was dark green on the end!


24/01/2022 23:45:04

What is best it what works and what is needed! In some applications only hss will really do (special tools, form tools, applications where speed required for carbide is not an option for various reasons) and in some cases only carbide will do (hard materials, chilled cast iron etc). The other consideration is what you have!

Why do you think you have made a mistake? Expand your repertoire, invest in some hss blanks and have a go, they are cheap enough. You have the carbide now get some hss and you have all the options.


Thread: The southern federation
23/01/2022 01:08:57

Personally despite being from the saaf, I found the Northern Association much more proactive!


Thread: Steam Engine Number One
31/12/2021 01:32:10


First off, congratulations on having got this far, this is a great thread, really enjoyed reading.

Did you gap your rings? By that I mean set into the bore (off the piston) and measure the gap between the ends of the ring? At a very rough estimate you should be looking for 0.006” to 0.010” gap.

it is not unusual for new rings in a new bore to be a bit stiff, as an example on the full size Avelling tractor I put together it was all I could do to pull the piston through the bore but after a few minutes running when we finally steamed it, it freed up in the first run. Similarly my half size traction engine cylinder is tight but it moves easily on 10 psi air pressure. It has not been erected onto the engine yet only blown back and forth by manually moving the slide valve spindle but even in the few movements it has done on the bench it has got a lot freer than when first assembled.

So in short, if you know you have a gap in the rings and can get plenty of oil in, I wouldn’t worry too much. Just a point on the oil, I wouldn’t use 3in1 if you can’t lay your hands on some 460 bearing oil or 680 steam oil at the very least use motor oil. I can’t remember if you have made provision for a lubricator? A displacement lubricator on the steam inlet to the valve chest would be a good accessory


Thread: AMBSC code
29/12/2021 17:11:02

There was intent by the “feds” to produce a UK construction code to compliment the test code some years back but that all fell by the wayside, they had some stuff on copper boilers but steel seemed to fall in the all too difficult box so it never ended up getting published.


Thread: Help identifying brazing/soldering rods
29/12/2021 17:05:21

Safire silicon bronze rods were originally coloured blue on the end, any evidence of colour code on them? The other option is silver braze if sb is relevant, as far as I know they had no colour code. Former melts about 875 deg c latter about 740 deg c if that helps.


Thread: Vintage voltage
22/11/2021 00:10:45

Well if the media are to be believed many are voting with their wallets and buying second hand cars now, as reportedly prices are going up. Is this a reaction to the deadline for new fossil fuel cars in 9 years time?

My poor old Discovery with the towing capacity I need is getting poorly, not sure what to do, certainly can't afford a new electric even if there were somewhere to charge it so not sure which way to jump!


Thread: china/India - Cop 26
19/11/2021 21:29:11

Ok, I see how the figures Sam B1 is quoting could stack up on efficiency but running cost is another perspective that is probably more important to the average householder than efficiency. On the efficiency question the figure Sam quoted for generation efficiency is a little lower than my off the cuff guess but the transmission loss a little higher so ball park around what I was expecting.

In terms of cost the latest averages I can find for September despite the gas price rises put electricity per kWh at around 4.3 times the cost of gas. I also did a bit of digging on heat pump COP and it would seem that yes a COP of 4 or higher is achievable in ideal conditions but the norm is between 2.5 and 3.5 - so considering the high capital cost plus the higher running cost only the most dedicated of greens would be attracted.

In Dave's (SOD) example of heating use a heat pump system considering its apparent average limit of 40 degrees C on the hot side he would need to be running it considerably longer to get the same heating rise in the house?

Seems another example of the gap between environmental sustainability and economic sustainability to me. Granted price differentials may change between energy sources and legislation may drive change but if it's the latter there will be a lot of people driven below the poverty line.


19/11/2021 00:49:21
Posted by Sam B 1 on 18/11/2021 23:12:12:

burning gas to make electricity and then using that electricity to run heat pumps is a far more efficient way to heat homes than burning gas directly; switching over to heat pumps allows our limited resources go much further

Have you any credible figures to back that up? Granted CCGT is pretty efficient but taking into account grid losses and then whatever the efficiency of a heat pump is compared to the efficiency of a new condensing boiler that sounds a bold claim?


Thread: Not the time to be complacent about Covid
15/11/2021 22:00:29

Before relying on vaccines to protect you from catching Covid consider the following;

Vaccines give some level of resistance to infection, more importantly they offer protection from severe disease that may require hospitalisation or indeed mortality.

In some cases they can increase the chances of a very mild infection such there are no symptoms - this does not mean you cannot pass it on if so infected!

Vacination is a good idea to protect yourself from severe illness and potentially increase your immunity such that your chances of catching it are reduced. Being with another person that has been vaccinated is no gaurantee they are not infected, carrying or capable of passing on to you, in fact in some instances it can increase the risk they may be infected and niether of you know!


Thread: loco won't run
12/11/2021 01:30:12

Hmmm I think you may have mentioned that ........ Once or twice. Ever the diplomat?


Thread: Warco WM 16 motor
07/11/2021 18:58:43

No idea on that particular machine but I swapped the motor and control board on my Chester mini mill for a 3ph motor and cheap VFD for about the same price as a replacement motor. Never looked back it's far better than the original set up, standard motor used to get too hot to touch in about an hour, new set up will run all day. Lower power than yours but the motor came from inverter drive supermarket I think for about £50 and the VFD from a source unmentionable on here for a similar price, probably a death trap and not approved but it's worked fine and I am still alive! Best mod I ever did to it!


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