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Thread: Slipping ER25 collet and best practice
11/06/2021 09:13:41

Posted by Jason 10/6/21

Are you snapping the collet into the nut correctly before inserting tool and doing it up?

Posted by andrew lyner on 10/06/2021 22:06:02:


The "snapping" could be something that I am missing. There is a slight click but nothing very impressive that I can remember.


Reviewing this thread, it seems to me that this important topic is being glossed over!!!!!!!!!!

My understanding is as follows: the collet should be engaged into the nut while both are OFF THE CHUCK.. Then fit the collet/nut combination onto the body of the chuck and then insert the tool and tighten the nut.

I await comment from others.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: What V belt cross section for use on a standard sized Picador pulley
10/06/2021 13:53:47

Hi there, all,

Working from memory here but offered in good faith:

I believe that 'Picador' pulleys are 'A'-section while 'Z' or 'M' section pulleys from the same stable were branded 'Pelican'.

I have several of each size but they're all in a box several layers down so I can't easily do a physical check!!!!

Sad that they're no longer trading.

One source of Vee-belt info in the old days was the Fenner literature. There was also a book by (I believe) 'Duplex' - I don't know if it is still in print.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Strange mini "turret" lathe?
08/06/2021 14:42:42
Posted by Clive Foster on 08/06/2021 08:26:46:



A side benefit of driving lessons from my godfather, who claimed to have been trained as a chaffeur by a Rolls Royce, whose mantra was "don't touch the brakes". Pretty much essential if rich bastard in the back is gonna get a smooth ride but also excellent for honing traffic reading and anticipation skills.

Investigation suggested I had about 10 gear changes left before it all went whaooie shape.


Clive and group,

Many years ago, I drove an Alvis. I had a car repair mentor, 'Charlie', who had previously been an Alvis employee and had gone through the Alvis Chauffeur training school. He told me that during one lesson driving through (I think) Coventry, a young woman had crossed the road in front of them without looking. Charlie hit the anchors and received an admonition along the lines taught by your godfather regarding shaking up the rich guy in the back. In Charlie's case, however, his instructor added the rider: 'besides, never kill crumpet - it's wasteful'.

Not very 'woke' but it was a long time ago!

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Myford extension for spindle.
31/05/2021 20:19:45

Hi there, all,

If you were making (for example ) Harold Hall's ER32 collet chuck to screw on to the ML7 or Super 7 mandrel, it would be useful to have such a facsimile of the mandrel nose to periodically check progress. That assumes that the facsimile is accurate.

It would avoid having to perodically unscrew the lathe chuck, complete with work-piece, and turn it around to try the job on to the actual lathe mandrel.  The same rationale applies to machining a chuck back-plate.

Of course, if one trusted one's skill and measuring equipment, one would machine the job by dead reckoning.

I prefer the facsimile.  One of the Myford ML7/Super 7 accessories is/was such a mandrel nose facsimile on an MT2 taper shank.  I have two but I've never clocked either of them to check their accuracy.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

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Thread: fobco drill
30/05/2021 10:13:44
Posted by Peter Cork 1 on 30/05/2021 09:29:46:

.. sorry, finger trouble there, no sure how that emoticon got in ..

Hi there, Peter,

If you ALWAYS type a space before any closing bracket, the emoji imp will stay asleep!

(This one not just for you) If you ALWAYS press the right arrow key a few times before typing your reply, the quote line will end where it should and not embrace your text too!

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Myford MLsuper7
29/05/2021 17:02:59
Posted by Howard Lewis on 29/05/2021 13:22:58:

As Rod says, sounds like the primary belt is slipping. It only relies on the weight of the motor to tension it, so is a good overload protection.



Hi there, Howard,

With respect, I think you're mistaken about the weight of the motor - have a look at item 50 on the illustrated parts list for the Motorising Assembly on the Myford web-site.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Professional rebuild ! (££££???)
29/05/2021 16:54:03

Hi there, Noonoo,

I believe that it's generally the case that if an insurance comopany pay out for a damaged item, that damaged item becomes their property?

I did once negotiate us out of such a situation (involving a 'dinged' motor car) but at the cost of a greatly reduced pay-out.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Ml7 cross slide lead screw needed
23/05/2021 10:47:42

Posted by Howard Lewis on 23/05/2021 10:03:27:


Again, the horrid Mazak "nut" should be available, since they tend to wear much more rapidly that the steel Leadscrew.


Hi there, Howard,

I thought that was the idea?

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Hydrogen home heating
18/05/2021 16:14:55
Posted by Nigel Bennett on 18/05/2021 14:47:31:


So assuming that we change this to electrolysing sea-water via renewables, we're still going to burn the stuff one way or another, which is going to heat up the planet as well... We're all doomed.

Serves us bloody right as a human race for producing so many children. Different sort of 'SNIP' !!

OK to electrolyse fresh water but I've got my doubts about sea water! I'm sure I've seen submarine movies where ingress of sea water into the battery produces chlorine!?!?!?

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Inherited ML7 in need of some love - where to start?
14/05/2021 10:51:56
Posted by Hopper on 14/05/2021 09:54:54:

The clutch visible in the posted pics back on page 1 of the thread looks to be mounted outboard of the original ML7 pulley rather than inboard like the later Super 7 type clutch. Maybe it was a Grandpa Special? Further pics would clarify.


I think the scans I just uploaded resolve your conjecture.


Oops!!  Well, then again, maybe they don't!  After first posting this, I revisited the photos in page #1 of the thread.  The clutch actually fitted looks to be some 1466 parts and some original countershaft parts.  The remainder of #1466 could be lying within the belt guard on the floor.

Anyway, my uploads do show the 'official' Myford ML7 countershaft clutch, #1466 (not to be confused with either of the two versions of countershaft clutch for the Super 7) .

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Edited By Swarf, Mostly! on 14/05/2021 11:11:27

14/05/2021 10:49:50

Hi there, all,

I've just uploaded three scans of the Myford leaflet on the 1466 Countershaft Clutch - see my albums. As usual, the uploading process has rotated all three images to portrait. I apologise for the less than perfect quality of the images - they are photocopies of an A5 format document from the era before doublesided copying was available.

The modification data for the 'Guard Shield Plate' is shown on the second sheet. The instructional text is peculiar to this document: Myford Publication #714A, 'Supplement to ML7 Lathe Pictorial Parts List'. The parts list and exploded diagram content duplicates section P of the main ML7 User Manual.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

14/05/2021 09:44:37

Hi there, Tom,

I'm working from memory here.

My ML7 didn't come with a countershaft clutch - I added the clutch myself. I seem to remember that the cast aluminium belt cover fits OK, it's the steel sheet inner part that fouls the clutch. That's a crescent shaped piece of steel sheet that attaches to the aluminium guard with three or four screws.

The clutch fitting instructions give a diagram specifying how much to cut away to restore clearance. It's a tin-snips job. I'll have a look through my archives later today and post whatever relevant info comes to the surface!

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Myford A1
10/05/2021 09:44:19

Hi there, Leslie,

I believe that the 'A1' cast into the bed is the identity of the bed casting, not of the complete lathe.

Nowhere on my ML7 is there any identity label with the legend 'ML7'.

Perhaps Neil could commission an article explaining engineering drawing systems?

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Help please!
08/05/2021 19:23:54

Hi there, Diane,

My condolences on your loss.

I appreciate that you would want to complete the disposal of your father's effects as quickly as possible. However, I would urge you not to dispose of anything until you are sure that you have compiled a complete inventory. The danger is that premature partial disposal risks the breaking up and dispersal of sets.

I was once called in to help in the disposal of a deceased person's lathe and accessories. The lathe was in one part of the house but the coolant tank and pump were in the cellar! I know from my own workshop that not all parts of some multi-part accessories are stored together so dispersal is a risk. I know where they are but what if my workshop disposal is put in the hands of a lay person?!?!

If you can list on here (with pictures) all the workshop-related items you can find, we can advise you what parts go with what so that eventual recipients don't get accessories that are incomplete.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Quick release collet chuck clevis
05/05/2021 19:30:31

Hi there, again, all,

Both the 'pictorial view' and the air-brush drawing in my earlier post contain errors! The end of the operating lever must be allowed to move relative to the mandrel axis as the lever is operated. There should be a link between item #8 and the clevis bolt. It was/is a short length of flat-bar with a hole in each end.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

05/05/2021 13:39:10

Hi there,

Are we discussing this?:

myford collet attachment.jpg

Item #19 goes through the lugs on item #8 and through the eye on item #18. On early ML7s, the clevis bolt, item #18, screwed into the tapped hole in the clamp bracket, item #22,:

ml7_collet chuck bracket #02.jpg

There's another picture of this clamp bracket in one of my albums.

The clamp bracket attached to the head-stock casting as shown here:

ml7_collet chuck bracket #05.jpg

The clamp bracket attachment to the head-stock was a bit naff but I guess with care it could be made to work. Later on, Myford modified the head-stock casting to include a tapped hole to take the clevis bolt. (I'm afraid I can't find a picture of that. ) I believe the same tapped hole was/is used to support the chuck guard but it's either/or, not both.

Somewhere, I have a dimensioned drawing of the clevis bolt but I can't find it just now - I'll keep looking.

My apologies if I haven't used the same names for the parts as thos given in the items list!

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Edited By Swarf, Mostly! on 05/05/2021 13:42:45

Thread: oil blackening
30/04/2021 19:16:38

Hi there, all,

What if the item to be blacked is an assembly of three parts, silver soldered together?

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Dividing head for lathe - Myford vs BS0/1?
30/04/2021 19:11:28

Posted by Diy Addict on 30/04/2021 18:43:26:


The headstock has an external thread which a 3/4" pipe fitting bolt fits, and an internal thread, which I've yet to measure. Here's a view from above, showing the mounting holes and indexing pin:


All the best, Paul

The mandrel of my Coronet Minor (mentioned in a recent thread) had a ¾" British conduit thread, 16 tpi, Whitworth form.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Thread: Bygone Trader Catalogues
28/04/2021 14:19:05
Posted by ega on 28/04/2021 10:47:31:


In 1939, B&R had premises in both the Euston and Edgware Roads; another nearby attraction was Proops (I don't know if they ever produced a catalogue of their fascinating stock).

I believe that Proops operated from a shop in Kingston-upon-Thames before they obtained the Tottenham Court Road premises. I remember that there was a spiral (helical? ) staircase at the rear of the Tottenham Court Road shop - I always wondered where it went.

When I lived in Essex, my neighbour had a relative who was a van driver for Buck and Ryan (not to be confused with Buck & Hickman ). He gave me a copy of the last hard-back edition of the Buck and Ryan catalogue. It was so comprehensive that it was out-of-date the moment it was published but it was/is a most educational tome.

Another London tool dealer was Parrys whose premises were in the Old Street area. In 1970 I bought a Coronet 'Minorette' wood-working machine from them. Its bed was a length of mild steel bar. I bought a longer length bar through my then employers' staff sales system to convert the 'Minorette', effectively, to a 'Minor'.

My bookcase also still holds copies of catalogues from G.A.Dunball of Victoria Road, Romford, and Acbars. The Acbars sales representative used to regularly visit my employers Ilford premises and they ran a 'tool club' system. I bought a Pratt-Burnerd 4" self-centering chuck from them, also in 1970 - it is still my 'Sunday' chuck for my ML7 and lives in its original cardboard box when not in use.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!

Edited By Swarf, Mostly! on 28/04/2021 14:23:25

28/04/2021 10:36:26

Hi there, all,

Here is my contribution:

bonds catalogue cover.jpg

Note the date.

Here's the page showing lathes:

bonds lathes page.jpg

I'm sorry it's on its side - I did try to rotate it in my album.

The item pages give Bond's Part Numbers. Those Part Numbers are translated into prices in the last pages of the catalogue, in the 'old money', i.e. pounds, shillings & pence. The prices were dated December 1964 and there's a caveat stating that prices charged would be those ruling at the date of despatch.

A Myford ML7 was priced at £70 15s 0d while the Super 7 was £102 7s 6d.

For Neil's benefit, the Adept was £9 2s 6d.

If anyone has an historical interest in the prices of any particular accessories (Adept or Myford) PM me and I'll look them up but there are rather too many to list in this post.

I did shop at Bonds a few times back in the 1960s to 1970s, it was just round the corner from Buck & Ryans. The counter staff at B&R each had a roll of brown paper in a dispenser under the counter and they used to build all one's purchases into the most elegant and neatly-tied parcel. Sometime after I moved to Hampshire in 2000 I ventured across the border into West Sussex and discovered that Bonds had moved to Midhurst. I believe that the proprietor got ill and the business closed.

Best regards,

Swarf, Mostly!





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