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Thread: NHS Covid Passport Scam
04/10/2021 21:00:09
Posted by Brian H on 04/10/2021 07:53:00:
Posted by MadMike on 03/10/2021 23:06:02:

Perhaps it is just a matter of terminology, but we do not have NHS Covid Passports in England. So I guess the question I should ask is really what form were you filling in and why?

There was talk of covid passports for overseas travel and I have two Dutch holidays booked for next year.

I cannot show the form because I reported it and then deleted it.


there is the real NHS app that allows you to order repeat prerscriptions and view when you had your vaccinations and show a QR code. no charge no credit cards involved


Thread: Centec 2B - New arrival and Q&A
30/07/2021 14:26:45
Posted by William Ayerst on 27/07/2021 14:05:10:

Righto - good to know - when I said 'take it gentle', I meant with removing the tools with a (brass faced) mallet via the threaded rod drawbar, as opposed to just twisting a self-ejecting one. I'll look into some wedges - like a pry bar?

Thank you for the tips re: tanged vs threaded arbors. If I could find a compatible JT6 taper MT2 arbor with a 3/8" drawbar thread I would. I'll keep an eye out for one, but good to know I can do without.

I would just get the Arc Euro MT to J6 and make a drawbar from M10 threaded rod. I have mm whit and UNC in two sizes of drawbars for mine as if I see tooling at a good price a Drawbar is cheaper than some other tooling.

Steve Larner

Thread: Tapers
25/07/2021 12:51:37

B16 is one of a series of European Tapers used on chucks if you search MT3 B16 in Google you should see lots of possible suppliers, I have used Amazon in the past.


Thread: Oxy Propane kit
16/05/2021 15:22:17
Posted by Peter Simpson 1 on 16/05/2021 15:11:03:

At the moment I'm in the process of silver soldering my 5" gauge boiler barrel I'm using a Sievert torch and a standard propane cylinder. Even when using a good soldering hearth I'm struggling to get the copper hot enough to produce a good solder flow. Would an Oxy Propane kit overcome this problem ? If so can anybody suggest a suitable kit.

Thanks Peter

CuP alloys do a nice kit.

How big a burner are you using?


Thread: Something a bit different- excavator arm
01/05/2021 13:08:28
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 01/05/2021 12:41:42:

A fascinating and very unusual project!

There may be a lot in modern engineering that could inspire model-engineering versions, but perhaps the older machinery's attraction is the "works" working visibly, not hidden away.

The only other example I can think of in this genre, and I forget the constructor's name unfortunately, is a sizeable model of one of the huge walking-draglines formerly used in the Northamptonshire iron-ore quarries. Its builder operated it from a full-scale replica of the prototype's driving-seat and controls, and a video-camera in the model cab gave us a scale driver's-eye view as it gracefully moved heaps of cat litter about. That display also answered for me how those excavators actually "walked" - slow hops with both feet down.

Back in the 1960s, something rather thinly called "fluidics" was all the rage for some years, but probably replaced in most applications by electronics. It took the hydraulics as used in earth-moving machines a stage further into the realms of logic-circuitry for controlling the power hydraulic or pneumatic systems. I don't know if any model-engineers have experimented with fludics, which usually use compressed-air.

The chap who did the walking one did a tracked one before, he used to be at Harogate most years.


Thread: Help to value a Schaublin lathe.
02/03/2021 22:25:41

I sold one some years ago, Expect 4-500 pounds, more if with good selection of collets or optional slides.

This is a instrument makers lath so will not have many of the features some are talking about.

Ebay or similar with a reserve will probably find the best offer.


Thread: Washers under nuts
30/01/2021 13:21:34
Posted by Mike Hurley on 30/01/2021 11:18:36:

Personally I tend to use washers most of the time for stuff I'm making, just feel they give a better 'fit' to things. If you study the vast majority of early industrial / victorian engineering they never seemed to use them. Was this because of the extra cost or just considered unecessary? When did they start to become in regular use, and was it one of these trends that started perhaps in America and spread over here or vice versa? Have often wondered. Regards

I suspect that washers every where came from working on costs plus jobs for the MOD in the cold war where if you added washers everywhere on thousands of bits of kit and got cost plus profit it would add up.

Reason for this is everyone iIhave met that worked for GEC, Marconi, BAC etc wants washers every where, and when asked why because there supervisor or manager insisted, never have got a good explanation.

Commercial people I have worked with only wanted them if to cover slots or protect paint etc.


Thread: What nut and bolt material?
15/01/2021 21:15:21
Posted by Paul Lousick on 15/01/2021 06:20:29:


316 stainless steel is a molybdenum-alloyed steel. The fact that it is also negligibly responsive to magnetic fields means that it can be used in applications where a non-magnetic metal is required. It also contains a number of other elements in varying concentrations. 316 can work harden and make machining difficult. It has a much better corosion resistance and is used for marine fittings.

I recently inspected the spindles on some model globe valves which I made about 18 months ago out of 304 S/S because they were not sealing properly and found that the seats were pitted and coroded. Now have to make them again, this time out of 316 grade.


50-2 globe valve.jpg

This are of corrosion is complex. A good guide is the PRE no which is a guide to pitting and crevice corrosion resistance

As a guide

304stst is about 18

316stst is about 24 so 30% better but if at elevated temperatures would not be considered marine.

Generally if there was a problem on a swimming pool or sea water I would look for a PRE >40

This takes us to super Duplex such as SAF2507 or 254SMO which is like 316 but with more chrome and molly.


Thread: Taper-Lock Bushes - tolerances
30/12/2020 15:25:11

h9 is clearly the intended shaft tolerance, I suspect the numerical tolerance is the range over which the taper locks should work

holding the h9 Will probably make removal easier if needed


30/12/2020 11:14:39

The h9 tolerance I quoted is out the Fenner download. either way h9 or h8 top limit is 48.000


30/12/2020 09:45:08

If you don't want to wedge open the the taper-lock the shaft should be h9 giving 47.94 to 48.00 so your shaft is a smidgen oversize.

Turn it down or open out with screwdriver.


Thread: Hemingway Kits filing Machine
16/12/2020 12:54:30

Nice build log, keep it coming please.


Thread: Electric vehicles
20/11/2020 08:21:33

Its going to happen, see the news the other day that BMW are moving all combustion engine manufacturer out of Germany and retooling for doing the electric power packs in Germany. The report suggested so the German workers were protected for the long term.


Thread: Multifix toolholder Vendors
10/11/2020 18:41:52

I started with the create which was fine, then bought some more holders from Germany via Ebay and they fit pefectly, Paints a different colour but they were quicker and no carrier customs fee.

Using a genuine Dickinson that came with the lathe I occasionally got a Jam when parting, with the multifix straight through under power feed including 304/316 stainless steel.


Thread: Hand drilling stainless steel 3mm thick
10/11/2020 18:35:24

Its Hard work but not this hard.

Need an old fashioned corded drill with two speed gear box. trigger control helps more.

use good drills Dormer A002 work well, they are like a split point multi facet, use cutting fluid like Rocol or CT90.

I was doing M10 Tapping size in 316L 10mm thick. 4 holes per plate 8 Plates, took an afternoon to drill and tap, used two sizes of drill 5 mm and tapping size. Hard work but keep the pressure on and change the bit as soon as it starts to rub.


Thread: Parcelforce or DPD
28/10/2020 18:43:48

DPD every time as they will leave in a safe place. easier than going to he sorting office to collect parcelforce.


Thread: Hydrogen-powered train makes UK maiden journey
01/10/2020 08:27:56
Posted by john fletcher 1 on 30/09/2020 10:29:17:

I'm amazed at people who think electric cars is the answer to our pollution problems. Where do they think the electricity comes from and how is it produced. Also, the capacity of under ground cables are just not big enough to power all the car battery chargers which will be required. When our house, which was typical at the time it was built, it had a light in each room and one socket in the hall. Now most home up the road have a washing machine, dryers, fridge, freezer, immersion heater the list goes all on a 1920 cable and there is just one joint per pair of semi's. Just imagine how much energy is required to make a wind turbine and how long will they last, also consider the amount of energy to make PV panels and how long will they last. Then we have the biomass power station, importing the pellets from the US, apparently it just as polluting as the coal power station ever was, and what about the ship bring the stuff from US. As for hydrogen what a dangerous substance to have a train. John

Peak generation and distribution Capacity is near 50GW, averahe use is 32GW and mininum draw <20GW so as long as cars are charged off peah there is a lot of capacity,.

The use of smart meters will allow for more management of who charges when, and faster charging stations are appearing at petrol stations now,

I filled in online survey with one of the fuel majors where I pay at the pump and they clearly see themselves as an Energy company, watch to see how much some of them shift to renewables.


Thread: Stainless steel
27/08/2020 18:24:43
Posted by Stuart Bridger on 27/08/2020 17:39:03:

After getting completely fed-up with endlessly buying HP ink cartridges at no small cost, I moved to an Epson Ecotank based printer. Still using the original bottles of ink a year later with plenty still available

+1 Done the same been using it 2 or 3 years of fairly heavy B&W use and only on second bottle of ink.


Thread: Is This a Tooth?
24/07/2020 08:52:37

Posted by Oily Rag on 23/07/2020 21:46:05:


Seriously, I like Lee's post that it might be a claw - bit too big for even a dinosaur's tooth at 5 inch long I would have thought.

Edited By Oily Rag on 23/07/2020 21:48:14

Longest Dinosaurs tooth 300mm / 12"


Thread: Warco WM280V-F Gearbox
06/07/2020 20:58:08
Posted by JasonB on 15/03/2020 15:52:13:

Is there a Circlip missing from the groove?


One of the interesting things with Barrys stripdown of the gearbox was the the O ring grooves, as the dimensions were decidly odd Barry sent me the dimensions and asked for my view on the circlips to use.

The dimensions were:-

Shaft :19mm Groove 18.5mm Width 1.3mm old circlip 1.0mm thick
Shaft: 18mm Groove: 17.0mm Width 1.3mm old circlip 1.0mm thick
Shaft: 15.74mm Groove: 15.36mm Width 1.22mm old circlip 0.94mm thick

The only one that is std that I could see is the 18/17 and that was after checking the imperial ones as well.

In the end I sugested the following sizes and comments.

Well all I can say is what a dogs dinner


I would get 10 packs as they are only a bit more than 2

If they don't look as if they will stay In place make a tapered mandrel out of steel
and lap the ID of circling with valve grinding paste.

Hopfully now that everything is sliding properly the circlips will stay in place.


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