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Thread: Home workshop accuracy & tolerance?
23/09/2020 01:41:30

I bought my milling machine back in 2011 and have made a number of things since, learning from various places e.g. this forum, youtube etc how to machine parts. I also received some engineering training at BAe Bristol back in the eighties, mostly for sheet metal work though, which required high accuracy "and no scratches. Scratches are potential cracks in the aircraft industry!". smiley

Whilst I've owned the milling machine and now also a small lathe, I believe some of the most important tools to have in the shed/workshop are good quality measuring tools. If something can be measured accurately and often during manufacture, there's a good chance it will end up at the required size first time.

Bad measuring tools are out there. I have an imported protractor that reads 89° when its edges are perpendicular.

A question comes up on the forum quite often "I have a new lathe and milling machine, what other tools do I need?". I think I would suggest good quality measurement tools.

I must admit I get a bit annoyed when I see videos on youtube where vises (vices?) or work-pieces are set up which are two or three thou out of alignment and the person might say "that's good enough for what I do!" I think to myself , why not spend a minute or two getting it square or at least a lot better? A bit of patience and some tenacity are also good tools!


- Sorry to waffle, just offering my tuppance.

Thread: Problems reading from a 3.5" floppy disc
20/09/2020 17:14:11

Before doing anything, may I suggest making a backup of your floppy disks to your laptop, if you can.

Old floppy drives can start to fail due to dried out grease, perished belts, dirty read/write heads or track 0 sensor, etc.

There are a number of external floppy drives available on Amazon UK which have a USB cable interface.


Thread: Rotating Photos
14/09/2020 17:48:23

You'd think by now there would be a menu option in web browsers to rotate an embedded photo.


Thread: varifocals
01/09/2020 18:05:30

A bit of a nightmare.

I recently tried varifocals for a second time with Specsavers. The eye test itself I felt was quite rushed and the optician seemed to ignore when I mentioned I have difficulty focussing with my right eye. When he put the device in front of my eyes to test my vision it was half hearted and I had to ask him to straighten it so I could read the letters.

After the test I was confused by the garbled options I was told for what I could purchase and upon hearing some key-words I went for a two-for-one deal with their best lenses and selected some new frames.

Picked up the glasses and was expecting a fitting of some kind to check for correct alignment - nothing! I was just handed the glasses in two different boxes. When trying them on in the shop I commented about the right eye prescription not feeling right. I was advised by a non-optician to try them for two weeks.

The frames when I received them were bent. The nose bridge pieces were skewed to one side. The lenses had the prescriptions etched into them, visible numbers etched into the plastic!

After two weeks I took them back and got my £420 back. Only at this stage did they mention a fitting and alignment check. I don't think I'll be going there again.


I hope this doesn't break the forum rules by mentioning a company name.

Thread: Blown band saw circuit.
23/08/2020 18:48:05

Assuming it is a multi pole switch, I think only the 3 right-most contact pairs would be normally open and the far left pair is possibly just isolated connection posts (or there would be a direct short L-N if they were closed).

A centrifugal switch could switch between the capacitor or the solid wire to complete the neutral side of the circuit. Not sure if it would be a start or run capacitor.


23/08/2020 17:57:43

What is the large rectangular block between the capacitor and the Warning Light" ? Is it a connector or 4-pole switch?


Thread: TBH!
12/08/2020 18:14:17

There was a spectacular lightning show last night about 10.20PM UK time, way to the north of Bristol. Literally dozens of huge flashes all up in the clouds, not a sound to be heard. My Brother said his two dogs were going crazy, they must have heard it.


Thread: Bulbs Electric Life of
24/07/2020 20:07:46

In my experience LED's always lasted a lot longer than incandescent lamps. I would be thinking along the lines of a standard LED (not high brightness) and maybe use a translucent shade or 'envelope' to decrease the brightness more, if required.

I expect some of the electronics guys here could describe a good solution, perhaps with a dimmer circuit.


Thread: How to stop scam phone calls for good?
21/07/2020 18:20:48

I can't understand why the call blocking software or embedded firmware in phones can't be somehow incorporated at the exchange. Makes one wonder, whether having to buy additional hardware with these features is a scam itself.

Ideally and in my humble opinion, any call that isn't traceable to source, including geographical location should not be allowed to connect to any other phone or device.


Thread: Slitting Saw Arbor
19/07/2020 14:55:32

I have one of those stepped arbors and agree with Russel. They also allow only very shallow depth cuts (not depth of cut!) i.e. there's not a lot of room between the top of the blade and the quill.


Thread: Jumpy readout DRO scales on WM16 mill
08/07/2020 18:21:03

Hi Rik,

I had a similar set of readouts on my WM-16 and simiilar issues as you have described. I believe it was due to the proximity of the USB cables to the machine's mains cable, especially when the cables crossed on or near 90° to each other.


Thread: Ultrasonics and citric acid
29/06/2020 19:49:18

Could you put the acid inside a container (jar?) then lower the jar into the cleaner fluid? Supported well so the acid cannot spiil into the cleaner solution?

I'm not sure how well ultrasonic waves pass through container walls. Might be worth a try. It seems to work for some of the resin 3D printing people.


Thread: Stroboscopic effect
28/06/2020 13:34:11

Perhaps turn a plug that is final diameter, get close by eye and then sneek up on final diameter to match the plug.


If I remember correctly, twin fluorescent lights back in the day had lead/lag circuits utiising a capacitor in one of the lamps' circuits. This would make both circuits out of phase to each other and cancel out the strobe effect which could make rotating machinery appear stationary.

Thread: POCKETMAGS works with WINDOWS 10 and WINDOWS 8.2
25/06/2020 14:43:34

Hi Neil,

I just looked at this and if you'll permit me to make a couple of comments, unless I misunderstood.

The app is downloadable from the Microsoft app store. I just downloaded it and when launching the app it's asking me to enter my Microsoft login details. If I cancel the login dialogue box it reappears. The only way to get out of this loop is to tap Alt-F4 twice quickly. ( ...or use task manager and kill the process I suppose). So it seems to require a Microsoft login. I'm wondering why?

Edit: Consequently I've recently installed the latest Windows 10 update and the pockets mags reader looks very nice in the new microsoft Edge browser.


Edited By Ed Duffner on 25/06/2020 14:58:12

Thread: Making a Nikon P1000 stable to be able to take moon & star shots
25/06/2020 08:00:05

A very neat solution Steve, nice job!

Would have been nice if Nikon had included a tripod mount into the lens barrel.


Thread: Change to the Code of Conduct
23/06/2020 00:30:22

Martin C, thank you for the explanation and example. I can see the issue in those particular scenarios. The video could have been reported I suppose, as a conflict of interest. Maybe it was?

It's a shame that Youtube is now a money making Google platform at all. I resented a comment by one youtube welder guy who called viewers freeloaders because he chose to upload his videos and expected payment of some kind. That isn't what youtube was started for.


22/06/2020 23:12:11

I'll put my hand up here and say I don't understand, can this be simplified, clarified a bit more please? ...and the thread seems to be diverging into the old CE versus C E thing again.


- Are we only allowed to post links to the advertisers who facilitate this forum? Isn't that a form of bullying or what our friends across the pond call capitalism? given that I'm a paying subscriber to both ME and MEW. What is and is not acceptable? examples please?

- If somebody asks how I got a nice finish on aluminium (rare I know!), am I not allowed to post a link to the polished inserts I use from a UK supplier who might source their products from outside the UK?

- Isn't it a case that the advertisers who are present on the forum supply non UK conformant goods? I've had a few bad items from known UK hobby suppliers who advertise here. I can list the examples if required, but have historically not called out (I think) any supplier in the interest of keeping things positive and friendly.

In my mind, posting links to an advertiser spreads the knowledge, helps the hobby grow and may in fact produce follow-on sales from the forums advertisers. Model Engineers can make an informed decision based on their means and what is available to them. Such is the democracy that we live in.


Personally I hate all forms of advertising shoved in my face, every where I look or go. But I tolerate it because I can do nothing about it, that's the way the world is ...and how Google wants it.


Not trying to be awkward, would just like to understand better.


Edited By Ed Duffner on 22/06/2020 23:36:31

Thread: Weeds in a 'lawn'
21/06/2020 17:18:43

Some weeds apparently have a last go at growing before being killed off by weed killer. I did my lawn 2 weeks ago and I now have black areas which I need to rake out.

Too much weed killer or too often can 'burn' the grass.


Thread: Number punches
21/06/2020 14:39:43

I have the 2.0mm Pryor punches. It's worth checking them over and make allowances for off-set characters.

Some of my numbers are not central to the punch body.




Edited By Ed Duffner on 21/06/2020 14:40:11

Thread: UNF reducing bush
20/06/2020 14:56:38

A few results from Google <here> ...will need some further lookup from the results, based on the required application (air, water, gas etc).

Search term "7/8 male to 3/4 female UNF reducer". You could also try 'coupler'.


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