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Thread: What direction should this forum be taking?
13/11/2015 22:31:28

Neil, you must have the patience of a saint and the skin of a rhino, these Muddle Enjuneers aint half a tetchy lot. Given that clicking on a post, and clicking off it again is a matter of a split second..............whats the problem. I think the giveaway was the registering of obvious disgust at the fact that at one time the magazine featured (horror of horrors)Model boats. I think perhaps someone should explain to me why model boats are out of place in a model engineering magazine. No matter This is not the magazine, this is the Forum (google it), and I too value the breadth of topics discussed here, although I have never made a model in my life and probably never will, because I am not that sort of engineer. I like this forum just the way it is, although I think the comment about making the contents of new threads clear in the title is very valid one, where is the hardship in deciding NOT to read something. What we have here is the never ending dispute between the generalists, and the purists, although I prefer to call them "one trick ponies" I like the forum the way it is, and I do like it! If others don't they are at choice to move their reading and criticising habits elsewhere.


Thread: Todays update from Bodgers Lodge
10/11/2015 22:04:57
Posted by Michael Poole on 10/11/2015 19:18:18:

I don't think Harleys are about motorcycling, they are for weekend warriors with "righteous bro" pretensions.

just my opinion!


I'll have you know my brother has a Harley........................................and you are SPOT ON!

I will also confirm what JS already knows, the build quality is abysmal, all the "chrome" embellishments are plastic, and it had both mudguards perforated by rust at only 5 years old(and I mean like lacework) because (GET THIS) there is no paint inside the mudguard, it is bare steel (I use the word steel in it's loosest sense) Rear seat held on by an aluminium D nut with a steel bolt in it, through a hole in the mudguard. You really have to experience how bad they are to believe it. Needles to say he hasn't ridden it for a couple of years, it sits in his workshop partly in bits.!

Thread: What did you do today (2015)
10/11/2015 21:34:01

Spent the day fixing my workshop roof where next doors rats have chewed their way through it, YUCK! Tomorow I take down all the roof insulation to make sure they are not still in residence. OH FEKKIN JOY!!

07/11/2015 13:09:47

Hi Guys, completely agree with using sewage works as methane generators, and using the gas to generate electricity, Can't understand why it is not done. My late father was an electrician like me, and he worked on the sewage plant at Esholt near Bradford which does just that, and the great thing about anaerobic digestion is that it turns sewage sludge and water into a clean liquid fertiliser and a solid dry fertiliser. The problem with the process is the liquid detergents and toilet cleaners we have been persuaded by the manufacturers that we need to throw down the toilet to "save your family from GERMS" as this kills of the bacteria that does the digestion. That is why you should not empty an autowasher or dishwasher into a septic tank, unless you use a product and a toilet cleaner that is safe for septic tanks, because a septic tank is a mini digester, and if yours needs emptying every two years, it aint working!


06/11/2015 23:53:52

And if you really want to know what I did today, I spent most of it taking down the insulation in my workshop, sweeping up rat crap and inserting a couple of bait boxes into the roof, because next doors rats have chewed their way in AGAIN! My mood due to this fact may have coloured the above post slightly!!!


06/11/2015 23:44:22

Congratulations ChrisH, you have got all the myths into only two posts! Here we go:

Wind turbines do not need or use power "to keep them turning when there is no wind, Total myth put about by the nay sayers and nimbys and the Nuclear industry, Which incidentally has had billions of taxpayers money in subsidy since it began in the fifties, remember the otherwise honorable T Benn saying "nuclear generated electricity will be so cheap it won't be worth metering it" I is actually the most expensive way of generating electricity ever thought up!

"It costs more in electricity to make a wind turbine than it will ever generate in its lifetime" another complete myth, which is quit obvious if you give it more than a seconds though. Last year I stood inside a 1/2 megawatt turbine, on a flat calm day, with just a barely perceptible amount of air movement, and as the blades went lazily round it was generating 28kw! Average British household uses about 12kWh per day (American household 25kWh)

The wind only blows 20% of the time This is true, but like all good propaganda, not in the way you think, because what you are being told makes you think " IF THE WIND ONLY BLOWS 20% OF THE TIME, THEN WIND TURBINES ONLY WORK 20% OF THE TIME" No, its another nuclear industry myth, and it works like this, what the Met office CLASSES as wind, only blows 20% of the time, but wind turbines will hit peak output long before the wind reaches that speed! IT IS A CON! On my way to work I pass about ten turbines , the smallest of which is a 20kW domestic, and the largest is another 1/2gW and they will all be running well when there is hardly enough breeze to stir the tree tops. Based on my drive to work 5 days a week I have estimated that they are operating above 50% output about 85% of the time. All the modern large turbines need is air movement, and as any sailor will tell you, in the morning the sun rises, heats the land, which heats the air above the land, the air rises, and an onshore breeze springs up as the cooler air over the sea rushes in to even out the pressure.

Birdstrikes? yes they happen at first, but nowhere near as many as we are led to believe, and they don't persist. If you erect anything in the landscape, birds will fly into it till they get used to its position, then they avoid it. On a recent project I was involved in, we changed the window glass in an old chapel from translucent white glass to clear glass, and we had bird strikes on every window for about three weeks, after which time they stopped completely. They do not whirl round in the air slicing up wildlife, it is yet another myth.

It is 23.12 0n 6/11/15 and at the moment wind is producing 12.37% (3.6gW) of the base load. The problem is that nuclear has a deal with the government whereby they keep all of the stations running flat out, and get to sell every Watt they generate, when demand falls, the call goes out to all the other generators to start reducing output, all that is except nuclear, and the first call to shut down goes to the wind turbines, because they are the easiest and fastest to turn off. That is the only reason you will see them idle on breezy days. Remember also that there is at least another 50% of un-metered wind turbines, the power from which is used where it is generated, and only seen by the grid as a fall in overall demand. Remember too that if these new French/Chinese power station ever get built they will be supplying power at three times what we are paying for it now, and no one seems willing to state who the new power stations will belong to! Has anyone considered the fact that if British industry ever got to the point where it was damaging the exports of China or France, all they would need to do is put up the price of the industries power supply to ensure that it could not compete? Our government is selling England by the pound!

Rant well and truly over, and I won't be a nuisance again, honest guv!


Ps, if you get 10x 24v wagon batteries and an inverter, you CAN store your solar output, and use it as AC, the inverter is not 100% efficient, but they are improving. I founded a company a few years ago which installs wireless broadband in remote areas, and we pioneered the use of a 12v dc wind turbine, a 12vdc solar panel, and a 12vdeep cycle leisure type battery to power a remote transmitter on a hill top to get the wireless signal into the next valley. Today the company (i am no longer involved) has many of these units all over the north of England, and they rarely if ever go flat! Thats it, no more!

Thread: 1935 Austin Seven Ruby ARQ
06/11/2015 22:21:54

Hi Oubailie, the grease does not harm the leather at all, seems to keep it supple!

Phil W

05/11/2015 19:25:58

I think you are right Nick, Oubailie, can you not make a leather pouch (ooh er missus) that will tie round the shaft and enclose the bearings, the movement is limited, and if you only want to keep the muck and weather out of it, it should be fine. 2CV again, I made some for the knife edges on the suspension, filled them with grease and tied them round with a leather thong (here we go again) worked like a charm, and when I had to change a spring box three years later, the knife edges were like the day I put them in.


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
04/11/2015 19:37:29

Here we are chaps, you can watch the UK power grid as it actually happens!

updates every 4 minutes, and a real eye opener.

Sorry, wind can and does provide a lot more than 2%, for the first time last October we had the day when wind was actually producing more power than nuclear. Nuclear actually contributes around 16% of the base load, and the theoretical maximum our nuclear industry can generate is only 24%. as I look at the above site just now, coal and nuclear put together are only generating slightly more than CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) which is producing 46%. There is a lot of rubbish talked about wind turbines, and it is mainly distributed by the nuclear industry..............Don't fall for it!


Thread: Lathe paint
25/10/2015 09:44:17

I use Tractol machinery enamel, available at all agricultural engineers and country stores, here is my Harrison mill in a delightfull shade of John Deere green, which is the colour it was when i go it, much cheaper than the special lathe paint (lols) being flogged to purists by some internet "enterprenuers". brushes or sprays really well, but needs to be sprayed in a warm atmosphere or it may run. There is also a huge range of colours in commercial transport paint which is a polyurethane synthetic enamel which is virtuall oil proof when fully cured, and is very hard wearing. find a local spray shop suppliers (paint wholesalers), and pop in for a chat!


Thread: Learning to Weld...
22/10/2015 21:10:22

Hi Neil, Welding is mainly a simple manual skill, these videos are of limited use TBH. You are learning in the best possible way, by actually doing it. I assume you have no wish to work on gas pipelines? If that is the case, just carry on, and watch the welding websites if you have a problem. The only welding I was actually taught at college was oxy-acetylene. and that was a very brief safety talk about gasses and bottles, followed by a few hours practical training. One tip I will give you is try with and without your prescription glasses, I am short sighted, but weld without mine!


Thread: Myford lathe values.
22/10/2015 20:54:34

Hi Mark P, if this is a limited company in the UK and the debt is more than £750 a winding up order costs nothing if he pays up on the THREAT of one being issued, and as the money is owed to you and another, you can be your own debt collectors. Usually the threat to issue a winding up order produces instant payment. Download and fill in the 6.27 form, and send it to the registered office of the limited company, saying that if you are not paid in full within seven days (provided you have submitted written requests for payment previously, if you have not, send a final demand for the full amount to his registered office, saying you intend to apply for a winding up order in 14 days if payment is not received, and send the winding up order form 6.27 14 days later) There is only one problem, and that is , is he trading profitably, if he has no money, and you do incur a fee for actually going to court to wind his co up, chances are you will not get it back but, you probably won't need to go that far. If for instance his equipment, or even his house are charged as security against his business, he will not want to be wound up and face losing his home! There are people in this world who will go to great lengths not to pay their bills if they don't have to. Trading as a limited company is not a good idea if you want to do this, as it is quite easy to collect. The sole trader who is not limited, has no money, and nothing with his name on it as owner, can get away with not paying bills, and is the typical blood from a stone case commonly known as a "Professional Debtor" (I was a registered debt collector for 10 years)


Thread: Sharpening brazed carbide tip tools for the lathe.
12/10/2015 23:02:10

I fully agree with Breva, green grit will do it, but tends to leave a rough coarse edge, and takes longer, the white fine diamond wheels give a smoother edge, faster!


Thread: Can Motor be used with VFD?
11/10/2015 11:03:55

Is it a Murad motor, it is certainly unusual?


11/10/2015 10:40:29

Very interesting, ordinary motor turned inside out! the squirrel cage is in the stator and the induction coils in the rotor, used to create a high torque motor in a small frame size perhaps? any makers name on the motor?


Thread: Safety glasses/guards
11/10/2015 10:30:03

T-cut or plastic polish applied with a soft clean cloth, and polish in straight lines, Water is useless, especially if you live in a hard water area. Also steer clear of isopropyl alcohol based glass cleaners. I have similar problems, and find this works for me!


Thread: Can Motor be used with VFD?
07/10/2015 22:21:15

Just to add to my last post, Large slip ring motors used to be used for starting machines with high starting loads, or for driving machinery which needed to be accelerated up to the working speed more slowly than was possible with a direct on line type starter. The starter for a slip ring motor fed the rotor windings through a group of resistors which were switched out of circuit one by one as the motor and machine accelerated. These were VERY large motors, and they also had wound stators, this is a very small motor, with what I presume is a permag stator.. I am intrigued, any pics available?


07/10/2015 22:14:09

regardless of most of the above, if this is an alternating current motor, single phase, slip ring or not, it is synchronous with the frequency of the supply, and a VFD, being a variable frequency drive, will vary the speed! What sort of lathe is it?


Thread: Spot the connection
04/10/2015 22:08:17

hi steve, ok its not a problem, and this may sound obvious, but you are looking for the biggest lump in the windings, find where the tails that go to the connector block are solered to the windings, and look at the same place on the other side of the windings, and also at the other end of the motor, you cen cut the string binding and remove the taping, but keep bending of the wires to a minimum. when you find the star point, unsolder the connections, solder on some tails of similar size or larger, and route them into the connector box, then tape up the connections and tie them back to the windings with cotton string, and varnish them up to stop them moving , job done!


04/10/2015 21:26:31

hi steve, before you hack into the windings, how many wires are there in the connector box on the motor? if there are six, you don't need to touch the wihdings


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