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Thread: Blown band saw circuit.
26/08/2020 20:45:21

what do you mean by "the trip button" If you mean the overload trip, that should lock in when you press it, and stay locked in till the circiit overloads and trips, if it does not lock in when you push it in (try hard push) the the overload trip is faulty, and that is why it is not working. Try holding the o/l button in and pressing the start button to see if it runs. The overload trip should have continuity through it all the time. the button is to reset it after it has tripped.Please show the start and stop buttons on the diagram! If you have nothing between 2 and 6 when the contactor is held in, that is the fault, 2 and 6 are the circuit that hold the contactor "in" once the start button is released


Thread: Colchester Student Mk1 Won't Start
25/08/2020 10:08:23

Looking at the springs, and small box section steel construction of Richards lamp, I think it is made by the Anglepoise company, Probably by the Terry spring co who made them under licence The lower part of the lamp is the same as other anglepoise lamps I have, which fit into a cast iron base for desk use. Early pictures of the Student Mk1 shows them with this light fitted.  Mine has the later MEM "Memlite", made by Midlands Electrical Manufacturing in Birmingham. the Memlite does not have the advantage of the anglepoise, which moves easily into any position, and stays there!

MEM Memlite

Edited By Phil Whitley on 25/08/2020 10:23:39

Thread: Blown band saw circuit.
23/08/2020 18:38:53

If the motor runs when you press the contactor in, there is nothing wrong with the motor, capacitor, or the centrifugal switch. Something in the starter circuit is the fault, like the start button, or as above, the coil in the contactor is open circuit, or the stop button, which should be normally closed, is not! can you post up some pics of the controls and switches etc. If you had to press the new trip switch in and hold it to get the motor to run, the new trip switch is faulty, once pressed in, it should close the circuit and lock in with a click.


Thread: Do you clean the workshop up every day?
22/08/2020 14:13:17

I can't work in an untidy or messy workshop, I find my workrate falls off dramatically and I get frustrated when I can't find what I want, so I often stop mid job and have a tidy up, sweep the floor and put the tools away, then get back to it, calmed, refreshed and invigorated by the zen in tidying up! Last job on Friday is at least a 30 minute tools away and tidy, sometimes longer. I remember when I was an apprentice, and was alone in the shop when the foreman came in and said, "I got to go out lad, so your'e in charge, tek't phone messages an ave a bit of a tidy if you get the chance" In about 4 hours I completely reorganised the place and cleaned areas that had been untouched for ages. He arrived back, walked into the workshop , stopped dead, grinned and said "bloody ell lad, you took me at my word" and I was the golden boy for almost a week! If he could see that workshop now he would weep!


Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
21/08/2020 18:40:57
Hi all, this week we finish the emormous garden (63m x 23m) at my late aunts house, and I also spens a day doing the same at my Mothers. Some of the 2CV parts arrive, and I fixed the innertube, which I had caught with the tyre lever Hope you enjoy it, it has made a change from the usual, and has cleared my head of the frustrations we all suffer from when dealing with mechanical devices! Onward and upward! Like, comment, subscribe, enjoy!
Phil, East Yorkshire under storm Ellen!
Thread: Colchester Student Mk1 Won't Start
16/08/2020 14:21:35

Richard, yes the oiler is missing on mine, that would be great! The new grey paint looks excellent! that knurled(?)nut should only be finger tight, hence the knurling. There should be two gears on there, one in use, and one just stored there. They are swapped over for different pitches and feeds.


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16/08/2020 14:18:59

Mat, if it wont scrape off easily then leave it and fill the damaged areas. Try using a blowgun (if you have a compressor) to see if the paint lifts. To be honest the original finish is usually so good that only areas where there has been mechanical damage, or the paint has literally worn through will require filling.


16/08/2020 13:08:57

Richard, Don't worry about the QCTP, my bad, I should have jumped at it, you getting a good half nut is more important, Que sera sera! If in the fullness of time it is still available, I will have it!


16/08/2020 13:05:30

Mat, if you have a compressor, you could use a needle gun (wear eye protection!!) they are really good at removing hard enamel paints from castings,BUT, if you get back to sound paint, there is no point in removing it, it just makes extra work, and damages the filler on the castings, far better to fill up the damage on the good paint, then flat, prime and paint, and the finish you get is better than a bare metal repaint unless you put an enourmous amount of work into filling the castings before primer. The original castings were totally covered in filler, which was then flatted and primed, and it is very hard to replicate this highly skilled process today. Have a look at the Colchester factory films ( This is my lathe which I resprayed. I removed all the repainting with paint thinners untill I got back to the original damaged finish, filled the damage, flatted, primed and resprayed, the whole job took about a week! Unfortunately if you have already damaged the original filler with chemical strippers, and it has gone soft and sticky, it will have to be removed, but the way to go is to cover the whole casting with a thin layer of filler, then flat , prime and paint. the contrast you get between paint on bare casting and paint on filler makes the machine look like a piebald pony! See my repaint here


Edited By Phil Whitley on 16/08/2020 13:15:36

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15/08/2020 20:48:11

Richard, If the deal doesnt go ahead on the QCTP and topslide, let me know, as I wouild love one! Cash waiting!!


Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
15/08/2020 14:16:08

Just when I thought that it couldn't get any worse, it did, not a problem, but an engineering challenge (he said, being positive!) Cylinder glaze busting, lapping and valve grinding, and then something completely different, commando gardening at my late aunts house, with cousin Keith! that was my week, that was! Enjoy, comment, like or even subscribe, and be amazed!
East Yorkshire, Awaiting the return of the monsoon!

Thread: Paint for mild steel sheet brazing hearth.
09/08/2020 19:27:22

I added a canopy to mine and refreshed the original finish which was aluminium primer!

Edited By Phil Whitley on 09/08/2020 19:35:28

Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
07/08/2020 20:01:39
This week I fit some lights over the bench and the lathes, and also do an instructional on fitting a thread replacement helicoil thread kit. most of the 2CV parts have arrived now, but pushrod tubes are out of stock till next wednesday, but I have all I need to rebuild one side! The extra light will improve the quality of the videos, now all I need to improve is the content!
Phil, Great Swelterin on the wolds
East Yorkshire.
Thread: Training school auction
06/08/2020 21:12:41
Posted by jann west on 06/08/2020 13:33:59:

It's sad! Generally speaking ... Apparently (injury/negligence/etc.) insurance for metalwork training schools is very expensive, and the consumables are also expensive (whoops - someone forgot to turn off the argon on a welder and the college's entire tank leaked out overnight ... happened at CNWL the year I was there ... oops!) ... far easier and more profitable to teach courses in "digital marketing" etc.

here is the real reason, it is not that there is no demand for engineering courses, it is that they are comparitively very unprofitable to deliver, when compared to media studies and "digital marketing". The colleges do not care that there is no jobs at the end of them, they have already made their profit, and they do not exist to train ppl, they exist to make profit!

Britain was made great , not directly by engineering, but by innovation, and THEN building the products and selling them to the world, and today, although China, Asia and Japan are now the powerhouses, they lack the one skill that made Britain great, they are not innovators, they do not respect patents, and they will copy and improve anything they can get their hands on. We need to go back to innovation, but in order to do that we need a root and branch overhaul of the patent system, which for too long has allowed companies to ammass "intellectial property" by the mere act of saying "wouldn't it be good and profitable if we could do this", then patenting it, and waiting for some poor mug to do the hard work, and then surfacing (they are known as submarine patents), and using their financial clout and their in house patent attorneys to steal the idea, or bankrupt the inventor with a long legal battle, and steal the idea anyway. Reform could be as simple as introducing a rule that there is no patent without a working prototype, and that patent gives you 5 years to bring the idea to market, after which time the patent expires, and others can have a go.

We are in a situation today where there is no innovation, because there is no research into any field that already has patents, even if the owners of the patents are doing absolutely nothing with them, and inventors have long ago given up on the patent system, as it lacks any protection for them unless they are very wealthy. Mr Dyson spends millions every year just defending his patents.

So how to get the rest of the world to recognise and respect patents? simple, deny access to your marketplace to ALL that countries products untill they do!

The problem with the service industry, is that it employs very few people, returns large profits to even fewer,and is at the mercy of the ups and downs of the worlds financial state, and to imagine that the younger generation are going to pay for our pensions on their minimum waged employment is farcial, and also not the way pension funds work! We are going vaguely in the right direction by getting out of Europe, and now the Europeans companies have taken over our major (albiet lame duck) industries we have a clean slate to start rebuilding from the ground up. We need to lobby government to make these changes to make sure that good ideas get the protection they deserve, and therefore do not have to leave the UK in order for the innovators to profit from them. Export or die still applies!


Thread: Colchester Student Mk1 Won't Start
04/08/2020 19:47:56

the two balls and spring are an overload clutch designed to let the shaft slip if the feed gets jammed, there should be, or at least there is on mine, a screwed plug that goes in the end of the shaft which adjusts the tension on the clutch.  actually I think there should be three balls, one pops partway out of each of the two holes, and the third one is between the spring, and the other two. now you have the lead and feed shafts off, good time to degrease the front of the bed, and get some paint on it!!


Edited By Phil Whitley on 04/08/2020 19:51:26

03/08/2020 20:33:23

It is surprising how many differences there are between our two Mk1 students! I think my feed shaft is just a taper pin, I remember being surprised at how easy it was to get the lead screw and feed shaft off! Keep up the good work Richard!


Edited By Phil Whitley on 03/08/2020 20:33:52

Thread: Harrison wiring
01/08/2020 15:34:42

Alwyn, this type of problem is often caused by mechanical shock during transit which has caused the switch in the starter/contactor overloads to jump out, power off, and try to find the reset button in the starter. Hope this helps


Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
01/08/2020 15:18:53
Sometimes, in life, you have to make something a whole lot worse in order to make it better, this might be one of thise times! I have decided that if it is worth doing at all, my integrity demands that it is done properly, or as a mate of mine would say to almost any problem, "just throw money at it"! I have now reached the bottom of the pit of despair, and the 2CV engine, and myself are well on the way to recovery. It is a good thing that I got a replacement oil delivery pipe, because taking the old one off on Friday, I noticed it was pitted and leaking. I can't realy complain much, as it has been stood about twenty years waiting for me to get a round Tuit! Like, subscribe, comment, but above all LAUGH, as someone elses expense!
Phil, Hot and humid in the jungles of Deepest East Yorkshire!
Thread: Colchester Student Mk1 Won't Start
30/07/2020 21:08:38

I will take a few pics of my splashback and post them up, does seem odd that it doesnt just fit straight on


29/07/2020 21:09:09

back splash is what you get when you haven't got a splash back!! That one looks the same as mine Richard, but the handwheel is a lot posher than mine, which does not have the corrugations on the inside of the rim. The 2 hole bracket on the splash back is for the early type of amglepoise lamp I think, is it not like the one you have?


Edited By Phil Whitley on 29/07/2020 21:09:45

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