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Thread: Does anyone know what this is for?
11/05/2021 20:21:48

Hold the bus!! It is BUSM, British United Shoe Machinery, sorry to lead you astray! I am linking my brother Mike in on this as he is a leather worker!


Thread: Lathe run out
11/05/2021 20:09:37

Hi All,

here we go down the rabbit hole again! A couple of observations:

First, never enter this rabbit hole unless the lathe is not producing the parts you need to the accuracy you require.

With an engineers level, check across the bed at either end, and shim the cabinet untill the readings are as near identical as possible. you need to shim at four points, front and rear, at the headstock and tailstock end. The idea of this is to twist the bed into as near perfect alignment as possible. this process is best done over a few days to allow the bed to settle, and then be checked again, when you are happy with this, proceed as follows

It is pointless to try to align using the three jaw chuck, the very best of which are usually at least 3 thou out WHEN NEW!

Remove the chuck, check and clean the spindle bore, fit the bush and a known good centre, and then put a DTI on the spindle, and then on the centre.

If there is run out on the spindle, tighten headstock bearings to eliminate it.

If there is runout on the centre, remove the centre and bush, check the bore again, check the bore in the bush, and re seat the bush and the centre.

Buy a test bar,, remove the centre from the headstock and fit the test bar in its place, and check with dti at the remote end, you may need to remove and reseat the test bar till you get the absolute minimum possible run out.

Place the DTI on the saddle with its foot on the front of the test bar at centre height, and wind the saddle from the headstock towards the tailstock, If the headstock is misaligned you should see the DTI needle move steadily in one direction, if the reading is erratic, you may be looking at bed wear.

Take note of the runout at the remote end, rotate the spindle 90deg, and try again, note the reading and repeat till you get the spindle back to its original position.

You should now have a good idea about headstock to bed alignment, and will be able to make a decision as to whether you need to realign the headstock front to back, and whether the bed is worn or not

Now move the Dti to the top of the test bar and test from headstock towards the tailstock to see if the test bar is parralell to the bed, again be aware that you are looking for a constant downward or upward trend, and any erratic movement in the needle may be bed wear.

You now have a good idea whether you need to shim the headstock to correct any "nod" in the alignment.

You will usually find that by slackening the headstock bolts slightly, and bumping the headstock with a soft faced mallet in the desired direction, front to back alignment can be corrected.

Sometimes, selective retightening of the bolts can correct up or down nod, but if not you will have to shim, or scrape, but it may be a case of removing the headstock, cleaning the plate it sits on, identifiying and removing any dings or burrs with a flat stone or small scraper.

Now you have the spindle sorted and the headstock alignment as accurate as possible, you can move on to the tailstock. Whilst any of the above tailstock methods will work, I usually put my best centre in the tailstock, and with a dti on the side of the test bar, wind the centre into the centre drilling whilst watching the reading. Any discrepancy here can be corrected with the tailstock alignment screws.

Now repeat with the DTI on top of the test bar, and you will see if you need to shim the tailstock, by how much, and whether it needs to nod down or up.

Now move on to the turning tests ans see what results you get!

I must add that this is the way I do it, based on as much logic as I can muster at the particular moment. I am not suggesting that you go this far, indeed, you should only correct a fault if it occurs, and not go looking for trouble, because it is all to easy to imagine there is a problem. As I said at the top, only dive down the rabbit hole if your machine is unable to make the parts you want to the accuracy you require, and I will add to that that most lathes and associated chucks/tooling etc benefit from a complete strip down, clean, debur, lubricate, and carefull reassembly

The best of luck!


Thread: Does anyone know what this is for?
09/05/2021 13:46:20

Look for the letters BSM (British shoe machinery) It looks like a leather crimper used to form the edge on a shoe upper where it stitches to the sole.


Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
08/05/2021 16:35:41

The big "use it or get rid" continues. The final clearout is nigh! an accumulation of may years of "that will be usefull" collecting is finally ended when I realise that it wasn't! To be fair, a lot of this is left over from our auction visiting days, when the auctioneer would look at us and offer us "something mechanical" for 50p or a pound! We did use or resell an enomous amount, this is just the dregs, and a lot of it has a date with the scrap man en route to a chinese melting pot! It will be back before you know it, or else maybe blocking a canal somewhere on its way back!
Phil, Raining again!East Yorkshire

05/05/2021 21:40:25
Fixing a VW camper, stripping printers for steel rod, and finally getting the toro 2CV engine running properly! I did drive it backwards and forwards in the workshop, but turned the camera off when I thought I was turning it on, what a plonker! It is seriously a relief that I have got to the bottom of the problem, carb was dry, and fuel pump not lifting fuel, so we know if it will not restart in a few days time that the pump valves are suspect, and the fuel is draining back to the tank. The moral of the story is don't leave engines standing for 20 years, and then expect to put them back into service without a bit of a fight!
Phil, April showers in May in East Yorkshire!
01/05/2021 17:50:45
Thursday went well, and we made huge inroads into the final stage of sorting out, and getting ready for the bay or the dump! Friday went belly up when I was led up the garden path by a faulty ethernet cable tester, and spent hours of headscratching in the belief that my RJ45 pliers were not crimping properly, when the problem was actually a broken track on the tester PCB, which is eminently repairable! I don't often use it, and the last time I used it there was no problem! Above all, you MUST have test equipment you can rely on or you plunge down a rabbit hole of doubt and delusion, sounds just like my life story!
Phil, still sunny, still chilly, still Langtoft, East Yorkshire
28/04/2021 22:40:33

Monday was rolling along nicely when I got a reminder about the B&S engine on the Mountfield garden tractor, and so the ststarter gets a service, then the shelves go up and get filled, the bonnet is painted, and we have the inevitable tidy up. They say you cant make an omlette without breaking a few eggs, I tend to fall face first into a whole tray of them, but it all comes out well in the end! Several subscribers have told me they are not recieving notifications of new videos! I will be taking this up with youtube, but in the meantime, the advice is to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe. This "problem" is not unknown, and many other creators have complained to youtube about it! I put out 2 videos a week, on Wednesday evening and late Saturday afternoon, so if you don't get a notification, go looking for them till normal notification service is resumed, Thanks to you all for subscribing and for putting up with this Jiggery pokery from youtube!

Phil, Sunshine, with a chilly breeze in East Yorkshire!

24/04/2021 15:58:24

In the runup to the weekend, My wife comes to help, and lets face it I need it, most of my freinds say "Phil, get help" so she will be coming for at least a couple of days a week so we can get on top of the sorting out and selling of the remaining "stuff" and then finish the shower and the tea room! You can't beat having a room, just for TEA!

Phil, spring has reached us in East Yorkshire!

Thread: New EBay payment regime
23/04/2021 18:36:08

As I onderstand it, the Bank of Englands warning applies to the terms it may use in the future in dealings with the retail banks only, trying to charge customers for savings held by the bank would be very foolish, as the run on the banks that this could create could bust the lot of them!

Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
21/04/2021 21:12:01

Continuing with the bonnet painting, I get as far as primer, and the job is stopped, because every store stocks the paint, but none stocks the thinners for it!, then a Lidl Led light with a broken switch, which is all metal, and claims to be double insulated, but in my humble(LOL) proffesional opinion, it isnt! Then on to those bloody strimmers, rebuild both carbs with new diaphragm kits, and the Mculloch is finished and running, the homelite is all back together, but waiting for some silicone fuel pipe. Overall, good progress and tomorrow and Friday I am joined in the workshop by my dear wife, who insists that she will not appear on video, Thats a challenge!!
Phil, in really springlike East Yorkshire

Edited By Phil Whitley on 21/04/2021 21:23:35

17/04/2021 20:17:19
The tail end of the week, including (By special permission) a Saturday morning session, in which paint is applied, more reorginizing is done, and a load of crap takes a one way to the local recycling centre! Enjoy!!
Phil, in warmer and more springlike East Yorkshire!
14/04/2021 20:28:46
The Toro 2CV tractor Bonnet nears completion, and I do some commando gardening to get rid of even more junk! I am starting an experiment this week with 2 videos a week, one released Wednmesday night, and one sSaturday as usual, let me know if you think it is better! having said that Tuesday went a bit awry but we made good progress regardless, thanks for watching, dont't forget to subscribe, and see you all again Saturday!
Phil, in slightly warmer East Yorkshire.
10/04/2021 16:53:49

A short week in which great things are achieved, and we break through from frustation to the sunlit uplands of progress! The wheelhorse bonnet scoop comes together, and the arrival of new shelves means more storage space in the near future, A bit of commando gardening Down the yard, and a portable forge which I really do not know what to do with as yet, but ideas will come to me!

Phil, in sunny,Bright, cold and snowy East Yorkshire

Thread: Antique gun springs
05/04/2021 14:24:54

Problem is Bob that the weld is mild steel wheras the spring is carbon steel. As has been said above, it is game over once it has failed at the bend, but fairly simple to make a new one, provided you have a heat source to get the metal cherry red, and a lump of tool steel. This can be anything that has been hardened (contains carbon), like an old spanner, or any old tool made from carbon steel, but not HSS! Cut a peice of suitable size, heat to cherry red and hold the heat there for 20 mins per inch of thickness, then allow to cool naturally, and it will be soft and workable. Get the steel to the shape required, and then reheat it to put the bend in, and from cherry red quench in oil. Clean the metal to bright polish, and reheat slowly and gently watching the colours, Heat slowly and evenly until the surface colour goes from pale straw, through dark straw, reddish brown, purple and finally deep blue, which is when you pop the spring off the heat and let it cool. You can do this tempering in a sand bath heated from underneath so you can see the colours more easily. It sounds easy, but in practice you may have to experiment with different tool steels to get the desired result. If you have any old car springs handy, the flat type is better than coil springs, this is a good start!

Good Luck


Thread: Noise from Crompton Parkinson 3 phase 1/2 HP motor
05/04/2021 13:59:28

Check the stator is not loose in the casing, check that the cent sw wires are out of the way and not touching anything moving. Make sure the rotor is not loose on the shaft, If the motor does not make a noise when rotated by hand in either direction we have to consider that the noise is caused by something to do with either the magnetic flux, or the increased internal airflow due to higher speeds. Is there a fan or vanes on the rotor? are there cooling holes in the rotor? are they clean? You describe the noise as a knocking, can you feel it in the motor casing? Place the handle of a long screwdriver to your ear and put the blade on different parts of the motor to see if you can locate the source or area the noise is coming from. Are the sleeve bearings lubed properly Are the cent switch (if fitted) bobweights held in properly, and are the springs in good condition and holding the bobweights tightly in place? If it makes a noise, something is wrong!


Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
03/04/2021 16:47:00
Volvo V70 clutch completed! My derusting solution gets the approval of an undersea corrosion specialist, and we buy a Big Bee pasture "topper", and then have a nailbiting ride home with it in the trailer, but it all ends well!
Phil, in sweltering, then cold East Yorkshire
27/03/2021 15:53:15

Stripping gas condensing boilers, or "Combis", Making new carbon brushes for an angle grinder, removing the clutch from a Volvo V70 estate, and trying to sort the intermittent problem with mothers central heating by changing the programmer. Intermittent faults are always the hardest to track down! Its all in my week this week! The volvo clutch kit that arrived was the wrong one, so that job stalled, and it appears that the heating fault is not the controller, so it may be the room thermostat! Saturday afternoon I go to look at a field "topper" for the back of the Fordson Major, so we can get the wild areas of the field under control, hopefully without disturbing the badgers, which may have a sett in the top corner of our field, but are more likely to be further afield! Thanks for watching, please subscribe, give me a like or a comment, and don't forget to ring that bell and set the notifications to "ALL" so you don't miss an episode of my thrilling multitasking!

Phil, on a suddenly cold Saturday in East Yorkshire

Edited By Phil Whitley on 27/03/2021 15:53:45

Thread: Help with lathe motor capacitor
21/03/2021 15:27:35

and make sure it is 400v working capacity! I agree with John 8uF will do it!


Thread: How do I get the bearings out of this?
21/03/2021 14:59:49

If this spindle is greasable, you should not use sealed bearings! There is no sign of any grease contamination, and I am assuming there is a grease nipple. If you fit sealed bearings you will not be able to grease them (you will note that these bearings are absolutely full, and have not failed! If you have already bought sealed bearings, take the seals out on the inside so that grease from the grease nipple (if fitted) goes into the bearings. You will be shocked as to how little grease the manufacturers put in.

Incidentally, the "seals" are not seals in the sense of a lip seal, they are merely dust covers, and do not keep fine dust out of the bearings anyway. There are a couple of videos on the tube showing garden tractor grass decks (Toro i think) which have been suffering premature bearing failure despite having grease nipples and being regularly greased. When stripped it was revealed that the manufacturers had fitted sealed bearings to a greasable spindle, and all the greasing was a waste of time!

Pedants, I am not interested in what the manufacturers say, they are in the business of selling bearings, or the "half full, or third full" arguments. I have been in hands on engineering all my working life,I have fitted many thousands of bearings, I have always filled bearings full both sides, and the only time bearings I have fitted have failed was when I started to fit "sealed for life" bearings. Any bearing supplied with a grease nipple will be full all the time, provided it is greased at the recomended intervals, and proper greasing replaces the grease by forcing the old grease out! It is noticable that modern bearings are not going anywhere near to outlasting the old tech bearings I was taught to fit in 1967!


Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
20/03/2021 14:37:44

The tail end of some "interesting" antique repairs, Strimmers, an angle grinder, a central heating pump, and a new rule gets applied to my piles of JUNK, which need to be filtered and GONE while the scrap price is high., I model my new leather apron, but screw up the video, and hear that Mums heating is still playing up, and the Volve that we did the cylinder head on has just suffered clutch failure! We are fixing it next Thursday! Life at the moment is "interesting" and busy busy busy!! Thanks for watching, please subscribe, and click the bell to get notification of new videos, and welcome to all my new subs!!

Thank you all! Phil, in officially spring (like) East Yorkshire

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