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Thread: Non-renewable energy
27/11/2020 20:43:43

In the seventies after a night out in Sheffield, we used to drive up to Wolley edge services, and sit watching the Twin steel towns of Sheffield and Rotheram, it was like looking into Dantes inferno, and when you consider that it went on 24 hours a day, and probably had done on some scale for about 300 years, one can only imagine what the carbon footprint was, then add all the other steelworks in the UK, and the coking plants that used to provide the fuel for the steelworks, and the coal fired power stations that provided all the electricity and the steam trains that carried the coke and ore in, and the steel out, and then consider that all these industries, and many other industries that begat a forest of mill chimnies all over the north, and burnt cheap coal, are all long gone! One would have thought that given that CO2 is transient in the atmosphere, all that CO2 should have caused massive global warming, and yet in the seventies, scientists were warning of cooling? Me thinks "they protesteth too much". You are sitting in front of the most powerful research tool the planet has ever seen, if you don't believe any of the above, do some research, the rabbit hole isn't that deep, and remember scientists have mortgages, and kids at private schools!

Why does Georg Soros fund an organisation that was funding extinction rebellion, and paying its organisers £400 a week? I don't know, but it seems strange that a multi billionaire who could easily afford to fund scientific research is instead funding a protest movement that tried to convince Londoners that global warming was real by parading through the streets in blood covered polar bear suits. Something smells, and it is not rotting polar bear carcasses.

There is no doubt that the climate is changing, because it has always changed. In the medieval warm period ( the one that the UNI of East Anglia tried to get rid of, and caused climategate(qv), people have such short memories) Grapes grew and wine was made in large quantities in northern england. In the little ice age, Frost fairs were held on the frozen over river Thames.

I shall start to worry when the climate STOPS changing!


clad from head to foot in woven glassfibre!


Edited By Phil Whitley on 27/11/2020 20:46:51

27/11/2020 20:42:53

Strange that NDIY chooses one of the least windy days of this year to share these figures! If you go to and look at the graphs comparing wind output with other forms of energy, you will see that wind outstripped nuclear for most of the last year, and on certain days was supplying more than 35% of the grid load, and on several days it was supplying the largest percentage, even outstripping CCGT, which is a very clean fossil fuel, and almost 50% efficient, as opposed to nuclears 33%. Wind is very quick to install compared to nuclear, which is probably the slowest, and most expensive. Coal is hardly ever used nowodays although Drax gets susidies for burning biomass, which is actually wood pellets imported from America.....?

The reason fewer and fewer people accept the reality of climate change (TM) formerly global warming, may be because of the number of lies told by the promoters of this lucrative idea.

As any of you who remember the 1970s may remember, there was scientific concensus then too. All the scientists were in agreement, the planet was heading for another ice age, and we were all going to have to get used to living on a much colder planet. This belief continued till an American scientist, Jim Hanson, adressed the senate and told them that the planet was actually warming, the ice caps were going to dissapear, all low lying land would be swamped by rising sea levels, the lower east side of New york would be under water, and all this was going to happen by the year 2000. There is only one reason that scientists address the senate, and that is to obtain funding for research. Funding was granted, and lots of scientists started doing research that would ensure the continuation of the funding.

So what has happened? Virtually nothing, no ice has dissapeared beyond known cyclical variation, the polar bears, supposedly going to be made extinct by global warming, have increased in numbers from an estimate of 17000 to over 26000. sea level rise has not been convincingly shown to have happened anywhere, indeed sea level in norway is falling, as the land is rising due to tectonic plate activity. All the Glaciers which are supposed to be receeding have historically receeded further than they have today, mainly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Neither pole is anywhere near ice free, indeed ice levels are around normal, and the bits breaking off at the edges are icebergs, which sank the Titanic long before global warming. The reason ice flows into the sea, and down glaciers is pressure, millions of tons of pressure caused by snow falling and turning into ice at the head of this glacier, and inland in the case of polar ice. If the ice is not breaking off at the edges it is a clear indication that there is no snow falling inland, if however it is breaking off, in large amounts, then heavy snow is turning to ice and squeezing down to force ice into the sea at the edges of the land, where tidal action and salt water take it toll. Incidentally the Arctic ice is floating sea ice, it is already displacing more water than it contains by virtue of waters unique property of expanding when it freezes, if it ALL melted, it would not affect sea level at all, it may even fall a little!

Has anyone considered what happens when the planet warms a paltry few degrees? The first thing is that evaporation from the seas increases, and we get more rain, and for the UK this is certainly happening, although how much of this can be attributed to climate change, and how much is caused by the apparent shift westward in the low pressure areas that usually form up over northern Europe is anybodies guess. More rain means more dissolved CO2 falling on the planet, and more plant growth, which absorbs CO2 from the air. CO2 is NOT A POLLUTANT, it is plant food. If the CO2 level in the atmosphere falls below 250ppm, plant life will start to die off, then we are really in trouble! Strange then that the people who are advocating a plant based diet are also promoting removing plant food from the atmosphere?

Acidification of the seas? Forget it, Sea life has been living by sequestrating CO2 from the water and turning it into calcium carbonate for probably billions of years, and billions of tons of their shells and skeletons make up the sea bed, any change in acidity causes an infintessimally small amount of this alkaline buffer to go back into solution, and equilibrium is restored.

So what do scientists agree on? well if one was cynical, one could say that their continued agreement ensures their continued funding, and it is said that you can get funding for any research project if you tag "with respect to the effects of climate change" on to the end of your projects title. What scientists were asked, and what they agree on, is very simple, Has the planet got warmer since the end of the "little ice age" in about 1850? and of course they all agree on that, because it has got warmer!

It is impossible to computer model the climate of the planet, and expect the results to have any connection to reality. At the last count the "climate scientists" were polling and combining the results from 13 different climate models, and the fact that their predictions have all failed completely to show any correlation with reality prove this.

Imagine enough spinning tops to cover the entire planet, some spinning clockwise, some anticlockwise, and all in intimate contact with each other at their peripheries, predicting which way they will move and what effects they will cause is a gross simplification of weather forecasting. The climate is much more complex and much less predictable.

Thread: is there an easy identification test for Nickel and Chromium ?
26/11/2020 20:53:54

Look online for jewellry testing kits! My Cuz got a gold testing kit delivered today, and the leaflet mentioned tests for chrome, nickel and platinum, so you might be able to get a small kit of chemicals to do the job!


Thread: "restoring" a Colchester student, anything to consider?
26/11/2020 18:55:44

I have the straight bed version of that lathe, and I would buy that in a heartbeat!! you could easily double your money or more by selling it for parts, and there is no reason to suspect that it has deteriorated, as it looks very much like the present owner has never used it and the previous one looked after it. The only risk involved here is getting it home in one piece, and not tipping it over as said above. they can be stripped very easily for easy transport and rebuild. Have a look at this thread Always lift a lathe from above! DO NOT put it on a pallet, as pallets are not strong enough to strap something of this weight to, if it wants to fall it will tear the pallet to bits! If you look on Colchester lathe user group you will find a downloadable manual in the files section, and also lots of info on You could also give me a shout if you need any info!


Thread: How to Adjust Old Breaker
22/11/2020 19:02:37


Nice one.


Thread: Stark no.4 tail stock taper.
22/11/2020 18:56:08

Good evening Steve and welcome to the forum! have a look at and have a read! It looks like a well made machine.


Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
21/11/2020 17:20:52
This week I complete the insukation on the outside flue, with good results, do repairs on a couple of compressors and a Nifisk vac, and finaly, on Friday, get back to the pipe bender. My new years resolution is going to be, "I must start earlier and get more done. Thanks for watching, send me a like, please subscribe, and comments are always welcome! Phil, in chilly East Yorkshire
Thread: How to Adjust Old Breaker
20/11/2020 20:28:24

It is as Mr poole says, a mechnical latch MEM startet, it has no NVR function. It is not neccasary to wire anything through the third pair of contacts or the third overload, wiring live through one pair and neutral through another is all that is required. I retained the startet on my Grafton drill press for the same reason, it is original, and it looks the part! An MCB would be totally useless at protectong a motor, current to trip on MCB's is far too coarse, and nowhere near as accurate as this 1930's technology. If it is tripping, I would first check the motor centrufugal switch is operating correctly, as leaving the start winding in circuit will cause overcurrent as soon as the motor is up to speed. Although I can't remember the details, I am pretty sure, as is said above that when you remove the starter, the adjustment becomes obvious, I think you slacken a screw and operate some sort of cam which moves the tripping bar further away from the bimetals. I will chack my Grafton rebuild video to see if it is in there, but I am sure whenm you take it out you will see the adjustment.


Thread: Electric vehicles
18/11/2020 19:35:23
Posted by JasonB on 18/11/2020 18:45:03:

May not be many options left for generating any steam, coal is out, green wood is out, expect dried wood will be out by then so you would need some other bio fuel or maybe an electric heaterwink 2

Also possible that by then public or communal charging points will be able to recognise the car they are plugged into and charge the owners account.

Another 10years worth of battery development will make the current Telsa's performance and range look rubbish.

Unfortunately battery development proceeds at a snails pace and much research and cash is needed to produce even tiny increases in capacity and range. The equation is simple and stark, Petrol produce 46.4 megajoules per Kilogram, the best rechargeable lithium ion EV batteries at the moment produce 0.84 megajoules per kilogram. That is a huge gulf to cross! Has anyone considered what would happen if we create a world with too little CO2, think on that a while!

Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
14/11/2020 16:12:30
A weird assortment of oddments and curios! Insulation on the flue outside, fitting the flue injector (finally!) Collet chucks, oddball screws to identify, and then.....HA HAR! Plunder me hearties! My mate from across the road brought me a final pile of clearout from his sheds, as he has a new job, and he and his wife are moving away. I will be very sorry to see him go! really nice people, and you never know what new neighbours are going to be like, especially in villages! Send me a like or a comment, please subscribe, and enjoy watching me trying to stay sane, as all the world goes MAD!
In very sunny East Yorkshire
07/11/2020 15:48:12
this week I get the Heater flue insulated in an effort to reduce my (not very) smoky woodburner flue, do some repairs to a couple of wooden cases for punches and tooling, and finish the milling on the bender former, which means that the first job on the Harrison with vertical head is a sucess! It does however need a new top bearing, but I sort of new that anyway. No getting round it, will order it up next week!
Warm and sunny in November? Can't be East Yorkshire!!
Thread: Harrison mill - metric lead screw form
04/11/2020 20:20:59

Have a look at and have a read if you can't find it drop them an email and ask


Edited By Phil Whitley on 04/11/2020 20:21:47

Thread: Myford Hammered Green Paint
01/11/2020 17:07:48

when Hammerite became an Akzo-Nobel company, they dropped all the light shades of the colours, and changed the formulation. I have used the new stuff, but as you say, it is not as good. I have used Paragon paints on my Colchester student, with excellent results, and found it to be top quality machine enamel, but I have not used the hammered version. For hammered light green, I now use a version from Manor coatings, which goes on well brushed or sprayed, but I think is only available in 5ltr cans. I would go with the paragon, and report your findings!


Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
31/10/2020 14:39:17

Another week of progress on the milling machine, you come to a point where it is more effective to crack on with making a machine universally usable rather than push forward with the job in hand and accept the limitations of tooling you can't use because of vital component shortages, Which is another way of saying I got sidetracked into making all the drawbars I need to use the Int 30 tooling I have! But at the end I get the job set up and then boring commences! I left the cock ups in on purpose, as they are quite amusing!

It is raining, and has done pretty much all week in East Yorkshire!


24/10/2020 16:03:44

Some interesting bits and peices as I grasshopper around the workshop on my usual plate spinning act, very pleased with the way the drawbar turned out, and the vertical head fit up is all but completed. Although the brazing hearth could not produce quite enough heat to braze it, having it running is another leap forward in the great scheme of things, and I am very pleased with the way it works. Please give me a like or a comment, thanks for stopping by and watching, and please subscribe!


Enjoying pleasant October weather in East Yorkshire!

17/10/2020 19:06:17

I am easily sidetracked, especially if things are proving frustrating, it is sometimes a good idea to put the job down and do something else untill you get the inspiration back. Sometimes however, you find that you need to use something that you have, and have rebuilt.........but didnt quite finish, and the dilemma is, do I stop, and finish it, then use it, or can I achieve the same result by another route? I will now write out 100 times "I must finish everything I start until it is COMPLETELY DONE"!

Phil, revelling in a warm workshop!

Thread: Tanking slurry
16/10/2020 09:34:28

Echoing what Bazyle alluded to, Victorian surface water drains were often just land drains with no spigot and socket joints laid end to end, and they acted as a soakaway in light rain, and a pipe in heavy rain. I would say that the sudden appearance of a puddle is due to a build up of water outside the wall getting through. A friend of mine lived in a victorian vicarage with a very damp cellar, which dried out very well after the surface water drains, downspouts and gutters were all cleaned out and re-layed. Most of the underground drains and some of the downspouts were totally blocked and many of the gulleys were cracked and leaking. see if you can locate the dampest (wettest!) area then go look outside at the same point!


Edited By Phil Whitley on 16/10/2020 09:35:20

Thread: Grumpy old men
10/10/2020 18:06:04

Knowing I have something but being unable to find it!

Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
10/10/2020 17:08:26
A good week is when I set out to do something and actually do it! A blow by blow account of building a bender stand, with the final fitting of the tractor tyres thrown in for good measure, the whole thing seasoned with a couple of my "top tips" (LOL) Like, subscribe, enjoy, share, and thanks to all my new subs! Welcome aboard people!
Phil, Autumnal East Yorkshire
03/10/2020 17:05:03
As they say in Yorkshire, this weeks video is "Neether nowt ner summat" It has been an unsettling experiecne watching my eldest who has Apergers syndrome, start university at York, thankfully, although she was very nervous about going, as soon as we arrived, and she met the people she had been talking to on facetime for a couple of weekd, she was fine, and I have almost recovered from the loss as well! Still I got both tyres off the tractor, and one back on, started the bender stand, fitted two LED floodlamps, and extenced the burglar alarm system! Like, subdcribe, enjiy clap, and throw money!
A rainy day in East Yorkshire.
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