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Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
19/11/2019 20:31:34

Thor, you wouldn't if you saw the smoke when I light it!, it needs A bigger flue, or a bigger flue fan, or both, adding the small flue fan to the forge flue improved matters a bit, but caused other problems with the other flue (workshp heating system) which is also connected to the same manifold, as you would expect. I am going to try a much bigger flue fan on the main flue outlet, in the hope that it will clear the hood of smoke instantly, and also that I will be able to throttle the workshop heater with its flue damper whilst I am lighting the forge! I was lucky with purchasing the forge, at an auction selling of the contents of a local schools metalwork shop, the throat plate and base plate were rotted out and the bosh leaked, and I think that put most people off, I paid £4.00 for it! Brazing hearth at the same auction, also same price. Unfortunately, I had to leave the furnace and all the moulding flasks and casting kit because I had no more room on my van

Thanks for the comments.


East Yorkshire

17/11/2019 21:20:48

Hi Chaps, many of you have suggested that I post all my videos in one thread, and I have decided to give it a go and see how it works out. From now on I will post in this thread every week, starting with these offerings. As usual some things go right, and some don't. You do have to be carefull with the Gopro as the tiny touch screen makes it really easy to touch the wrong button without noticing, hence there is a second slideshow of the pics I took when I thought I was shooting video. I think a second camera may be on the cards! Hope you enjoy these, and remember to like, comment, and subscribe! Thanks for watching!


Thread: A cooker hood, a smoky Allday forge, and a noisy lathe! My week in the workshop
10/11/2019 13:51:33

Well it has been an interesting week! I filled the bosh on the forge, added a bottle of CH leak sealer, and waited! after 3 days, not a drop of a leak. One of my earlier slideshows shows the rebuilding (twice) of the bosh/tuyere on the Allday forge, it is cast iron, and not very accurately made, and I had to make a leather gasket, built up on one side, and shaved to fit the gap, and then built it up with lashings of "Boss White". I am really pleased that it is watertight, and behind me! The subsequent lighting of the forge smoked the workship out, but my enthusiasm got the better of me, and I realised too late that I had not opened the flue vent, but it soon cleared, and it did give the CO alarm a good test! I need to get some more coke, and riddle the slack out of what I have, when you turn the blower up it blows fine cold slack all over the shop! Still, it's another step forward, and it's all in fun!
Hope you enjoy it guys and gals, like and subscribe if you do, and thanks for watching!
East Yorkshire.


Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
08/11/2019 20:31:00

Today I lit my forge for the first time, filled the workshop with smoke, set the CO detector off, and had to open all the doors and windows, but it was fun! Some mods to the flue system are needed! However, the Bosh is full and I added a bottle of CH leaksealer to be on the safe side, and no leaks! big relief. I have it on video and will post up a link to it when I upload it.


Thread: My really awful week!
08/11/2019 20:19:04

Yes YES ALRIGHT!! you can consider my bad English corrected! Actually it is a modern stereo ghetto blaster, which shows a few scars, having been present during my entire workshop rebuild, and got knocked down, collapsed onto, and covered in render etc, but amazingly, it still works quite well, I was , as well you all know, referring to my dancing!

Had a fun day today, lit the forge for the first time, filled the workshop with smoke, set the CO alarm off, and suddenly the flue warmed, and off it went! First thing I learned was that I need some more coke, but finding a reliable dealer is always hard..............................Second thing is that the stuff I have needs riddling to get the slack out of it, cough cough! Had a job to do on a set of victorian fire irons, and when I tried to saw the handle end off the poker, the rapidor just skidded across the metal, so I needed the forge to anneal it, it was through hard, but much better after a trip to red heat and a slow cool. I can see that the future holds some needed mods to my flue extraction system, MORE POWER EGOR!!


Thread: Colchester SaftiLok problem
07/11/2019 20:05:32

you need to have a look behind the belt guard and adjust the locknuts till you get this effect, see the pics marked "ON" and "OFF". mine is not the saftiloc type, just an up/on down/off switch, but looks exactly like yours. On the saftiloc type you had to pull the handle towards you, then lift it before the lathe would start.

yes, I think if it goes to far it will switch off again

Thread: My really awful week!
07/11/2019 14:22:40

blushLOLS!      1000 subs by the end of the month? I wish!! We have gone up to 70 in the last couple of days though, onward and upward!


Edited By Phil Whitley on 07/11/2019 14:24:23

Edited By Phil Whitley on 07/11/2019 14:26:17

Thread: Colchester SaftiLok problem
07/11/2019 14:20:31

Yes it should, and you should hear the relay behind the control panel at the front click in (loudly)

Thread: My really awful week!
05/11/2019 20:46:03

TY NDIY! Got the whole day in at the workshop today, and I can feel the stress draining away! I have actually been dancing to the radio ( well thats what I call it anyway!)


Thread: Colchester SaftiLok problem
05/11/2019 20:15:48

yes, that is the stop/start, and when I rebuilt my student, I had to mess with the adjustment to get it functioning again, I will have a look tomorrow when I am at the workshop and get back to you tommorow

Thread: My really awful week!
04/11/2019 21:36:25

Hi guys and gals, some weeks, the sh*t quite literally hits the fan, and suddenly it is friday afternoon, and you wonder where it all went, and all you want is to go home and forget it ever happened, I call this video, "stress poop and a diatribe" you will learn why when you watch it! Normal service will be resumed next week! I was back in the shop today, and got at least the morning to work on my own stuff! Thanks all for watching, commenting and subscribing!
East Yorkshire

Thread: Colchester SaftiLok problem
04/11/2019 21:32:55

Right! first I have a roundhead student, not a triumph. Is it anything like this on yours? The round drum is the forward/reverse, and the box with the plunger is the start/stop. it does require adjustment to stay locked down, but as I remember it is adjustment on the lever mechanism, not the switch itself.

Thread: new computer
04/11/2019 21:10:50

I will just add to the vast amount of good advice above, that if you use a 3d graphics program, like fusion360, or any sort of CAD/CAM, a gaming machine can be a very good choice, as they have much better graphics and main processors than business computers. Playing a fast 3d game is the hardest thing that any computer will ever do, and when you try to do it on business computer, it quickly becomes obvious that they are not up to the task.!

Thread: Lathe chuck guards - how many folk use them?
31/10/2019 19:05:13

All my machines are old, and have never had chuck guards and the like, but the rules are simple, hair in a snood and down the back of my t shirt, no watches or rings, no long sleeves or baggy clothes, do not put your hands anywhere near anything that is moving, and never stand in line with anything that could spit something out like swarf, bits of grinding wheel etc You would not go to a motor race and spectate on the outside of a sharp bend, so don't do the equivalent in a machine shop, in both cases, sooner or later something will come your way hard and fast!

Probably the most dangerous jobs we ever do is to file in the lathe, and possibly drilling of thin sheet materials in a pillar drill, both need to be done with the utmost care and concentration


Thread: My week in the workshop
29/10/2019 21:22:34

Thanks for the comments chaps! Very kind words.

Ian, I have had a thought about the valve grinder! It is limited by the size of the bore in the valve collet chuck, but it might be used to grind drills and small centres, though I think you would have to use the side of the wheel, You can of course remove the whole collet and motor assembly and substitute some other work holding attachment, still thinking!

Bear, The Toro wheelhorse is a cracking good garden tractor, it has a proper cast iron transmission/gearcase with 6 speeds and hi/lo box, and was usually powered by a 14hp single cylinder Kohler engine, which was deafening, and had all the finesse of a large cement mixer, and used to snap conrods almost annually! the 2CV engine boosts the power from 14 banging vibrating hp to 29 smooth quiet hp, which proved to be far too much for the clutch, also a Kohler item, I will video the finishing when I get to it, but it will be using jockey pulleys to tension the V belt rather than the clutch to drive the cutter deck. The transmission drive already works this way, and never gave problems. I would have loved to have the cylindersw sticking out either side of the bonnet, but it was just too complex for the transmission, and my limited facilities when I put the engine in. Spot the Dexion?


26/10/2019 14:22:04
Default More garage projects to see!

Hi all, I have just put up this weeks look at present and future projects in my garage/workshop, hope you enjoy it, sorry about the black face, and thanks for all the likes and subscriptions I have recieved, if you like what you see, you could subscribe too!


Thank you all!
East Yorkshire
Thread: Tour of my workshop
22/10/2019 20:25:28
Posted by mechman48 on 22/10/2019 12:21:52:

Nice set up Phil. You have more space in there than the whole floor area of my bungalow. Do I assume that it is on an industrial estate, as you mentioned something about 'industrial water' or is it/attached part of you property?.


Hi George, Not an industrial estate, couldn't afford the rent!! My late father and I built this workshop in the seventies on a plot of land we bought for £150! It is across the road from the house and shop I grew up in, but we no longer own that , so I commute 6 minutes every day! The workshop is a registered commercial premises as we ran a business from it back then and the LA have advised against changing it back to private as I get small business rate relief, and it now has a new water supply with a meter, but I installed the rainwater system to the existng victorian beehive cistern in the seventies, so it makes sense to use it for toilet flushing and hand (and pressure) washing, thus saving cash on my water bill. Because sewage charge is calculated as a percentage of the water supplied through the meter, I do not pay a sewage charge, just pay for the water through the meter, and a surface water charge, as technically, I am disposing of my surface water into their drains every time I flush! Thanks for the kind comments,


East Yorkshire

22/10/2019 20:07:08
Posted by Andrew Evans on 22/10/2019 09:06:57:

Thanks Phil, I am jealous of the amount of space you have. Plenty of room for a big Holbrook or DSG lathe.

Thanks Andrew, my first lathe was a DS&G 13Z, a bit battered, but a good workhorse! I would love a Hollbrook, but they are heavy, and seem to prefer the south of England (where they were made, Harlow, Essex) There is a nice one in the railway museum workshop at York! Here I am, in the seventies, in the same, workshop, with the DS&G, which is in the same position as the Covmac is now. I have less hair on top now, but more down the back! Thanks for the comments


East Yorkshire

22/10/2019 19:56:37
Posted by Sam Longley 1 on 21/10/2019 22:12:04:

Lovely to have all that space, but one has to wonder--------Is there anything that does NOT need a job doing to it before you can use it????sad

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 21/10/2019 22:15:15

Oh yes, both lathes are finished and the Harrison milling machine, I only have suds on the Colchester, shaper is fully working, as is the hacksaw and 2 drilling machines, and all the welders, so all the basics are there. trouble is that I continued to aquire machines even when I didnt have use of the workshop (long story), so now I am back in the shop, I have a backlog to catch up on, but you need tools to fix tools, so when a machine is desperately needed, it gets finished, but generally, I go to work, pick a machine, and work on it till it's done!


Thread: Not really an engineer from NW England
21/10/2019 18:31:54

Welcome to the forum Allen, I have (As many others will) some of his books. You could say that you can't make anything till you have the tools, so making the tools could be seen as the highest calling! Welcome


East Yorkshire.

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