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Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
21/05/2022 17:35:38

More clearing and sorting of the workshop stuff, and a few interesting finds. I have come up with a strategy! Next week I will finish the tractor, and then the grass cutter, and when they are done and out, I am going on a cull of all my junk, starting in the Outside store, which is full of junk, much of which can be scrapped, as the price is very good at the moment, and that will give me somewhere to move the stuff from the downstairs stores, which are impractical, as they are too far away from the workshop proper!, of course as I move the stuff, much of that will also be culled!!

Phil, the grass waits for no man in East Yorkshire!

14/05/2022 16:05:24

The big clearout of my late neighbours shed continues, my almost empty washers box is now overflowing, and there are lots of usefull goodies appearing as I empty the rest, plus instructions on Megger testing electric motors for earth faults, and my usual wit and wisdom, such as it is!!

Phil, in Scorching East Yorkshire

Thread: New Badges for an MG A
11/05/2022 18:42:40

Beautiful Work Wal!

Thread: Code of Conduct
11/05/2022 18:29:47

SPOT ON Bazle! Apart from the misquote Orwell/Huxley thing. These people are cowning the public into silence, and the what they desire, as always, is power!

11/05/2022 18:23:02

By and large, Engineers, of whatever scale are far to erudite, well educated and down to earth to be Woke! Anyone who served any sort of engineering apprenticeship will have heard words that woulkd make a docker blush! It is high time we stopped giving any credence or attention to those who rush around blubbing profusely when they are "offended by something" As the very well educated and erudite Mr Steohen Fry said, " You are offended? So F***ing what?"


Edited By Phil Whitley on 11/05/2022 18:33:48

Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
07/05/2022 17:53:39

A quick catch up as I have been busy moving Mum to her new home this week,Back to the tractor next week, and also more of clearing an old engineers workshop!

Phil, in sunny and rainy East Yorkshire

Thread: Which beginners lathe is best
05/05/2022 09:10:18

I think the answer is "any lathe you can get your hands on" The space you have and the type of power available from your electicity supply being the only limiting factors! Another question you must ask is about the scale of the parts you want to make You can do small work on a big lathe, but not big work on a small lathe! small tabletop new machines are reasonably expensive and very variable in quality, Myfords/south bends etc are generally very expensive for what they are, but also very versatile and capable machines, and having attended very many auctions where machinery is sold I can tell you that anything that can be lifted by two men into a van carries a premium price! For my money go for Harrison,Colchester bantam or student as they are plentiful, well built and very capable, and can often be had for less than a myford, to which they are very superior machines. Watch youtube lathe videos!

How much money have you got!


Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
30/04/2022 15:11:07

This week I repair the ROPS and paint it, and all the lighting components that arrived in three different colours, This could be the final week on the tractor, and time to move onto the Big Bee topper, but there are going to be interuptions! Mothers Moving day is friday the sixth and she has to be out because the new owners are moving in! So I will need to be up there for a few days prior, We will see what I can get done!

Phil, in gloriously sunny, but not too hot East Yorkshire

Thread: Motor size
29/04/2022 09:28:18

Good Grief! Belt manufacturers settings are the MAXIMUM tension, I am not suggesting leaving them loose, just below the maximum! In normal use they will never slip, remember it is a WEDGE belt, and even a properly adjusted belt will slip if the machine (any machine) is locked up. If however the machine is lightly built it is more likely break the machine rather than slip the belts. Think of it like an overload clutch, belts are much cheaper than machine parts! It was common practice in schools and colleges to run machines with the belts looser than recomended tension to allow for learners cock ups, and we were actually told at college that industrially set up machines were not so forgiving because of this!


Thread: Cheap stuff
28/04/2022 21:21:22

As Woody Allen said in one of his many great movies" The worst sin in our house was paying retail"


Thread: Motor size
28/04/2022 16:32:04
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 28/04/2022 10:39:40:
Posted by Phil Whitley on 28/04/2022 09:01:31:

Go for 1 or 1.5hp. If you don,t need the power you will not pay for it in current consumption, but if you do it can be available, you may also save on motor cost because 1 and 1.5 are manufactured in larger quantities than fractionals.


All true, plus a 50% duty 1.5HP motor will deliver ¾HP continously if the lathe is worked hard. (Few hobby lathes work hard continously.)

But I'm wary of over-motoring tools because the extra power is also available to damage the machine or operator in the event of an accident. A 0.5HP motor might just stall during a head-crash, whilst 1.5HP is likely to tear gear teeth off, bend shafts and wrench bearings.

Using extra power greatly increase wear and tear too. The damage is silent and non-obvious - for example, bearings that would have lasted 20 years fail after 5. I'd think twice before buying a lathe that came with a giant motor fitted by a previous owner.


Leave the belts a bit loose!


Thread: Another Mains Electrical Earthing Situation.
28/04/2022 09:54:19

You can do nothing wrong by earthing all the matal cases to a mains earth or CPC. It is very unlikely that this will induce any noise or hum, but if it does, then you can think again! An installation with parralell paths to earth is a faulty installation! The problem with relying on the RCD to keep you safe is that it will only trip when someone touches the live metalwork and 30mA (or whatever) flows, and only if the trip is working as it should, Which is by no means a given. If the metalwork is earthed, the trip will operate as soon as the fault occurs, without anyone having to touch it. The old IEE regulations said "all extraeneous metalwork must be earthed" and "No mechanical device shall be fitted to any circuit as a SOLE means of protection" The use of RCD and MCB circuit protection breaks these regulations, and only time will tell us if this is a wise choice or not. If in doubt, earth it!!


Edited By Phil Whitley on 28/04/2022 10:03:51

Thread: Motor size
28/04/2022 09:01:31

Go for 1 or 1.5hp. If you don,t need the power you will not pay for it in current consumption, but if you do it can be available, you may also save on motor cost because 1 and 1.5 are manufactured in larger quantities than fractionals.


Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
23/04/2022 18:20:59

Still struggling with the video chaps!, having no gopro after all this time is like having a hand missing! I am getting a new camera tomorrow and the gopro is going in for repair! The rear wheels are fitted, and the oil goes in gearbox and transmission. New parts arrive, and some don't fit but we get excellent service from MKH and get the replacements inside the week!! I work on the injector pump stop/extra fuel mechanism, and get that back on correctly this time, and drag the roll over bar out of the store and get it cleaned up.

Phil, in sunny and warm East Yorkshire.

17/04/2022 00:15:59

Suddenly it all goes back together, and it is finished apart from the front grille protector, and the roll over safety bar, which will be next week!, and then I spend Saturday trying to sort why I cant edit it untill I findthat my 2TB drive is FULL! a file has been saving duplicates of all my videos since day one! I get it sorted, and eventually get it online. I am proud of the tractor, but not the video and the sound falls odd towards the end of part two, but it is what it is, as they say on Salvage rebuilds UK!

Phil, warm and sunny with long grass in East Yorkshire

09/04/2022 15:13:28

I find multiple faults with the dynamo, wiring harness and the regulator box and cutout, and fix them all! I set the charging rate and cut in point, then I start the fiddly process of rebuilding it all back into the tiny dashboatd box that it all lives in! I discover that I need to buy more black insulation tape!

Phil, in sunny, rainy and windy East Yorkshire

02/04/2022 16:54:58

In which I build a dynamo test bench, and proceed to test dynamos and the wiring harness and the regulator. I do make progres! There are frustrations, but generally every day is a school day and I am learning all the time, or at least trying to remember back to the time before about 1973 when all motor vehicles had dynamos, and I used to service them all the time. You forget a lot in 50 years!!

Phil, back to snow and cold in East Yorkshire!

Thread: Murad Cadet Restoration Project
30/03/2022 18:38:17

Personally I would stick with the motor for now, and the starter, far better quality than you can buy nowadays! I have never come across a hoover motor that was noisy unless it was faulty! You can easily change it later if it proves to be underpowered. Why bother with the expense of a three phase motor and a VFD on a lathe that was not designed to run at high speeds anyway. By all means get the motor tested, but I doubt there will be much wrong with it, they were very rugged and reliable, as were the MEM starters, but I always recomend fitting the starter to the wall rather than the machine to prevent arcing at the overload contacts. Noel knows the game!


Edited By Phil Whitley on 30/03/2022 19:59:42

Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
26/03/2022 17:17:28

I finish rebuilding the three point linkage and the towhitch, and start the electrics and dashboard, as soon as i get the regulator sorted and refitted, along with the wiring harness, the only job left will be to paint the rear wheels!
Happy Daze
Phil in really very hot East Yorkshire!

Thread: Large Scale Heat Pumps
23/03/2022 19:17:37

All human activity on the planet produce about 45 Gigatons of CO2 per annum, the planet naturally produces 750 gigatons of CO2 per annum. The level of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing linearly per annum by a very small amount. All the efforts, COPconferences, and measures taken so far to reduce CO2 have made no difference whatever to the gradual linear rise in CO2. The planet is measurably and visibly greening. When there is a rise in global mean surface temperature, evaporation from the sea increases, and there is also some increase in offgassing of CO2 from the sea. This leads to more rain, and better conditions for plant growth. Plant life increases and absorbs the available CO2.


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