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Thread: ABRA File or Modern equivalent ?
20/06/2019 10:22:09

So Great Britian, The hub of the British Commonwealth The leader of the free world, well we were at one point, The center of the industrial revolution and the world leader in manufacture but we cant make an abra file or coping saw blade. Sigh I'm going to emigrate.

20/06/2019 10:17:15
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 19/06/2019 20:26:23:
Posted by Vic on 19/06/2019 20:19:39:

Are these any good?



See above

Phoned Axminster this morning. A very good possabillity but its spiral blade and maybe just for wood. However you need the Japaneese Saw to use thes blages and they are currently out of stock of the saw that uses this blade type. 4-6 weeks wait for stock.

Errrr .... No :'( Sigh

20/06/2019 10:15:06
Posted by peak4 on 19/06/2019 18:19:24:

Check out this thread, especially the post by Mark Simpson 1


5$ for 5 Blades. Sounds about right. Errr wait 15$ for International shipping on 5 coping saw blades = 20 $ or £18

Errrrrrr.... NO :/

20/06/2019 10:13:31
Posted by Brian H on 19/06/2019 18:14:46:

There are some on ebay at present.

Or, I believe that Vitrex still do them.


£100 or nearest offer....errrrr NO :/

19/06/2019 17:18:38

Hey Guys,

I'm disappointed to discover you can no longer get Abra files so what do we do ? Is there a modern equivalent ?

Thread: Old Iron AFK ?
13/02/2019 22:28:01

Hey guys, I've been looking to buy some parts from a user going by the alias of Old Iron. Unfortunately he seems to have dropped of the face of the planet :/ Again. I hope not for the eternal sleep. Anyone seen him about ? I've no idea of his identity nor do i have any contact information for him so my only recourse is to do a shout out to you all and ask if you see him or know him then politely ask him, if hes not to busy, to maybe give me a quick replay to my e-mails as I've tryed to contact him a few times now over the past month or so with no response.

Thread: Knurling Wheel Comparison / Supplier ?
05/02/2019 22:28:19

Hey guys,

Its been a while since my last post and longer since i did any knurling ! I remember using a 3 head tool with 6 wheels as an apprentice. It might have been moore and wright or eclipse or similair. Anyway if memory serves it had fine, medium and course knurls on the wheels and the wheels themselves were possiabaly ground HSS. Quality anyway ! Now I've been looking and all i can find is cheepo chinesium rubbish. Can anyone comment on there quality or availabilty of a quality home brand ?

Much appreciated as always,


Still looking for origional bench mounted Zyto Countershaft btw

Thread: Zyto Lathe - Info and Parts wanted.
27/01/2019 12:16:00
Posted by Oldiron on 23/12/2018 09:54:50:

I might have a flat belt countershaft from a Zyto in storage somewhere but will not be able to get to it until after new year. Message me your email and I will find it asap and send you the details. I also have some odd gears I believe came from the same machine but it will take some digging to find them.


Any progress yet ?

Thread: Hobby mill
17/01/2019 12:26:13

Keith, Ive an eye on Optimum mill ! Also HBM. Chineesium imports fitted by German Engineers so fairly decent i reckon.

Thread: Zyto Gear Comparison Advice ?
16/01/2019 17:49:12

Thanks Michael, Usefiull Links TBS ! To Be Sure Bookmarked for future. Need to backup bookmarks at some point and maybe take some sort of website download backup for future as well :/ Arrgghhh so many things

Thread: Zyto Owners Only. Other Riff Raff can keep out :P
14/01/2019 23:03:49
Posted by Bazyle on 14/01/2019 22:34:27:

As you mentioned above making one out of wood that wood wink be a good idea so you can experiment with the geometry at minimal cost. Also you will need pulleys and motor so you might as well get those as they will be easy to sell if you do suddenly find the original. At a pinch you can make mock up the plummer blocks in wood and with brass tube or iolite bearings will enable you to run your lathe for real. If gravity doesn't provide enough belt tension fit a bungee cord.

Thanks Bazyle. I've already purchased 2 plumbers blocks weeks ago now before I revised my plans and started considering fabricating a replica of the origional. I Like the bungee cord suggestion but i'm thinking the weight of the frame alone should be enough let alone the shaft and motor and motor fixture plate. If you notice there's a kink or kick to the countershaft arm. The weight is down low and to the back but the shaft and pulley to the front a bit, i presume to keep them within reach of the belt and the machine operator but not so much that they will tilt forward during operation. I think this aspect will need to be carefully thought about, hence my request for accurate photo taken from the side so i can measure the angle and to get an indication of the height of the countershaft frame ! I can scale it and them measure it to get it reasonably close to the original. Also i forgot to say there is a support arm on the left hand side that has a round nut and handle to pinch the arm against the frame thus preventing or reducing the chances of movement so it wont be gravity alone ! I think the intent was for the operator to push the countershaft away from the lathe with one hand until adequate tension was achieved and then tighten the nut up with the other hand. Seems logical and straightforward and easy to make as well. Well if i had  a little more space to move that is.

Thanks for your help though.


Edited By Paul Kennedy on 14/01/2019 23:15:36

14/01/2019 22:41:23

Opps, No worries Neil. I do forget that school children don't know swear words Thanks again for the help the other day. It is appreciated ! FYI I am happy to conform to the sites policy's regardless as I have found the chaps and yourself very knowledgeable and helpful and would not wish to distress or shock anyone especially the latest generation of snowflake. I hear that the term snowman in no longer acceptable either ! Kids are taught that you need to refer to snow sculptures as snow people. Really REALLY. I fully realize and accept the need for a Code of Conduct. Most workplaces operate under some such guidelines at work. However most of the staff take the preverbial out of the C.o.C as well I've run into some issues online before with swearing or some such and would be grateful for help in avoiding further issues ! So ...

While were on the subject, without sarcasm, trolling or any ill intent, where do we draw the line on what is classed as harassment or bullying. What is offensive exactly and when is PC actually oppression. Do we BAN HUMOUR ?I've seen a few distasteful you tube videos of feminists and SJW's (social justice warriors) but I've also seen many celebs and spokepersons speak out against them. Even Stephen Fry, a comedian I have a lot of respect for while i don't necessarily agree with all of his politics as he was a bit too far to the left is now suggesting the PC culture is getting foolish. His college, whats his face, black adder, is also now also standing up and rejecting the PC culture. Is that racist these days i wonder because it uses the word Black. I would say bring back Benny Hill, Rising Damp , Steptoe and Son and lest we forget Alf Garnet but to be honest I'm too tired and have better things to do with my time than argue online with SJW's or listen to Trolls try to provoke me or PC hypocrites tell me what to think. I will think what I want and i will say what I want but I won't do it here as this is not the place for that !

I accept i made an error in trying to inject some humour where i should have stuck to the subject and only the subject without letting personal beliefs,politics and feelings cloud the subject. But come on seriously !

Meanwhile i shall retreat to my mind and fill it with thoughts of countershafts.

>< Unless thinking of shafts is also inappropriate. The badgers will likely ok that off-course.

As is there right off-course.

However more important issues remain. That of defending the honour of the proud and distinguished Mr S Tyzack and lest we forget his son. They produced a truly fine little lathe, much improved upon on earlier lathes and sadly left to languish too many years without major improvements. Now becoming a rare breed.Much like snowmen. However I need to point out us impoverished Northeners are somewhat restricted to the amount of space we can devote to our toys. Mine is in the living room ! I do what I can with the tools i have. As many a man would say you can only bleep with the bleep you've got Who has the right to judge a man for the clothes he wears or the way he talks ! I cant review it however as I've never run such a small lathe before but it is an attractive wee thing and nice to look at. While others might overlook such a fine wee machine. I think they do so in error. For 'from acorns mighty oaks grow' after all.

Im sorry everyone I do go on sometimes. I only wanted some pictures of Countershafts :/

>< LOL

Meanwhile if anyone is still reading this theres a really Funny new South Park esk Cartoon Series available to watch on You Tube. Its about Mining in Australia. Anyone that likes southpark humour should check it out but only if your over 18 and out of nappies. I wont link you too it but its very much in the vein of south park and perhaps made by the same two funny lads that did southpark ! Anyway its called Mining Boom. A funny and healthy look at Work and ... well you just need to watch it. Its not totally offensive but fairly close and ticks just about every box that it could without crossing the line. My line at least ! I don't think it has a PG rating or 18+ for that matter but there is a warning before you watch it. If your sensitive at all about well almost anything really, then you should probably not watch it.

OK I'm done, i'm off to play with Autocad now. And maybe get another cuppa tea. and a chocki biscuit. Hmmm


14/01/2019 18:31:08


I've someone on the job looking for one for me and Id rather the original, however there is a number of problems, the worst is i'm an impatient ******at times so much so that my knick knacks itch and i don't have crabs, least i don't think i do SO That being said, i'm very keen to get cracking and build one. I've been thinking it out in my head and made one or two sketches of the original bench mounted design. What i'm planning is welding up steel plate, angle iron, flat bar and round bar to make the frame and base. And then machine it. Easier said than done but it shouldn't be too difficult given the right tools. I think I have most of the main tooling i require but there's always something you miss.Im really lacking actual workspace and might have to wait untill the spring summer or at least untill i get some dry weather and try tackling it outside in the carpark or the green. No welding bench either so it will have to be a plate of steel on a B&D Workmate Workbench ! I'm also looking for better photos for a start so i can import them into autocad and then scale them correctly with a known size so i can generate reasonably accurate plans compared to the original bench countershaft. So i'm playing myself at this point but thinking and planning don't cost me any cash so.

If my friend fails in his quest then I hope to be prepared to just make one for myself but id need to reach into my pocket to buy the materials, and misc other stuff to do the job. I know i don't have a through hole boring bar for instance so there are things i'm still missing that i will need to make the thing. I'm also thinking about putting bearings on the spindle rather than bushes or maybe it just ran in the bare cast iron back then. Bushes or bearing. Hmm not sure on that one yet. Olite bushings is more authentic if still not strictly speaking original but the whole frame is fabricated and not cast so is there any point in even trying to be authentic with the frame :/ My first hurdle is to get some decent photos that both show the details and are reasonabaly square on so i can scale relatively accurately. I've put out some feelers out to a guy that I think has the lathe I displayed earlier.The pulleys will be another problem but i will see what i can do about that nearer the time if i go ahead with it. It seems everything you do at home suffers from the chicken/ egg problem. you need the tool to make the tool to make the bracket used on the thigy me jig to clamp the whatsnot so you can, i dont know, make the part. Or you can spend a wad of cash on stuff you will likely only use a half dozen times.

Also I dont want to start this only in a month or two have my mate say hes found it and for me to have wasted the little spare cash on stuff to make the countershaft when i could have bought one if id just been a bit patient !

Another route is to bolt two plumbers blocks to some 2x4 and jury rig something out of that but thats not really me although if i was in the desert or at sea i would because id have to. Ive seen a photo off your older countershaft and have also considered an intermediate solution. Ive seen a photo of a countershaft whose frame was made from unistrut as well which was both an inspired solution but ********* rough as a badger's ********* ><

For anywone reading this i have no experiance with badgers *********nor any ********* in any shape or form. And in the interests of being Politically Correct thats not to say anyone who happens to be interested in the aforemention is in any way mental.

Also no badgers were harmed during the writing of this posting

I kinda want the original but also want to make it so i can say 'I made this !' :D

Will keep you posted !

Im of for a cuppa tea.


Edited By Paul Kennedy on 14/01/2019 18:35:43

The opposite side if interested.


Edited By Paul Kennedy on 14/01/2019 18:48:16

Edited By JasonB on 14/01/2019 19:42:44

Thread: Zyto Gear Comparison Advice ?
13/01/2019 18:16:32

Thanks Neil, I've not done the necessary calculations as yet but I'm leaning towards a 20 degree pressure angle looking on the website the tooth profile matches my teeth perfectly. I will fire up autocad at some point to confirm this however..

13/01/2019 15:53:09

Some x10 Photos.

Myford gear is on the bottom.




Edited By Paul Kennedy on 13/01/2019 15:53:59

13/01/2019 14:02:28


Hey guys the HBM was supposed to fit the Myford and I was worried that the Myford Gear also was similar albeit the photo was maybe not clear as Michael pointed out. So I went up to my garage and sought out an original Myford Gear from the ML7 and it appears to be the same pressure angle as the HBM and also the Myford photo that Nicholas kindly linked me to. The Zyto gear is different.


The Myford Gear is on the left. It appears obvious to me but the Zyto teeth seem longer and sharper. The base width of the teeth appear to be the same but the zyto tooth point narrows quicker than the Myford. Perhaps a pressure angle of 10 degrees ? There's very little in it and im fairly sure the myford gear would work but Im curious now how i can confirm my suspicions about the zyto tooth pressure angle ?

I've since put the gear teeth under x60 magnification and the tooth point on the Zyto gear is most definately narrower than that of the Myford. All other dimensions such as bore diameter, thickness and keyway depth and breadth appear the same.

Edited By Paul Kennedy on 13/01/2019 14:07:36

Edited By Paul Kennedy on 13/01/2019 14:17:49

Thread: Zyto Owners Only. Other Riff Raff can keep out :P
13/01/2019 11:32:34

OK Guys, Sorry for the title. Just a little humor. SO I'm looking for a Zyto Owner that has an intact Counter-shaft. If i cant find a second hand counter-shaft I intend on making one ! I would prefer to replicate the original but before I do I would like some feedback ! Is it any good for a start ? I don't wish to copy a poor design. Have you or has yours been modded in any way to improve it for instance ? I have a ML7 and its counter-shaft is sorta integral to the lathe so I'm open to other ideas from other manufacturers as well but think the easiest route is to copy the original. That being said I would need some sizes. A sketch perhaps with some dimensions. If your feeling particularly pedantic a parts drawing with accurate dimensions but even approximations will be useful so i can 'sorta' keep it to similar dimensions as the original. I'm intending on using steel plate and flat bar welded together with some round bar welded in to hold the bushes/bearings and then through hole bore on the ML7 to ensure accurate alignment. The frame will be entirely welded so .. Not the best but I don't have the capability to cast iron. :/ The best picture i have to work from so far is below.




table countershaft.jpg

Edited By Paul Kennedy on 13/01/2019 11:35:55

Edited By Paul Kennedy on 13/01/2019 11:38:19

Edited By Paul Kennedy on 13/01/2019 11:43:30

Thread: Zyto Gear Comparison Advice ?
13/01/2019 11:09:38

I'll order one beginning of the week to see. Thanks for the link. Sorry if I came across as insolent.

13/01/2019 09:12:20

Hi Nic, Thanks for the link but that looks suspiciously like an exact match to the HBM gear I'm returning. The Zyto Gear tooth are much more elongated and pointy in comparison.

12/01/2019 22:12:28

Brian my gears are 20 DP or so i have been told but the HBM are, or i thought were, for the Myford and are also 20 DP its the Pressure Angle I think thats the issue. I've raised a return and will post it back tomorrow. I need to find another supplier of the right gear for the Zyto now but its likely i will have to make it myself as I doubt they are manufactured by anyone. I will talk with a few of the engineering suppliers like Myford/RDG, Chronos, Arc etc next week to see if anyone can supply them. I had hoped the ML4 gears would be suitable but it seems not. Almost but not quite.Also I know im being fussy bit id like a gear, if possiable, without the recess in the face just so it matches my existing gears.

Right now though I cant really attempt to make them myself. Ive no dividing head or plates and lack a lot of the equipment to do so. I have an ML7 in the garage but its not fully kitted out yet and the yto dosn't even have a countershaft or motor so is currently inoperable. Im hoping someone will sort the countershaft issue for me at some point in time, preferabally by the end of the month but Im loosing faith slowly. Ive found a really clear photo of the Zyto countershaft last night so am now considering what it will take to replicate it. IE Fabricate it myself. I have most of the tools i need for fabrication just need to collect the materials.

Im sure you understand the amount of work involved in that though. The frame, Buses, pins,pulleys,collars,cone pulley,grub screws, taps, welding> it would be fun but also given my present circumstances money and time i could use elsewhere. I still need to buy a motor for instance but i might just rig something up with some Plumbers Bearings. Im lacking pulleys as well and how to do keyways etc . Ive a few ideas but again tools!

Edited By Paul Kennedy on 12/01/2019 22:18:32

Edited By Paul Kennedy on 12/01/2019 22:25:09

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