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Thread: Upgrade to windows 8 ?
04/12/2012 17:11:36

Another satisifed Windows 8 user here. My all-in-one type PC has a touch screen, but I don't use it as such as I don't care for finger prints.

It's a shame some people can't imagine life without a Start button! I quite like how you press the Windows key, then all you have to do is type "i" or "in", for example, to bring up Internet Explorer (not that I use IE!). It's just a bit different - change does you good!

I've not had one issue with it - sure, it takes a bit of getting used to.

I paid £24.99 (it's £14.99 in many cases). On top of this I got Media Center free - mainly got this because my PC has Freeview. I remember paying well over £150 for Windows 98, so £25 for Win 8 - and the fully featured version at that - is an absolute give away.

My PC now starts from true off in 10 seconds, and is fully ready at that stage to use (not like XP and 7 where it can be a bit busy thinking for a few minutes once it appears to ahve loaded). That was worth the upgrade from Win 7 alone.

Thread: Is it model engineering ?
19/11/2012 10:29:23

I would say a BIG yes. Never liked Meccano much (perhaps more to do with my age than anthing else), but was hooked on Lego for a long time - and still would be if I could get away with it! I think the Technic sets introduce many great ideas to young minds and should be viewed as a way to attract youngsters to engineering.


You see magnificent pieces such as the Rolls Royce Trent, Forth Rail Bridge etc......all very impressive, but to me it's things like this (i.e. buildable by a kid from his/her Lego box) that should be admired more:

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Thread: Macs -V- Windows PC's
16/11/2012 00:52:02

Jeez - this will come across as rude no doubt, it's not - it's just pure exasperation!

Please just buy a Mac......some people seem incapable of making the simplest of decisions! They hold their value well, so why on earth all this buggering about? If you get a decent deal, you could get your money back in 3 months if you didn't like it. I've been in sales (cars) all my life, as has my Dad, and my Grandad - I know the average punter (very well!!) and am aware he messes about like he has 1000 years to live!

"Keeping an eye on where Macs sold on eBay go"!? Why for heaven's sake!? Good God.....have you honestly nothing better to do? You are missing out on pleasurable ownership.

I hope this guy offering you a Mac that you're about to screw to the floorboards isn't a family friend (for his sake).

Now then I've had a really boring day, so let's juice it up a little by checking my update log! Jesus. Oh, my iPhone has just informed me I have 3 app updates.......shame about the maps!

PS: I read your replies and it seems to me you just want people to tell you what you want to hear.

Thread: Print out complete thread (WITH pix)?
20/10/2012 15:39:25

Not really sure why someone who wants to save something for the future, would want to edit the contents.

As a programmer I like shortcuts myself and can use a PC without a mouse, but some people don't use it is better to state "copy, paste, cut" and then the user can use whichever method they are used to. I like shortcuts, but I don't feel the need to let everyone know about it as it can lead to confusion if they have done things a certain way since year dot.

20/10/2012 12:24:21


Just another idea. I know you say you'd like to print out, but if having an electronic copy would be OK for certain articles I use "Awesome Screenshot" on Chrome. It's like print screen, but you can capture the entire page - as an image. It comes up straight away in its own window for editing (this editor also allows you to add notes and annotations), which allows you to crop the columns and headers, just leaving you with the rectangle of interest. It's a great piece of software - I think it's on Firefox too, there's probably similar addons for the browser of your choice.

Obviously it could be pasted into Word too as others have suggested.


Edited By MAC on 20/10/2012 12:28:02

Thread: Self adulation
18/10/2012 23:46:05

Good God Tony, you don't honestly think I was comparing ME articles to programmes on our beloved gem, the BBC, do you!? Your sermon suggests such!

Just as a side note - OK, £50 a page. There are plenty of people who enrich TV programmes who earn £0 for it.

The analogy stands - I think you are confusing analogy with direct comparison :/.

Ho hum!

PS: The BBC is an absolute bargain.

PPS: Most countries have a TV licence fee, and in several that is just a fee to have a TV! 

Edited By MAC on 18/10/2012 23:50:27

18/10/2012 00:27:57
Posted by Andyf on 18/10/2012 00:17:50:

I don't really see what the fuss is about. I buy The Times every day, but don't read half of it, and half of what I do read would make me a bit cross if I was of a less phlegmatic disposition. The crossword suits me, though.

In the main, hobby magazines rely on their readers for copy. If subscribers don't like what' they read, they can always submit their own articles.



I'm sorry but that's rubbish. When you pay for something, you are entitled to complain about it.


Just take the BBC. If you saw something on there you felt miffed at, yes you can switch to BBC2 - or you could complain/comment, quite within your rights. How would you feel if the BBC's reply was "make your own film and send it to us"?


That's a really crazy argument.

Edited By MAC on 18/10/2012 00:28:35

17/10/2012 22:19:34
Posted by Sid Herbage on 17/10/2012 21:50:21:
Posted by MAC on 16/10/2012 23:42:27:

And the wholly inappropriate (and indeed incorrect) use of "some" before a known, small number! It wasn't some 3 years ago, it was 3 years ago.

OED (and time-honoured use) doesn't actually agree with you. " ....some three years ago" is perfectly correct usage,"some" simply meaning "approximately" in that instance.

Granted, to say something like: "some three 1/2-inch bolts" is a bit silly since 1/2-inch bolts usually exist in whole numbers and with a small quantity such as 3 there shouldn't be any need to be inexact. But time intervals are certainly divisible and may need to be approximated even at quite a small number.

(Then again, OED is even starting to allow "myriad" as a noun to creep in so ....).

But he knew when he'd bought it! It's like saying my child is some 8 years old.

I found the article extremely stuffy - the absolute shock of a diesel engine in EAST Cambridgeshire (I guess that's the most prestigious part?) - come of yards alone will mean this type of truck is driving down streets all day long, constant use of "some" before figures, inclusion of the fact he has a big (?) house - I could go on. It was like wading through cold custard. I feel entitled to judge an article.

BUT. My comments were pretty much tongue in cheek and light hearted (I just loathe stuffiness, sorry that's who I am). I didn't for one minute criticise the child, or the loving support and guidance offered to him by his devoted parents. I was the same as a teen - I emptied waste paper bins at the local factory after school aged 16 to save up for my car. And as recognition my Mum and Dad paid the insurance - I think children need and thrive from that support.

So sorry to all involved if I have caused offence, that wasn't my intention. I'm sure the lad will make some magnificent models.

16/10/2012 23:42:27

It's anally retentive phrases such as "procured from a vendor" that grind my gears, what's wrong with "bought from a seller/chap"?


And the wholly inappropriate (and indeed incorrect) use of "some" before a known, small number! It wasn't some 3 years ago, it was 3 years ago. Used purely to vainly add a bit of panache! Grrrr!!!!


OK - onto page 3 lol.


Edit: The bench must have been 3.200178m long (roll eyes).

Oh God: Now we've had survey photographs taken and routes of extraction discussed!

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Thread: Home Workshop
15/10/2012 15:26:31

They're probably just updating it - I've seen it before. It was working a short while ago, and bet it works again very soon.



Thread: Warco 3 in 1 bender.
29/09/2012 16:06:05

Hi. Is it any of these:


Not a bad little gift .

Thread: Suddenly I have a logging in problem
19/09/2012 19:32:15

I was simply saying that asking for advice, then giving a list of banned possible solutions is not the best way forward.

I asked if there was a particular reason why Firefox, or indeed any other browser, couldn't be tried. I stopped using IE about 10 years ago - I still use it sometimes and every time it reminds me what a mess I avoid. If they didn't copy every novel idea the others think of, crumbs it would somehow be even worse!!

Surely it is only sensible to try another browser? Takes 10 minutes and might solve the problem. As you no doubt know, it won't interfere with your preferred browser. I admit, going out and spending £1500 on a Mac as an experiement would be silly.

I now use Chrome and Firefox.

19/09/2012 15:18:15

Any reason why you've got to stick with Bloatsoft Internet Explorer? It's the worst browser known to man! Just curious as to why you ruled out the solution.

Thread: Emco V10
18/08/2012 01:13:32

What!? The lathe came with the milling head too?

I would say it's a keeper for £750!!!!

17/08/2012 20:31:00

Hi - so long as it's a decent machine, that's a good price for a V10.

I sold a 3-phase motor last year for £80 (that was the going rate) so that is what I would expect to pay. You may have to be patient as any Emco bits are like hen's teeth.

You can buy plug and play no electrical knowledge required.

Thread: Help!
14/08/2012 23:38:13

Hi Chris,

Sounds like a perfect reason to gather a workshop and complete this great loco (one of my favourite designs).

All you need is the desire to complete the loco - which you obviously have. What a lovely tribute to your family this would be.

I would say you have no chance of buying ready to fit parts........the next option would be to have the parts machined for you (which as John says, would be VERY expensive).

Hope you decide to bite the bullet - it would be worth it .



Thread: Centreing a rotery table
12/08/2012 12:53:54
Posted by Doubletop on 12/08/2012 10:57:03:

I've never been happy that my chuck is truly centered on the table so plan to give it a go and see what happens

1) Use the ball to centre the rotary table and quill

2) Hold the ball in the chuck and center the chuck to the quill, and hence the chuck to the rotary table.

3) Zero DRO' s for reference point

4) Rotate the table and clock the ball in the chuck to see if it really is centred on the table

5) Clock the quill to the ball to see how well that was aligned



Edited By Doubletop on 12/08/2012 10:58:35


This is exactly what I do - except I just wind the jaws of the chuck out a little and the ball sits perfectly in the central hole.

It's more than accurate enough for what I do - and for what I could ever imagine machining, unless NASA give me a call one day!

Edited By MAC on 12/08/2012 12:54:20

Edited By MAC on 12/08/2012 12:54:41

11/08/2012 23:03:19

Hi - a tip I picked up from here was to use a ball bearing (I think the one I got is 32mm - but obviously you just get one to suit your rt/chuck/spindle). Just loosly align the table, raise table / lower quill to trap the ball bearing, clamp down and you're good to go!


I think it's a great tip - and actually look forward now to using the rotary table .

Edited By MAC on 11/08/2012 23:04:04

Thread: Fan motor
12/07/2012 15:38:11

Good job - glad you got it sorted.

It's always nice to sit back and view a successful repair!

Thread: Greenwood Q-Cut versus Glanze parting tool
30/06/2012 22:57:02

Thanks all - plenty to think about there, and also some great links. I found some miniature boring tools (Korloy) on the Cutwel site too - been looking for something along those lines for a while.


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