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Thread: Lord Nelson
21/10/2021 17:03:35
Posted by David Maynard 4 on 21/10/2021 16:57:30:
Posted by Brian G on 21/10/2021 12:19:10:
Posted by ega on 21/10/2021 11:09:40:

...PS Since she was built at Chatham I have long thought she should rest here.

Edited By ega on 21/10/2021 11:11:33

Getting into Elgin Marbles territory here, especially if India wanted HMS Tricomalee back from Dundee.

Have they sailed her there from Hartlepool?wink

Whoops, I remembered one of them was in Dundee but should have checked which. blush

Brian G

21/10/2021 12:19:10
Posted by ega on 21/10/2021 11:09:40:

...PS Since she was built at Chatham I have long thought she should rest here.

Edited By ega on 21/10/2021 11:11:33

Getting into Elgin Marbles territory here, especially if India wanted HMS Tricomalee back from Dundee.

I guess that if Victory and Unicorn came home, Gannet could go downriver to Sheerness and Cavalier to Cowes to make room. On the other hand, bearing in mind what happened to her covered dock and its surrounding figureheads, Portsmouth may have been a lucky escape for the old girl.

Brian G

Thread: Help with a broken Sieg Super X3
20/10/2021 13:26:58
Posted by Nathan Adamson on 20/10/2021 10:45:52:

...b) Where do I get a new board from...

Hi Nathan

If you are in the UK give Arc Euro Trade a ring, I have always found them helpful. Although they show the boards as out of stock, they may be able to confirm which board you need and when/if they can get one.

Brian G

Thread: Laminated Info
19/10/2021 14:55:40

I did the same thing with cutting speed tables, tapping and clearance diameters, screw pitches, metric/imperial conversions and belt/pulley settings for speeds. (Tubal Cain's "Model Engineers Handbook" had most of the data and Excel provided a handy way to present the tables in A4). In my case I laminated two pages back to back, punched holes and joined all the sheets with two 1" keyrings so that I can easily leave it open at whichever table I need.

It looks like Myford's illustrations of change gear configurations are much clearer than Chester's, having seen your sheets I think I will have to draw up something similar for my son's lathe and add them to the stack.

Brian G

Thread: Hermes and current petrol difficulties
10/10/2021 17:30:41

Amazon are suggesting that I might like to buy "everyday essentials" consisting of paraffin and chainsaw spares. Do they know something about this winter that we aren't being told?

Brian G

Thread: Chain Protection Sleeve
05/10/2021 15:20:55

Assuming you don't mean roller chain, how about using heat shrink tubing without shrinking it?

Brian G

Thread: Turning, Milling and Drilling Speeds
03/10/2021 10:12:18

+1 on Tubal Cain's "The Model Engineers Handbook". He doesn't just throw the numbers out there but explains why they vary from those in industrial use.

Brian G

Thread: Old rule divisions twelfs etc
30/09/2021 19:50:39

I must confess that however useful a rule calibrated in 127ths might be, I cannot easily make out anything much smaller than the 1/127" markings on my rule, needing a magnifier to read the 1/254" scale. There is evidently a market for unusual imperial rules as Starrett's "no.1" graduation for rules includes not only the usual 16ths, 32nds and 64ths but also 12ths, 24ths and 48ths as well as 10ths, 20ths, 50ths and 100ths (handy for thou dimensions) and even 14ths and 28ths. I can sort of see the point of 12ths for scale drawing but 14ths! Drawing year planners perhaps?

Brian G

Thread: (old) Proxxon BFW 36/E vs. (new) Proxxon BFW 40/E
29/09/2021 11:49:04
Posted by John Smith 47 on 29/09/2021 11:37:18:

...I still can't find a single photo of the Unimat 3 motor driving the mill...

There are several photos of the motor on the milling attachment here on LINK

Although none of them show the milling table in place, it can be seen stored at the upper left of the wooden cabinet. Should you buy a Unimat without the milling table, I understand the table is the same part as for the Unimat DB/SL.

Brian G

Thread: What do you think of this con
21/09/2021 20:53:39

I don't know which supermarket you visited, but Sainsburys say that alcohol cannot count toward a minimum spend for discounts because of government legislation, but the link they provide to an explanation of the rules is dead. I assume that they are referring to the government's alcohol strategy which prohibits the sale of alcohol for less than the duty and VAT charged on it. If so, they are probably erring on the side of caution, as whilst the regulations only require that the total price of the goods bought on promotion is greater than the duty and VAT on the alcohol, this would be impossible to calculate for every shopping basket.

Taking a litre bottle of whisky, taxed at £28.74 per litre of alcohol, the duty would be £11.50 and the VAT on this would be £2.30, a total of £13.80. This would only be 60p a bottle on the legal side if Tesco for example offered 10% off a basket containing nothing but Famous Grouse at their clubcard price of £16.

I agree that the wording and interpretation of the offer leaves a lot to be desired, but if your supermarket applied the same rules as Sainsburys, your qualifying spend would only have been £41, less than the minimum for the promotion.

Brian G

Thread: Back to Imperial
17/09/2021 20:46:26

I bet shopkeepers would love the idea of selling a 2lb bag of sugar for the same price as a kilo.

Brian G

Thread: Saving the Planet or is it ?
16/09/2021 15:40:14

Could anybody please explain why it is considered sensible to turn productive farmland over to "solar farms" instead of installing the panels over supermarket parking spaces? My suspicious mind wonders whether once the panels age and fail they will be removed leaving a brownfield site that can be used for housing.

Brian G

Thread: I dont think its 3phase but what is it ?!
11/09/2021 12:50:36

I might use a neon screwdriver on the exposed chocolate blocks, but a non-contact tester like these saves unwrapping the others (and perhaps releasing the ghost?). Personally I would still be unhappy even if the wires aren't live unless I knew where the other end was so I could be sure they couldn't accidentally be made live by a neighbour who one day thinks "I wonder what this switch does?".

Brian G

Thread: internet cable
04/09/2021 12:36:03

Personally I would treat CAT5e as a minimum, there is hardly any cost difference between gigabit and 10/100 switches and 802.11ax routers are normally gigabit anyway. I'm wiring our bungalow with CAT6 as the cost premium compared to CAT5e copper was negligible, and with a rural broadband subsidy our fibre connection delivers 300mb at the lowest price tier - if I could afford it 900mb is available over the same hardware.

I'm not sure that the installation requirements for CAT6/6a are that onerous, after all, minimum bend radii apply to all cables, and unlike power cables, if you go below the minimum, the worst that would be likely is a drop in speed, not a fire. (Probably not anyway, 10GBASE-T or POE might get warm).

If you do choose to go CAT5e or below, you might want to consider CCA (Copper-Coated Aluminium) cable which is less than half the price of copper. It is cheap enough to make it worthwhile doubling up on cable connections rather than using additional switches to get an extra connection in a remote location.

Brian G

Edited By Brian G on 04/09/2021 12:36:53

Edited again as I forgot to insert the link to Kenable for CCA cable.

Edited By Brian G on 04/09/2021 12:38:41

27/08/2021 18:10:02

We know we want bolts, but are they bolts, fitted bolts or driven bolts?

Talk of fasteners is bringing back some VERY bad memories about interactions with buyers who couldn't understand that the length of a bolt or screw is how far it goes below the surface which may or may not be its overall length depending on the head (as well as dealing with qualified engineers who specified brass self-tapping screws, but that is another sad story).

I'm also pretty sure that based on their failure rate, somebody in China took an order for "cheese head" machine screws a little bit too literally. At least our buyer asked me why a drawing for woodscrews didn't specify what type of wood they should be made from before placing an order.

At least screws and bolts are less prone to confusion than rivets.

Brian G

Thread: THE NUMBER 9 !
24/08/2021 20:36:59
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 24/08/2021 15:40:42:

If you got 601.3952191045344 for 5O'Clock, join my club.

Also, am I right in saying that the digits of the hours expressed in seconds always add up to 9?


1AM = 3600s so 3+6+0+0 = 9

4AM = 14400 so 1+4+4+0+0 = 9

9AM = 32400s so 3+2+4+0+0 = 9

11AM = 39600s so 3+9+6+0+0 = 18 & 1+8 = 9

Bound to be useful for something. Is there a prize?



Probably been won almost as soon as we started using base 10 with arabic/indian numerals Dave, as the sum of the digits of any multiple of 9 is always a multiple of 9, and 3600 = 400 x 9.

I just checked and the same thing seems to work in other bases such as Hex, so that the digits of multiples of F add up to multiples of F. I'm beginning to understand why I was put in the applied maths stream at school as this sort of thing just confuses me.

Brian G

Edited By Brian G on 24/08/2021 20:37:57

Thread: Engineering / Modelling Books for Winter Evenings?
22/08/2021 19:39:05

To quote the first verse from the great McGonagall's masterwork:

Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silv'ry Tay!

Alas! I am very sorry to say

That ninety lives have been taken away

On the last Sabbath day of 1879,

Which will be remember'd for a very long time

Say what you like about him, were Shakespeare or Burns ever as exact regarding dates? it is all very well saying twelth night or midsummer's night but in what year?

Brian G

Edited By Brian G on 22/08/2021 19:39:56

22/08/2021 08:45:13

Could I suggest "The High Girders" aka "Disaster at Dundee, Prebble 1956. A good read that is a cure for hubris, a justification for quality management as well as providing the best response to people who say that software development isn't proper engineering because "nobody heard of a bridge version 2.0".

It also contains useful hints and tips for fixing faulty castings

Brian G

Edited By Brian G on 22/08/2021 08:45:58

Thread: Clinging to the Past
20/08/2021 16:10:20
Posted by Phil Whitley on 20/08/2021 15:15:18:

... Fuses ALWAYS fail safe!

MCBs have one advantage, it isn't easy for somebody to accidentally (or deliberately) uprate them when resetting after a trip. I can't be the only person to have seen the wrong size fusewire in a box and I know of one box that contained brass bar instead of a cartridge.

Rather than go backward, would it be possible to put a non-replaceable but slower blowing fuse inside each MCB/RCBO so that if they fail to trip, the fuse cuts the power and disables the faulty device?

Brian G

Thread: Accurate Clamping
04/08/2021 13:20:08
Posted by Paul Lousick on 04/08/2021 09:25:59:

They also make good adjustable spanners/wrenches

I thought that is what digital verniers* were for.

Brian G

*Sorry, "I can resist anything except temptation"

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