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Thread: Consort sawbench and planer
04/05/2011 20:51:18
I have a Consort Coronet sawbench and planer with some accessories. I have no idea how old it is but I have had it for 24 years and it has done sterling work as I make my own bee keeping hardware, Nucleus boxes and hives and roofs and stands and bases plus the odd repairs that are needed.
This last few days I have been making some garden seats and have to do lots of Mortice and Tenons for the slats of the seats.
This saw bench has a ball bearing at one end of the spindle and the other is a taper bearing made from bronze material.
The adjustment of the shaft is by using two lock rings that draw the Taper bearing in towards the taper on the shaft. This is lubricated via a cap and hole at the top of the bearing.
Now this is a long shot , has anyone ever heard of a conversion of the bearings to all ball bearing, eliminating the taper bearing as now I have to adjust quite often and I think it is getting a bit worn.
Some time ago I had a contact with a place:- Pyatt Woodworking in Wolverhampton who were able to supply various bits and pieces.
Thread: My drill bits are not cutting
03/05/2011 21:41:42
Colin, there are some cheap old drills on the market and its no good buying those little boxes of black drills you find on market stalls.
I have seen some reasonably priced TIN coated drills in metric sizes in Wilkinsons, in fact I bought some and they are OK.
When you buy drills make sure they are High Speed steel drills, there are other types for cutting hardened steel and other types for drilling brass and such like.
Best get a book or a catalogue and study it.
Regarding sharpening, its practice, practice and do it again until its second nature. You will soon learn whats good and be able to drill clean holes.
The smaller the drill the faster it goes, bigger drills slower.
Thread: Dam Busters Channel Four tonight
03/05/2011 13:32:12
The size of the 'bouncing bomb' is not really a problem, the hydrostatic effect of the bomb going off under water against the dam wall and using the water as a backstop enables the shock wave to disrupt the wall.
I doubt the bomb was meant itself to destroy the wall but to loosen or crack it so that the weight of water behind it would then break it down, which it did!
Explosives and water are a potent combination and can be used to do metal forming against a die and make intricate shapes difficult to do with a power press.
When I was stationd in Germany I visited a power station below the wall at Mohne dam, there I spoke to an old operator who was there when it broke and he said that the disruption was only for three or four days as power was diveretd from other areas to carry on production in Wetter where Demag had a big factory.
There is very little evidence of the dam being damaged and it was all rebuilt.
Thread: Steam Boat Ban
01/05/2011 10:08:28
It would seem now that all active pastimes are now being banned, shooting, fox hunting and model airplanes and now a ban on steam engine boats in a lake that is designed for the pastime. Even childrens playgrounds are now so soft the kids dont want to use them or go there.
Take to mind the bin police and the level of fines allowed. Its only rubbish after all and we pay for it anyway.
The threat of litigation seems to sharpen the minds of these cretins who are just one jump up from shop stewards.
They justify their positions by harrasing the population, and eventually gain a high position of authority that only gives them a good living when they retire or even better ousted from their position and they then claim comp.
Its only us the people who have to put up with all the clap trap they come out with.
Bear in mind on Thurs. next there is a local election and a referendum, if you dont like what is going on then vote!
If they are voted out into the wilderness thats them finished, why not tell them so as well.
They are servants of the people after all and unfortunately we have to fork out the money for it!
A club is the best way of going about getting your rights and facilities, they are bound by legislation to provide facilties but this seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent times.
Perhaps its time for us to re-assert ourselves and make them take notice of us the people.
Thread: Stainless Steel (update)
01/05/2011 09:56:32
If you want a very good polished finish then use a fine emery and rub bees wax into the emery, use in the normal way and it gives an excellent finish almost grain free.
Thread: brass wire mesh in 1mm weave
28/04/2011 19:17:02
Thank you for all pointers to wire mesh, I have looked at them all.
27/04/2011 21:51:30
Clive, Nice to meet you here!
The baskets are about 5" dia and about 4" deep to fit the ultrasonic tank. The suspension basket will take two that size and there are four of us who use it.So roughly 5" x 16" plus 4 bases 5" x 4 at the width you quote, 24"llength would do it, the sieve size is not really important as it will be less than a 1mm mesh.
As the ultrasonic runs at about 60C. I am dubious about synthetic materiel? and its longivity under the action of the ultrasonic vibrations.
would appreciate any help on this to keep cost down.
I can do a trade with you if you have any ' wants'. I have a couple of Dti's not being used.
You can contact me on the, 'My message' system.
Regards Clive
Thread: Google Chrome Warning
27/04/2011 09:33:16
It sounds like a 'False positive' Just make sure your anti virus is upto date, do some updates and also download 'Anti Malwarebytes' Its very good at finding nasties that the other anti virus software does not.
I can recommend Webroot Anti Virus, you pay for it and it acts as a sentinel and warns of any intrusion or attempts.
Thread: Magnetised tools
27/04/2011 09:29:37
I am not too sure that blunt tools are the cause of this residual magnetism. It is a once or twice a year phenomina and it just puzzled me where it comes from, perhaps I live on a leyline?
A quick knock on something solid like the vice gets rid of it, its the source of it that i want to find, as I posted before i do not use magnetic mounts or tooling.
I would be more inclined to think it is coming in on the bar metal I turn, perhaps they use a magnetic crane device to move the metal and it is retaining the magnetism from the tool supplier?
Thread: Indexable toolholder grinding/milling/shaping
27/04/2011 09:24:44
I have had to mill off a couple of mm on some of my inherited tool shanks and I even milled off a couple of mm off the base of the tool holder as well!
I have had no problems at all.
This came about because I fitted an EMCO QC tool post to my Myford.
Carbide tooling will remove hard metal!
Clive PS Never kick a gift horse in the mouth, adapt accordingley.

Edited By Clive Hartland on 27/04/2011 09:25:15

Thread: brass wire mesh in 1mm weave
26/04/2011 21:56:03
Hi David, In fact we are down to the last basket and the more use it gets the worse it gets!
Thank you for all the info I am now going through them to see which is the best quote.
I still have the dolly former from all those years ago when I first made them so I can get to it straight away.
Out of interest, when we went from Freon and Chlorothene in the tanks I had to find a substitute medium.
Eventually came across an aqueous solution called Micro. This is used in a 2% solution and is very economic and biodegradable.
It is used by the US Nuclear industry to clean components and in tests out performed Freon for surface detritus.
26/04/2011 19:44:06
I have a requirement to make some new baskets for our Ultrasonic tank.
The old ones have now worn away on the bases with the activity.
I have been searching on the net and some of the prices for a Sq Mtr of brass mesh are frightening. One was £201 pre Sq Mtr, one I found at £48 per.
Does anyone know of a better source that can supply smaller pieces?
I have tried all the normal traders like Reeves and Arc Euro and Chronos.
Thread: Magnetised tools
26/04/2011 19:39:08
Thank you for all the comments about the magnetised tools, I am going to persaude my work partner to buy one of the de-guassing boxes from Farnell or Maplins.
25/04/2011 18:59:59
Suddenly I have a lot of tools both on the bench and on the lathe becoming magnetised!
Toolbits laid in the tray come up with a load of whiskers, any ideas?
Screwdrivers on the bench the same, laid down and then picked up and again whiskers on the edge.
I have no magnetic chucks, no magnetic stands or clamps. All very strange.
If I give the tool a knock it clears itself.
Thread: Technical and engineering drawing.
24/04/2011 11:14:37
I am more inclined to think that the older generation (Us) had better basic skills as we had it included in our education syllubus.
We then went into industry/work with the ability to carry out these basic skills and learnt on from them.
One of the hardest things I had with a steep learning curve was to convert to the electronic testing of Theodolites, I would go home with my head bizzing.
In consequence I started to build my own PC and learn the basics which in the early 80's cost me an arm and leg. My first PC plus printer was some £1500, a 386. I still have it but now I have made about five PC's and do not look back.
The rate of change in the equipment we sold changed almost monthly and of course we had to learn the new equipment on the trot as you might say.
Technological advances and miniturisation being the watchwords coupled with reduced power consumption to allow a full days work on one battery!
Some of us specialised in one type and others were more generally applied as they had more skills in the machining and basics of engineering instrument wise.
I just found it hard to get the young ones to accept the basics and to follow protocols laid down.
Some of the basics would be the upkeep of the ultrasonic tanks which the young workers would not deal with and it was left to the older ones to clean and replenish.
This was annoying as the younger ones were the ones that would contaminate the tanks and not care. They were expensive to run being Freon or Chlorothene.
Another thing I found was that they would go to a pub at lunch time and drink and by mid afternoon were drowsy and useless.
Anyway they are days gone by and now I am retired I no longer care and just do my thing,
I hear from the firm occasionally about the goings on and whats happening and it is all changed completely, centers of exellence I am told,and then I wonder why they send the work down to me in an ancillary firm a hundred miles away?
23/04/2011 22:05:48
Looking at the young of today I have found that there is a distinct lack of interface between hand and brain, yes, they can use computers and digital TV items and enjoy sending highly significant text and pictures to each other. But! give them a monotonous detailed job and within minutes they are off on a jaunt.
I had the hardest job trying to get or even find likely candidates for apprentice training and in the end only had one when we needed at least four to fill situations within three to five years. (We had to make do with older candidates to fill posts and teach them up!)
Teaching them the basics of engineering, filing, drilling, thread cutting and trying to instil this knowledge was an uphill climb as they could not remember constants from one day to the next.
As for trying to instil knowledge of Optics in conjunction with electronics was a nightmare situation.
Then letting them loose on a machine was not possible as I am sure they would jhave lost digits or even maimed themselves, again through lack of knowledge and experience. No way could they grind a tool!
In fact, this single apprentice attained a City and Guilds cert. and immediately de-camped to work on the then Southern Rail (Connex) as a signal technician, Since then I have not been on a train.
As regards to Technical Drawings, I forever found errors and had to vet everything that came through carefully to check for errors.
Worst was sending off circuit diagrams for printed circuits and receiving a mirror image circuit boards from a reputable board maker, not once but several times. Cant get the staff they say but they still drive around in big cars that I could not afford.
With drawings for modelling use, they are mainly drawn up by amaturers for amature use and errors or conception of design do not get layed down properly in 2d or envisaged in 3d.
I have found several errors in an expensive set of Loco drawings and received much the same comment when seeking clarification about them as other posters have found.
Working through the drawing I was soon able to make a correction to make it work.
I have Geometric and Technical Drawing qualifications and actually passed the exam when I was 15, achieving a Distinction, they had never awarded 100% so I was marked at 98%. It has never had any effect on job application and has never been referred to.
Mention has been made of our early years of model airplane making and how much we learned from that. Deisel and Glo-plug engines taught me nearly all I needed to know about vehicle engines and instilled a desire to learn as much as I could about such things so that I am now fully independant and can repair anything I need to,
But you do not see that now! Its a throw away society and its 'Easy-come-Easy-go'.
I do not think it matters which angle a drawing is set in 1st or 3rd angle, being able to interpret the physical shape/outline and the hidden detail is able to be put off to one side on a seperate sheet if need be.
Tolerances are fine but in any case you still need to follow a Norm. be it DIN or a current Uk Norm. Nobody seems to know, but DIN Norm is pretty standard and easy to follow.
In my work I have to work in Deutsche text and sometimes the translations do not come through very well and I have to amend to correct them.
Some of the drawings of the Theodolites are extremely detailed and can take some considerable study to see how parts are functioning and it is all hidden detail. I wish I could post one to show it.
One aspect I have not seen mentioned is that the last Gobment did away with Tech. colleges where students did engineering as a part of their studies, woodwork was a nice afternoons work for me and I slipped classes to stay in the engineering dept. until I was able to leave school and join the army at 14.
So we now have at least a generation of people who have no concept of model making nor knowledge of how to read a drawing so ergo we get rubbish drawings from them.
Clive, long post I know
Thread: Precision Tailstock Alignment
23/04/2011 11:56:31
It has just come to me, how do they bore out the quill shaft hole in the tailstock?
Is there some boreing tool that can travel and be driven from the headstock?
mgj's idea sounds good but possibly bore a few mm oversize and make a sleeve and fix in place and then bore that to take the existing quill shaft, later true up the taper from the headstock with an MT reamer.
This will bring it all up to the headstock height and also bring it in line.
I think that the idea that the tailstock has been switched at some time is more than feasable and no doubt there is someone else out there iether oblivious of a problem or who is also seeking an answer.
Thread: Balancing bench grinding wheels
22/04/2011 16:20:36
I think I will try that david, sounds a good idea but I will have to make some bench space first as I am at the moment up to my ears in bee stuff and boxes taking all the space.
22/04/2011 15:43:03
I bought a small grinder from B & Q and it ran awful! Vibration and wheel wobble.
My first thought was to remove the wheels and I was surprised to find two dished pressed metal washers on iether side of each wheel. Non of them were, how can I put it, true.
I made up four new ones from bar and put them on thinking it will run true now, No, it did not. My next thought was to dress the wheels which I did with my diamond stick.
Result was it vibrated more, so I live with it in that state and it is only used as a roughing grinder anyway.
Balancing grindstone wheels is easy enough, you need a parallel knife rest and a bar to fit the bore and set it on the parallels and see what happens. I am dubious about removing any part of the wheel to balance and what else can you stick on that will sit tight?
Thread: Nickel Plating
20/04/2011 09:09:14
Some years back I went to a firm callled Star plating as they were the only ones who would do small batch colour anodising, they were doing it in rubber buckets!
It all came out very good depth of colour.
Perhaps there is a pointer here as a DIY job.
I would think that any process will do as long as the end result is satisfactory.
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