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Thread: Torx head variant or faulty batch?
21/08/2019 15:18:57

Then of course TORX put a dimple in the bottom of the recess! so I had to buy 20 sets of new TORX drivers to go with the old ones. My answer was to put a screwdriver against and wipe it out.

Thread: Wasp trap - suggestions please
20/08/2019 09:08:27

Re-the wasps, wasps as such do not eat and can only suck liquid even though they have mandibles. They forage for protien for the larvea who as a reward will give a drop of sweet lliquid from a gland on their rears end. This prompts the wasp to forage again.

The nest, can be in a tree or loft or shed or underground in a vacant mouse hole. They will enlarge it considerably.

Often you will see lumps of mud on your car from excavations.

Disposing of a nest, do it after dark using a torch as a shield. Allowing you to get close. Foam cans with a tube are good but slow. If done in the daytime foraging wasps come back to find the nest smell gone and they hang about for days.They are Pheromone driven. Given from the Queen. Do not use petrol and ignite as I have seen a chap lose his hair and have facial burns as the petrol blew out of the hole in the ground. Heavy volatiles like Nitro Cellulose thinners kill them but put a dustbin lid over the hole to keep the vapour in. They will not re-use an old nest but will build anew each year. Only a hibernatining fertile Queen will survive the winter.

20/08/2019 08:59:17

It is an Amyblyteles Armatorious, very common and parasite of Moths. No common name.


19/08/2019 14:25:16

Obtain an empty lemonafe bottle and cut the top off just past the curve of the body. Invert the top into the body and staple it together. Make a mix of sugar and jam or even a bit of fish so it will stink and set out and tie to a post to stop it falling over.


Thread: Karcher pressure washer
10/08/2019 08:14:16

One aspect about power washers is that when used and put away they are left overwinter in a side shed. It freezes and the freezing water damages the pump.

Next door had this happen, as they are cheap he threw it away.

Thread: Another scam
07/08/2019 07:34:40

Heres a new one, had an email saying, 'Are you from London Clive'. I deleted it and then came another much the same. I answered this and came a repliy, 'I live near you'. can we meet up. Giving her name as Mary!

She said she had got my email addy from a dating site ? and listed a dating site page and added her Nom-de-Plume as , 'Mary-Jane' I had a look but you needed to sign up and I did not.

Now this morning another email which I did not bother to read and deleted, this even after telling her I was 82 and recently bereaved and had never been on a dating site, Whoo. She said she was, 'Gorgeous'.

At my age and a trapped nerve not very likely I can tell you! I can't even walk the dog.


Edited By Clive Hartland on 07/08/2019 07:35:32

Thread: Most difficult part first
04/08/2019 16:08:35

As an aside to this, when I statrted with Leica you are introduced to the T2 Theodolite. This is an optical theo. that reads both sides of the optical circles. Conventional overhaul was to start at the bottom and work your way up to the last part which was the reading Mirometer which allowed one to read both sides of the vertical and horizontal optical systems.

As we became profficient we were able to start on any part and I found it was easier to do the Micrometer bit first as it was used in all the process to follow the setting up. It is quite a complex operation centering the circles and placing reading prisms at the right distance and setting all of them set to position with a Dioptre tube where the Pupil through the instrument was centered. The vertical and horizontal pupils brought together at the Micrometer.

Average overhaul time about 12/13 hours and cost in the 80's about £400.

Thread: Tolerance for needle bearings?
02/08/2019 18:06:55

I replaced the pin bearings on a reloading press and they soon broke up. It seemed the links were of soft steel and distorted the hole with the pressure. Had to revert back to the pin again.

Thread: Upgrading to fibre optic broadband
02/08/2019 18:03:20

Talktalk has a members forum, check it out as it works for me. You can talk to them or us messages system. They do follow do follow up. As I am phone deaf it is ideal for me with the message system.

You need a Nom de Plume and there are several experts available for problems, it has a fault page as well showing which exchanges have problems.

Thread: 3 phase - radio puzzle
31/07/2019 08:11:21

Similar to my experience, found that the cable sheath had come away from the earth point at one end!

Thread: Acetone
28/07/2019 10:18:57

One other inident with Ether occured causing death, a worker (female) employed in our Singapore facility managed to ignite about 2 ounces of Ether which was used to clean optics. She died in hospital that night. having been enveloped in a cloud of flame, she had inhaled the flame. and it had damaged her lungs.

The amount of Ether was within the permit allowed on the bench so it was not thought to be dangereous.

28/07/2019 10:14:18

I was told to provide waste bins for oily rags so turned to the metal basher and asked him to make some bins. He went ahead and used empty anti freeze drums about 20/30 liter size. Next thing I heard a bang and he came running out of the shop, he had no injuries but had started cutting the end of the drum with oxy/aceteline torch which of course ignited the remains of the antifreeze in the tin. I then introduced him to a cold chisel and a hammer.The drum he was working on was ballooned out and split.

Thread: Piece of Cake
18/07/2019 18:09:11

My Son was a Blue water engineer, and served on a granite chip boat that worked between Ireland and Rochester and occasionally to Spain, one trip to Spain was trouble. As they approached santander the engine bent a con rod and they were stuck about 5 miles out of the Port. The captain ordered the anchor dropped but it ran out all the chain and still did not hit bottom.

To save salvage charges he called the pilot boat and they were pulled in slowly, but of course the anchor chain ! The winch could not lift the anchor wieght and chain so they had to cut it away.

Once in harbour my Son checked the engine and removed the offennding con rod by tying it up out of the way. The journel, he put a sealing bandage around it and used big Jubillee clips to hold and then obtained permission from Lloyds insurance to run the engine in that condition but at 5 knots only.

They came back to Rochester and parked up alongside the Harbour on the Chatham dockyard by a crane.

Called in the heavy brigade who proceeded to lift the crankcase off the engine bed to expose the crankshaft. By then they had cut a large aperture in the bulkhead to lift through the old crankshaft. A new one from Doxford arrived. But, the straight edge suggested that the engine base was distorted, This is where I came in with an optical device (Auto Collimator) that I could measure the deviation of the bed. I did this and found that in fact the bed was 278 thou. down at each end and about 170 in the middle. This meant they needed a new engine bed.

It duly arrived and was via the crane lifted down and through the hole in the bulkhead and set down in place of the damaged one. Then the new crank was fitted and crankcase bedded down and all was well. To my knowlede the bed and old crankshaft are still there on the dockside.

The boat was leased to a chap but the Insurance paid up and he lost his lease and the owners wanted him to work as a Night security till it was paid off what they paid the heavy gang, needless to say my Son upped and went to Norway to work on the boats from an Under water gas and oil survey company. He is now their Logistics and trouble shooter in Houston in Texas.

Thread: Aldi bargain laser level
14/07/2019 08:29:02

Standard Instrument securing thread in the UK is 5/8" x 11 Tpi. Whit. form. There is another US style at 11/16 " x 11 Tpi. This is mainly used in Aircraft building, test equipment.. Also some military applications, just to be awkward I think.

Thread: Another scam
13/07/2019 14:48:43

I have a strange one, I keep getting calls from Southern water (3 so far). The call says that they will come to read the meter but the name of the person is not me. Also the phone number is different each time, twice a local number?

Trouble is I cannot hear the phone message so have to wait till someone comes to see me to listen and tell me what it is about.

Thread: Electric Cars
12/07/2019 22:40:25

Barrie, there is a lake in the USA that has millions of tons of of Lithium under the surface layer. It takes some extracting and is shipped all over the US to achieve this.

Everybody is hoping for some spectacular breakthrough for motive power, physics at the moment are not giving anything useful it seems.

My post was more of a query about how all this was to be achieved but what the hell at 82 my time on this planet is a bit limited and I am not splashing out anymore monies on pie in the sky expensive cars.

Most of what I posted was/is quite valid and I would like to see some answers.

12/07/2019 14:31:38

I am at a loss to understand how they are going to replace ALL the diesel lorries that are used for carriage of goods to electric. Also how are they going to get an electric Bulldozer or a JCB unless diesel. In fact any earthmover?

Will they have electric Tanks for the military? and criuse liners and warships and cargo ships in general. It is now said that Aircraft are one of the main polluters, can i see long distance travel curtailed by planes? Yet they want to build another runway at Heathrow. Already a hefty tax on flights when you travel.

One thing I have found is that not all diesel fuels are the same, I revcently had to use a Shell garage to fill up.

A few miles down the road on comes the Catalyst light telling me to do some 40 miles at 40mph to burn off the dust. So thats another gallon gone up in smoke. Having a cat. 6 engine is great but this sort of thing annoys me.

They will use legislation to make their point leaving us in the lurch again ( As per Brown telling us to buy diesel)

If I use public transport to go to town it takes 1.5 hrs. and I visit every part of the area to get there. By car I can do it in 10 mins. Not only that the bus hurts my back. Already Councils are upping parking charges to deter town visits and they wonder why the High street shops are closing.

Thread: Mains outlets with USB sockets - safety?
09/07/2019 07:34:08

My last Microwave was the culprit when the mains would trip out at random times, notied that the LCD display went dim and the mains popped. Had everything PAT tested and the microwave was the only thing that failed.

It was a Panasonic make..

Thread: Curious
09/07/2019 07:29:50

Hi Rik, I am out of action at the moment with a trapped nerve inbetween L4/5. The same thing happened about 6 years back and put me out for about 6 weekks. Now in my fourth week of deep pain and lack of mobility.

The last time I looked at the bees they were OK, flying well and still shirty ! The hives are sat on a piece of ground that is infested with Ground Elder which I have to strim back now and then, done it once and no doubt due again but unable to go down and do it.

Pain relief, zilch as Tramadol gives me a bad headache and Co-Codomol has no effect so I take two paracetomol in the morning and two at night. Elder Bro. coming down at end of month so I hope I improve before then.


Thread: Gas Burners?
07/07/2019 14:00:46

The wind blowing out the flame on your burner is a normal thing, I try to work my weed burner with my back to the wind. Wilko sell a weed burner and B & Q sell the gas bottles.

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