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Thread: Flash Removal Tool
22/01/2021 13:43:08
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 22/01/2021 09:59:52:

Good news, everyone... there is work in hand with converting the archives, although it will take a little while.


No rush at all

I have a 100% functioning workaround, that. if 'flash' hasn't been removed, requires one config file editing and one standalone program adding.

it should work with W7-10 without issue (only tested so far on W10) AND it requires zero work at your end.

I'll document it here in time

Thread: The demise of UK fossil fuel Power Stations
20/01/2021 16:40:41
Posted by Stuw on 18/01/2021 12:16:13:

The coal fired power stations / boilers were inefficient (~ 22%)

There wasn’t a single coal fired power station in the UK operating in 1990 with a thermal efficiency under 30 percent

22% is in the region of sub 60MW units dating from the 1950’s and earlier equipped with chain grate boilers, phased out or permanently mothballed in the early 1980’s

The top performing 500MW and 660MW units at the likes of Drax, Rugeley, and Ratcliffe were all operating between 35 and 37%. Even the very worst of the 500MW units were operating at around 31-33% by the early 1980’s, as were smaller two shifting 120MW units on 160 bar steam conditions.

Thread: Back issues & Flash plugin
14/01/2021 16:07:06

It would be interesting to know precisely what native format these flash crippled magazines are stored.

Thread: Have You considered getting a 3D printer
09/01/2021 18:42:06

Built a reprap Mendel sometime in 2010, finally replaced with a prusa i3 mk3 around two years ago.

Thread: Yet another scam lathe sale on ebay to be aware of
08/01/2021 22:26:14
Posted by Tony Pratt 1 on 08/01/2021 12:51:18:

Agree with Gavlar, pay with Paypal & no item is received you get a full refund.


As I have mentioned here previously you cannot always rely on PayPal ‘protection’ for certain classes of goods.

Equipment used in the home workshop CAN easily fall foul of the PayPal terms and conditions especially when they are in most cases the sole arbiter

For instance:

In the current UK PayPal agreement (link below)

Ineligible items and transactions under PayPal Buyer Protection

  • Industrial machinery used in manufacturing.

Having experienced the totally dire and utterly bizarre PayPal ‘customer service’ and ‘legal’ department based in Dublin a few years ago upon receiving a counterfeit item I hold the position that they were and possibly remain a company standing well apart from every other high street financial institution operating in the UK and the EU.

Thread: Heat Resistant Clear Material Needed...
06/01/2021 14:18:18

The original is probably Mica

Thread: VAT changes post Brexit
04/01/2021 22:41:05

I’ve heard mention elsewhere that this ‘collect VAT at source across the world thing’ is to be adopted by the rest of the EU later in 2021, the UK is, by virtue of the exit, just ahead of the curve.

Some suppliers of services like web hosting, even where they have no UK/EU presence and where the hosting equipment and the domain name are essentially nothing to do with the EU/UK, have charged VAT at a rate depending on the location of the purchaser for several years. They do supply a legitimate VAT invoice.

But there are suppliers of the same services that simply stuck two fingers up at whoever and charge EU/UK customers the same as everyone else.

Thread: Myford super 7 lathe tripping consumer rcd
03/01/2021 19:58:57

Lovely use of green and yellow wire. smiley

Maybe fixable IF you have suitable test gear, or at a push it’s but a few minutes of work using terminal blocks, an incandescent lamp and a 13A plug. But as ever you really have to know what you are doing.

Look on the bright side, the motor originally wired in that manner would probably kill you have something to sell on eBay as an antique, or if you have morals, something for the scrap man.

Thread: PAT - Portable Appliance Test
02/01/2021 14:24:03
Posted by Phil Whitley on 02/01/2021 12:56:03:
Posted by Martin 100 on 01/01/2021 18:36:14:
Posted by Phil Whitley on 01/01/2021 15:40:49:

Given that a "portable appliance" is

An appliance of less than 18 kg in mass that is intended to be moved while in operation or an appliance which can easily be moved from one place to another, e.g. toaster, food mixer, vacuum cleaner, fan heater.

Got a link to UK legislation or an HSE document that actually states that?

if you google pat testing, definition of portable appliance, you get this under the HSE

There are plenty of pat testing/training companies sprouting the same 18kg definition you quoted but absolutely nothing from the HSE or in UK legislation

01/01/2021 18:36:14
Posted by Phil Whitley on 01/01/2021 15:40:49:

Given that a "portable appliance" is

An appliance of less than 18 kg in mass that is intended to be moved while in operation or an appliance which can easily be moved from one place to another, e.g. toaster, food mixer, vacuum cleaner, fan heater.

Got a link to UK legislation or an HSE document that actually states that?

Thread: Postal Imports ... Notice 143
01/01/2021 11:31:33

Yet parcelfarce just charged me £12 to collect £15 of VAT on a commercial consignment from the USA for an item not available in the UK and where no import or excise duty was payable.

Crooks would be far too generous a description.

Thread: Walco GH610 info
28/12/2020 23:36:42

There are endless high priced items on eBay that are pure scams. The seller located in remote areas of Scotland is the norm. Photos are lifted from other genuine sales sites, sometimes ones overseas.

For instance vertical machine centres in the £10-40k area are prime scam territory, pics from a genuine USA machinery dealer, the bright daylight from somewhere very sunny, the US pattern sockets on the walls, yet it’s always located in a sparsely populated area of Scotland, maybe in Lairg, or Tongue, or Durness, or Applecross.

Delivery ‘on a pallet’ is say £200, where it would cost several times cost that for a vehicle and a rigger.

A request for more photos, or a request to view always goes unanswered.

Always do a reverse image search on Google or tineye and the original auction photos reveal all, maybe even the serial number which the scammer won’t have.

Beware that PayPal will disown any and all liability for payments associated with ‘industrial machinery ‘ it may be in their terms and conditions but a scammer would probably prefer a bacs or swift transfer.


Edited By Martin 100 on 28/12/2020 23:37:35

Thread: New or old style 3 phase motors?
06/06/2020 19:08:40

Thanks for that Nigel.

I had thought they were still 'British' and with a pending purchase I would have chosen them over some 'unknown' brand. Strangely their offerings look very much like those of ABB

I have several 'Brook Crompton' motors dating up to the mid 1980's on various,bits of workshop machinery a few with Huddersfield on the rating plates and a few with Doncaster.

I turned up this about Brook Motors and Crompton Parkinson and their other factory that produced motors in Doncaster.

Era ends as Crompton Electric Motors prepares to close

1st September 2008

The company can trace its history back to Colonel Rookes Crompton’s original DC motors business formed in 1878, and the foundation of Brook Motors in 1904. In 1927, RE Crompton & Co merged with F & AE Parkinson to form Crompton Parkinson. which opened the Doncaster plant in 1946 to produce motors and light fittings. In 1967, Crompton Parkinson was acquired by Hawker Siddeley, which bought Brook Motors three years later, merging the businesses to form Brook Crompton Parkinson Motors in 1974.

In 1990, Hawker Siddeley added the GEC Electromotors small motors business to its portfolio, but the following year Hawker was itself acquired by BTR. In 1999, BTR merged its operations with Siebe to form Invensys and three years later the small motors business was sold to Tyco Electronics.

Tyco invested around £500,000 to expand into the DC motors business and to develop matching gearboxes. In 2005, it renamed the business Crompton Electric Motors. The company has continued to use the Crompton name under licence from Brook Crompton.

06/06/2020 15:32:42
Posted by mgnbuk on 06/06/2020 11:54:25:

All of the Brook Motors manufacturing plants (the main plant was in Huddersfield, with smaller plants in Honley & Barnsley) closed over 10 years ago,

Do you know where they are manufactured now?

Thread: Seig X3 has died
06/06/2020 14:18:28

I’ve had my X3 from ArcEuroTrade in maybe 2007/8 but it’s that long ago I can’t be sure. It was around £700 It’s an early one for sure (the motor has a different brush end housing in black with protruding brush holders) and a complex sliding metal and plastic safety guard rather the later two part plastic one. The belt drive is I think the slightly later one with a conventional T5 profile.

I echo the safety guard issue mentioned above, the switch position can be tweaked to get it reliable. Cuts in one direction had the habit of opening the switch but it was with the guard closed. Holding the guard slightly open and it would never fail.

My motor lasted the period of any guarantee and maybe a week (dry conditions, 18 deg C round the clock and with very light use) The motor then failed without taking out the controller.

I got mine back into service with a dc motor from a Boxford TCL125/160. I made a new mounting plate, bored and broached a keyway into an off the shelf T5 pulley, using the original belt and connected it to the original controller.

The setting up procedure for the controller would be very useful but it appears to be unobtainium.

Three setting potentiometers, one possibly to compensate for the droop on load, the other for max current, another for max speed?

The motor is a permanent magnet one.  Three wires to the controller are Positive, Negative and an Earth 

PS most (all?) the connections to the controller are marked with ferrules that tie up with markings on the controller  but they are all loose on the wires, the wire ends having no crimps, so the ferrules will fall off in a random heap unless you tie a knot in the wire or affix a suitable crimp as you remove each connection. 


Edited By Martin 100 on 06/06/2020 14:41:53

Thread: Antique Steam Engine from Doorknob
07/05/2020 10:22:01

Antiques Roadshow Series 42

Around 30mins and 50 seconds in

Thread: Boxford C Lathe
23/04/2020 12:00:54

I'm sure the 'know your lathe' book would detail this but I don't have my copy to hand right now.

There is a copy floating around online, possibly in what was until recently the yahoo group

In the interim maybe this will help

Boxford Lathe Spares Diagrams

23/04/2020 11:45:27

While you can, with a suitable gear train feed longitudinally using the leadscrew, technically only the model a and model b lathes have an automatic feed.  That feature requires in the first instance a slot the length of the leadscrew and a different apron, one that has, in addition to the leadscrew nut lever two other controls, the clutch knob and the longitudinal / cross feed lever.

Boxford Model A & B Apron

See other images here

Boxford lathe article at


Edited By Martin 100 on 23/04/2020 11:56:08

Thread: Fake Mitutoyo indicator on Ebay
23/04/2020 11:42:12
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 23/04/2020 11:20:51:

Excellent - it's a fake. Please don't resell it as genuine - a real one costs about £150.

No it's £102.84 direct from Mitutoyo UK, and usually a few quid cheaper from well established industrial and metrology suppliers,%20Horizontal%20Type/PR/513-404-10E/index.xhtml

Thread: Inconsistent access to MEW archive
21/04/2020 08:47:59

By the end of 2020 Flash will no longer be supported. It will be actively blocked on all mainstream web browsers and all operating systems that receive regular security updates. Pointing out that Windows XP or Windows 95 or whatever run flash is futile.


The end of life for flash was something widely reported at least in the technical community elsewhere nearly three years ago, so more than adequate warning. The views of Steve Jobs on the matter were known about a decade ago.


Flash currently, across all versions, has 1078 documented security vulnerabilities. So just reflect on that figure or one brief moment. ONE THOUSAND AND SEVENTY EIGHT security vulnerabilities


That leaves the end user with the choice of having access with a security compromised out of date operating system / browser, or losing access.

Of course where might be workarounds with virtual machines used only for magazine access.

Flash is at the moment patched several times a year, often once a month, come the end of the year it won't. Accidentally access a rogue site because you had to keep flash to read 'your favourite magazine' and it could lead to no end of grief both for you and for those say in your email client address book.

The question for the user is do you feel lucky.?

The request to the providers of flash content is PLEASE do the responsible thing. Flash is very dead, or soon will be. Expecting your subscribers to compromise security to read 'paid for content' IS IMHO irresponsible.

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