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Thread: Remember me
17/11/2014 17:28:00
Posted by clivel on 17/11/2014 05:53:37:
It is absolutely phenomenal at just how much information Google has indexed and just how quickly it can return it to a users computer.

.... and yet...... I spend the next half-hour trying to find relevant hits amongst all the (mostly commercial) noise. Of course I could have spent that half hour trying to configure an advanced search to force Google (against its will) to actually filter the results to a reasonable level with possible (but not guaranteed) success. An advanced search that still won't recognise the difference between "Simple Green" and "simple green" (with quotes in each case).

Capitalisation, where feasible, can be such an effective search restriction .... but not in Google. Everything about Google shouts that it's aim is just the opposite - to prevent you from limiting the search to just those hits that you want and to foist on you (irrelevant) hits that Google (and its advertisers) want you to see. What price speed in that situation?

17/11/2014 00:56:35

Posted by clivel on 16/11/2014 19:50:36:

The Googles of the world could simply not exist.

Oh heavenly days! We could go back to decent search engines like Altavista et al which didn't give priority to hits that were trying to sell you something; that assumed that what you typed is what you wanted (if you mis-typed, then correct your own error - don't force guessing games on the rest of us); that correctly processed a quoted string.

There was a life on the internet before Google.

Edited By Bandersnatch on 17/11/2014 00:59:06

Thread: Printing from Digital Editions
15/11/2014 23:50:23

FWIW Ray, while I was getting the digital edition, I could print quite happily with both Windows-8 and 8.1 so it does (or can) work with that OS. As I recall, when the mag first loads, you have to click on a page and use the mouse scroll to zoom in a bit before the print icon will appear at the top.

Edit, I was using Firefox for a browser although I also checked it out with IE.

Edited By Bandersnatch on 15/11/2014 23:51:46

15/11/2014 18:42:00
Posted by Ray Lyons on 15/11/2014 07:24:02:

Sorry, Finger trouble or is it eye trouble. The print option now appears at the top of the page being viewed

Don't take the digital edition any more but as far as I recall it was always at the top of the page being viewed .... at least since they changed to the flash viewer about 4 or 5 years ago.

Thread: Best way to mill a pocket in Al on a manual mill
14/11/2014 22:22:39
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 14/11/2014 09:24:30:

It's the combination of some characters and a bracket - a pain, but it's built into the editor so the web designers can't take it out

According to a PM conversation I had with the web-maintenance lady (Katie?) some time ago, that's not completely true, Neil. Apparently, the editor can be configured so that smileys can only be added via the drop-down (thus solving the problem of, for example, quote followed by parenthesis). However users in some other forums here are deathly afraid of mice (presumably they leap up on chairs when they see one). To accommodate them, the editor is configured to insert smileys the old-fashioned way (via keyboard characters) in addition the the drop-down.

Thread: Outstanding Service
13/11/2014 18:20:14
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 13/11/2014 08:58:00:

I suppose that depends on your definition of outstanding

I must admit, I thought the same when this thread first started. After all the Brunell Engineering thread could be cited as an example of "outstanding" service.

Thread: Safety Glasses
10/11/2014 16:12:27

Posted by Peter Newby on 10/11/2014 09:45:43:

........ maybe prescription will be worth while.

No 'maybe' about it in my book. My eyes/eyesight are probably the most worthwhile things to spend money on and the thing I can least afford (or want) to penny-pinch.

Thread: Advertising
07/11/2014 18:28:53
Posted by tractionengine42 on 07/11/2014 08:15:51:

Bert, have a look in your control panel - programs and look down the list for any unexpected programs.

That may be good for "nuisance-ware" but true malware installs without giving you the option. How likely is it to give you the option to uninstall by a 'gentlemanly' entry in control panel?

In any case, browser exploits removal tools are more likely to be found - if at all - in the add-ons/extensions section of the browser.

Thread: Cross slide handle
07/11/2014 18:18:31
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 07/11/2014 08:25:54:

I wonder if you could upgrade by fitting the dial off a mini-lathe?

See my post in Robin's "Cross Slide Micrometer Wheel" thread (actually mine was from a mini-mill) .... cheap, easy to implement and it's resettable (which I forgot to mention).

Thread: cross slide micrometer wheel
07/11/2014 00:51:21
Posted by Robin teslar on 07/11/2014 00:12:57:

do you means this dial from RGD

No, this was the one I used from LMS along with this spring and the rest of the adaptation was straightforward enough.

06/11/2014 22:18:34
Posted by Robin teslar on 06/11/2014 18:13:04:


Divide by PI gives a diameter ratio of 1.105, So we want 3.175 to fit on a diameter which gives say 100 convenient divisions, the factor is 1/3.175 = 0.3149. So a 94.49 mm circumference wheel gives a diameter of 30.07mm

So print a strip 94.49mm long and divide into 100 should give increments of 0.3mm per division, actually more convenient to divide by 2 and express as a reduction in diameter when turning as we normally do with a cross slide

Shouldn't that be .03 mm/div ... or more accurately .03175 mm/div .... (3.175/100)? Seems like a pretty gross approximation to me and not particularly useful. Better to work with the machine's native units I would think.

[In practice, the top/cross-slides on the ML7 are 10 tpi  so 2.54 mm/rev]

Granted the production dial is pretty schlokky (what were the real Myford Company thinking of). I found some nice dials from LMS - spare parts for a mini-lathe or mill I think - with 50, very legible, divisions which give 2 thou/div on my ML7 (easily interpolated to .001" ). Easy enough to adapt for the Ml7. I imagine Arc et al would sell similar over there.

For metric dimensions I just convert what I'm aiming for (one conversion) then work in inches.

(edit to remove stupid inadvertent smiley .... again)


Edited By Bandersnatch on 06/11/2014 22:23:04

Thread: Theft...
06/11/2014 16:45:45
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 06/11/2014 13:04:38:

Actually, total burglary has been in steady decline since 1996 and is now only 75% of what it was in 1981.

Over the same period population has grown by about 13%, so assuming the number of sheds has also increased... sheds have never been safer in the last 33 years.

Guy had a flea. Whenever he put it on his hand and said "jump" it would hop to the other hand. One day, as an experiment, he pulled the wings off the flea, put it on his hand and said "jump". Flea stayed where it was.

He concluded that pulling the wings off a flea makes it go deaf.

05/11/2014 18:16:14
Posted by Speedy Builder5 on 05/11/2014 17:32:33:

Make sure you move the tray before you enter the workshop !!!

There's the rub for almost any trap that you dream up. Not to mention that laws in this respect seem more intent on protecting the transgressors than the transgressed-against.

Thread: Loctite wheel to shaft
31/10/2014 16:10:31

You need to optimise the bond-line thickness for the epoxy and loctite cases or the results are meaningless.

Thread: 3-jaw chuck problem
30/10/2014 21:44:00
Posted by Chris Trice on 30/10/2014 11:33:53:
On cheaper chucks, it's easily possible to get 020" run out by assembling the jaws in the wrong slots.

.... and yet, BF&R has a point, at least at first glance. If you imagine the jaws in the scroll in the correct sequence without the chuck body .... and then superimpose the chuck body .... it's hard to see why the orientation of the chuck body should affect the runout of the jaws. It's only providing slots to constrain the motion of the jaws.

And yet, intuitively I believe you Chris and I think perhaps the answer is that the above assumes the slots are truly radial. Any deviation in that respect (which may have been compensated in manufacture by final machining of the jaws in-situ) would mean that each slot should be used with its original jaw.

(Mostly just talking this through for myself smiley )

Thread: Loctite wheel to shaft
26/10/2014 21:57:05

Turn the shaft to a tight fit. Then undercut the shaft by a thou or so for part of the length that passes through the wheel. So if the wheel is say 1" thick, you might undercut 3/4" of it (centred on the wheel thickness).

The undercut allows room for the Loctite, while the tight fit bits locates the parts.

(If you prefer, you can do several shorter undercut areas).

Thread: End of Subscription Pending
20/10/2014 15:11:00
Posted by Rufus Roughcut on 13/10/2014 19:35:05:

I've been digital for some time now and would like to hi-light ....... more

The underlying assumption being that the reader already has a laptop/iPad to read the magazines "anywhere" on. (It would hardly be economic to purchase such a device simply to read the digital edition of MEW/ME)

Thread: Metal? Just numbers to me...
19/10/2014 01:12:17
Posted by Izack Madd on 19/10/2014 00:07:23:

Table saw blades are ok as the carbide is only at the tips

I'd assumed (but don't know) that the blade material on a carbide tipped blade would not be tempered - or not greatly so - and that a regular blade might be better in this instance.

18/10/2014 23:52:40

Trying to imagine getting something 25mm x 50mm X 1.5mm out of an old hacksaw blade. Seems like it would have to be a pretty large commercial blade.

OTOH, what about a (non-carbide .... assuming you can still get them) table saw blade? Plenty of area to cut from and probably cheap enough to use a new one if necessary.

Thread: Please take care when posting or responding off forum
09/10/2014 21:41:37
Posted by Russ B on 09/10/2014 13:53:20:

If they come through I just click on the bit at the bottom that says "unsubscribe" I'm taken to their website, and I enter my email (if required) and that's it.

Russ, if this works for you, I think you are very lucky. While it is fine for "trustworthy" spammers (!) .... say you register a printer with HP and then get daily emails ..... for most unsolicited junk, the conventional wisdom is that by hitting "unsubscribe" you simply confirm to the the nefarious jerks at the other end that your email address is valid and that the email gets through. Then you are added to their prime/confirmed list which is peddled to the rest of the spam industry.

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